Top Boats Websites

1. The Hull Truth, 2. Boatsetter, 3. Practical Boat Owner, 4. Boat Galley. If you are passionate about water activities and want to experience life on boats, then the boat websites are for you. They help you find the necessary items and some great tips for boats.

  1. The Hull Truth
  2. Boatsetter
  3. Practical Boat Owner
  4. Boat Galley

The Hull Truth

If you want to buy a used boat, let’s visit The Hull Truth. In 2018, more than 970,000 used ones were sold. The first thing you should do when you visit the site is figuring out what you want to achieve while sailing. That can help you stay on track and narrow down your options. Some people like to cruise around at a leisurely pace. You may enjoy fishing, swimming, entertaining and partying on the water. Others may choose to water ski or windsurf. You will certainly find what geared towards specific uses and others intended for general use here. Besides the cost of tools and equipment, there are other costs, such as insurance, maintenance repair, and fuel. Owning a boat costs much money, so consider the extra cost to be able to buy them.

This is one of the best boat websites. The Hull Truth has a lot of information and including guide how to work/live with loved ones on a cruise ship. The amount of information contained on the site is astounding and it makes you want to go on another journey and experiment with more trading tricks. If you are new to sailing or want to learn tricks to make sailing easier, you should check out this site. If you are looking for used boating-related items, this site will probably help you get more than you paid for. Sellers can provide extra PFDs, water skis, throw pads, or other things if they will not need anymore or want to upgrade.


top boats websites

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The site offers a great step-by-step experience, from the very user-friendly app for booking to the quick response it’s all great. Since their founding in 2012, they have made boating affordable and accessible for first-time paddlers simply by providing an easy way to connect qualified renters, boat owners and licensed captains.

As a result, they have become the leading boat rental community in the world with over 50,000 boats in over 700 locations worldwide. At Boatsetter, they offer the largest and most diverse fleet of peer-to-peer charter vessels throughout the United States and abroad. Pioneering the global sharing economy, the site’s ever-growing online marketplace and booking service connects existing boat owners with potential charterers.

Boatsetter’s goal is to provide easy access to sailing for everyone, everywhere, while allowing boat owners to earn money to offset the cost of owning a boat. Boatsetter empowers true entrepreneurship on the water. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with GEICO and BoatUS, they are the only insured peer-to-peer boat-sharing marketplace in the United States. That means all boat owners participating on the Boatsetter platform can safely rent out their boats and have the peace of mind that both owners and renters are covered by their policies.


top boats websites

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Practical Boat Owner

The Practical Boat Owner (PBO) online website combines an extensive, easy-to-navigate, searchable database of boats for sale, marine products and services with editorial excellence. It is useful and helpful resource for boat owners, both power and sails. It helps them get the most out of their chosen leisure activity.

As the brand’s leading in boat websites list, it offers a unique combination of helpful advice and in-depth information for any yacht, vessel or sailboat audience. You’ll find clear step-by-step instructions on every seasonal practice rowing job, along with judgments on the latest boat. One of the ways PBOs make money keeping their content free is through an affiliate program. In reviews, product aggregations, and deals, the editorial team often includes a ‘Buy Now” link, or a link that will be automatically displayed to retail partners. If the reader clicks the link and buys the product, the PBO earns a small fee. This does not affect how much you have to pay your friend to commission for the web.

You will find the best deals on products from reputable retailers. Founded over 50 years ago, PBO’s mission is informing readers about the best way to maintain and use their boats. Every practical advice from buying a boat to modifying, repairing, restoring or retrofitting the latest electronics, Practical Boat Owner has it all covered. There is also a comprehensive listing section featuring the latest used boats and equipment for sale as well as other marine services.


top boats websites

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Boat Galley

The Boat Galley is the resource you need to learn what life on a yacht is like and to get ready to live on board, away from the familiar and a bit monotonous out there. Good record keeping is important for cruisers, as are helpful references. Their organizing tools created by cruisers for ships have packed with features that make your life on board easier and more organized. They will warn you about hurricanes, fires, unwanted insects, dealing with erratic hot and cold weather, travel stress, etc so you can prepare your best gear and spirit.

They will share all the details with you. When you spend your hard-earned money on a boat and then spend more on everything that goes on there, you want products that do what you need, will last in the marine environment and help life on your boat better. Their buying guide and recommended products help you buy the right boat and everything for it, no matter your budget or style of travel. The revolutionary cruise guide is designed to let you find the right information quickly. No more turning pages of text to find fuel, water, laundry, protected anchorage or transportation, all on one website. Learn the skills you need to make a successful transition to life on board. They offer full-depth courses—all self-edited and paced by cruisers. The Boat Galley explores the board and yachting lifestyle and you can stop by to decide if life on board is for you.


top boats websites

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