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Top Celebrities Who Invented Their Own Techniques

1. Tony Iommi is Widely Credited with Inventing Heavy Metal Music, 2. The Queen Accidentally Invented a New Dog Breed, 3. Zareefa Jan, an Illiterate Poet, Invented Her Own Alphabet to Write Poetry, 4. Diamond Dallas Page Invented His Own Yoga, 5. Stanley Unwin Invented His Own Language, 6. Terrence Howard Invented Suspect Math, 7. Jimi Hendrix Invented His Own Timing, 8. Hank Williams III Invented a Musical Subgenre, 9. Nic Cage Invented an Acting Style, 10. Chuck Norris Has His Own Fighting Style. People often have two possibilities when learning how to do something in life. Either you research existing approaches—which is what the majority of us do—or you devise your own approach. Everything we could learn or do at some point was novel. Maybe it's not so strange to suppose that even a few celebrities have developed their own methods and ways of doing things in the world since someone had to be the original.

  1. Tony Iommi is Widely Credited with Inventing Heavy Metal Music
  2. The Queen Accidentally Invented a New Dog Breed
  3. Zareefa Jan, an Illiterate Poet, Invented Her Own Alphabet to Write Poetry
  4. Diamond Dallas Page Invented His Own Yoga
  5. Stanley Unwin Invented His Own Language
  6. Terrence Howard Invented Suspect Math
  7. Jimi Hendrix Invented His Own Timing
  8. Hank Williams III Invented a Musical Subgenre
  9. Nic Cage Invented an Acting Style
  10. Chuck Norris Has His Own Fighting Style

Tony Iommi is Widely Credited with Inventing Heavy Metal Music

It is challenging to develop a new musical genre, as we have stated. However, that is the present, and every genre had to begin somewhere. For instance, after losing his fingertips, renowned guitarist Tony Iommi began playing heavy metal. Iommi lost the tips of two of his fingers when a machine crushed them in 1965 when he was working in a factory.

He had just begun to take music seriously and was concerned that the tragedy would damage his career. So, using his own hands, he started adjusting his technique for playing the guitar to see what he might achieve. He would later contribute that sound to the group Black Sabbath and create the heavy metal subgenre as a result.

Iommi lost the tips of his right middle and ring fingers in an accident on his last day of employment in a sheet metal plant as a youngster, which had a significant effect on his playing technique. In 1968, he briefly left Black Sabbath (then known as Earth) to join Jethro Tull, but he did not release any music with them. In 1969, he rejoined Black Sabbath. Iommi, his debut solo album, was released in 2000. Fused, featuring Glenn Hughes, his former bandmate, was released in 2005. He founded Heaven & Hell after releasing Fused, but the band split up in 2010 after Ronnie James Dio passed away.

Born: 19 February 1948 (age 74)

Years active: 1964–present

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

The Queen Accidentally Invented a New Dog Breed

The Royal Family doesn’t frequently make the news these days for good reasons. The Queen may only need to get back to the fundamentals, like commemorating jubilees or unintentionally creating new dog breeds. People adore stories of that nature. If the internet is any indication, people adore corgis. The Queen is renowned for her small army of corgi dogs. The fact that not all of the Queen’s corgis are true corgis, however, is less widely known. Some of the dogs the Queen has owned throughout the years have been of the slightly less regal dorgi breed, which she is credited with creating.

The Queen certainly hasn’t ever heard the word “wiener dog,” but Pipkin was a dachshund, also known as a wiener dog. One day Pipkin met one of the Queen’s corgis, and as nature would have it, the two gave birth to a litter of chubby, adorable puppies. So they continued to breed them. Although they have gained popularity over time, the American Kennel Club claims that they are not an officially recognized breed because they only recognize purebreds.

Born: 21 April 1926

Died: 8 September 2022

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Zareefa Jan, an Illiterate Poet, Invented Her Own Alphabet to Write Poetry

There aren’t many more inspiring tales than Zareefa Jan’s, in my opinion. Jan, who is currently in her late 60s and resides in India, never learned to read or write. She still had the heart of a poet despite that, though. What then does a poet who is unable to compose poetry do? She nonetheless composed them.

Jan developed her own writing system since she was unable to express herself on paper in either her mother tongue or any other language. When Jan went to get some water shortly after being married, she claims she was simply overpowered and found herself in a trance-like state. This is when she realized she needed to write poetry. She awoke and brought him a poem to read.

A language of circles was what she produced. Her poems came to her in Kashmiri, a little-spoken language that no one else in the family spoke, even though her children had learnt to read and write. They also spoke English and Urdu. As a result, she started creating her own symbols to record her ideas. Although to others they may just appear to be repetitive circles, Jan claims to be able to understand them because she has practically invented her own alphabet. She has been accused of lying and the circles’ validity has been questioned. Simply by recalling the poetry, she can repeat them. However, her family and other members of the neighborhood think she

Born: 1966

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Diamond Dallas Page Invented His Own Yoga

Many professional wrestlers’ post-wrestling lives can be as unexpected as their on-screen personas. While others, like Jesse Ventura and Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, went into politics, stars like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Dave Bautista became well-known in Hollywood. Diamond Dallas Page, too? He created a unique form of yoga.

It’s appropriate that Page’s yoga is referred to as DDP Yoga, sometimes known as DDP. DDP Yoga is a type of “intense” yoga that focuses on developing strength and burning calories while improving flexibility, and is endorsed by people like musician/horror director Rob Zombie. Yoga is therefore intense. Traditional yoga poses, sports rehab therapy, and calisthenics are all available as exercises that are gentle on the joints. With over 300 workouts, the program has received numerous favorable reviews.

Following the sale of WCW in 2001, Page joined with the WWF, where he made his pay-per-view debut in the main event of the Invasion show in July. Page later went on to win the WWF European Championship and the WWF World Tag Team Championship once each. He permitted his employment agreement with the corporation to lapse in 2002 as a result of numerous injuries. In the main event of Destination X 2005, he competed for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship while working for TNA from 2004 to 2005. Eric Bischoff gave him his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 31, 2017.

Born: April 5, 1956

Years active : 1988 – present

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Stanley Unwin Invented His Own Language

Although Stanley Unwin may not be well known to modern audiences, the British comedian was adored for many years until passing away in 2002. One of the things that made him so unique was his ability to communicate rapidly, clearly, and incomprehensibly swiftly.

Ivan Oswald Unwin (1880–1914) and Jessie Elizabeth (née Brand; 1883–1968), Unwin’s parents, immigrated to the Union of South Africa in the early 1900s from England. In 1911, their son was born in Pretoria. Due to the family’s financial hardship when his father passed away in 1914, Unwin’s mother arranged for them to move back to England. She was a cook at the police station on Bow Road. Unwin was transferred to Congleton, Cheshire’s National Children’s Home in 1919. He attended Regent Street Polytechnic in London in the late 1920s to study radio, television, and languages.

He created “Unwinese,” a comedic tongue that was referred to as “gobbledygook” in the 1961 movie Carry On Regardless. The term “wasp-waist and swivel-hippie” was used to describe Elvis Presley and his contemporaries in unwinese, a distorted form of English in which numerous words were transformed in playful and hilarious ways. Unwin stated that his mother served as the source of inspiration, telling him once that she had “falolloped (fell over)” and “grazed her kneeclabbers” on the way home.

Born: 7 June 1911

Died: 12 January 2002

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

John Leeming channel on Youtube

Terrence Howard Invented Suspect Math

Terrence Howard played James Rhodes, the future War Machine, in Iron Man back when the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was just getting established. Don Cheadle took over for Howard after that first film. How about Howard, though? Howard said Robert Downey Jr. forced him out of the company by accepting a compensation increase at Howard’s expense. Who knows for sure, but there were rumors that Howard demanded the same salary as Downey Jr. at the time. Particularly considering the fact that Terrence Howard devised his own arithmetic, which is quite dubious.

Howard disagrees with the idea that one plus one equals one, as he said in an interview. He believes that to be absurd and that it must equal two. “One times one equals two since the square root of four is two, so what is the square root of two?” is the reasoning behind this. It should only be one, but we’re informed it’s two, which is impossible.

Even though the square root of two isn’t two, it doesn’t really matter. Because of a clear and fundamental misunderstanding of what the term “times” implies, the man appears to be joking, but he is actually very serious about the fact that he does not think one time one equals one. It has to be two. To go along with this, he created his own symbolic language known as Terryology. He sincerely hopes that one day soon, we will cease teaching kids the absurd idea that one plus one equals one.

Born: March 11, 1969

Years active: 1992 – present

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Jimi Hendrix Invented His Own Timing

Speaking of musicians, long after his passing, Jimi Hendrix continues to establish himself as a musical pioneer. In this instance, it has to do with his use of timing. Keeping the beat is how most of us who even have a basic understanding of music define time. It enables synchronization of the music’s performance. Many people learn to play the piano and guitar by using a metronome to keep their timing under control. It is one of the simplest tools for understanding timing.

When you listen to Jimi Hendrix, all of it is thrown out the window. Hendrix was able to create an exceptionally laid-back playing style that may leap up and down in terms of timing, pace, and rhythm, even though not every song would rigidly follow a properly regulated beat.

A music teacher would criticize Hendrix’s playing as lacking precision and deviating excessively from set timing. But does Hendrix ever hear someone say that? He is regarded as one of history’s greatest guitarists. Hendrix alters the beat to make it more natural. In other words, it was imperfection that made it so great, and because it isn’t so rigid, it might actually sound better to our ears.

Born; November 27, 1942

Died: September 18, 1970

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Hank Williams III Invented a Musical Subgenre

Nowadays, creating new musical genres isn’t the easiest task in the world. Even though most music will eventually fall into a subgenre, it can still be distinctive. Consider the musical subgenre known as “cattle core,” which is credited to Hank Williams III, the famous Hank Williams’ grandson.

African-American blues guitarist Rufus Payne taught the guitar to Williams, who was born and reared in Alabama, in exchange for food or cash. Williams’ subsequent musical approach was greatly influenced by Payne, Roy Acuff, and Ernest Tubb. When producers at the neighborhood radio station WSFA in Montgomery hired Williams to sing and host a 15-minute program, Williams’ musical career officially got underway. He quit school to focus on his profession and started the Drifting Cowboys support band, which his mother managed. He had issues with the replacements after several of his bandmates were conscripted during World War II, and WSFA cancelled his contract due to his drunkenness.

Williams claims that the result of combining three extremely unrelated genres in one spot is cattle core. It begins with country music, which makes sense for a person named Hank Williams, and then incorporates heavy metal. Unusual but not unprecedented, that combination is undeniably. But cattle auctioneering is the cherry on top. Hank Williams III’s 3 Bar Ranch and songs that are unquestionably an acquired taste result from combining the three.

Born: September 17, 1923

Died: January 1, 1953

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Nic Cage Invented an Acting Style

Nic Cage is one of the most dynamic actors you’ll ever see in a movie. Few have matched his nearly mythological presence off-screen either. He transitioned from Oscar winner to meme to cult icon, leaving behind a frantic collection of captivating, perplexing, and unforgettable movies. Even if you don’t like him, you have to acknowledge that Hollywood doesn’t have many other actors like him.

The way Nicolas Cage approaches his work is a big part of what makes him so elusive. How many performers actually have a distinct acting style? Cage refers to his acting style as “Nouveau Shamanic.” Simply don’t enquire as to what that means.

According to Cage, he once read a book titled “The Way of the Actor,” which made him realize that early shamans and medicine men were essentially actors. He has also defined it as a means of enhancing creativity to create performances that don’t come off as false. In other words, he approaches his performance as if he were trying to force the untruth of his portrayal into the reality. almost by making himself believe it, to make you believe it.

Born: January 7, 1964

Years active: 1981–present

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

Chuck Norris Has His Own Fighting Style

If you enjoy martial arts, you can choose from a variety of styles and techniques. We are all familiar with karate thanks to movies from the 1980s, but that is only the beginning. There are hundreds more, including tae kwon do, judo, krav maga, muay thai, aikido, and kung fu. While Shaolin monks started creating their kung fu fighting method over a thousand years ago, Aikido dates back to the 1920s. The custom is therefore ancient but never stops changing. So much so that even Chuck Norris, a well-known actor and early internet meme, created his own martial arts style.

The Chuck Norris System, as Norris called his adaptation of tae kwon do, is also known as Chun Kuk Do. In addition to Tang Soo Do, Jiu-Jitsu, and karate, it also incorporates conventional tae kwon do. Although Norris had been creating not only the fighting technique but also a philosophy to go with it for many years prior to that, the United Fighting Arts Federation, the official body that teaches the art, was created in 1990.

There is a ranking structure based on different colored belts, same like in other forms. Black belt is the highest rank and is divided into 10 degrees. Only four people, including Chuck Norris, possess a 10th degree black belt. Around the world, the approach is taught at about 100 schools.

Of course, Norris is hardly the only actor to develop his own combat technique. Jackie Chan invented what is described as a drunken fighting style for his Drunken Master movie, whereas Bruce Lee famously created Jeet Kune Do. Even Keanu Reeves has been given credit for inventing a fresh form of Gun-Fu for his John Wick movies. Gun-Fu is a technique borrowed from Hong Kong action flicks that combines conventional combat with gunplay.

Born: March 10, 1940

Years active: 1968–present

top celebrities who invented their own techniques

top celebrities who invented their own techniques