Top Greatest British Football Commentators

1. Martin Tyler, 2. Peter Drury, 3. Jon Champion, 4. Clive Tyldesley, 5. Ian Darke, 6. Seb Hutchinson, 7. Lee Dixon, 8. Andy Townsend, 9. Ray Hudson, 10. Alan Parry. In every football match, a match commentator is an indispensable factor that plays an important role in conveying and creating emotions for those who watch that match. Who do you think is the best British football analyst to listen to while watching your favorite team play? Here is a list of the greatest British football commentators worth listening to. Check it out now!

  1. Martin Tyler
  2. Peter Drury
  3. Jon Champion
  4. Clive Tyldesley
  5. Ian Darke
  6. Seb Hutchinson
  7. Lee Dixon
  8. Andy Townsend
  9. Ray Hudson
  10. Alan Parry

Martin Tyler

Football commentator from England Martin Tyler is a legend in the world of sports commentary. He is regarded as the greatest English Premier League commentator of all time by his fans.

In the Premier League 10 Seasons Awards, they also named him Premier League Commentator of the Decade. In April 2003, fans and a panel of football experts recognized his achievement.

He’s the voice you want to hear at big-game moments. Tyler began his career as a pundit before debuting as a commentator on ITV in 1974. Then, as the station’s No. 2 announcer, he covered everything from league games to European Championships and World Cup contests. Tyler went joined Sky Sports in 1990 and is now the chief football analyst. He covers a wide range of matches, including the FA Cup, Premier League, UEFA, and even the World Cup. He commentates for Premier League Productions in addition to Sky Sports, and his voice has been heard on ESPN, SBS (Australia), and Fox Network (USA).

Tyler has witnessed several spectacular matches throughout his tenure at Sky, offering memorable lines along the way. In 1996, Liverpool’s 4-3 victory over title-chasing Newcastle United comes to mind. In the midst of the chaos, Tyler masterfully portrays Stan Collymore’s last-minute winner: “Collymore closing in! Liverpool has taken the lead in stoppage time! Kevin Keegan sighs and says, “I’m devastated!” His commentary was a big part of why it was rated the best Premier League match of all time. But it will always be his big moment when Sergio Aguero scored that memorable injury-time goal to win Manchester City the title in 2012. “AGUEROOOOOO!” yelled out loud, followed by ” ”I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again!” Perfect delivery, and he was correct; we won’t. Martin Tyler is now 76 years old, but don’t rule out the possibility of seeing him around the grounds for a few more years.

Born: 1945

Place of birth: Chester

top greatest british football commentators

Martin Tyler – Sky Sports

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Peter Drury

Peter Drury was undoubtedly the best football analyst in the Premier League at the time. By waxing lyrical with his observations and showering compliments only when they are truly earned, Drury has the ability to elevate the viewing experience provided by a football match.

In recent years, he and his companions Jim Beglin and Martin Tyler have commented on the majority of Manchester derbies, and he has shown to be one of the greatest when it comes to telling or narrating extraordinary events.

“Hello everyone, I’m Peter Drury, Jim Beglin alongside me” is arguably the most anticipated line of any match. So far, Jim Beglin’s excellent technical analysis and Peter Drury’s poetic, energetic, and engaging commentary have proven to be an excellent pairing. Drury provides some of the most stunning abstract renditions of the beautiful game, as well as the voice of a fervent football fan speaking directly to the audience. We strongly suggest you watch his best right now on YouTube since words cannot explain how fantastic his comments are!

Drury has had a number of excellent performances, most of which have occurred in the Premier League, but he has also performed in the UEFA Champions League and other international tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup. The majority of fans and athletes admire and revere him for his fair opinions and arguments.

Born: 1967

top greatest british football commentators

Peter Drury

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Jon Champion

Jon Champion, a well-known football commentator, has worked for a number of television and radio stations over the last 30 years. Jon Champion is a British football commentator who presently works for ESPN Sports, covering matches and other sporting events. He was regarded as one of the top Premier League commentators before relocating to the United States, and he also covered international matches and Major League Soccer.

Jon began his career with BBC Sports in the late 1980s. Between 1992 to 1996, he worked as a pundit for BBC Radio Five Live, covering football matches.

Champion then went on to the BBC televised segment. Until 2001, he worked as a Premier League and FA Cup commentator.

He later moved to ITV, where he joined the commentary crew on a regular basis. Jon was then loaned to Setanta Sports UK for live football commentary in 2007. In 2009, Jon Champion made the permanent shift to ESPN UK., has worked for a number of television and radio stations over the last 30 years. Jon Champion is a British football commentator who presently works for ESPN Sports, covering matches and other sporting events. He was regarded as one of the top Premier League commentators before relocating to the United States, and he also covered international matches and Major League Soccer.

Born: 1965

Place of birth: Harrogate

top greatest british football commentators

Jon Champion


Clive Tyldesley

Another renowned sports announcer on the list is Clive Tyldesley. He is one of the top English football pundits, having earned his name on ITV’s football coverage. Tyldesley began his career in sports commentary as a radio broadcaster for Radio City and Granada.

He also contributed to the match coverage on ITV. Then he moved to television commentary, with his first match being the season opener against Manchester City and Liverpool in 1989. He became a regular announcer after that, covering football and rugby matches.

Tyldesley worked with the BBC from 1992 to 1996 before returning to ITV, where he currently commentates. He also serves as the lead announcer for UEFA Champions League matches on CBS Sports. He’s also done sound commentary for EA Sports, a firm that makes video games.

Born: 1954

Place of birth: Radcliffe

top greatest british football commentators

Clive Tyldesley

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Ian Darke

Ian Darke is a well-known sports broadcaster in the United Kingdom. Darke was one of Sky’s ‘Big Four’ commentators, alongside Martin Tyler, Alan Parry, and Rob Hawthorne, commentating on both football and boxing.

Darke has extensive experience, having covered important events like the FIFA World Cup final three times, as well as regular Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches.

Darke has previously worked for the BBC, Sky Sports, and ESPN, among other companies. He currently works for BT Sport and Prime Video Sport as a sports commentator, where he covers the Premier League and other events. In addition, he has provided FA Cup commentary for Sky and BT Sport.

Place of birth: Portsmouth

top greatest british football commentators

Ian Darke (L)

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Seb Hutchinson

Seb Hutchinson is one of the few black football pundits that covers the Premier League and other major international competitions. He also works as a freelance sports announcer for a number of media outlets during major soccer matches.

Hutchinson has a master’s degree in sports journalism and began her career at ITV as an editorial assistant before moving up to assistant producer. He was a part of the Rugby World Cup in 2007 and the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Hutchinson departed ITV in 2011 to pursue a career as a freelance sports announcer.

Since then, he has worked with ITV and BT Sports to commentate on major tournaments such as the Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and other European football fixtures. He’s also covered the Men’s and Women’s World Cups, as well as Rugby and the Olympics.

Place of birth: London

top greatest british football commentators

Seb Hutchinson

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Lee Dixon

English right-back who has retired after retiring from professional football, Lee Dixon began his commentary career with the BBC and is currently recognized as one of the best Premier League commentators.

As a football analyst, he began anchoring ‘Match of the Day 2’ on BBC and later appeared on ‘Football Focus’ and ‘Score’ for the channel. In July 2012, Lee Dixon joined ITV Sport, where he formed a fantastic commentary pair with Roy Keane.

He then joined NBC Sports as a co-anchor for the English Premier League alongside Graeme Le Saux.

In the United States, he also collaborates with Arlo White, the principal voice of NBC Sports’ live Premier League coverage. Dixon also contributes to NBC’s Premier League Download program in addition to his usual EPL commentary.

Born: 1964

Place of birth: Manchester

top greatest british football commentators

Lee Dixon

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Andy Townsend

Andy Townsend, a former midfielder, is currently a BT Sport pundit and is largely regarded as one of the best English Premier League commentators of all time.

He joined ITV Sport after retiring from football and became the channel’s principal co-commentator of live football coverage alongside Clive Tyldesley.

On Sundays, Townsend co-hosted ‘Talksport”s ‘Weekend Sports Breakfast’ with Mike Parry. After leaving ITV in 2015, he joined BT Sport as a co-commentator, making his debut on the 15th of February 2015 in an FA Cup match.

For BT Sport, Andy Townsend covers the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Europa League.

Born: 1963

Place of birth: Maidstone

top greatest british football commentators

Andy Townsend

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Ray Hudson

Another of the best soccer commentators is Ray Hudson. He’s a former professional footballer and manager with a plethora of knowledge and analytic talents that make his analysis entertaining to listen to. Hudson began his soccer career with New Castle before relocating to the United States and playing for a number of teams before becoming a coach. During the 2002 World Cup matches, he began his commentary career with ESPN.

Hudson joined GoITV as a co-commentator for European football events in 2004. He joined Sirius XM Radio in 2012 when he became the principal commentator for the station’s soccer program. Hudson has been the color commentator for Inter Miami CF of Major League Soccer since 2020.

Born: 1955

Place of birth: Gateshead

top greatest british football commentators

Ray Hudson

Alan Parry

Alan Parry is a sports analyst who focuses on football and athletics. He is one of the well-known “Big Four” Sky Sports commentators. Parry started his career as a football commentator on BBC Radio. He covered England’s international and league matches, as well as European tournaments, as a radio announcer. He moved from radio to television commentary in 1981, joining BBC TV.

After a few years at the BBC, Parry moved to ITV, where he became one of the network’s top commentators. Since then, he’s worked for major sports broadcasters like BT Sports and Sky Sports, where he presently works. He also conducts Premier League match commentary for Premier League Productions on a regular basis.

During the 1980s and 1990s, he also worked as an Athletics commentator for ITV and Sky. But it’s arguably his time at ITV that people remember him for. The words “Oh Yes!” for Roberto Baggio’s spectacular solo goal in Italia ’90 come to memory, as does shouting with Kevin Keegan live on air over a glaring red card for Brazil’s Leonardo in USA ’94. ”The man nicknamed John Wayne by his manager, gets off his horse, ties it up to the post, pulls out the gun, gets finger on the trigger…and fires the bullet right down the middle,” he said of Shaun Teale’s penalty for Aston Villa in their thrilling shootout triumph against Tranmere Rovers in the 1994 League Cup semi-final. Genius.

Born: 1948

Place of birth: Garston

top greatest british football commentators

Alan Parry

top greatest british football commentators