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Top Best Shopping Malls in Taipei

1. Taipei 101 Shopping Mall, 2. Bellavita Shopping Mall, 3. Breeze Center Mall, 4. Miramar Entertainment Park, 5. Taipei City Mall, 6. Core Pacific City, 7. Eslite Spectrum Mall, 8. Far Eastern SOGO, 9. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall. Taipei is a shopper's paradise, with an abundance of markets, boutique boutiques, shopping districts, and, of course, first-rate malls. Some firms have two or three large malls distributed across the city, while others have standalone locations that are ranked among the best in all of Asia, offering a wide choice of high-quality products in exquisite surroundings. And here are the best shopping malls in Taipei.

  1. Taipei 101 Shopping Mall
  2. Bellavita Shopping Mall
  3. Breeze Center Mall
  4. Miramar Entertainment Park
  5. Taipei City Mall
  6. Core Pacific City
  7. Eslite Spectrum Mall
  8. Far Eastern SOGO
  9. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

The Taipei 101 Shopping Mall is located on the lower levels of the iconic tower that towers above the Xinyi skyline. It is regarded among the greatest shopping destinations in Asia, with a fantastic selection of upscale international brands as well as substantial food options.

The 7-story mall begins on B1 with a gourmet food court. The gift shop and group counter for the Taipei 101 Observatory, which is 92 levels above you, are also located here. The 5th floor houses the world-famous elevators that whisk you up to the Taipei 101 Observatory, as well as a handful of local shops and boutiques. The 2,640-square-meter World Gym Elite is located on Level 6F and is possibly Taipei’s most opulent gym.

Restaurants near Taipei 101 Shopping Mall include a Din Tai Fung shop on B1, as well as numerous other Taiwanese and international cuisine alternatives. The mall has a traditional style with spacious areas, brilliant marble flooring, and polished brass fittings that complement the degree of luxury found in the businesses. The prices are often exorbitant, but with such high-quality goods and well-known brands on offer, this is to be anticipated.

The Xinyi commercial district is located next to Taipei 101. As one of Taipei City’s most successful areas, Xinyi commercial district is home to a plethora of internationally renowned brand boutiques such as Chanel, Gucci, and Coach. Furthermore, this is a hub for exotic restaurants, nightclubs, movie theaters, department shops, shopping malls, and other amusement in Taipei City.

Address: Shifu Rd., Xinyi District


top best shopping malls in taipei

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Bellavita Shopping Mall

Bellavita Shopping Mall is regarded as one of the best luxury malls in Asia as well as one of the best shopping malls in Taipei, let alone in Taipei. Its opulent, palatial appearance is only matched by the extremely high quality of its merchandise, which includes expensive sports vehicles, jewelry, and top restaurants. The 8-story edifice is classically designed, with pillars and arches reminiscent of Grand Central Station in New York (USA). The interior is as spectacular, with soaring glass ceilings and marble fittings. The softly luxurious aesthetic is ideal for the stores that adorn its floors.

The Gourmet Food Hall, located on level B2 of Bellavita Shopping Mall, certainly lives up to its name. There aren’t many food courts in shopping malls that have an oyster bar! The upper floors take things a step further, since they are home to some of Taipei’s finest restaurants, including Ton 28 on 6F and the famed L’Atelier de Jol Robuchon Taipei on 5F.

The floors in between are filled with high-end boutiques and well-known international names including Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany & Co., and Lamborghini. The emphasis is on offering a luxurious lifestyle, which includes everything from high-end apparel to beautiful furniture, royally-favored footwear, and jewels fit for a queen. On B1, there is also an art gallery displaying modern works by rising local stars. Naturally, this kind of extravagance does not come cheap, and the majority of the items for sale are priced in the high to extremely high bracket.

Address: Songren Rd, Xinyi District,


top best shopping malls in taipei
top best shopping malls in taipei

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Breeze Center Mall

Breeze Center Mall was the first of Taipei’s American-style recreational shopping centers, offering a wide variety of businesses, attractions, and restaurants. The 12 storeys of the skyscraper are a famous destination for entertainment and mid-range to high-end retail in the Songshan District.

Breeze Center first opened its doors on October 26, 2001, and quickly became the flagship mall of the Breeze brand, which currently encompasses several malls throughout Taipei. It is still one of the city’s most upscale enterprises, with names like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Jimmy Choo adorning its floors. Breeze Center Mall mostly sells women’s apparel and accessories, but there are options for everyone, and being a recreational mall, there are many non-shopping options available. On the east side of the MRT’s Brown (1) Line, around midway between Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and Nanjing Fuxing Station, the mall’s characteristic glass domed roof can be seen.

Breeze Center Mall, like many other malls across the world, includes a major food court on its lowest levels (B1 and B2), as well as its own-brand supermarket, Breeze Super, which sells products imported from Japan and the United States. Breeze Gourmet (the food hall) is well-known for the exceptional quality of its cuisine, which includes outstanding sushi, European cuisines, and delicious pastries and bread.

The floors above are often themed. Tino Bellini, Aldo, Jowalk, Pierre Mantoux, London Sole, and other shoe brands can be found on the ground floor. The first floor is brimming with international luxury labels including Gucci, Prada, and De Beers. The third floor is dedicated to tea and coffee, the entire fourth floor is a UNIQLO store, and so on up to the eighth and ninth floors, where there is a theater.

Address: Fuxing South Road, Songshan District


top best shopping malls in taipei


Miramar Entertainment Park

Miramar Entertainment Park undoubtedly lives up to its name since it is home to one of Taiwan’s tallest Ferris wheels as well as one of the largest cinema screens. It is also considered one of the best shopping malls in Taipei. The shopping mall is a popular venue for leisure and gatherings, with distinctively styled architecture created by well-known local and foreign architects. The mall has spectacular ferris wheels, movie theaters, great dining, trendy clothing, a supermarket, and a carousel.

The mall’s six stories house mid-range and high-end retailers such as Chanel, Roberta di Camerino, and Montblanc. Unlike other malls in Taipei, the emphasis here is not solely on fashion. There’s also a huge selection of sports equipment, toys, accessories, and cosmetics, as well as a pretty decent food court.

Miramar Entertainment Park’s Ferris wheels have become a Taipei landmark since its installation. During the evenings, three themes of neon light show sparkling in the darkness atop Ferris wheels. A cabinet may accommodate a maximum of six passengers. With 48 cabinets, a total of 288 riders can have a delightful trip on the Ferris wheels at the same time; the ride lasts approximately 17 minutes.

For moviegoers, Miramar offers not only the latest Hollywood and local releases but also IMAX 3D theaters, which provide viewers with a three-dimensional movie experience. Miramar Entertainment Park, with all of its intriguing features, is one of the most popular destinations to visit during your Taipei vacation.

Address: Jingye 3rd Rd, Zhongshan District


top best shopping malls in taipei

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Taipei City Mall

Taipei City Mall is Taiwan’s largest and longest underground street, connecting Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA), Taiwan High-Speed Rail (TSHR), Taipei Metro, Beimen Station on Taipei Metro’s Songshan Line, Taoyuan Metro, and Taipei Bus Station, making it highly accessible and convenient.

The Mall is separated into four main regions: apparel, miscellaneous, electronics, and food and beverage, and offers a wide range of services and items like clothing, daily needs, handicrafts, and Taiwanese delicacies. Those selling video games, anime, figurines, and gashapon (capsule toys) are among the most notable. Taipei City Mall is dubbed the “Akihabara of Taipei.”

The Taipei City Mall is an underground market with hundreds of shops. Most of the offerings are clothing, electronics, and food stores, which are grouped into concentrations, but other attractions exist. Fans of anime, for example, will like the abundance of specialty stores. A lot of the items are on the lower end of the price spectrum, which is a holdover from the mall’s previous life as Chunghwa Market. Like a market, street musicians often perform, giving the place a welcoming, local feel.

Address: Section 1, Shimin Blvd, Zhongzheng District


top best shopping malls in taipei


Core Pacific City

Core Pacific City, often known as Living Mall, is a massive shopping mall and entertainment complex in Taipei. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its distinctive ball-like architecture. This shopping mall will astound you with its vast selection of brands as well as its extremely kid-friendly ambiance. The 11-story granite-clad sphere in front of the Core Pacific City shopping mall is easily identifiable. It is truly a city within a city, with 12 storeys above ground and seven beneath. That’s why it is listed as one of the best shopping malls in Taipei.

Baby Boss on the 7th floor is described as a children’s paradise, where children may learn about various careers and professions through role-play. They could be firefighters, postal workers, nurses, chefs, or even space engineers. The role-playing helps children develop an interest in learning and helps their parents comprehend their children’s potential. Toys “R” Us has everything kids need to continue the movie adventure with Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the rest of the group at home. Core Pacific City is not only a retail mall that will satisfy your shopping needs, but it is also a wonderful destination to spend time with your family.

If you’re looking for something other than what you’ve found in Core Pacific City, don’t worry because Breeze Center is nearby. Other nearby attractions include Taipei Arena, where important events and concerts are frequently held, and Raohe Night Market, which will satisfy your hungry tummy.

Address: Bade Road, Songshan District

top best shopping malls in taipei

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Eslite Spectrum Mall

The Eslite Spectrum shopping mall, located in Taipei’s bustling east district and adjoining Songshan Cultural Park, has four floors of eating, shopping, tea sipping, and exploring stylish and distinctive products. You won’t find the usual large brand store names in this mall. Instead, the mall caters to exhibitors who sell “cultural,” “artistic,” and distinctive things that you won’t find anywhere else. The mall layout is contemporary, with plenty of open space, natural light, and a natural wood vibe.

The Eslite bookstore brand lies at the center of the 4-floor Eslite Spectrum Mall. This is bordered by a variety of boutique boutiques, most of which sell cultural or artistic things. “Crafts and Creations” is the name of the second level of Eslite Spectrum. This comprises one-of-a-kind handicrafts on the second floor and high-end fashion on the first. There are numerous designer crafts and handicrafts available here. Some sellers have even set up workshops and DIY studios to demonstrate how their products are made. Customers can also find Japanese and Korean goods here.

The third floor is marketed as ‘Tea with Books,’ and it houses a bookstore as well as a variety of cafés. On the B2 level, there is a fantastic food court, an art gallery, and a performance hall. The food court, dubbed “Gourmet Heaven,” contains roughly ten restaurants serving anything from western sandwiches to pastas to Japanese Soba noodles. The Taipei Wu Pao Chun bakery opened here, and there is a long line of consumers waiting to get in. Eslite Spectrum Mall, located directly adjacent to Songshan Cultural Park, is a great spot to find something unique and cultural in Taipei.

Address: Yanchang Road, Xinyi District

top best shopping malls in taipei

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Far Eastern SOGO

Far Eastern SOGO Department Store now has eight branch stores in Taiwan, the oldest of which being Taipei Zhongxiao Store. Since 1987, it has been the most trusted department store brand, providing consumers with a wide range of items and services in their daily lives. Far Eastern SOGO has 14 large levels of big brand shopping, with a strong emphasis on fashion. anything from children’s clothing to sports equipment, lingerie and accessories, and almost anything in between is available.

A store is located on the very bottom floor (B2), while an events hall is located on the very top floor (12F). On 11F, there is also a good selection of restaurants. There is no better place in Taipei for a comprehensive clothing shopping experience for the entire family. It is conveniently accessible to the Zhongxiaofuxing MRT Station. That’s all about the eighth best shopping mall Toplist want to mention.

Address: Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District

top best shopping malls in taipei

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Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall

The Taipei Station shop is the largest and most popular of Taipei’s four Shin Kong Mitsukoshi malls. It is a store that sells a wide range of goods, including well-known international and domestic brands, in a variety of categories including apparel, home appliances, electronics, and a plethora of other items. It is housed within the Shin Kong Tower and contains a diverse assortment of stores, encompassing brands from the low end to the high end. In the underground store, you’ll find all of the big international brands, as well as an unusual selection of Japanese culinary items including veggies and spices.

It is a one-stop shopping experience because it has virtually everything you could ever want and is strategically located at the hub of various transportation networks. Furthermore, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall is a gathering spot for many famous restaurants from Taiwan and throughout the world. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall is ideal for folks who want to shop and eat without having to travel too far.

Address: Songgao Rd, Xinyi District


top best shopping malls in taipei

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