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Top Biggest Cruise Ships

1. Viking Polaris, 2. Viking Octantis, 3. Queen Elizabeth 2, 4. Queen Mary 2, 5. Norwegian Bliss, 6. Costa Smeralda, 7. MSC Grandiosa, 8. AIDA Nova, 9. P&O Iona, 10. Oasis Of The Seas. The number of cruise ships has increased gradually since the start of the first transatlantic voyages more than a century ago. The size of the ships themselves is just as important as the number of passengers and the crew's accommodations (and their lives on board the ship). The size of today's cruise ships makes them comparable to floating cities, and some of them even have their own private islands! Here are some Biggest Cruise Ships by vessels..

  1. Viking Polaris
  2. Viking Octantis
  3. Queen Elizabeth 2
  4. Queen Mary 2
  5. Norwegian Bliss
  6. Costa Smeralda
  7. MSC Grandiosa
  8. AIDA Nova
  9. P&O Iona
  10. Oasis Of The Seas

Viking Polaris

In reality, the Viking Polaris is the Viking Octantis’ identical sister expedition ship (both are Polar Class 6 ships). She is brand-new, having only been constructed in 2022. During an Arctic excursion, she offers every conceivable level of luxury and sophistication. Although cruise ships are far larger, one won’t be taking those ships into the High Arctic’s pack-ice waters.

Let’s learn about cutting-edge, purpose-built expedition ships that will immerse you in these gorgeous, uncharted locales while you explore the world’s most distant locations. You can choose from a wide range of staterooms on these specially designed ships. There is no finer way to travel, from Scandinavian Balcony staterooms to the plethora of added advantages and amenities in roomy Explorer Suites. Whichever stateroom you select will be exquisitely decorated in the subtle elegance for which Viking is famous.

Passengers: 378 Guests

Crew: 256


top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

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Viking Octantis

One of the smallest ships on this list of ocean-going giants is the Viking Octantis. The Viking Octantis is included on the list because she is the largest or among the largest ships built specifically for expedition travel (intended for the Arctic and Antarctic regions). She was finished in December 2021 for Viking Expeditions and has 189 staterooms that can accommodate 378 passengers.

Let’s start by creating contemporary river cruising. They later redefined ocean cruising. Experience all of the award-winning fleet’s luxury and elegance on an expedition ship designed expressly to explore the world’s most isolated locations and let you fully immerse yourself in them.

You can choose from a wide array of accommodations on our purpose-built ships. There is no finer way to travel, from Scandinavian Balcony staterooms to the plethora of added advantages and amenities in our roomy Explorer Suites. Whichever stateroom you select will be exquisitely decorated in the subtle elegance for which Viking is famous.

Tonnage: 30,000 Gross Tons

Length: 205 meters or 672 feet


top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

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Queen Elizabeth 2

Even though she has been retired for 15 years, Queen Elizabeth 2 (also known as QE2) deserves a mention for being such a famous ship. Even though she was never trashed and instead found a new life after spending her entire career running from Southampton, England, to New York, she will still be included in the list for 2023. She is now an opulent floating hotel in Dubai. Take the time to spend the night in the famous ocean liner the next time you’re in Dubai.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 was modeled after the original Cunard liner RMS Queen Elizabeth and built for transatlantic travel between her home port of Southampton, UK, and New York, USA. She was the line’s flagship from 1969 until 2004 when Queen Mary 2 took her place.

The Queen Elizabeth 2 was created in the Liverpool and Southampton offices of Cunard and constructed in Clydebank, Scotland. She was thought to be the final transatlantic ocean liner until Cunard Line launched “Project Genesis” in 1995, following Micky Arison’s acquisition of Cunard as the chairman of Carnival and Carnival UK. In order to breathe new life into the ocean liner tale, Project Genesis was launched. In 1998, Cunard revealed the name: Queen Mary 2.

Displacement: 49,738

top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

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Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is the world’s only remaining ocean liner; it is not a cruise ship. She gives the opportunity to revisit the enchanted era of the ocean liners sailing over the Atlantic. When the Queen Elizabeth 2 decommissioned in 2008, she has been the world’s last ocean liner. She currently serves as the Cunard Line’s flagship. She is enormous, measuring 1,132 feet (345 meters) long and weighing 148,528 gross tons.

A stunning flagship, Queen Mary 2 is renowned for her grace and style. Most of all, she stands out for the room she provides and the freedom to do as little or as much as you like. Greetings from a true icon. This flagship is a truly remarkable liner, and the space she provides will give you a wonderful sense of freedom.

You can find it whether you’re looking for total relaxation or something more strenuous. Enjoy exciting entertainment, treat yourself at the onboard spa, or just unwind with a book from her sizable library. The magnificent staterooms and suites feature exquisite craftsmanship, and enjoying the various opulent restaurants and bars on board is always a pleasure.

Tonnage: 148,528 Gross Tons

Length: 1,132 feet (345 meters) long


top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

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Norwegian Bliss

The largest racetrack at sea is one of the amazing amenities offered by Norwegian Cruise Line’s cutting-edge ships. This cruise ship has a gross tonnage of 168,028 tons and a length of 1,094 feet, making it capable of carrying over 4,000 passengers. Enjoy a variety of onboard activities and entertainment, including as a go-kart track that runs through the center of the ship. Adrenaline junkies must try this, for sure!

The Norwegian Bliss offers easy access to the ship’s bowling alley, escape room, brewery where guests may sample beers from various destinations along the journey, and other amenities that are typically hidden decks on other cruise lines.

Imagine the thrill of experiencing Alaska’s wilderness. Picture yourself unwinding once you locate your own piece of paradise in the Caribbean. Think about bliss. You will get that sensation when traveling on Norwegian Bliss. The innovative Observation Lounge on Norwegian Bliss, which was specially designed for the spectacular, allows you to take in every breathtaking scene, from bald eagles soaring above glaciers to dolphins frolicking through warm blue waters.

Come on board and enjoy the greatest food, entertainment, and amenities available at sea against a stunning natural setting. One word sums up the experiences you can expect on one of Norwegian’s newest ships, whether you decide to go tropical or a little wild: bliss.

Tonnage: 168,028 Gross Tons

Length: 1,094 feet


top biggest cruise ships
top biggest cruise ships

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Costa Smeralda

Although the Costa Smeralda has only been available since November 2019, it is already a top-tier cruise ship globally. With a registered tonnage of 180,000 tons, the new ship was built by Fincantieri in collaboration with Costa Cruises and has a maximum passenger capacity of 6,600. A 1.3-mile waterslide that starts in the ship’s hull and ends on the upper deck, a go-kart track, a rock-climbing wall, and virtual reality activities are all available to passengers onboard.

The Italian dolce vita is what the Costa Smeralda is known for: it is being carefree, it is the breeze ruffling your hair, and it is always staring out at the sea. You’ll be treated to brand-new performances and shows every night, an aqua park on the ship’s top deck, a cutting-edge spa and fitness center, and much more. The Costa Smeralda promotes environmentally conscious innovation and increasingly eco-friendly cruise tourism.

Tonnage: 180,000 Gross Tons

Passengers: 6,600


top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

MSC Grandiosa

The MSC Grandiosa, a further newcomer and one of the most cutting-edge cruise ships on the market, was unveiled in 2019. A driveable carousel, an infinity pool, and two surfing simulators are all firsts for an MSC ship in the fleet.

It has a length of 1,092 feet and a gross tonnage of 181,000. The MSC Grandiosa, which can accommodate 6,300 passengers and has bedrooms and cabins, is a favorite among families and couples who wish to enjoy all the greatest amenities on one opulent ship. There are many complimentary amenities on cruise ships for passengers, including pools, exercise centers, sports courts, and more.

The MSC Grandiosa features a variety of interesting technologies and even more public space than her sister ships. These ships are perfect for the entire family thanks to their exceptional design, extensive amenities, and entertainment options. A stunning internal promenade surrounded by an eye-catching LED dome is the centerpiece of MSC Grandiosa. It has fantastic shopping options, a huge, incredibly welcoming French bistro, and more fun places to welcome all of their visitors.

Tonnage: 181,000 Gross Tons

Length: 1,092 feet


top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

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Since its establishment in the early 1960s, AIDA has led the way in the cruise ship industry, and AIDA Nova is the newest member of its German fleet. This ship, which is 6,654 people long and has a registered tonnage of 183,858 tons, has been favorably received by tourists when it was first introduced.

The AIDA Nova’s “signature pools” provide a variety of experiences, from calm leisure spaces to an artificial beach and even a pool whose design incorporates actual sea animals! All cruise ship visitors are expected to adhere to a few restrictions, and AIDA Nova offers particular rules for each of the onboard pools.

AIDAnova was making trips throughout the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean as of September 2019. It began sailing in Northern Europe in 2022, and every cruise calls at the Norwegian port of Nordfjordeid.

Tonnage: 183,858 Gross Tons

Passengers: 6,654


top biggest cruise ships

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top biggest cruise ships

P&O Iona

The largest cruise line in Britain is P&O Cruises. We have been a part of Carnival Corporation & PLC for 20 years. Across the world, our incredible crew is honored to welcome passengers on board for vacations of a lifetime.

Several recreational areas, such as a sauna, gym, rock-climbing facility, and even an indoor surfing simulator, are enjoyable for both children and adults. Enjoy the outdoors but detest crowds? Moreover, the P&O Iona has a nature area on board where passengers can take a walk or just relax.

For more than 20 years, P&O Cruises has been a member of Carnival Corporation & PLC. Almost 700 ports are visited by the combined fleet of more than 100 ships. Additionally, the family is constantly expanding, with 16 brand-new ships expected to be delivered to Carnival Corporation’s brands by 2025. Every year, about 13 million passengers travel onboard Carnival brands, accounting for around 50% of the global cruise market and more than 35,600 passengers every day. Hence, you are among friends.

Passengers: 5200

Length: 344m


top biggest cruise ships


top biggest cruise ships

Oasis Of The Seas

When it initially made its appearance in 2009, this Royal Caribbean cruise ship was the biggest in the world. It is still a favorite among passengers. Oasis is similar to her sister ship, Allure of the Seas, in that it is 1,187 feet long, has a registered tonnage of 225,282 tons, and can accommodate 6,780 passengers in addition to 2,100 crew members. The ship offers a variety of eating options, water slides, and Broadway plays in addition to an Apple computer store where visitors may try out the newest gadgets.

In addition to being the first of its kind, Oasis of the Seas® was the vessel that started a revolution in travel. And now, this perennial favorite of the Oasis Class will provide even more brand-new delights for families with children of all ages, improved ways to enjoy the sun or the shade, more delectable eating options than ever to boost date night, and buzzworthy new sites to light up every evening.

Tonnage: 225,282 Gross Tons

Length: 1,187 feet


top biggest cruise ships
top biggest cruise ships