Top Best Tourist Destinations in Equatorial Guinea

1. Monte Alén National Park, 2. Moca valley, 3. Malabo, 4. Malabo National Park, 5. Pico Basilé. Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometers. Although there are no recorded cultural heritages in history, Equatorial Guinea still attracts many tourists every year thanks to outstanding tourist attractions such as Malabo and Bioko Island... Check out the Best Tourist Destinations in Equatorial Guinea to see more interesting destinations in this beautiful country.

  1. Monte Alén National Park
  2. Moca valley
  3. Malabo
  4. Malabo National Park
  5. Pico Basilé

Monte Alén National Park

Monte Alén National Park is located near the center of Equatorial Guinea and was established in 1990 with an area of 2,000 square kilometers. In 2000, Monte Alén National Park has become the Equatorial Guinea largest national park under a presidential decree in addition to 13 other areas.

Monte Alén National Park arranges reasonable walking and climbing paths within the premises. Convenient for visiting and learning about rare and precious animals being preserved here, such as The goliath frog, which is one of the prominent amphibians found in the park, is the biggest frog in the world . On the other hand, The park has 105 mammal species which includes 16 species of primates, of which some of the primate species recorded are Colobus satanas, Cercocebus torquatus, mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx), gorillas (Gorilla gorilla) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), Other mammal species include elephants (bush elephants, Loxodonta africana, and forest elephants, Loxodonta cyclotis), and shrews (Crocidura grassei)…

Area: 2,000 km²

Established: 1990

Location: Bioko, Equatorial Guinea

top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea

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Moca valley

Moca valley is located on the southern edges of Biko, which is sitting almost in harmony with the tremendous cloud-topped peaks that rise around. Moca is a bucolic picture of wild Equatorial Guinea and is a town located on the island of Bioko is named after the Bubi King Möókáta, or King Moka, who ruled from 1835 to 1898 during the Bahítáari Dynasty.

Equatorial Guinea is not an easy country to navigate by oneself. So you can plan a trip here alone or with your group, Moca Valley is home to many interesting tourist attractions, including Lake Biao, it is a crater lake has an elevation of 1,816 meters, or Lake Loreta and the famous Cascades of Moca which house different species of monkeys live. In the early mornings, depending on the time depart, the visitor will be able to see endemic birds, as well as monkeys.

Elevation: 1,380 m

Location: Town in the Bioko, Equatorial Guinea

top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea


top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea

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Malabo is a focal tourism city in Equatorial Guinea. It has a direct connection with the main tourist attractions of this country, in addition, this place is also the location of many famous cultural, historical and modern tourist attractions.

A few places visitors should not miss when coming here are:

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral is known as the largest Christian church in Equatorial Guinea and is named after Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral is built in a neo gothic style but still has prominent features, flanked by two 40-meter-high towers, and a nave with two aisles.

San Antonio de Ureca town, this place is a small town located in the south of the island and is rich in primates and birds. In addition, the town has stood out for its impressive virgin beaches and its natural waterfalls.

Iladyi Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in the country with more than 250 meters of fall, located approximately a 45-minute walk from the city of Moka.

Pico Basilé, is the highest mountain in Equatorial Guinea, with more than 3000 meters high, visitors are visible from all over the city of Malabo.

Area: 21 km²

Location: Capital of Equatorial Guinea

top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea

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top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea

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Malabo National Park

Malabo National Park is a project initiated in 2011 to restore the traditional lives of local peoples, representing the urban cultures of Equatorial Guinea. The park is planned over 870,000 square meters in the capital Malabo and is divided into eight main areas. Malabo National Park is a place to reveal the cultural beauties and people of Equatorial Guinea when applied with Chinese standards, technologies, management, and equipment by practicing the “going global” strategy for this park.

The campus of Malabo National Park is fully integrated with spaces to visit the natural beauty, play, and entertain, and an area dedicated to sports and education. On the other hand, this park offers restaurants, a sports area, activities for children, a lake with jet skis and boats and an art gallery and many great festivals are usually held in Malabo National Park.

Scale: 870,000 sq meters

Entry price: CFA500 equivalent to 0.76 Euro

Location: Carretera des Aeropuerto, Malabo II

top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea

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Pico Basilé

Pico Basilé is the tall mountain located on the island of Bioko of Equatorial Guinea with an altitude of around 3,011 m, this mountain is considered one of the three highest mountains in the country, the peak is considered a key part of the park. Pico Basile Country. Pico Basilé has a pleasant climate, and dense rainforest suitable for climbing trips with beautiful scenery as you climb higher, the view of the mountain top will let visitors see the natural beauty of the Northeast, the hideaway of the nearby Cameroon mountains.

Visitors often come here to climb the mountain with a guide and explore the top with the statue of the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus on her back in the African style. A few things to note if you plan to come here, remember to dress warmly because the temperature is colder at the top and prepare some technology items to preserve the wonderful scenery of Pico Basilé when conquering the top of the mountain.

Elevation: 3,011 m

Prominence: 3,011 m

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top best tourist destinations in equatorial guinea

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