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Top Best Swim Trunks for Men

1. Patagonia Baggies, 2. Orlebar Brown Bulldog, 3. Gucci Embroidered Short-length, 4. Thom Browne Striped Long-length, 5. Polo Ralph Lauren, 6. Speedo Vintage Leisure, 7. Tog24 Vincent, 8. Frescobol Carioca Slim-fit, 9. Vilebrequin Mid-length Mokami, 10. John Lewis Cacti Print. Summer is coming. It’s time to throw away all your anxieties and jump into the pool! But first, you need a pair of comfortable and high-quality swim trunks. Check out these recommendations of the best swim trunks for men!

  1. Patagonia Baggies
  2. Orlebar Brown Bulldog
  3. Gucci Embroidered Short-length
  4. Thom Browne Striped Long-length
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren
  6. Speedo Vintage Leisure
  7. Tog24 Vincent
  8. Frescobol Carioca Slim-fit
  9. Vilebrequin Mid-length Mokami
  10. John Lewis Cacti Print

Patagonia Baggies

A highly recommended item on our list of the best swim trunks for men is the Patagonia baggies shorts. These Patagonia baggies shorts, in fact, are far from traditional beachwear. Nevertheless, they are still well-received by most male customers. According to numerous customer reports, these shorts are a great place to start considering your investments, especially if you wish to keep things straightforward and time-efficient.

The designs and materials of these Patagonia baggies are not as showy as the others. But in compensation, it is among the most economical options. If you are a budget customer, this item is a must-have product for you.

These shorts, like most others, are made of nylon. However, it also includes a water-repellent coating and self-draining side pockets. As a result, you can take them almost anyplace. That is such a wonderful convenience, given the incredibly dry and hot we are having at the moment.

Ratings: 4.2 stars (from 684 reviews)

Price: $32

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top best swim trunks for men

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top best swim trunks for men

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Orlebar Brown Bulldog

Are you looking for the best swim trunks for men? If your answer is a yes, we suggest you do not overlook Orlebar Brown. This brand has produced lots of high-quality swim trunks, especially those geared at male adults. Hence, numerous customers around the world have always turned to this brand whenever summertime comes. And you should follow suit! One of its recent variants, the Orlebar Brown Bulldog, will not disappoint you.

With the Orlebar Brown Bulldog, the Orlebar Brown label has crafted an exquisite pair of swim shorts. These shorts, as per customer reports, have a customized fit, and it is easy to understand why. The light-blue shell is secured with side sliders that allow adjustability and flexibility. Whether this feature is superior to traditional straps and elasticity is up to customers’ preferences, but we cannot deny that it is much more sophisticated.

Since they are “beach shorts,” you’re more likely to pair them with a tank top and shoes. All in all, this is an excellent option if you like spending your summer time stretching on the beach without sweating.

Ratings: 4.3 stars (from 204 reviews)

Price: $175

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top best swim trunks for men

Source: Orlebar Brown

top best swim trunks for men

Gucci Embroidered Short-length

If you want a more stretchy and elastic variant for comfortable movement, then why don’t you give Gucci a chance? Among this famous brand’s numerous variants of swim trunks, we believe that the Gucci Embroidered Short-length is the greatest option for you. These sections will break down some of its outstanding features.

First of all, there is no need to keep your colorful attire for formal occasions when you can stretch poolside. After all, Gucci is always famous for fashionable fabric patterns. Gucci’s swimming shorts include a blue jacquard shell, gray piping at the hem, and a breathable mesh inner, which is both beautifully aesthetic and functionally comfortable. And – as a long-standing tradition of this luxury brand, these Gucci Embroidered Short-length trunks are emblazoned with the ‘GG’ symbol.

One of the shortest pairs in this collection, the brand’s now-classic golden bee is stitched at the hem to ensure people never doubt your favorite brand. Not your typical swimming trunks, indeed – but that is precisely the goal of this item.

Ratings: 4.1 stars (from 199 reviews)

Price: $530

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top best swim trunks for men

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top best swim trunks for men

Thom Browne Striped Long-length

Most of you must have already heard of Thom Browne. This brand is famous for its exquisite production of swimming accessories. And the sector for men’s swim trunks is not an exception, either. Hence, its latest variant, Thom Browne Striped Long-length, is an item strongly recommended by many experts and customers.

At first glance, it seems like you may easily slip through the net while sporting this pair of Thom Browne beach swim shorts. However, upon closer examination, you will see that they are designer shorts crafted for the most discriminating sartorial preferences. Their superb construction, made of nylon and painted in a vibrant shade of red, white, and blue, justifies their rather hefty price tag.

With a mesh lining, two on-seam pockets, and a lovely designer logo, the subtleties of these Thom Browne Striped Long-length are what you will appreciate the most when lounging in the sun. Even better, there is a striped satin tab on the rear to finish off the features.

Ratings: 4.1 stars (from 185 reviews)

Price: $490

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top best swim trunks for men


top best swim trunks for men

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren has become a familiar option for any man who is looking for convenient and relaxing swim trunks to wander around the pools on hot summer days. One of the most fundamental features of the Polo Ralph Lauren is that they are customizable, ensuring that there are options for all types of bodies and all types of preferences. This is a huge step-up compared to other rivaling brands.

In addition, these Polo Ralph Lauren variants are exquisitely crafted from a supple and quick-drying shell. The substances and fabrics feature a classic boat, a water skier, and diver motifs. Hence, it is not an exaggeration to claim that these shorts are ideal for conjuring images of a bygone era of vacationing and travel. Also, if you have a light complexion, these dark shorts will help prevent you from seemingly being washed out.

Last but not least, these shorts include a drawstring closure and iron eyelets to keep them from blowing out while submerged underwater.

Ratings: 4.8 stars (from 179 reviews)

Price: $79.50

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top best swim trunks for men

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top best swim trunks for men

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Speedo Vintage Leisure

It would be a crime to overlook Speedo brands on our list. Many customers have fallen in love with their cool textile and flexible fabrics. Among all recent variants, most users cannot take their eyes off the Speedo Vintage Leisure. And according to most reviews we have read, it seems this edition is also among the most popular ones, too. But how so? Let’s delve into the reasons.

For starters, Speedo Vintage Leisure swim shorts combine functionality and style in a flawless way, suited to long-term usage at the pools or the beaches. For aesthetic purposes, these shorts have a strong red and white design and provide warmer tones to compliment your skin. Purchase them right away if you really want to prioritize styles above prices this summer! After all, it’s only scorching for one period a year.

And last but not least, there is a concealed press-stud waistband, which provides a comfortable and fitted snug with excellent green credentials.

Ratings: 4.2 stars (from 163 reviews)

Price: $30.99

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top best swim trunks for men

Source: Speedo

top best swim trunks for men

Tog24 Vincent

Are you looking for the best swim trunks for men, which are traditionally designed for better functions? If that is indeed the case, we are delighted to inform you that there is no need for you to search further. The brand Tog24 has entered the game, determined to give you everything you need.

Of all their variants – from modern to traditional – the classic Tog24 Vincent indeed stands out the most. We strongly suggest you cast a look at it before making your final decisions. And the red variant (it is also available in tons of other hues), for us, will be the ideal choice, suited to the lively and vibrant summer vibes on the beach.

These Tog24 Vincent shorts are cut in moderate length from rapid-drying shells. They provide enough freedom for movement, allowing you to be sporty on the beach while still being comfortable. Furthermore, they include an elastic and drawstring waist, as well as a Velcro back pocket. And they are made of soft, moisture-resistant polyester with an inside mesh brief, ensuring you are comfortable all day.

Ratings: 4.4 stars (from 144 reviews)

Price: $10.00

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top best swim trunks for men
top best swim trunks for men

Source: TOG24

Frescobol Carioca Slim-fit

For people who are looking for a swim trunk that works not only near water but also serves as a fashionable and casual set of clothing to wear in typical settings, then the Frescobol Carioca Slim-fit is more than ideal. There are few variants on the market that could surpass its contemporary and aesthetic designs, even Gucci. Now, let’s delve further into the reason why these trunks successfully make their ways onto our list.

At first glance, it is not difficult to recognize that these patterned Frescobol Carioca slim-fit beach shorts are, in fact, inspired by the tiles on the boardwalk at Copacabana Beach. In addition, they have a fitted straight-leg design and adjustable waistline tabs for a custom fit. All these combined features have manifested a very beautiful and comfortable pair of trunks.

And as we already mentioned, while they are obviously suitable for swimming, these trunks also work nicely for casual hot days out with shoes and a tee-shirt. For added visual appeal, the snug waistline and an adjustable drawstring provide the perfect fit for you.

Ratings: 4.3 stars (from 132 reviews)

Price: $220

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top best swim trunks for men

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top best swim trunks for men

Vilebrequin Mid-length Mokami

This list still has tons of other swimming trunks to present to you; so do not yet close this article! The next item on our list is a rather impressive representative from the Vilebrequin brand. It is none other than the Vilebrequin Mid-length Mokami swim trunks. It is both compact, stretchy, flexible and provides immense comfort. Hence, we believe it is a must-have item for your collection of summertime swimsuits and trunks.

These Vilebrequin Mid-length Mokami swim trunks enjoy lovely and vibrant yellow and blue patterns, which are extremely compatible with summertime vibes. Not only that, if you can combine it well with other clothes, these shorts are actually very trendy in all other seasons of the year as well. Hence, we can say that Vilebrequin presents an excellent all-rounder. Also, they dry rapidly and may then be pleated and stored in the rear zippered pocket.

Last but not least, these French swimmers will undoubtedly turn your head with their classic ’70s silhouette and contrasting drawstring waistline as you walk down the promenade. Purchase it instantly if you prioritize aesthetic and visual appeals!

Ratings: 4.1 stars (from 98 reviews)

Price: $250

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top best swim trunks for men
top best swim trunks for men

John Lewis Cacti Print

Wrapping up our list is none other than the John Lewis Cacti Print, which combines traditional seersucker stripes with all-over cacti stitching. It is such a fun and distinctive design, making sure you will receive a few curious glances from women as you stroll down the seafronts. If you are a man who wishes to make a statement anywhere you go, then these John Lewis Cacti Print is definitely a must-have item.

Aside from its unique design, we still have a lot to discuss when it comes to these shorts. For starters, they are constructed from breathable and quick-drying cotton, which is well-mixed with recycled polyester. In addition, the shorts also have a mesh liner, elasticated string waistline, side seam compartments, and a patch pocket on the reverse with a drainage vent. Hence, no matter how hot the weather is, you will always feel relaxed and comfortable.

One note, though. To ensure you are getting the greatest bargain, always check the John Lewis websites for discounts or voucher codes.

Ratings: 4.6 stars (from 50 reviews)

Price: $20

Buy it at:

top best swim trunks for men

Source: John Lewis

top best swim trunks for men