Top Highest Mountains in Azerbaijan

1. Bazardüzü, 2. Shahdagh, 3. Tufandag, 4. Yarudag, 5. Raqdan Dagi. Azerbaijan is dominated by three geographical features: the Caspian Sea, the Greater Caucasus Mountains, and the vast flatlands in the country's center. The nation has a diverse topography, with mountain ridges, crests, and plateaus covering more than half of the country. The nation has three mountain ranges that cover 40% of its total area. The Greater Caucasus, Lesser Caucasus, and Talysh Mountains are these mountain ranges. Mount Bazarduzu, located 14,562 feet above sea level, is Azerbaijan's highest peak.

  1. Bazardüzü
  2. Shahdagh
  3. Tufandag
  4. Yarudag
  5. Raqdan Dagi


Mount Bazardüzü is the highest peak in Azerbaijan and the highest point in the Greater Caucasus Range. The mountain is located in Russia’s southernmost region, near the boundary between Russia and Azerbaijan. Mount Bazardüzü has a relatively flat summit with steep slopes. The mountain’s top is covered by a glacier that developed in the early twentieth century. Two tiny glaciers may be seen on the mountain’s northern side. Mount Bazardüzü is covered with lush flora, including alpine meadows, and the mountain goat is the most prevalent fauna. Alexandrov made the first ascent to the summit of Mount Bazardüzü in 1847.

The mountain’s rocks are made up of shale porphyries. The granite has been badly abraded by the glaciers of the previous Ice Age, and it is notably visible on the northwest side. However, much of the mountain has been badly worn, with rubble and scree slopes. There were eight tiny glaciers up to one kilometer from the summit region before the turn of the twentieth century, but the majority have since melted. However, the summit ice fields continue to be the largest glaciers in the Eastern Caucasus.

Height: 14,652 feet

Location: the borders between Azerbaijan and Russia

top highest mountains in azerbaijan

top highest mountains in azerbaijan


Mount Shahdagh, at 13,921 feet above sea level, is the second-highest mountain in the Greater Caucasus Range. The mountain is located in Qusar rayon, close to the Russian border. Mount Shahdagh is distinguished by prehistoric cave dwellings at its foot, which indicate human activity on the mountain for over 9,000 years. The ruins of the ancient town of Kabala, which served as the capital of Caucasian Albania, are also located near the peak. Mount Shahdagh has steep slopes and strong gusts blowing in its direction, making ascending extremely difficult. According to the locals, it is considered sacred and may only be reached by traditional priests. Shahdagh has a mystical aspect and is coated with snow and ice as well.

The creation of this facility near Shahdag National Park expands Azerbaijan’s prospects for skiing and other winter sports. With a variety of new season entertainment and hospitality offerings, Shahdag Mountain Resort aspires to become a prominent tourism destination.

Height: 13,921 feet

Location: Gusar, Azerbaijan

top highest mountains in azerbaijan

top highest mountains in azerbaijan


Mount Tufandag is Azerbaijan’s third tallest peak, rising 13,770 feet above sea level. The peak was called Chingiz after a journalist and national hero who was martyred in the line of duty while fighting for Azerbaijan. Tufandag is located opposite Khynalyg and is considered sacred by the locals due to the existence of old village remnants that were devastated by earthquakes thousands of years ago. Mount Tufandag’s top is always shrouded in mist, with strong winds blowing all year. Tufandag is a popular tourist destination in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s two ski resorts in the Caucasus Mountains provide a wonderful change of scenery for skiers bored of the usual slopes. The one in Tufandag, approximately 4 kilometers from Gabala’s center, has 12 kilometers of slopes, with a combination of difficult reds and blacks for specialists and easier alternatives for novices. The slopes are outfitted with cutting-edge snow guns and are accessible by a network of cable cars that provide breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountains. There’s also a ski school and a variety of lodging alternatives, including numerous luxury and upper-mid-range hotels. During the summer, tourists may engage in a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and cycling, as well as paragliding and jeep trips.

Height: 13,770 feet

Location: Gebele, Azerbaijan

top highest mountains in azerbaijan
top highest mountains in azerbaijan


Mount Yarudag is at 13,504 feet above sea level. It is located near Kurush, Dagestan, and according to peakery statistics, it is the fourth highest mountain in Azerbaijan. It is part of the Eastern Caucasus, which extends from Mount Kazbek to the Apsheron peninsula. Mount Yarudag is distinguished by a snow-covered flat summit. Because of its distant position, the peak is rarely visited by mountaineers.

This winter playground is often busy with tourists, and there are numerous magnificent skiing lines. Skiing, all-terrain driving, rock climbing, cable car, hot air balloon… are just a few of the activities available at the ski resort. The resort also has top-of-the-line ski equipment world, as well as professional coaches. Because it is located at a high elevation, during the heavy snow season, the panorama is completely covered in white snow after only one night. This scene creates a lovely fantasy world.

Height: 13,504 feet

Location: Qusar, Azerbaijan

top highest mountains in azerbaijan

top highest mountains in azerbaijan

Raqdan Dagi

Raqdan is a Greater Caucasus mountain summit located in Azerbaijan’s Qusar District and Dagestan’s Dokuzparinsky District. It is 4,020 meters (13,189 feet) above sea level. Raqdan is located in the Greater Caucasus range, together with Bazarduzu and Charundagh. Russia’s southernmost point is located 2,2 kilometers east of Ragdan, at an elevation of more than 3,500 meters (11,483 ft). Because it is located at a high altitude, in the heavy snow season, after only one night, the scenery everywhere is covered in white snow. This scene creates a very beautiful fairy world.

Mountain ranges are breathtaking, with snow-capped peaks typically visible against the backdrop. The views from a mountain’s summit are stunning. Because the landscape is often rocky, not much grows on mountains, although the air is often clean. The valleys, on the other hand, are more fruitful. Farmers typically build terraces where the mountains are steep, creating a succession of flat fields linked by stairs so that they may produce food even on slopes and hills.

Height: 13,189 feet

top highest mountains in azerbaijan
top highest mountains in azerbaijan