Top Fire Protection System Suppliers In USA

1. Western States Fire Protection Company Inc, 2. Koetter Fire Protection, 3. Amerex Corp., 4. Telgian, 5. USA Fire Protection Inc., 6. Firetrace Intl., 7. Reliable Fire and Security, 8. Russell Phillips & Associates, LLC. Regardless of the type of building, plan a fire protection system to keep people, property, or inventory safe. These systems can be passive or active, depending on whether movement or action is required for function. Passive systems may include components such as fire doors, fire and smoke dampers, firewalls and barriers. Active systems include fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and hydrants. In order to help you source and understand the Fire Protection Systems market, we have compiled a list of top Fire Protection Systems vendors.

  1. Western States Fire Protection Company Inc
  2. Koetter Fire Protection
  3. Amerex Corp.
  4. Telgian
  5. USA Fire Protection Inc.
  6. Firetrace Intl.
  7. Reliable Fire and Security
  8. Russell Phillips & Associates, LLC

Western States Fire Protection Company Inc

The Western States Fire Department (WSFP) is introducing its own security brand to West Mississippi. A division of the APi Group, the company installs waterborne sprinklers and other fire suppression systems primarily in the commercial, residential and industrial markets of the western United States. It designs, installs and service fire protection systems for defense, gaming, hi-tech, institutional, medical, manufacturing and sports facilities.

Specific projects include installing systems at the Colorado Convention Center and Microsoft Data Warehouse in Washington DC. WSFP also manufactures fire sprinklers in its own production facility. The company was founded in 1985. With an annual revenue of about $300 million, WSFP has employed more than 2,500 people.

Year Started: 1967

Address: 7026 S Tucson Way Centennial, CO, 80112-3921 United States

Phone: (303) 792-0022

Revenue: $338.37 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

Koetter Fire Protection

Koetter Fire Protection, L.L.C. is a wholesaler of consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and with affiliated offices in seven other major Texas cities, Koetter Fire Protection is a full-service, specialty fire protection systems contractor in Texas, USA. The company has 165 employees in all offices and has annual revenues of $78 million.

Koetter Fire Protection engages project specific fire risk assessment, value engineering design, and specification services for any size project. Its services cover sales and maintenance of a full line of portable and fixed system fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, engineered fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems, and fire detection and control products and systems.

Year Started: 1962

Address: 10351 Olympic Dr Dallas, TX, 75220-4437 United States

Phone: (214) 358-8944


Employee (all sites): 165

Revenue: $78 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

Amerex Corp.

Since 1971, Amerex Corporation has grown to be the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers for commercial and industrial purposes. The introduction of state-of-the-art gas detection systems, pre-designed automotive fire suppression systems, and commercial food preparation and spray booths has built Amerex a reputation as a leader in fire protection.

The fire fighting industry has come a long way in the past 50 years and most test standards have been revised to meet today’s fire hazards. While other companies have been in the fire fighting industry longer than Amerex, no company has surpassed the quality, service and innovation provided by Amerex Corporation in recent years. With high-quality products, continuous innovation, and outstanding customer support, Amerex Corporation is unmatched in its pioneering efforts to provide the best firefighting services worldwide.

Year Started: 1954

Address:Trussville, AL 35173-0162United States

Phone: (718) 591-9500


Employee (all sites): 139

Revenue: $65 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

top fire protection system suppliers in usa


Telgian Corporation is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and is part of the Construction Equipment Contractor Industry. Telgian Corporation recruits 306 people in all offices and has annual sales of $50million. … Telgian Corporation’s corporate family includes five companies.

Telgian Corporation designs, constructs and installs fire protection and life safety systems. Its products include fire alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers, emergency lighting/exit lighting, fire suppression systems and fire pumps. Markets served include commerce, distribution, warehousing, government, healthcare, education, hospitality, catering and retail.

Year Started: 1991

Address: 10230 S 50TH Pl Ste 100 Phoenix, AZ, 85044-0626 United States

Phone: (480) 753-5444


Employee : 306

Revenue: $74.99 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

USA Fire Protection Inc.

United States Alliance Fire Protection (USAFP), a full service fire protection contracting company, works in all aspects of Commercial, Industrial & Residential Fire Protection. It has the skills and experience to design and install a variety of life safety systems including, fire sprinkler systems, fire detection systems, fire suppression systems, and special hazards suppression systems.

With the motto of saving lives and property through the life safety systems, its can-do Fire Protection team builds systems through ingenuity, trust, and customer value through extraordinary service and safety.

Projects ethical interpersonal relationships inside and outside the company AND implies completeness of its entire process
SAFETY. More than just a reference to its commitment to job site safety, this word also implies the unique sense of team it has built; we want security and well-being for all our employees.

Year Started:1997
Address: Lake Forest, ILUnited States
Phone: (908) 482-0352
Employees: 200
Revenue: $30 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

Firetrace Intl.

Firetrace Usa, LLC is situated in Scottsdale, AZ, United States and is part of the Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing Industry. Firetrace Usa, LLC has 120 total employees across all of its locations and generates $25 million in annual sales (USD) with 257 companies affiliated in the Firetrace Usa, LLC corporate family.

Firetrace International LLC, manufactures fire detection and suppression systems. The Company serves industrial products, facilities, off-road vehicles, and on road vehicles. Firetrace offers direct and indirect fire protection systems. Also, it is a manufacturer of stand-alone, automatic fire suppression systems for critical equipment, electrical/technical systems and various types of enclosures. All systems utilize a Linear Heat and Flame Detector either arranged in a direct system or indirect system which are available in low and high pressure functionality, which is determined by the fire suppression agent selected for a specific application.

Year Started: 2000

Address: 8435 N 90TH St Ste 2 Scottsdale, AZ, 85258-4439 United States

Phone: (480) 607-1218


Employees: 120

Revenue: $20 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

Reliable Fire and Security

Reliable Fire & Security offers high quality fire extinguishers, fire protection products and security systems as an industry-leading systems integrator. Reliable Fire Equipment Company releases a strategic rebranding in the Fire and Security Industries.

Reliable is an absolute source for fire extinguishers and other fire protection products throughout Chicagoland. It provides world-class service with our complete line of products. Reliable Fire & Security provides cutting edge security equipment, security system installation and service to protect your employees and property.

Reliable Fire & Security delivers inspections and maintenance services according to the NFPA standards as well as security system service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Year Started: 1955

Address: Avealsip, IL 60803 United States

Phone: P: 708.597.4600

F: 708-389-1150


Employees: 32

Revenue: $15 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

top fire protection system suppliers in usa

Russell Phillips & Associates, LLC

Russell Phillips & Associates is a team of fire safety, compliance, and emergency management professionals that provide professional services to healthcare facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Since 1976, they have provided unparalleled service to thousands of healthcare facilities (over 1300 current customers representing 2200 healthcare facilities). Their experience is gained through direct participation in local and national events, participation in professional associations and committees, and continuous industry research. Their client sizes range from small outpatient centers, autonomous long-term care facilities, and medical centers with more than 1,000 beds to county/state health care facilities.

Russell Phillips & Associates strive to provide the highest level of security to our customers by providing only medical facilities. They provide a unique experience for projects because They do understand how rules and standards affect institutions and patients/residents. Critical events across the United States have considerably improved the importance of fire and emergency management programs for state/county health facilities and health departments. Facilities have been devastated by natural disasters, from terrorist situations to fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and ice storms. This halts the facility’s ability to provide health care. Emergency response programs are vital as health care facilities have many blind patients.

Year Started: 1976

Address: Year Started: 1973 United States

Phone: (770) 945-2600

Website :

Employee (all sites): 176

Revenue: $12 million

top fire protection system suppliers in usa