Top Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try

1. Red Rooster Overtown, 2. World Famous House of Mac, 3. La Traila Barbecue, 4. Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen, 5. Manjay Restaurant, 6. Lil Greenhouse Grill, 7. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, 8. Jackson Soul Food, 9. Rosie's, 10. KC Healthy Kitchen, 11. Sunday's Eatery. What do you think about enjoying delicious and attractive food from black-owned restaurants? Toplist has compiled a list of top Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try. The restaurants on this list also happen to be some of Miami's greatest restaurants, so eating at them won't simply make you feel good about doing the right thing. They include some of the top sit-down restaurants in the city as well as tried-and-true Overtown soul food joints and Caribbean imports in the heart of South Beach. Eating properly and doing something to help and support a neighborhood business? That does really sound like a good concept.

  1. Red Rooster Overtown
  2. World Famous House of Mac
  3. La Traila Barbecue
  4. Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen
  5. Manjay Restaurant
  6. Lil Greenhouse Grill
  7. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant
  8. Jackson Soul Food
  9. Rosie’s
  10. KC Healthy Kitchen
  11. Sunday’s Eatery

Red Rooster Overtown

Due in large part to the thriving Haitian community in the city, Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s first Miami restaurant – Red Rooster Overtown – follows the southern-style traditions of its Harlem flagship while adding more Caribbean flair. For customers, that means a menu bursting with South Florida seafood, light and colorful local vegetables, and a number of Haitian specialties like griot (stewed pork bits) and accra (fritters). These dishes are served alongside traditional southern fare like honey yardbird and a Picadilly crab pasta that is simply too good to pass up. Be sure to start with the curry buttered cornbread before continuing on to meals with influences as wide as the Deep South, Italy, and West Africa. The menu is constantly changing and focuses on whatever is current.

This is one of Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try. The restaurant’s owners, Grove Bay Hospitality, are also evaluating Overtown’s rich history and utilizing it to guide Red Rooster’s cultural programs. The restaurant’s upstairs room, once Clyde Killen’s Pool Hall, will soon serve as an exhibition space and performance hall. The Michelin restaurant rating guide, which is the most well-known in the world, gave Red Rooster the Bib Gourmand designation in 2022. The Bib Gourmand highlights eateries that offer superb cuisine at an affordable price.

Address: 920 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33136, United States

Phone: +1 305-640-9880

Rating: 4.3/5.0, 980 Google reviews

Opening hours: Mon–Thu 5–11pm; Fri 5pm–midnight; Sat 11am–4pm, 5pm–midnight; Sun 11am–4pm, 5–11pm


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

World Famous House of Mac

Located in Miami, Florida, the World Famous House of Mac is renowned for putting a fresh spin on classic dishes. Chef Teach, the restaurant’s owner, is renowned for whipping up delectable dishes like his famous World Famous Mac & Cheese, jerk salmon pasta, and fried chicken & waffles! The Today Show, Rachael Ray, Fox Business News, Forbes, Inside Edition, Billboard, and The Cooking Channel have all used World Famous House of Mac as a source of information.

Something gooey and cheesy is often all that’s required to brighten a day, and as you would infer from the name, that’s exactly what’s on the menu here. Derrick “Chef Teach” Turton, a former manager of Pitbull, transformed this food truck concept into a restaurant in Wynwood by adding lump crab and pizza toppings to his mac and then putting balls of it into a fryer, a crispy and golden remedy for a bad day. The former manager of Pitbull has mastered his second act with a menu of inventive takes on the classic, mixing regional American cuisines like lump crab, Buffalo, and Philly cheese into his ooey, cheesy offerings. If the primary attraction isn’t your cup of tea, you can also find fried chicken, pasta, and pizza.

Address: 2055 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Phone: +1 786-636-6967

Rating: 4.3/5.0, 2,402 Google reviews

Opening hours: 11AM – 11PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try
top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

La Traila Barbecue

Wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie of the Buffalo Bills is primarily recognized for his crucial catches and quick kickoff returns. However, in Miami Lakes, he is more known for the Texas-style brisket that he has popularized through this partnership with Austin pitmaster Mel Rodriguez. There’s probably going to be a queue out the door at this Miami Lakes establishment. However, the Texas-style brisket that is prepared to order and served piled high on a bun with a side of cheese-topped corn is undoubtedly worth the wait.

Miami-born McKenzie’s La Traila’s food truck became a cult favorite because to her regular appearances at Unbranded and other breweries. The Brisket Sundae, which consists of layers of mac & cheese topped with layers of beans, creamed corn, and smoked brisket, has earned just as much popularity in the physical and mortar restaurant. Why not adore it?

At La Traila Barbecue, a flawlessly smoked piece of meat is served with love and passion. The chef at La Traila barbecue views barbecue as a way of life. They believe it’s equally vital to provide their guests a chance to connect with family or friends and leave them with wonderful memories, making their style and exotic flavors really one-of-a-kind. The chef takes care in using only the best ingredients, from the firewood to the meat, and only dealing with businesses and farmers that are committed to doing the right thing. This is one of Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try.

Address: 8030 NW 154th St, Miami Lakes, FL 33016, United States

Phone: +1 754-219-7396

Rating: 4.5/5.0, 197 Google reviews

Opening hours: 12AM – 9PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen

Why “Dukunoo,” many have questioned? Why does that matter? The history of the West African diaspora is deeply ingrained in this word, which may seem weird to some. Dukunoo’s literal translation is “sweet stuff.” Your understanding of this lovely standard may alter slightly depending on where your family is from or how you pronounce it. However, its main components are always the same. This delicious dish will always be steamed in a leaf with a starchy pudding-like consistency.

A vibrant Caribbean cultural experience, fresh, original Jamaican food, hand-crafted tropical cocktails, and an eclectic, full-service atmosphere are all features of Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen. Authentic island eateries are typically hidden away in drab strip malls in South Florida, but Dukunoo sits right in the center of busy Wynwood.

A restaurant requires a few things to succeed in Wynwood: art, inventive cocktails, an outside party area, and a fantastic brunch. All of them are performed by Dunkunoo with a Caribbean flair, and the restaurant’s walls are covered with artwork by Black artists and drinks with exotic flavors. The outside area is spacious enough for live music performances and airy enough for a leisurely weekend brunch on an island. However, Dukunoo wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t also offer top-notch Jamaican cuisine, such the Jerk Burger, Hungry Man Curry, and Lemongrass Shrimp.

Address: 316 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127, United States

Phone: +1 786-334-5150

Rating: 4.0/5.0, 1,096 Google reviews

Opening hours: 12PM – 2AM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

Manjay Restaurant

Manjay offers a wide selection of delectable, eye-catching, and premium dishes with Caribbean roots. This restaurant makes care to serve its patrons cuisine that is prepared quickly and with high-quality ingredients at a fair price. Manjay began as a surprise success in the Citadel food court, where its jerk chicken bits, roti, and Hatitan-style ratatouille attracted as much attention as the stall’s eye-catching design. Building on the popularity of its pan-Caribbean menu, Manjay built a larger, more permanent location in Wynwood, reaching a wider audience with its blend of island-inspired dishes. This is one of Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try.

Manjay serves up meals that modernize traditional favorites from across the Caribbean, like Haitian slow-braised pig, panko-fried Jamaican jerk, and an incredible “neo Cubano” with prosciutto. It has outlets in the Citadel food hall and on the outskirts of Wynwood. If you have a hankering for West Indian or Haitian food, there is something on the menu for you at this peculiar restaurant that manages to execute all of the different cuisines well.

Address: 8300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138, United States
Phone: (786)-542-0990
Rating: 4.4/5.0, 45 Google reviews
Opening hours: 12AM – 10PM

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

Lil Greenhouse Grill

Lil Greenhouse provides Overtown with a comfortable medium ground that has impressed even celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. It is not quite as upscale as Red Rooster, but it is also not quite as low-key as Jackson. The secret is a winning blend of delectable cuisine and friendly service provided by Nicole Gates, the restaurant’s owner, and chef Karim Bryant. The seafood cakes are a unique invention—a seasoned combination of aquatic proteins that rivals haute cuisine. The grilled shrimp and barbecue wings have a flavor that reminds you of something that just came off your neighbor’s backyard grill; this flavor may originate in the kitchen, but it could also be attributed to how at-home Gates makes you feel.

A quaint Overtown eatery – Lil Greenhouse Griil – founded by Nicole Gates and Kariym Bryant quickly became a favorite among locals thanks in part to its laid-back atmosphere and comfort food staples like biscuits and gravy and banana pudding with vanilla wafers. You can trust it because Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King visited the locally owned eatery in 2020.

Address: 1300 NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33136, United States

Phone: (786)-277-3582

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 686 Google reviews

Opening hours: TUE, WED, THUR, FRI, SAT 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM; SUN 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try
top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

On August 17, 2017, Awash Ethiopian Restaurant debuted in the Miami Gardens area. Fouad Wassel and his wife Eka Wassel created the eatery. This is one of Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try. The sole Ethiopian restaurant in Miami offers a taste of the well-seasoned cuisine of the nation, with meat and veggie platters as large as the minimally decorated tables. Injera, a spongey bread made of tef grain, is used to scoop up the stews instead of using utensils, and the delectable little piles are served on top of it for those who are unfamiliar.

The setting of the restaurant is akin to a traditional Ethiopian “Gojo bait” (country style dwelling). The inside includes a focal point that Fouad himself developed and is typical of gojo homes. Since they started working on this idea 15 years ago, Fouad and Eka have created a warm atmosphere with a shop selling rare Ethiopian spices, coffee, and tea, as well as a decorative bar serving imported Ethiopian beer and wine, Ethiopian art, traditional music, and a coffee ceremony that takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Awash is a river that may be found in Ethiopia, hence the name. The river is significant to the nation since it flows entirely within Ethiopia’s boundaries, serving as a supply of water for the Ethiopian people.

Address: 19934 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33169, United States

Phone: +1 305-770-5100

Rating: 4.6/5.0, 827 Google reviews

Opening hours: 12AM – 9:30PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try
top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

Jackson Soul Food

Jackson Soul Food, the Overtown institution that has been drawing audiences since long before Marcus Samuelsson arrived in town, must be mentioned in any discussion about Black-owned eateries in Miami. Jackson is still a straightforward neighborhood restaurant where you can stroll in and eat some of the best fried catfish, fried conch, and ribs in the city, despite moving into more modern digs. A unique cross-section of lifelong residents of Overtown and lunching downtown businesspeople makes up the population, especially during lunch. And Jackson has remained consistent despite how quickly the area surrounding it is changing.

With a second location on South Beach, where you can also enjoy hearty breakfast plates of eggs and grits and griddled potatoes for days, this Overtown institution is still serving up the large platters of soul food that have made it a favorite since 1946. Jackson Soul Food has a restaurant in Opa-locka in addition to Overtown, and both serve up classic dishes including fried catfish, smothered wings, oxtail, meatloaf, and ribs. With sides like candied yams, fried okra, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese, Jacksons lives up to the reputation of being a true soul-food establishment.

Address: 950 NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33136, United States

Phone: +1 305-374-7661

Rating: 4.1/5.0, 1,290 Google reviews

Opening hours: 6AM – 2PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try


This is one of Black-owned Restaurants In Miami You Need To Try. Rosie’s is a concept for an all-day southern breakfast that emphasizes Italian nuances and loving execution. Chef Akino West, who is based in Little River, gives the area a fresh flavor. Jamila and Akino West’s Copper Door B&B in Miami, Florida gave birth to Rosie’s Pop-Up, which was so well-liked by tourists that locals began asking for it. A really oasis-like eating environment, an innovative new beverage program, and an expansion of the cuisine that devoted Rosie’s fans know and love distinguish this new iteration of the restaurant.

What began as an enhanced breakfast feature at the Copper Door B&B quickly exceeded its cramped patio space and took off as a Miami brunch phenomenon. After a lengthy closure, Akino and Jamila West’s masterpiece returned to its previous spot just to the north and is presently serving up unrivaled fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and other upscale staples close to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Of course, only if you can get a seat.

Address: 7127 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33150, United States

Phone: +1 305-631-2496

Rating: 4.7/5.0, 119 Google reviews

Opening hours: 9AM – 3PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

KC Healthy Kitchen

There are undoubtedly plenty of healthy dining options in Miami. So it was only a matter of time before someone added an island spin to the kale and quinoa idea, and that is exactly what you’ll discover at Jerry Dominique’s KC Healthy Cooking. The most well-known restaurant in North Miami is KC Healthy Cooking. Try them out, and you’ll see why very quickly. It’s a spicy, wonderful option for those who are concerned about what they put in their bodies, and it’s a pleasantly Caribbean twist on nutritious foods that is utterly unequaled in Miami. Visit a neighborhood independent pizzeria to sample the best pizza North Miami has to offer.

Not just pizza, either. Independent pizzerias in North Miami serve a variety of side dishes, including sandwiches, pasta, and other foods. Try something different and broaden your gastronomic horizons. Eat at this reputable restaurant’s Pancakes Breakfast for a distinctive taste of the area. You’ll quickly see why it’s so well-liked here.

Since 2013, KC Healthy Cooking has been a partner of Slice. Since they have been offering services to the neighborhood for some time, you can count on them to deliver excellent pizza. Pizza may be picked up curbside at KC Healthy Cooking. Picking up food is now simpler than ever. On occasion, KC Healthy Cooking will run specials that will lower the cost of your meal. With a few alluring special deals, you can save some money.

Address: 738 NE 125th St, North Miami, FL 33161, United States

Phone: +1 786-502-4193

Rating: 227 Google reviews

Opening hours: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try
top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

Sunday’s Eatery

Trick seems to enjoy a delicious fried pork rib in addition to adoring children. Or at least that is what one would conclude after trying the food at Trick Daddy’s soul food restaurant Sunday’s. Nobody in Northwest Dade does fried catfish, fried wings, or pretty much anything else that has been dredged and deep-fried better than Sunday’s, despite the fact that it is owned by a celebrity. The whole baked chicken makes for a tasty family feast that will last you a few days and perhaps even challenge Publix for first place.

This eatery serves mac & cheese, baked turkey, and perfectly grilled BBQ ribs. Nice muffins, banana pudding, and cupcakes all taste good. You can choose from enticing lemonade, juice, or tea.

For the convenience of its clients, Sunday’s Eatery offers food delivery. The welcoming personnel here exhibits a high standard of hospitality. For your dinner, you’ll pay fair prices. Google has given this location a grade of 4.4.

Address: 2675 NW 207th St, Miami Gardens, FL 33056, United States

Phone: +1 305-621-9600

Rating: 4.4/5.0, 2,492 Google reviews

Opening hours: 11AM – 7PM


top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try

top black-owned restaurants in miami you need to try