Top Guinean Foods That Are Easy To Cook

1. Fufu, 2. Konkoé, 3. Patates, 4. Fouti Lafidi, 5. Footi Sauce, 6. Mango Rafalari, 7. Yétissé, 8. Thiacri, 9. Poulet Yassa, 10. Bouillie. There are a lot of wonderful meals in Africa, and Guinean cuisine undoubtedly plays an important part in that. For newcomers, Toplist has compiled the ten most delectable dishes of this country. Let's go!

  1. Fufu
  2. Konkoé
  3. Patates
  4. Fouti Lafidi
  5. Footi Sauce
  6. Mango Rafalari
  7. Yétissé
  8. Thiacri
  9. Poulet Yassa
  10. Bouillie


Fufu (or foofoo) is one of the most well-known “swallow” foods in western Africa, specifically in Guinea. It’s a hearty side dish – starchy, silky, thick, and stretchy – that’s widely adored for its delectability, simplicity, and ease of preparation.

How is this food to be consumed? Squeeze a tiny amount of fufu between your hands and shape it into a cup – shaped ball. Create a tiny dent in the fufu. After that, use it to sweep up some of the soup. Swallow it directly – yes, there will be no chewing involved!

Steps to make fufu:

  • Step 1. Using a vegetable peeler or a knife, peel the cassava skin.
  • Step 2. Scrape the peeled tuber and cut it into little cubes that can be processed easily in a blender.
  • Step 3. Blend until a smooth batter forms.
  • Step 4. Transfer it to a saucepan. Rapidly whisk until the fufu is smooth and thick, similar to a semi-solid paste.
  • Step 5. Once the fufu is complete, form it into little balls. After that, cover each ball in plastic wrap separately. This helps the fufu keep its moisture and avoids crust formations.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Konkoé is a traditional African food originating from Guinea. To prepare this dish, one must cook until the fish and vegetables are opaque and the sauce has thickened. Konkoé is often served with white rice.

Steps to make Konkoé:

  • Step 1. Drench the catfish chunks for 6 hours in lukewarm water.
  • Step 2. Simmer the catfish chunks for 20 minutes in water. Then remove the water. In the meantime, peel and chop the garlic and onions into tiny pieces. Next, place them in a mixer.
  • Step 3. Put in the skinned tomatoes and shrimp cubes. Once done, blend until they become smooth.
  • Step 4. Combine this mixture with the catfish in a saucepan. Simmer them. While waiting, you could prepare the veggies. First, peel and quarter the potatoes. Next, rinse the aubergines, and cut the 12 raw okras in half lengthwise (remember that 2 of them should be cut into tiny pieces).
  • Step 5. Prepare the rice. Cook the two cut okras in water for 5 minutes, then drain them and combine with the prepared rice.
  • Step 6. Combine all veggies in a pot with the marinara sauce. Cover the pot with a lid. Do not forget to reduce the heat.
  • Step 7. Simmer for a further 10 minutes. Sprint some zomi and salt on the potatoes after they are done.
  • Step 8. Cook and stir for a few minutes. Your food is now prepared!

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Fried sweet potato is used in a number of meals and cultures – including the famous sweet potato chips, a sweeter version of French fries. In Guinean cuisine, people often use the term “patates” to refer to fried sweet potatoes; they are much more widespread than standard potatoes and are often used to create fries.

Steps to make Patates:

  • Step 1. Clean and wash the sweet potatoes.
  • Step 2. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200 degrees C).
  • Step 3. Combine the sweet potatoes and water in a microwave-safe dish.
  • Step 5. Cook them for five min on high power in the microwave.
  • Step 6. Drain the liquid and combine it with salt, lemon pepper, Italian seasoning, and pepper, as well as olive oil.
  • Step 7. Arrange the fries in a single layer on a baking sheet. Oven for 30 minutes, flipping once, or until the outsides of the fries are crisp.
  • Step 8. Fry for 10 min or until the mixture becomes brown gold.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook


top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Fouti Lafidi

It is a fashionable dinner in Guinea Conakry. It’s delicious for brunch, breakfast or dinner. The following recipe, on the other hand, is the simplest and most delectable approach to produce Fouti Lafidi. Still, remember that the meal may be prepared in a number of ways depending on your preferences. Add in Pepper Powder if you prefer it spicy.

Steps to make Fouti Lafidi:

  • Step 1. Wash and boil the rice according to the package/bag guidelines.
  • Step 2. Rinse each veggie well.
  • Step 3. Peel and cut eggplants in half lengthwise. For each half, divide them into two once more based on lengths.
  • Step 4. Place the okra, sliced eggplants, and garden eggs in a large saucepan and cover with water. Stir them.
  • Step 5. Drain the water after the veggies become soft. Mash them with a fork or combine them whole.
  • Step 6. In a large mixing bowl, combine the salt, dry fish powder, and fresh lime juice. Taste the dish and adjust the spices to your preference.
  • Step 7. On a stovetop, heat the palm oil. You may also add chopped onion and sauté them for approximately 5 minutes on low heat, or until they get crispy.
  • Step 8. Arrange the rice on a serving platter, top it with the vegetable combination. Then drizzle it with palm oil, and sprinkle some soumbara.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Footi Sauce

The next dish is called Footi Sauce. It might not look very enticing, but it has ground beef, onions, eggplant, and tomatoes on top of rice. The dish takes about three hours for the ingredients to cook down. Then the sauce is ready to eat.

It would be such a great meal for both kids and adults. You can put Maggi cubes on top of the sauce. Serve it with grain or meat.

Steps to make Footi Sauce:

  • Step 1. Over medium heat, and in a large pot, sauté onions and chili in oil.
  • Step 2. Add in Okra and Aubergines. Afer that, let them cook for another few minutes. Remember to stir them every now and then, until they become soft and fuzzy.
  • Step 3. As soon as you have added other ingredients and spices to the pot, let it steep until the Aubergines seem to be creamy and roasted through. This process should take about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Step 4. This is optional, but it would be best to serve Footi Sauce with wholegrain rice.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Mango Rafalari

The following dish, Mango Rafalari, is made entirely with cooked mangoes. The mix of sweet and sour-spicy ingredients in this Mango Rafalari supper will provoke and excite your senses of taste. This dish is eaten almost every night in Guinea during the mango season. For better tastes, select the “mango séni”. Or you can use a type of huge mango called “transplanted mangoes.”

Steps to Mango Rafalari:

  • Step 1. Throw the mangoes into a pan and cover with water.
  • Step 2. Bring to a simmer, then decrease the heat to a low level and continue to cook for 20 minutes.
  • Step 3. Drain and set them aside. While waiting, you can flake the fish bones. Combine the fish, onions, and chili peppers in a large bowl.
  • Step 4. The palm oil should be heated. By putting some slices of onions into the oil, you can determine whether it is ready or not. When the oil begins to crackle, add in fish and onions mixture along with stock cubes to the pan. Allow it to cook for around 10 minutes over a low heat.
  • Step 5. Add in the mangoes and a splash of water at this point. Boil it again, then reduce the heat to a lower level.
  • Step 6. Add an extra 30 minutes to the cooking time. After that, we are done!

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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In this Yétissé meal, the fish is cooked in a vegetable and tuber stew, made with cassava, carrot, tomato, and eggplant. Yétissé is traditionally served with fish along Maritime Guinea’s Atlantic coast, although it may also be made with beef or chicken. Due to the communal nature of this meal, it is sometimes eaten on a colossal platter.

Steps to make Yétissé:

  • Step 1. For about 10 minutes, brown the fish filets in vegetable oil over medium heat. Arrange them on a paper towel-lined baking dish.
  • Step 2. In a large saucepan, heat 2 tablespoons of palm oil. After that, sauté the shallots and eggplants for approximately 10 minutes, till the eggplant becomes soft.
  • Step 3. Peel and chop the carrots and cassava into 2-inch (5-cm) slices. The stock cubes, tomato paste, tomatoes and whole spicy peppers are to be combined in a bowl. Two tablespoons of palm oil should be heated in a saucepan and added along with the tomato mixture. Simmer for ten minutes at a low heat level.
  • Step 4. Throw in the fish filets and continue cooking for 15 minutes more.
  • Step 5. Boil the okras separately for 10 minutes in a huge amount of water. Once cooked, crush the okra once cooked and mix them with the prepared white rice.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook


Thiacri is a sweet, creamy, and slightly acidic Senegalese and Guinea dish. Many people adore Thiacri, not just Guineans but other folks from neighboring countries as well. Indeed, it is a delectable dessert, often served after supper.

Traditionally, thiacri was made with millet couscous. The couscous, on the other hand, should be light and airy. Thanks to these additives, the milk will become rich and creamy. It would be better if you refrigerate both the milk and the couscous.

Steps to make Thiacri:

  • Step 1. Rinse the millet. Then cook for 30 minutes over low to moderate heat. Add in two glasses of water and ½ tablespoon of salt.
  • Step 2. Allow for thorough cooling of the millet on a firm tray/plate to prevent clumping. Whisk the condensed milk, cheese, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon in a separate dish.
  • Step 3. Leave the millet to chill for at least one hour in the refrigerator, before serving the dish. It should be topped with shredded pistachios.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Poulet Yassa

Poulet Yassa is a simple yet delectable chicken dish popular in West Africa. It sets itself apart from other food with its distinguished recipe, which calls for preparations of onions and lemons. These ingredients help tenderize the tough flesh of indigenous African birds often found in these areas.

Although Poulet Yassa is made in many countries (such as Senegal), it is always regarded as Guinea’s national food.

Steps to make Poulet Yassa:

  • Step 1. Place the chicken pieces in the dish. Whisk until the meat is well covered with the marinade.
  • Step 2. Wrap the meat in a plastic cover and refrigerate overnight.
  • Step 3. Preheat a skillet, then add some vegetable oil to coat the bottom. Fry the pieces of chicken in a skillet until they become golden brown and fully done. (Another alternative is to roast them).
  • Step 4. Remove the chicken from the pan and sauté the marinated onions in a separate pot. Add the vinegar to the pan after the onions are golden and caramelized.
  • Step 5. Stir in the water until these ingredients are integrated. Reduce to a low heat and leave them for thirty minutes to simmer.
  • Step 6. Add the fried chicken to the sauce and continue to cook for a few mins more. Then switch off the heat.
  • Step 7. Serve a plate of white rice with acidic Poulet Yassa on top.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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Bouillie is a Guinean morning dish, composed of rice or wheat, peanut butter, flour, and milk. The meal is usually served hot, and must have been cooked until it reaches a thick consistency. Although this meal is traditionally prepared with the aforementioned components, Bouiillie is often adapted to include other supplies, depending on the availability of ingredients for each household.

Steps to make Bouillie

  • Step 1. Bring 4 glasses of water to the boil in a big saucepan. Add in the dry grains or wheat, then boil them again.
  • Step 2. Throw in a little peanut butter, along with some salt. Stir until they are well combined.
  • Step 3. Whisk the flour (wheat, corn, or millet) and lukewarm water in a mixing bowl, then pour the water into the boiled mixture. Cook for about 10-15 minutes (20-30 minutes for wheat), remember to stir from time to time..
  • Step 4. If you want to use buttermilk or lime juice, then put them into the mix and adjust the sweetness to your preferences.
  • Step 5. Serve immediately after preparation.

top guinean foods that are easy to cook

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top guinean foods that are easy to cook