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Top Best Witches in Anime

1. Kiki, 2. Zeniba, 3. Makoto Kowata, 4. Yuuko, 5. Echidna, 6. Vanessa Enoteca, 7. Witch, 8. Blair, 9. Maria, 10. Atsuko Kagari. The various magical talents a specific witch possesses can also contribute to some rich world-building for designers, as well as some extremely memorable moments. And here are some of the best witches in anime.

  1. Kiki
  2. Zeniba
  3. Makoto Kowata
  4. Yuuko
  5. Echidna
  6. Vanessa Enoteca
  7. Witch
  8. Blair
  9. Maria
  10. Atsuko Kagari


Kiki is the primary character in Kiki’s Delivery Service. She is a 13-year-old witch in training who establishes her own witch delivery service. Jiji is her cat’s name. Kiki is determined, leaving her family in Karikiya for a year at the age of 13 to complete the training required to become a witch. She is pleasant, inquisitive, kind-hearted, sweet, and optimistic. However, she may be headstrong and arrogant at times, which can work against her.

Kiki’s hair is short and dark brown, and she wears it back with a large amaranth red bow. She is dressed in a medium-sleeved jet black dress that seems predominantly violet or indigo, white undergarments consisting of a tank top and bloomers, and amaranth red flats that appear crimson red at times. She’s wearing a bright green, short-sleeved dress with a medium turtleneck and a bright pink apron, long, gray socks that are tumbling down, and the same shoes at the start. Kiki is initially dissatisfied with her appearance at the start of the film, but her mother, Kokiri, later tells her to like herself as a witch.

Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Zeniba, also known as Granny by Chihiro Ogino, is the older twin sister of Yubaba in the film Spirited Away. She is definitely one of the best witches in anime. Zeniba’s appearance is identical to Yubaba’s: an inhumanly large head with long, blonde hair tied up into a bun, a wrinkled face with a large, hooked nose, a red dot in-between her eyes, blue eyeshadow, large golden earrings, and a dark blue dress set with a ruby brooch at the collar.

When she initially emerges in the second half of the film, she appears to be just as deadly as her sister, living up to Kamaj’s description of her as “scary.” After wreaking havoc in Yubaba’s office, she warns Chihiro Ogino that she will cut her lips out if she does not stay quiet about the incident. She is now working at a magnificent bathhouse for spirits, and she is growing passionately fascinated with the lives of everyone around her, particularly Haku, who was the first to protect and soothe her in this strange new realm.

Zeniba is another someone who not only provides comfort but also a safe haven for the young protagonist. Chihiro goes to great lengths to return a rare item to the witch who lives far away from the realm she was cast into. Once there, she discovers a warm presence that does nothing but offer her patience and a comfortable landing. Zeniba is a very powerful witch whose magic rivals that of her younger twin sister, Yubaba. Kamaji once described her as “one dangerous witch.”

Anime: Spirited Away

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Makoto Kowata

Makoto Kowata, the main protagonist of Flying Witch, is a young witch. Makoto is a teen with long, black hair done in a hime cut, with one strip of hair positioned in front of her shoulders on either side and the rest of her hair behind her back, light tan skin, and wide green eyes.

Makoto left her home at the beginning of the series to live with Kei and Chinatsu and learn how to use her powers; at first, she wasn’t doing well, but after Akane came over, she was able to use her powers with ease, and by the end of the series, Makoto has made Chinatsu her very own Witch Robe, has fun in the festival, and now trains Chinatsu to be a witch like herself, as Akane did with her.

Makoto Kowata is a nice, clumsy young girl who is pleasant and cheery. Makoto is infamous for getting lost, even in her own house. Despite this, Makoto is a really nice and sweet person who always gives her all. She adores her kitty pal Chito. Makoto, like all witches, can cast spells and fly on a broomstick, though she isn’t the best at it. Makoto’s trait is Darkness, which makes her particularly skilled at creation. This encompasses the development of goods like clothes as well as new magical spells.

Anime: Flying Witch

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Makoto Amakawa


Yuuko Ichihara, one of the best witches in anime, is the protagonist of the Clamp manga and anime XxxHOLiC. Yuuko is a tall, slim woman with pale skin and black hair that reaches her knees. Her hair is cut in numerous layers, with front bangs that reach up to her brows, another layer that reaches up to her jaw, a layer at her hips, and a last layer at her knees. Her eyes are normally red, but occasionally purple or turquoise, therefore it is assumed that she changes her eye color at random.

This character’s quirkiness perplexes readers because her guidance of Watanuki grants him a high level of spiritual and paranormal awareness. Some of her resolutions appear initially meaningless, but are later revealed to be sensible in regard to the plot. As the plot progresses, she is seen acting immaturely in order to keep Watanuki from recognizing the gravity of the conditions surrounding him.

Yuuko Ichihara is a sorceress of enormous power and spiritual energy who has earned numerous names as a result of her fame, but she is best known as The Witch of Dimensions. Aside from granting wishes and transcending realms, she can also create gods for other worlds, alter time, and communicate through Maru and Moro’s thoughts as well as other people’s minds. Her skills are not limitless, and they may appear to be a curse because she appears to be unable to do anything for anyone or provide any gift without it being a binding deal.

Anime: XxxHOLiC

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Echidna was known as the Witch of Greed. She was mentioned throughout the series, mainly for her relationship to Roswaal and Beatrice, but she made her formal appearance as a prominent supporting character and subsequently secondary antagonist in Arc 4. Echidna’s barely-exposed skin was porcelain-like and pure white, so colorless that it appeared all color had been bleached out of her life. She was frequently spotted smiling and acting casually until the subject changed to something she was actually interested in. Because of her lovely features, she frequently gave the impression of a maiden.

Echidna’s behavior was characterized by her curiosity in the unknown and hunger for knowledge. At first impression, she appeared to be pleasant, soft-spoken, understanding, and even infantile. The other Witches described her as clumsy, like the time she unintentionally set fire to the forest, nearly burning to death, while trying to warm herself. She was described as “black-hearted,” unable to understand the emotions of others, and may be classified as a sociopath by normal standards.

Echidna was able to employ Greed’s Authority. When she returned to the world as Omega, she most certainly lost access to her Authority of Greed. Echidna could employ all six elements and was exceptionally talented in all of them with unrivaled mastery at the time. She was capable of casting every magic known at the time, and she even invented her own. No one ever came close to her entire talent with using magic, even after her death, until Roswaal L Mathers became the first and only person to challenge and even surpass her in magical knowledge and proficiency.

Anime: Re:Zero

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Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca, one of the best witches in anime, is a witch from the Witches’ Forest and a Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull squad’s 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight. When she is indoors, she prefers to wear only her undergarments, which consist of a pair of red, thin-strappy lingerie with floral motifs, with her team robe on top. Vanessa covers most of her body in public, but her dress is still incredibly revealing.

Vanessa has a laid-back demeanor and prefers to go at her own pace. She has a strong preference for alcoholic beverages and attractive males. Vanessa is also a very kind person, since she offers her assistance to Noelle in finding a means to control her ability. She does, however, like seducing her squadmates, as evidenced by her frequent flirtation with Yami Sukehiro.

Vanessa Enoteca had excellent agility during the combat at the undersea temple, deftly dodging her adversaries’ assaults while luring him into a trap created by her threads. She also has split-second reaction time when using her threads to control Asta. Despite her languid and seductive exterior, Vanessa is quite clever and cultured, with extensive knowledge of plants and salves that she may employ for first aid and field medicine instead of healing magic.

Anime: Black Clover

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Witch is a silver-level Adventurer in Spearman’s two-person party. Witch is a stunning spellcaster with thigh-length purple hair with waist-length hair strands hanging on either side, yellow eyes, a voluptuous figure, and a seductive disposition that makes people she interacts with blush. She is widely regarded as the most beautiful woman on the Frontier, as well as one of the most beautiful women in the Four-Cornered World.

Witch behaves in an amorous manner, frequently implying sexual connotations in apparently innocent dialogue. This is primarily her natural behavior, rather than anything she does on purpose. Despite her taunting, she is sympathetic towards those around her, offering guidance and assistance to those in need, leading many rookies and even average people she meets to look up to her as a mature “Big Sister” figure.

Many people believe she speaks in brief and halted words to avoid unwittingly forming a spell, but she has never verified this. Witch is a skilled magic caster and an experienced adventurer. As a result, she has an extensive understanding of spells and magical things.

Anime: Goblin Slayer

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Blair, a cat witch, was once mistaken for a genuine witch by Maka Albarn and Soul Eater. She is also one of the best witches in anime. She eventually moved into Maka and Soul’s apartment and began working at Chupa Cabra. She occasionally helps the DWMA, Maka, and Soul on their missions.

Blair is a bakeneko, a Japanese legendary cat with supernatural skills who is more than just a mischievous animal. This one can talk, perform practically any spell her humans Maka and Soul can, with the possible exception of cooking, and constantly teases Soul by strolling around naked and unbothered in human form. In reality, she had nine lives. She has many souls, and if one is lost, she takes on another.

In human form, she takes on the appearance of a young, tall woman with large breasts and a sexy figure. Her hair is long and violet, cut short, and curls up and around her face on either side to resemble a tail. When she transforms into a cat, she has a long, curly tail, pale bushy ears, and wide, brilliant eyes. She’s wearing a smaller version of her witch’s hat and a collar with a spherical ornament with three triangle-shaped etchings that seem like jack-o-lantern faces.

Blair is exceptional at empathizing with people and even extending empathy to those in need. She may appear overly kind to Soul at times, but despite being a cat, she is not at all mean. She’s always looking for entertainment, whether it’s safe or not. She’s a nice person who enjoys having fun and playing.

Anime: Soul Eater

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Maria is the main character in the anime/manga series Maria the Virgin Witch. She is a witch who lived during the Hundred Years War in France. Maria, a powerful and kindhearted witch who despises conflict, routinely summons familiars to break up wars, earning her the adoration of the surrounding hamlet but the Church’s scorn. Archangel Micheal eventually orders her to stop using her power because he believes it upsets the natural order.

Maria has pale skin, blue eyes, and short blond hair that curls at the ends. She is attractive and wears two enormous red earrings, a black tiny dress with slits on both sides displaying her black hot trousers, and high thigh black boots. Maria wears daring clothing for a virgin.

Maria is a caring, determined, and idealistic lady who despises conflict and bloodshed. Her favorite tactic is to summon creatures to break up fights and instruct them not to kill anyone. While she is powerless and imprisoned, Maria has time to reflect on what she genuinely desires and why she despises fighting so much.

Maria is a powerful witch who can achieve practically anything with magic, only being outmatched by the powers of heavenly beings. Her magic is usually channeled through a wooden stick. She uses magic to create force blasts, shield people, summon spheres of light, generate energy beams, form bubbles and platforms, move numerous items at command, and harness elemental forces. No wonder why she is considered as one of the best witches in anime.

Anime: Maria the Virgin Witch

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Atsuko Kagari

Atsuko Kagari, also known as Akko, is the titular main protagonist of Little Witch Academia. She is a first-generation Japanese witch who admires Shiny Chariot. Akko is a slightly pale-skinned girl of average height with long, straight, chestnut brown hair that falls just below her shoulder blades, matching blunt square side-bangs on the left side, and a section of it tied into a half ponytail on the back of her head, and large crimson eyes.

Akko is best described as a bright and optimistic yet impetuous and driven girl in both short films and anime series, which is consistent with her generally exaggerated reactions. She is always up for a challenge, no matter how difficult it appears to her and everyone else. People are drawn to Akko’s cheerful personality because she is very gregarious, friendly, and sincerely compassionate. In anime continuity, Akko’s demeanor remains consistent with that of short films, however her general characterization is fleshed out further and her worst flaws are toned down a touch.

Atsuko Kagari is highly unskilled with magic in all continuities of the franchise, despite having practiced this talent multiple times, due to her mundane upbringing and discipline for studying, which initially leaves much to be desired. Akko, like most witches, can project beams of energy with her wand, lift items or people and move them to a certain extent, and change the form of other animals.

Anime: Little Witch Academia

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