Top Best Tourist Destinations In Albania

1. Albanian Riviera, 2. Lake Skadar, 3. Moscopole, 4. Tirana, 5. Llogara Nation Park, 6. Berat, 7. Gjirokastra. Albania, located on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe, is a small country with Adriatic and Ionian coasts and an interior crisscrossed by the Albanian Alps. It is perhaps the most gorgeous country you've ever heard of, with towering mountains, immaculate beaches, and distinctive cities. Visit the secluded town of Theth to see the best of the country's incomparable sceneries, where friendly people and water bluer than you could ever imagine will amaze those who visit. Here's a complete list of some wonderful locations to see in Albania if you're planning a vacation in this fascinating country.

  1. Albanian Riviera
  2. Lake Skadar
  3. Moscopole
  4. Tirana
  5. Llogara Nation Park
  6. Berat
  7. Gjirokastra

Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera, with its Mediterranean shoreline, includes both seaside cities and stunning coves. Many international music festivals, such as Turtle Fest and Soundwave Albania, have taken place on the Riviera, which helps it get more reputation.

Young people from all over Europe go to the Albanian Riviera to visit nightclubs like Folie Marine at Jale Beach and Havana Beach Club in Dhermi. The beachfront village of Himara is one of the best places to visit on the Riviera, while Porto Palermo Beach, Llamani Beach, and Filikuri Beach are some of the best sandy stretches in the area, and Drymades Beach is one of the most lively.

The Albanian Riviera, which runs from the Cape of Rodon to Sarande, is the ideal area to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean beauty of beautiful turquoise waters and deserted beaches (in the offseason in May and September to October). You can avoid Sarande and instead focus on the smaller towns along the coast if you don’t like busy and overdeveloped summer towns. Make sure you rent a car so you can take advantage of the well-paved road that goes along the shore and provides stunning vistas throughout the journey.

Location: the Northeastern Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Sarandë, Southwestern Albania

Highlights: Gjipe Beach, Llogara Pass, Llogara National Park, Dhërmi beach, Ali Pasha Castle, Porto Palermo Castle, …

Best time to visit: May to September

top best tourist destinations in albania

top best tourist destinations in albania

Lake Skadar

The lake lies 7 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and is located in the Zeta – Skadar valley, which is surrounded by mountains. Montenegro owns two-thirds of Skadar Lake, while Albania owns the other third. The lake’s area ranges from 530 to 370 km2, with a length of 44 kilometers and a width of 14 kilometers. The coast line, especially on the north and west sides, is exceedingly steep.

The Skadar Lake is a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts. Lake Skadar is the ideal location for hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, caving, and boating, as well as cultural and gastronomic activities, wine tasting, and bird watching. Hiking is best done among the medieval hill villages, Walnut Valley’s waterfalls and springs, and the area’s numerous caves. Beaches abound for those seeking relaxation. Caving is best in the regions of Obod, Grbocica, Bobosuta, and Ispila. Pebbly beaches may be found along the southern coast, such as Lucice in Godinska Bay, the beach beneath Besa town, and the beach at Pristan Bay. On Lake Skadar, fishing is permitted, but only after purchasing fishing permits from local visitor centers.

Location: Zeta-Skadar Valley, West Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro, Albania

Highlights: Bird watching, fishing, hunting, renting and riding in a boat, swimming and sunbathing, Skadar Lake National Park, the village of Karuč, …

Best time to visit: April to October

top best tourist destinations in albania

top best tourist destinations in albania


Moscopole, a village in Korce County in southeastern Albania, is a magnificent tourism green town that blends its rich culture, traditions, and nature harmoniously harmonized to create a lasting tourist value. It was the Aromanians’ cultural and commercial center in the 18th century.

The community is famed for its centuries-old civilization, which dates back to 1330, breathtaking scenery, multiple churches and frescoes, all of which include valuable cultural assets, as well as organic food and traditional dishes. But today, Moscopole is only a little, lovely, secluded mountain village with a population of around 500 people, located 21 kilometers west of Korce at an elevation of 1160 meters and surrounded by the beautiful Morava Mountains, whose orchards and fields hide the ruins of its previous glory.

In Moscopole, These were the main considerations for coming in what is now a little mountain community 20 kilometers west of Corizza, surrounded by the lovely Morava mountains and meadows. The churches of Voscopoja are true works of Albanian art; the Church of San Nicola, the Church of Santa Maria, the Church of San Atanasio, the Church of San Michele, the Church of S. Elia, and the Monastery of San Giovanni Battista are just a few examples. Their wall murals are magnificent, comparable to those found in Greece’s famous monasteries.

Location: 25 km far from Korce (in Macedonarmân, „Curceaua“)

Highlights: Church of San Nicola, the Church of Santa Maria, the Church of San Atanasio, the Church of San Michele, the Church of S. Elia,…

Best time to visit: July – August

top best tourist destinations in albania

top best tourist destinations in albania


It’s difficult to draw Tirana in a few words. Descriptions such as “a bustling city” and “a colorful city” are simply attempts to convey some sense of the city’s culture, passion, and delight. Allow yourself to be inspired by the joys that await you in Tirana, whether it’s a visit to one of the city’s attractions, museums, or neighbouring castles, or an evening at clubs and bars in the city’s trendiest areas. We wish you a wonderful time here in Tirana.

Many people will begin their exploration of Albania’s top places in Tirana, the country’s capital. The 18th-century Et’hem Bey mosque is well worth a visit despite the city’s lack of must-see tourist attractions. The people of Tirana, like the vast majority of Albanians, are incredibly pleasant, and the city is incredibly inexpensive, with surprisingly good food and drinks available for very little money. One of Tirana’s most notable areas is Skanderbeg Square, which also houses the National Historical Museum. A statue of the famous Albanian national hero Skanderbeg stands in the center of Skanderbeg Square — and therefore at the heart of Tirana.

Location: Tirana, Albania

Highlights: Skanderbeg Monument and Square, Palace of Brigades in Tirana, The Cloud of Sou Fujimoto, New Bazaar, Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral of Tirana,…

Best time to visit: March 26th to June 10th or September 17th to November 25th

top best tourist destinations in albania

top best tourist destinations in albania

Llogara Nation Park

The Llogara National Park is in Albania’s southeast, the Ceraunian Mountains, which overlook the Albanian Riviera. The park is small, encompassing approximately 3.90 square miles (10.1 square kilometers), making it the country’s second-smallest national park after Zall Gjocaj. Llogara is also close to Butrint National Park, which provides a wonderful opportunity to see and study the ancient Greek and Roman city’s ruins.

The park’s topography is covered in dense trees for the most part. Along with the hilly forests, the park also has alpine meadows and very steep rock cliffs that make for dramatic scenery. The park is well-known for its diversity, which includes breathtaking mountains and a stunning sun-drenched shoreline. Because of the combination of the Mediterranean, mountain, and other physical elements that make the region rather distinctive, much of the vegetation is endemic.

Ash, black pine, silver fir, kermes oak, and Bulgarian fir are among the deciduous and coniferous trees found in The Llogara National Park. The Mediterranean breezes have sculpted the trees, which are frequently leaning or presenting different shapes. Roe deer, fallow deer, chamois, European wildcat, red fox, otter, and wolf all thrive in the lush foliage. There are a variety of bird species, with the mighty golden eagle and the griffon vulture being two of the more notable sightings.

Location: the Ceraunian Mountains, the southeastern region of Albania

Highlights: Ceraunian Mountains, Llogara Pass, Albanian Riviera, …

Best time to visit: April, May, and early June

top best tourist destinations in albania

top best tourist destinations in albania


Berat is a beautiful stone-and-alabaster city in central Albania, surrounded by fig trees and divided by the Osumi river. Berat is noted for the Ottoman homes that cascade down both sides of its lovely river valley. Berat is an ancient Illyrian hamlet that became the Byzantine frontier town. The famed nickname ‘The City of a Thousand Windows’ comes from the evenly spaced portals cut into the stone facades.

Berat is one of two UNESCO-listed historic centers in Albania (the other is in Gjirokaster), making it a must-see for history and culture fans alike. Berat has a lot to offer, with the distinctive Berat Kala and the medieval bazaar, historic mosques, local food, a busy cafe scene, and one of the most beautiful Ethnographic Museums in the Balkans. Not to mention the breathtaking landscapes, canyons, and wineries that are all within easy driving distance of the city. There are numerous reasons to include a visit to Berat in your Albania itinerary.

It is impossible to visit Berat without walking (or driving) to the city’s castle. Berat Castle was built in the 4th century, while the majority of the existing remains are from the 13th. Within the castle’s walls, there are still remnants of Ottoman and Byzantine construction.

Location: Berat, Albania

Highlights: Berat Castle, the Holy Trinity Church, the ethnographic museum, Bogova waterfall, mount Tomorr, taking a wine tour, Hiking in Berat, …

Best time to visit: April to October

top best tourist destinations in albania

top best tourist destinations in albania


Gjirokastra is a city in southern Albania, on a valley between the Gjere mountains and the Drino, at 300 meters above sea level, whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site characterized as “a remarkable example of a well-preserved Ottoman town, created by farmers of the huge estate.”

The prominent characteristic of Gjirokastra is the extensive use of stone in the construction of houses that resemble little fortresses, as well as the cobblestone lanes that all lead to the Bazaar; as a result of these traits, it is also known as “Albania’s Stone City.”

Every five years, a folklore festival is held in Gjirokastra’s castle; the most recent one was in 2015. Anyone visiting this section of the country should make a point of visiting the old Ottoman bazaar in Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra is known for being the birthplace of world-famous author Ismail Kadare and former Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, whose ancient homes are now museums. Gjirokastra, unlike Berat, is situated on a hilltop with views of the surrounding mountains and valley. Gjirokastra Castle is also one of Albania’s best-preserved castles, with numerous weapons on show. The best castle in Albania is Gjirokastra Castle.

Location: Gjirokastra, Albania

Highlights: Gjirokastra Castle, Gjirokastra bazaar, the Zekati House, the Ethnographic Museum (closed for restoring), eating Pasha Qofte, …

Best time to visit: Summer

top best tourist destinations in albania
top best tourist destinations in albania