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Top Ideal Places in Solomon Island

1. Guadalcanal Island & Honiara, 2. Rennell Islands, 3. Bougainville Island, 4. Malaita Island, 5. Gizo Island. The Solomon Islands are one of the few areas on the planet where urbanization has yet to take hold. The Natural Environment is what distinguishes this location from others. It is a country made up of thousands of islands, just six of which are inhabited. Because of its International Airport and Ports, Solomon Island is easily accessible from all parts of the globe, making travel here a breeze. If you want to go on a calm vacation, the Solomon Islands are the place to go. Let’s have a look at the best places in Solomon Islands to visit!

  1. Guadalcanal Island & Honiara
  2. Rennell Islands
  3. Bougainville Island
  4. Malaita Island
  5. Gizo Island

Guadalcanal Island & Honiara

The first on the list of best places in Solomon Islands is Guadalcanal Island & Honiara. With 992 islands and a total size of 28,450 square kilometers, Guadalcanal is the biggest island in the Solomon Islands and the third-largest archipelago in the South Pacific. Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is a lovely seaport with a population of 54,600 on Guadalcanal’s northern shore.

This is a popular diving destination, having clean water and a diverse assortment of fauna, as well as shipwrecks to explore. Bonegi Beach, a few kilometers west of Honiara, is a popular diving location. Iron Bottom Sound is a diving site where military artifacts may be examined. Divers may investigate sunken battleships such as the Bonegi I and II, as well as aircraft wreckage such as the B17 bomber. The globe Discoverer cruise liner, which ran aground on a reef in 2001, is a well-known recent wreck. Snorkelers may visit the Marau Sound coral reef, which is home to tropical fish, enormous clams, and unusual seashells. Other water sports available to tourists on Guadalcanal include sea kayaking, yachting, sailing, and canoeing in protected waterways.

Hiking and bird watching are popular activities on Guadalcanal. Hikers can witness turtles, flying foxes, and a variety of birds such as white-eyed, rails, honeyeaters, fantails, coucals (the world’s largest cuckoo), thrushes, and megapodes (birds that lays eggs in volcanic sands and whose chicks can fly right after digging themselves out). With over 200 bird species, the island is also a wildlife and bird watcher’s paradise.

  • Go around: Honiara features automobile rental services, including airport rentals. In Honiara, taxis and minibusses are also available. Solomon Airlines has several flights to the islands, and various travel operators provide domestic cruises.
  • Location: Guadalcanal Island, Solomon.

top ideal places in solomon island

top ideal places in solomon island

Rennell Islands

Rennell Island is made up of the provinces of Rennell and Bellona. Rennell Island, locally known as Mugabe, is the main island of two inhabited islands that make up the Rennell and Bellona Province in the Solomon Islands. It is also one of the best places in Solomon Islands Rennell Island. It is the second-largest raised coral atoll in the world with the largest lake in the insular Pacific, a lake that is listed as a World Heritage Site. Rennell and Bellona Islands are two of the few islands in the Melanesian Solomon Island archipelago classify… Rennell and Bellona are home to East Renell, a UNESCO world heritage site and the world’s biggest elevated coral atoll, as well as several unique sceneries. However, due to concerns about commercial logging in the region, as well as an unmanaged rat problem, it was placed on the World Heritage Places in Danger list in 2013.

The island is roughly an hour’s journey south of Honiara in a two-engine prop aircraft. It is nearly completely encircled by 120 to 150 meter (390 to 490 foot) cliffs, with the eastern end dominated by a big lake and the western end somewhat level with rolling wooded hills. Kangana Bay has a beautiful white sand beach and coral reef which makes it good for snorkeling.

Because it is the world’s second-biggest elevated coral atoll, you may expect to encounter some uncommon native flora and wildlife. Rennell and Bellona are distinct among the Solomon Islands, bearing similarities with New Caledonia and Australia as well as the Solomons.

  • Location: Province of Rennell and Bellona, Solomon.

top ideal places in solomon island

top ideal places in solomon island

Bougainville Island

Bougainville is the main island of the Bougainville Autonomous Region in Papua New Guinea. The area is also known as the province of Bougainville or Northern Solomon.

In Bougainville, you may have all of the golden sand and crystal-clear ocean to yourself. Because tourism hasn’t taken off in Bougainville, there are hidden paradises all along the 685km of coastline just waiting to be discovered. But, in addition to beaches, Bougainville contains multiple volcanoes, both dormant and active, as well as unspoiled rivers and waterfalls. These bodies of water frequently lead to caverns, such as the Iberia cave, a mysterious location that locals refer to as a portal to the underworld.

Many people travel to see more of the globe and see places where few people have gone before. In our globalized society, it appears that these ‘off-the-beaten-path destinations are dwindling one by one. Bougainville is one of the few remaining. You may be certain that by visiting Bougainville, you will have seen things that just a few hundred foreigners have seen and will have memories to last a lifetime.

The people in the surrounding villages are really friendly. By visiting Bougainville, you will very certainly be the first foreigner to see several festivities and visit some of the sites along the route.

  • Location: in Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Solomon.

top ideal places in solomon island

top ideal places in solomon island

Malaita Island

Malaita is the primary island of Malaita Province in the Solomon Islands, one of the best places in the Solomon Islands. Malaita is made up of one large island to the east of Guadalcanal and many minor atolls to the east, notably Ontong Java and Sikiana. In Malaita, you will see undisturbed, pure beauty. Its tropical forest and river systems are intact in their pristine condition. There is no pollution or exploitation. Malaita’s main characteristics include several river systems, springs, high altitude waterfalls, and canyons. You may also go snorkeling off the coast of North Malaita. Sunsets at Langa Langa Lagoon are breathtaking.

The Malaitans are well-known for their music and dance, which are often related to ceremonies. Several of the organizations, notably the ‘Are’are, famed for their panpipe ensembles, are SSEC members whose traditional music is no longer played due to religious restrictions. Secular dance is comparable to common patterns in the Solomon Islands, including patterns taught from plantation work gangs or motions learned at the Honiara cinema. Sacred dances adhere to rigorous formal forms and include panpipers. Some dances illustrate traditional activities, such as the tue tue dance, which depicts the movements of the boat and fish, as well as the birds overhead. Frequent performances can also be found in Honiara and other parts of the Solomon Islands.

  • Location: Malaita Province, Solomon.

top ideal places in solomon island

top ideal places in solomon island

Gizo Island

The final spot in the top best places in the Solomon Islands is Gizo Islands. Gizo is the Solomon Islands’ third-largest town. It has a tiny landing strip on the adjacent island of Nusatupe to the northeast of the town, which makes it comparatively developed in comparison to other villages in the area. Gizo is now a tourist destination, with diving and surfing among the most popular sports. The Gizo markets are well-known for their handcrafted wood and stone sculptures, as well as woven bags, baskets, and mats. Three World War II aircraft are on display. Divers can also participate in events.

BirdLife International has designated the entire island and its surrounding seas as an Important Bird Area (IBA) because it supports populations of numerous endangered or endemic bird species. Melanesian scrubfowl, red-knobbed imperial pigeons, buff-headed coucals, Sanford’s sea eagles, Solomons cockatoos, cardinal lories, song parrots, and Gizo white-eyed parrots are among them. Logging and forest removal pose a threat to the site.

  • Location: Western Province, Solomon.

top ideal places in solomon island

top ideal places in solomon island