Top Best Supermarkets in Australia

1. Coles, 2. Woolworths, 3. IGA, 4. Aldi, 5. Drake, 6. Harris Farm Markets, 7. FoodWorks, 8. Foodland, 9. Friendly Grocer, 10. Costco.  Australia has roughly 8.9 thousand supermarkets. It can be hard to pick the best supermarket in Australia. As a result, we've compiled a list of the best supermarkets to assist you in deciding where to acquire your groceries.

  1. Coles
  2. Woolworths
  3. IGA
  4. Aldi
  5. Drake
  6. Harris Farm Markets
  7. FoodWorks
  8. Foodland
  9. Friendly Grocer
  10. Costco


Coles is a great choice if you want a supermarket that gives you good value for your money. CJ Coles established Coles in Smith St, Collingwood on April 9, 1914. Even back then, the creator emphasized the need for happy, healthy home life. In Australia, there are approximately 833 Coles supermarkets. Coles supermarkets, as one of the largest chains, are conveniently located in many communities, you will be able to find a Coles near you.

Coles is concerned about your well-being. Their mission is to “sustainably feed all Australians in order for them to enjoy healthier and happier lives” which sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Another advantage is that Coles stocks all of Australia’s favorite brands, so you don’t have to worry about product authenticity.

Founded: 1914
Revenue: 38.56 billion Australian dollars
Headquarters: Hawthorn East, Australia

top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


Woolworths originally welcomed customers on December 5, 1924, as the Woolworths Stupendous Bargain Basement at Sydney’s Imperial Arcade. Woolworths is one of Australia’s largest grocery companies, with 995 shops and over 115,000 employees. It has also spread globally to places such as South Africa. Because of the broad variety of products provided, it scores well among supermarkets in Australia. You will appreciate the variety and have the ability to select your preferred product from a large selection. Through the Bunch club, they even offer amazing product testing chances.

Woolworth’s Everyday Rewards can also help you save a lot of money. Woolworths’ loyalty program, Everyday Rewards, allows customers to earn up to ten points for every dollar spent. While it’s a fantastic program, it’s not nearly as large as Flybuys, which is the key distinction between these two behemoths.

Founded: 1924

Revenue: 42.15 billion AUD

Headquarters: Bella Vista, Australia


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


Independent Grocers of Australia (IGA) is a supermarket chain in Australia. Metcash owns IGA, however individual IGA stores are privately held. Woolworths, Coles, Spar Australia, and Aldi Süd are its primary competitors. Since Aldi surpassed Metcash in supermarket revenue, it has risen to the fourth-largest chain. If you are seeking different kinds of local items depending on where you live, IGA is the place to go. IGA is a franchise with separate locations that operate autonomously.

In Australia, there are 1455 IGA outlets. Not only do you get to enjoy the stores’ proximity to you, but you can also take advantage of their loyalty program. IGA Rewards is the company’s reward program, and it includes exclusive monthly incentives in addition to the standard dollar-off shopping.

Founded: 1988

Revenue: 14.12 billion AUD

Headquarters: Macquarie Park, Australia


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


In 2001, Aldi launched its first Australian store in Sydney. Aldi began as a German supermarket retailer in 1946, founded by two brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht. Aldi operates over 570 locations in Australia and is the cheapest supermarket in the country. When a national produce basket was compared in several Australian grocery retailers, Aldi was over $64 cheaper. Perfect for assisting you with your financial management.

Aldi stores are cited as instances of so-called no-frills stores, which frequently exhibit a variety of things at discounted rates, concentrating on staple items such as food, beverages, toilet paper, sanitary articles, and other low-cost home supplies. In Aldi, you won’t find many iconic Australian brands, but rather a range of their own products. Many of its items are its own brands, with the number of other brands often limited to no more than two for any given item.

Aldi primarily sells exclusively manufactured, custom-branded products (often very similar to and manufactured by larger brands), with brand names such as Grandessa, Happy Farms, Millville, Simply Nature, and Fit & Active.

Founded: 1961

Revenue: 106.3 billion USD

Headquarters: Essen, Germany


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


Roger Drake launched the first Drake store in Mitcham, South Australia, in 1974. Drake Supermarket employs approximately 5,500 people and has over 60 locations in Queensland and Southern Australia, making it one of the largest independent Australian grocery stores.

Drake has established itself as a retail sector pioneer by becoming the first supermarket in Australia to implement a deli layout with a popcorn machine, orange juice machine, kombucha taps, and hot meals. Drake regards you to be an important part of the company, thus they go out of their way to ensure that you have a pleasant shopping experience. In addition, they have a loyalty program and a rewards app to make it easier to access.

Founded: 1974

Revenue: AU$1.1 billion

Headquarters: 159 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia

Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets is an Australian supermarket chain with over 30 distinct sites in New South Wales and Queensland, with the bulk of stores located in Sydney, Brisbane, and other regional towns in New South Wales such as Newcastle, Orange, Bathurst, and Albury. The markets specialize in a high-quality selection of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, bread, delicatessen goods, and gourmet groceries. Harris Farm also provides an online service for the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

They are Australia’s largest individual fruit and vegetable reseller, and they offer ‘odd-shaped’ fruit called “Imperfect Picks” for lower prices as part of a landfill-reduction campaign. Many Harris Farm Markets products, including yogurt, frozen items, salads, juices, and milk, are also created in Flemington, New South Wales. The company prioritizes ‘better compassion’ campaigns and is widely considered as the first retailer to “ban the plastic bag”.

The supermarket takes pride in being Australia’s most prominent independent fresh food grocery store. Consider Harris Farms to be your one-stop-shop for the upscale cuts of meat and organic vegetables you’ll need to make your dinners stand out. Harris’ loyalty program, The Friend of the Farm, gives 5% off all vegetables as well as other exclusive deals.

Founded: 1971

Revenue: $375.19 million

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


FoodWorks is a supermarket chain in Australia owned by the independent retail organization Australian United Retailers Limited (AURL). The FoodWorks Supermarket Group Ltd (FSG) and Australian United Retailers merged to become the AURL in November 2004. (AUR). It is the second-largest independent supermarket selling firm in Australia.

Foodworks is a decent retailer with both larger company-owned and locally owned locations. You should verify with your local manager to see who you are helping. Smart Rewards is a loyalty rewards program offered by FoodWorks that allows you to manage your budget, meet your health objectives, and monitor your reward points.

Founded: 2004

Revenue:$2 billion

Headquarters: South Wharf, Australia


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


The Hoeper family started a business in Glenelg South, Adelaide, in 1871, which was later renamed Foodland in 1962. There are around 90 outlets, the majority of which are in South Australia. Metcash, which owns IGA, purchased the Foodland brand in 2005, although the stores remain independently owned and run.

The supermarket brags about its unwavering support for local items, which it stocks even after other merchants have stopped carrying them. They also have a Foodland branded line with over 200 products from local suppliers. Foodland considers loyalty programs to be a waste of time; instead, they focus on competitive pricing, incentives, and regular exclusive deals. These purchasing methods can help you save a lot of money. Foodland, like IGA, is a terrific place to go to support your local grocer.

Founded: 1962

Revenue: $500 million

Headquarters: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia

Friendly Grocer

Friendly Grocer, previously known as Four Square, is an Australian supermarket business. The company began in New Zealand in 1923 and extended to Australia in 1956. Following the success of Four Square, the ‘Friendly Grocer’ brand debuted in 2006.

In Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, there are over 450 stores. Friendly Grocer is worth your time because of its exceptional customer service and product quality requirements.

Friendly Grocer sells food as well as other merchandise. Friendly Grocer secured a contract with Metcash/IGA Distribution in 2006 to distribute IGA home branded groceries in all of its stores across the country. With this deal, Four Square was granted a license to use the Friendly Grocer name in Queensland, as well as management rights in outlets in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Black and Gold, a generic food brand sold in FoodWorks stores across the country, is IGA’s major “home brand.” The gold/yellow package with black text on the item makes the items very well known.

Founded: 1923

Revenue: $363,844

Headquarters: Crestmead, Australia


top best supermarkets in australia

top best supermarkets in australia


Costco is a supermarket chain that was founded in the United States in 1976 and built its first Australian location inMelbourne’s Docklands in 2009. The supermarket has many locations around the world, including 12 in Australia.

Costco is the right supermarket for you if you want to buy in quantity at a discounted price, which is ideal for living on a budget. Costco operates warehouse-style stores all around the world, with a penchant for bulk goods and big things.

Costco has a membership program in which customers can sign up for a charge of $55 or $60. The membership fee entitles you to use any Costco location in Australia.

Costco has significantly increased its product and service offerings throughout the years. It used to sell exclusively boxed products that could be dispensed by pulling the stretch wrap off a pallet. It sells a variety of more difficult-to-handle products, including art, books, caskets, clothing, computer software, fine wine, interiors, home appliances, electronic goods, hot tubs, jewelry, perishable items, solar panels, tires, and vacuum cleaners.

Founded: 1983

Revenue: $122.14 billion

Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington, United States


top best supermarkets in australia
top best supermarkets in australia