Top Best Websites To Apply For Internships

1. LinkedIn, 2. Indeed, 3. Glassdoor, 4. Internshala, 5. Idealist, 6. Chegg Internships, 7. CoolWorks, 8. Global Experiences, 9. InternQueen. College students can launch their careers and get valuable real-world experience through internships. Internships provide you the chance to put what you learned in class to good use in the workplace, expand your network of contacts, and explore several career paths. In this post, we picked out some of the best websites to apply for internships that are guaranteed to help college students to kickstart their careers.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Internshala
  5. Idealist
  6. Chegg Internships
  7. CoolWorks
  8. Global Experiences
  9. InternQueen


The first website on this list is for sure a familiar one to many of us, as it is one of the best and most popular websites for everyone to look for internship and job opportunities. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that connects job seekers with potential employers and industry professionals from all over the world. Students can use the site to build a professional profile, highlight their abilities, and look for internships that fit their interests and career objectives.

Using LinkedIn for internships has a number of benefits, one of them is that it enables students to stay up to date on jobs and internships relevant to their interests. Students can use the platform’s job search feature to look for internships based on region, industry, and keywords. Students can connect directly with employers and recruiters on LinkedIn, which is another benefit of using it to find internships. Students who network with professionals in the field can find out more about possible internships and perhaps get recommendations or referrals from people they know.

Moreover, LinkedIn is a great platform for the long run. Not only should use make good use of the website to find jobs and internships, but you should also build a professional profile, reach out to everyone you know (especially professional contacts) keep updating your achievements and even share your knowledge. Being active on the website allows you to present yourself as a dynamic employee, making more employers want to connect and work with you in the future.

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Because of its extensive job search capabilities, Indeed is among the best websites for college students to discover and apply for internships. Users can easily navigate the website without finding any troubles and filter their search results by job locations, job types, companies, etc.

Also, Indeed offers a variety of detailed information about each internship offering, such as the company profile, job responsibilities, and prerequisites. This enables college students to fully comprehend the internship prior to applying. One of Indeed’s best functions is its capability to notify users of new internship listings that fit their search criteria. As a result, college students have an advantage over other candidates because they may set up job alerts and receive notifications of new internships as soon as they are posted. Additionally, the website offers a multitude of tools for creating resumes and advice on how to win interviews.

One of the tips to win an internship on Indeed is to take assessments. Recruiters usually receive hundreds of applications for a single job opening. So, a good way to stand out from the crowd is to take skill assessments on Indeed. The assessments take 4-15 minutes to complete and cover both hard and soft skills!

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Glassdoor, a global job search platform that was founded in 2007 and based in Sausalito, California, is one of the best websites to find and apply for internships. The website gets its internship listings from different sources such as company websites, directly from employers, partnerships with job boards, etc. But what attracts people to the website the most is the comprehensive tools that allow users to search for salaries, company reviews, and descriptions of job interviews in a blink of an eye.

By using Glassdoor, you will be able to search for both internships and jobs in almost every field. With the website, you can easily get a closer look into the company that you are interested in and its hiring process, especially its reviews that were written by the company’s employees. Another great feature that this website has is the Interview Questions section. This is a very thoughtful section dedicated to users who have just kickstarted their careers and still worry about what would they be asked in the interviews to come.

However, despite being praised for having easy application options and a straightforward interface, Glassdoor’s salary and review functions are said to not always show accurate results when users search for smaller companies.

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Founded in 2010 and launched as a website in 2013, Internshala is among the best websites that provide a variety of internship opportunities in different industries. In 2015, the Internshala app was launched to bring Internshala closer to the ‘hands’ of the students. There is also a blog part on the website where students can read about various internships and discover more about what to anticipate while applying for them.

The first thing you will notice about Internshala is its appearance – The website has a very user-friendly appearance and simple navigation that make finding internships a lot simpler and faster for students. Moreover, the website also has other helpful features, for example, students can apply to not one, but multiple internships at once, which saves a lot of time and effort for students. After applying for internships, students will also be able to track the status of their applications. This is one of the best features of the website that make it easy for students to keep track of where they stand in the application process and how high their chance of getting the opportunity is.

In 2021, to further support students in finding internships, Internshala launched the Placement Guarantee courses to help students start their careers in their dream profiles. Through this course, students will be informed about what should they prepare to have an internship of their choice that pays a good amount for their contributions.

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Founded in 1995 in New York, USA, Idealist is a non-profit global organization with a mission to help build a world where all people can lead-free and dignified lives by inviting people everywhere to imagine, connect, and act. The organization’s website is one of the best websites for finding jobs, internships, and volunteer work. With internship listings for organizations around the world, there is no doubt that it is the best place for you to find an internship in a non-profit organization.

You can search for internships on Idealist in separate sections that are seperated by keywords, skills, or your own interests. You can customize your search using a number of filters such as location and remote preferences, functions, issue areas, organization type, compensation, and list languages. Also, you could bookmark a position and set up an email alert to receive notifications about relevant internship openings.

Since being founded in 1995, the organization has helped tens of millions of people to connect to more than 130,000 organizations around the globe. The website of Idealist alone has posted over one million social-impact jobs and hundreds of thousands of internships and volunteer opportunities. With a mission of working with others, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect, Idealist will continue to connect more people to great internships through its website.

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Chegg Internships

Chegg Internships is one of the biggest websites for students. This website does not charge employers to list internship positions, therefore it attracts a great number of employers to share opportunities. As a result, the website now offers 100,000 listings from 60,000 employers! Ever since it was founded in 2010, the website has been a dedicated employment site that brings students and employers together.

Chegg Internships focuses on supporting students, therefore, the site offers options that are optimized for job and internship searching, such as browsing by internship category. It also gives students alphabetical categories for subject-wise internships like marketing and accountancy and offers type-wise internships like high school and summer internships. Students can also browse by location.

One of the stand-out features of Chegg Internships is that it helps you to find your Facebook friends who have interacted with the companies or corporations that interest you on the website. While searching for a company or corporation, you can see a “who” button, this will let you see your Facebook friends so that you can ask for advice and decide on whether you should apply for that company or corporation or not. Additionally, it offers career counseling services that let you make wiser career decisions. Internships can also be saved for later viewing.

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Just like its name, CoolWorks is one of the best websites to find the coolest jobs and internships in the coolest places from all over the world. According to the website, it offers “job opportunities in great places like national parks, various resorts, ranches, camps, ski resorts, and jobs on the water”, especially summer positions, welcoming people of all ages, but mostly targeting young people.

CoolWorks features a great function that allows you to look for employment by category, state, season, national parks, and cool regions. For young people who want to experience different types of jobs and only look for internships, this website has a separate category that shows current internship opportunities for you to choose from. The website also includes a jobseekers’ handbook and a diary that tells the tales of numerous people who have gone on wonderful journeys.

Believing that a rich and fulfilling life is marked by a collection of experiences with the people and places that we grow to love, Bill Berg – the founder of CoolWorks created the website to help people discover and collect those experiences since 1995. For more than two decades, the website has been giving life-changing opportunities to many people every day, and it will continue to do so in the years to come.

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Global Experiences

Global Experiences is a reputable website for foreign internship and job preparedness programs. The website offers engaging and professional internship opportunities for college students and young professionals who wish to challenge themself in an international environment. Therefore, the website allows students to reach both On-site and virtual internships, in a variety of settings and programs. The internships that this website offers also enhance the student’s academic degree and aid in earning an elective academic credit.

Moreover, Global Experiences assists students in selecting internships from a variety of locations, job fields, academic programs, and seasons by offering various packages and discounts. It also offers one-on-one advisors, career readiness programs to help students decide, and housing, medical insurance, traveling, cultural events, and trips for multicultural experiences once students get the internships.

One thing to note, though, is that the internship programs that Global Experiences offers require students to pay instead of getting paid. However, with all the benefits that these internship programs bring to students, you can say that it’s totally worth it. Founded in 2001 and based in Annapolis, MD, the website now offers opportunities to experience work in eight cities—London, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona, Florence, Milan, Shanghai, and Sydney. students usually have to pay from $6,000 to $10,000 per internship stint. However, once students are accepted into an internship program, placement is 100% assured.

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Lauren Berger is the author of Get It Together, Welcome to the Real World, and All Work, No Pay, the voice behind the brand, and a pioneer speaker in the internship, career, and college ambassador space. With the platforms she has, Lauren Berger created InternQueen to provide internship opportunities to young people who are struggling and trying their best to get into practical life. Now it is one of the best websites to find and apply for internships.

InternQueen is one of the most relevant and likable sources of career, internship, and campus ambassador information. The website connects students with employers, giving them opportunities to try their best in the work they dreamt to do. One of the best features of the website is the advanced search feature. Using this feature, you can search for your internship by location, semester year, and industry. It also has a job board, career advice articles, and blogs. It is free for young people to use in hopes they can leverage the information to get from where they are to where they want to be.

One of the important parts of InternQueen is the IQ Agency. This is the Gen-Z marketing arm of Intern Queen that offers unique insights into Gen-Z trends and purchasing habits through curated panels. Participating in the internship program and being a part of the IQ Agency is one way to help students to go from college to career through InternQueen.

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