Top Best Things to Do in Iceland

1. Trekking, 2. Bathing in Blue Lagoon, 3. Riding horse, 4. Whale watching, 5. Diving in Iceland, 6. Aurora watching, 7. Visiting blue ice cave, 8. Viewing waterfall. Considered as "the land of ice and fire", the opposite of natural beauty in Iceland creates a unique attraction. It attracts tourists from all over the world. An island surrounded by a vast ocean of waves, but had many active semi-subterranean geysers. A place where the weather is harsh and cold, but it contains wonderful scenery. Anyone will not be able to ignore interesting activities when coming to this country if they love to explore and visit new things.

  1. Trekking
  2. Bathing in Blue Lagoon
  3. Riding horse
  4. Whale watching
  5. Diving in Iceland
  6. Aurora watching
  7. Visiting blue ice cave
  8. Viewing waterfall


Trekking is a walking activity to explore wild nature, combining picnics, adventure sports, camping, etc. Iceland was chosen as the ideal Trekking location because of its rugged terrain, hills, national parks, and majestic forests. Rocky mountains with a variety of colors, from bright red to dark brown, from golden to turquoise – all like a picture created by talented artists. Go from where there are green grass fields, to the marvelous white ice mountains. Visitors can stop on the way, and take a sip of cool fresh water to refresh their bodies.

The vegetation here is extremely rich, from weeds to precious flowers like orchids. Along the way, visitors will encounter ice caves, hot springs, or cotton grass fields. Visitors participating in trekking here can enjoy many beautiful beaches, white sand in the South, and black sand created by lava in the North. The unique thing in this journey is that people will witness the harmonious contrast between the natural scenery on the route, experience all levels of surprise and overwhelming.

The beautiful scenery and the unique nature of Ice is what most visitors want to experience when visiting this place. Therefore, please treat nature with respect so that others can enjoy it after you. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.

top best things to do in iceland


top best things to do in iceland

Bathing in Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is the largest natural geothermally warm water in Iceland and is also one of the top places to attract many tourists. The bay is located on part of a volcanic lava field on the Grindavík Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest of Iceland. The warm water bay is supplied by water from geothermal power plants and is changed twice a day. Warm water erupts from the ground near lava flows and is used to power turbines that generate electricity. After passing through the turbines, steam and hot water will pass through a heat exchanger to provide heat for the hot water heating system. After that, the water is brought into the bay for visitors to bathe and soak for treatment.

Blue Lagoon Resort is as beautiful as its name because of its natural, fanciful space and captivating beauty. After the incident caused lava to flow into the river, causing the water to turn turquoise. This place has turned into a giant spa and attracted millions of visitors.

Surrounding the lake are majestic mountains, embracing the lake in its heart. The jade-green water blends with the color of the sky, the color of the snow, along with the faint smoke creating a scene like being lost in a fairyland. In the evening, when the electric lights are turned on together with the night sky, this place becomes even more sparkling and wonderful. A hot bath in the Blue Lagoon is good for your health. Water contains many minerals, especially Silica and Sulfur, which relax the body, relax the mind, and are beneficial in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases. What could be better than to relax, heal and enjoy in a beautiful natural resort spa like this.

top best things to do in iceland

top best things to do in iceland

Riding horse

In the capital Reykjavik, there are many horse-riding tours for visitors with prices ranging from $60 to $90. One of the island’s most popular horse attractions is the Sólvangur Center, about 40 minutes south of the capital. This is a professional horse farm, providing visitors with sightseeing services, and learning to ride horses. These activities are suitable for everyone including solo travelers, small groups, and families with young children.

The connection between wild horses and the natural landscape of Iceland is a marvel. Horses in Iceland are not only tall and gentle but also have the outstanding feature of being able to gallop very well on rough roads and fields. They are healthy and have a long life. The horses here are different from any other horse breed found around the world, both in characteristics and abilities. They will take visitors across frozen glaciers or endless plains to enjoy the scenery here because they are the only horse breed that can perform a variety of movements, including walking, jogging, galloping, and not touching the ground.

Horse-riding is a sport activity, sightseeing, and the calm but majestic beauty of the horses in Iceland will also make visitors admire it. They also reflect a resilient, strong, indomitable, but very approachable and kind personality like the people here.

top best things to do in iceland


top best things to do in iceland

Whale watching

The waters surrounding Iceland are cold, with a rich source of marine life all year round. This is the main food source of wildlife in Iceland, especially in the summer, when the water warms up, life proliferates, and the food source for animals becomes more and more abundant. The period from June to July every year is an ideal time for visitors to see humpback whales, spear-nosed whales, white-billed dolphins, and many other interesting creatures. If we are lucky, we can also witness blue whales, a beautiful and rare animal. The acrobatics, surfacing, and high jumps give visitors a spectacular performance. Seeing it with your own eyes will bring more excitement than any movie or voiceover. Witnessing these massive creatures in their natural environment is a different perspective than seeing them in an aquarium or sanctuary. Whale watching excursions are widely available widely around the country.

However, it is advisable to choose eco-friendly tours if you intend to watch whales. Because tourists’ boats when going to the middle of the sea can emit a lot of emissions, along with the engine causing noise pollution, affecting the marine ecosystem. Whales prefer calm waters, and they will also be more friendly if we do not disturb their inherent habitat. In addition, a boat tour offers the chance to see other amazing ecosystems such as seabirds in their feeding grounds including puffins, gannets, gulls, and arctic terns. Whale watching excursions are widely available across the country. Daily tours depart from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík, as well as from several towns in the West and North of Iceland.

top best things to do in iceland
top best things to do in iceland

Diving in Iceland

Located just outside the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a small island nation surrounded by a vast ocean. Iceland offers a wonderful diving experience for those brave enough to endure its icy waters. Famous for its volcanic beaches, massive glaciers, and iceberg lakes, diving in Iceland exposes visitors to a diverse and rich subsurface landscape. This ecosystem seems to have formed for tens of millions of years.

Iceland is one of the few places in the world that can directly experience the subsurface thermal geology, and the beauty of some of the island’s freshwater sites is breathtaking. Diving is equally fascinating, with cold water sites and an abundance of North Atlantic species that most divers won’t encounter before. Like a submarine, visitors can slowly sink underwater. Thanks to the incredible visibility conditions, visitors quickly realize the wonder of this deep-sea excursion. The water is very clear, on the shore you can see deep down, and the view when diving will not be obstructed. Diving in Iceland allows tourists to experience some of the coldest and clearest water in the world. The adjacent rocky mountains create a magnificent scene. The rich diversity of marine life, swimming around, also helps visitors’ diving experience come to life.

The Silfra Rift, located in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland, is one of the great attractions for scuba diving enthusiasts. Because the Silfra Rift is one of the most special places in the world. Here, visitors in the role of divers can enjoy crystal clear water, with a view of up to 100m. This is also the only place on the planet that can swim between Europe and America.

top best things to do in iceland

Tobias Friedrich

top best things to do in iceland


Aurora watching

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is considered one of the best places to see the aurora borealis in the world. It will be best if you can once patiently see the entire Aurora in sight. Like a flexible “Green Lady” in each of her tunes, the aurora always radiates magical transformational energy, shimmering in the cold night. Aurora appears in just a few hours in many different forms. From clouds of scattered light to bands of light, arcs, and ripples with ecstatic sparkles. The aurora has many different colors such as blue, red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, etc – depending on the chemical composition of the atmosphere to which it is exposed. Iceland is known as a country of ice and lack of sunlight, but it has a majestic beauty. That covers the whole space which makes anyone who has come here admire it.

Coming to Iceland is one of the most interesting experiences for us to embark on the journey to hunt for the Northern Lights. This place is known as a place where Aurora lights often appear with a high KP index. Because Iceland has both the lowest winter temperature ( the capital Reykjavik, on the coldest days only up to -15 degrees), as well as the area with the third strongest wind area in the world, causing the clouds to change. That has allowed Aurora to appear more and more clearly. September in Iceland is the best month to see the Northern Lights. The nights get longer, the weather is not too cold and the sun is often hot. And in March, although the winter snow is still long, when the spring equinox begins to appear, the sun’s activity also begins to increase, which is also the best time to capture the Northern Lights in Iceland.

top best things to do in iceland
top best things to do in iceland

Visiting blue ice cave

Vatnajökull is Europe’s largest glacier and is surrounded by Iceland’s highest mountain. Visitors will be taken from the outside to the edge of the ice cap, then will begin a walking journey to the blue ice cave here. Along the way, visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. During hiking, tourists will see ice formations and volcanoes in the glacier. Through it, we will also learn about glaciers and how they form and change constantly.

The striking giant blocks of ice created a stunning visual effect. The size of the glacial rocks varies widely, creating solid layers that are stacked on top of each other. Their colors are also extremely rich, ranging from deep blue to bright white with vibrant turquoise in the middle. Especially when the light shines on them, their colorful reflections become extremely magical and overwhelming.

When visitors arrive at the blue ice cave, they will be able to walk inside this beautiful natural structure and take lots of photos. Ice caves are a natural and ever-changing phenomenon. As a result, each tour is a unique experience. After visiting the blue ice cave, you will walk back to the edge of the ice cap, from where you will return to Skaftafell. The Crystal Blue Ice Cave tour takes you into the glacial wonderland of Vatnajökull National Park. During the tour, we will drive a Super Jeep and explore the natural blue ice cave with a professional guide. This is supposed to be the perfect glacier adventure in Iceland.

top best things to do in iceland


top best things to do in iceland

Viewing waterfall

Iceland is the country with the most waterfalls in the world. Thanks to its special geographical location, the cold land of Iceland is always favored by nature and bestowed with surprisingly beautiful natural landscapes. The island is known for its awe-inspiring natural beauty of mountains, glaciers, cliffs, volcanoes, and waterfalls. No one knows the exact number of waterfalls in Iceland. Sometimes just walking on the main road, you will see many waterfalls one after another. This also makes this country always the first choice for nature exploration.

If you love the majesty, magnificence, and witnessing the difficult power of nature, you should visit Dettifoss. Located in North Iceland on the Jokulsa Glacier, this waterfall is often called the beast, because it is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Every second 193 cubic meters of water flow through the mouth of the waterfall. Stand close enough and you will certainly feel the earth shake by its force. Another interesting option is Haifoss Waterfall. This is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland, with an impressive. The waterfall rumbles down to the ground making some great sounds along the way. If you like to enjoy the beautiful scenery around and want to take nice photos, Seljalandsfoss is the best choice. This is considered the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland, famous for its photogenicity.This waterfall falls from a height of 60 meters from an ancient cliff into a shallow puddle. Surrounding the waterfall is lush green vegetation, and sprawling lawns, dotted with colorful flowers, symbolizing the eternal vitality and endless proliferation of nature here.

top best things to do in iceland


top best things to do in iceland