Top Biggest Companies in Luxembourg

1. ArcelorMittal, 2. Tenaris, 3. Eurofins, 4. Ternium, 5. RTL Group, 6. B&M European Value Retail, 7. Globant, 8. InPost. The biggest companies in Luxembourg are always attractive because of their attractive business lines and dynamic economic policies. These companies compete and develop day by day with grand ambitions to reach out to other companies in the world.

  1. ArcelorMittal
  2. Tenaris
  3. Eurofins
  4. Ternium
  5. RTL Group
  6. B&M European Value Retail
  7. Globant
  8. InPost


ArcelorMittal SA (ArcelorMittal) is an integrated steel manufacturing company. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Luxembourg. It manufactures and markets a wide range of finished and semi-finished steel products. The company’s product portfolio includes flat, sheet, and long steel, with various structures. ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company whose goal is to help build a better world with smarter steel.

Steel is produced using innovative processes that are more efficient, use less energy, and emit significantly less carbon. Steel is cleaner, more substantial, and reusable. Electric vehicle steel and renewable energy infrastructure will support societies as they transition this century.

ArcelorMittal S.A. and its subsidiaries are integrated steel and mining enterprises with operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company also sells iron ore lumps, fine ores, concentrates, pellets, sintering feeds, and coke and pulverized coal. Through a centralized marketing structure and distributors, it provides its goods to a wide range of consumers in the automobile, appliance, engineering, construction, energy, and machinery industries.

The company operates iron ore mines in Brazil, Bosnia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Mexico, South Africa, and Ukraine and coal mines in Kazakhstan.

Founded: 1976

Headquarters: Luxembourg, Luxembourg


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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Tenaris is a significant provider of pipes and related services to the global energy industry and various other industrial uses. The company aims to provide value to its clients through product creation, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Most of the world’s top oil and gas businesses, as well as engineering firms involved in building oil and gas gathering, transportation, and processing facilities, are among their clientele. Housings, tubes, pipes, mechanical pipes, and structures are the major products.

Tenaris has approximately 25,500 employees from more than 25 countries. They are trained to follow a career plan designed to meet company goals. TenarisUniversity, Tenaris’ corporate university, offers high-quality, concrete work and development programs and strategies that help students succeed in the many challenging tasks faced in their careers. Tenaris S.A. manufactures seamless steel pipe products.

The company also provides pipeline handling, storage, and distribution services to the oil and gas, energy and mechanical industries. Tenaris supplies welded steel pipes for gas pipelines worldwide. The main finished products of the company are seamless and welded steel casings and tubes, pipes and other mechanical and structural steel pipes for various uses.

Across 16 nations, their production system incorporates steel production, rolling and tube forming, heat treatment, threading, and finishing. In addition, the company has an R&D network dedicated to expanding its product offering and optimizing its manufacturing methods.

It has industrial activities in Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. It maintains a global network of steel pipe production, research, finishing, and service facilities. Tenaris’ headquarters are in Luxembourg.

Founded: 1909


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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Eurofins Scientific SE (Eurofins) is a life science company that provides analytical testing services to customers in various industries. The company provides food and feed testing, biopharmaceutical services, drug discovery services, initial drug development, central pharmaceutical laboratories, biopharmaceutical product testing research, product testing, agricultural science services, forensic services and environmental testing.

Its analytical methods help evaluate the safety, identity, composition, origin, authenticity, and purity of biological products and substances. It taps into its logistics and information technology expertise to provide a wide range of services.

The company operates throughout Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and South America. Eurofins is testing for life. Eurofins’ network of companies believes they are a world leader in food, environmental, pharmaceutical product testing, pharmacological discovery, forensics, advanced materials science and services co-scientific research.

Eurofins Scientific was founded in 1987 with three employees and one laboratory to market a patented analytical method to verify the origin and purity of certain foods and beverages and identify sophisticated fraud that other methods can not detect.

Eurofin’s primary business lines include food and environmental testing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology services, and clinical diagnostics. Eurofins provides numerous laboratory services and analytical tests on a global scale through its subsidiaries.

Founded: 1987


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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Ternium S.A., together with its subsidiaries, manufactures, processes and sells various steel products in Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. It operates through two segments, Steel and Mining. It serves many companies and small businesses in the construction, automotive, home appliance, packaging, transportation, and energy industries.

The company was established in 1961 and is based in Luxembourg City. Ternium S.A. is a company owned by Techint Holdings S.A. Through its manufacturing facilities, service centers, and distribution networks, the company offers a diverse range of high-value-added steel products to customers in the automotive, home appliance, HVAC, construction, capital goods, containers, food, and energy sectors well as to premium customers. Ternium S.A. is a manufacturer of flat and long steel. Through its manufacturing facilities, service centers, and distribution network, the company provides a wide range of steel products to automotive, home appliance, HVAC, and construction customers.

Ternium approaches value creation from all angles. Ternium’s value proposition attempts to establish profitable operations on a long-term basis by employing a management approach that considers the interests of shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers, as well as the community. The Sustainability Report discusses Ternium’s progress in sustainably achieving its goals, considering the standards established by Worldsteel, the United Nations Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Founded: 1961


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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RTL Group

RTL Group is a leading broadcast, streaming, content, and digital entertainment company with 56 TV channels, eight streaming services, and 36 radio stations. The Group’s TV channel groups consistently rank among the top in six European countries. At the same time, the RTL Group owns or has interests in radio stations in France, Germany, Spain, and Luxembourg. RTL Deutschland is the Group’s most prominent business unit and the first German multimedia champion, operating in TV, streaming, radio, and digital publishing. RTL Group’s streaming services include RTL in Germany and Hungary, Videoland in the Netherlands, and 6play in France.

As a market leader, RTL Group strives to foster alliances and partnerships in the European media industry – for example, by building one-stop advertising companies in Germany and the Netherlands with Ad Alliance and driving international ad sales with RTL Ad Alliance. The company’s roots go back to 1924 when Radio Luxembourg was broadcast. Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Radiodiffusion (CLR) was founded in 1931. A European pioneer broadcasts a unique program using the same wavelength in several languages.

The RTL Group was formed in the spring of 2000 following the merger of Luxembourg-based CLT-UFA and British content production company Pearson TV, owned by Pearson Plc. Bertelsmann has been a significant shareholder of RTL Group since July 2001.

Founded: 2000


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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B&M European Value Retail

B&M European Value Retail SA (B&M) is a retailer of consumer goods. The company offers a wide range of grocery and non-grocery products. Its product portfolio includes toiletries, home appliances, food and beverage, furniture, baby care, health and beauty, electrical appliances, toys and games, care pets and home decoration. The company’s product line includes DIY and decoration, stationery, gifts, confectionery, clothing and footwear. It offers products from brands such as LG, Sony, Walkers, Samsung and Coca-Cola. The company operates stores in the UK under the B&M and Heron brands and in France under the France B&M brand.

The Group’s principal activity is diversified retailing in the United Kingdom (UK) and France. The company reports three segments: UK B&M, British Heron, and French Babou. The company’s stores are in and out of town centers, retail parks, and local shopping parades and zones. The company’s branded B&M, Heron Foods, and Babou stores offer limited products in the food, grocery, and general merchandise range.

The products are mainly sourced directly from the manufacturers. In the UK retail market, B&M operates more than 650 stores, and The Heron Foods chain has around 290 convenience stores. Babou operates around 100 stores in the French retail market with casual goods, clothing and footwear.

In addition, B&M offers customers an attractive alternative to specialist and general retailers. The company provides various available and seasonal merchandise at reasonable prices throughout its stores. In the United Kingdom, B&M stores are in urban and out-of-town retail park formats.

Founded: 1978


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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Globant S.A. operates as a worldwide technology services company. The company offers transformation programs, ROI and cost-effectiveness, new revenue streams, E-Mission, today’s sustainability, climate fit, organizational design, thought leadership, and upliftment. High organizational skills, cultural strategy, talent journey, change management, delivery management, agile consulting, management consulting, user experience, image and service design, design industrial design, strategic architectural consulting, platform development, and incremental aggregation services.

It also provides e-Payments, content management systems, future commerce, E-learning, accessibility, web, native and hybrid apps, cross-compilation, data strategy, information insights, data-as-products, data platforms, MLOps, blockchain, Internet of Things experience and consulting, media, hardware integration, intelligent automation, process mining, intelligent farming collaboration, diagnostic imaging, healthcare interoperability, genomic data processing, telemedicine and digital medical technology, patient journeys, research, and development as well as precision medicine services.

In addition, the company provides digital marketing, conversational interfaces, games, OTT, Cloud Ops Studio, Salesforce Studio, cybersecurity, and enterprise applications. It serves medium and large companies in media and entertainment, professional services, technology and telecommunications, travel and hospitality, healthcare, banking, financial services and insurance, consumer, retail and manufacturing industries.

The company was formerly known as IT Outsourcing S.L. and changed its name to Globant S.A. in December 2012. Globant S.A. was founded in 2003, starting with sharing a common dream to be the best company to bring profound transformations to organizations while creating global career opportunities for professionals. IT professionals around the world.

Founded: 2003


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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InPost is a leader in providing modern logistics services and the first company in Poland to create a network of Parcel Lockers – a self-service parcel pick-up and delivery point, open 24/7. Thanks to its advanced technology, InPost makes receiving parcels more convenient, cheaper, and environmentally friendly. Parcel lockers have improved the efficiency of logistics services, and their success is also determined by delivery speed – up to 98% of shipments are delivered the next day after dispatch.

Inpost SA specializes in providing postal services. The group offers a network of parcel boxes, self-service delivery, and collection points. It also provides services for collecting, routing and delivering mail, dispatch and parcel delivery, express delivery and delivery. It operates in three segments. The APM segment focuses on providing containers to automatic parcel machines. The To-Door segment includes parcel delivery using door-to-door express delivery. The international feature includes APM and PUDO locations in France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

InPost S.A. and its subsidiaries act as an external e-commerce support platform providing parcel-locking services in Europe. The company also offers electronic grocery and fulfillment services, food delivery services, and FMCG products through the InPost Fresh app. InPost S.A. was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Founded: 1999


top biggest companies in luxembourg

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