Top Largest Paint And Coatings Manufacturers In Asia

1. Nippon Paint, 2. Asian Paints, 3. Berger Paints, 4. Indigo Paints, 5. Nerolac Paints, 6. Sheenlac Paints. To become a leader in the industry, each enterprise must make every effort to rise to become a worthy enterprise in that position. In the field of coatings is no exception, let's take a look at Largest Paint And Coatings Manufacturers In Asia, to get more useful information about this coating industry.

  1. Nippon Paint
  2. Asian Paints
  3. Berger Paints
  4. Indigo Paints
  5. Nerolac Paints
  6. Sheenlac Paints

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint was Japan’s first paint manufacturing company, it was founded by brothers Haruta and Jujiro in 1881. Today, Nippon is always a name honored in the Asian paint industry and the world’s top charts in this industry.

Not only is a company providing manufacturing and providing coating solutions in the automotive, marine, defense, decoration and industrial industries, Nippon Paint always promotes quality, practical products. Highly usable and environmentally friendly. Their top priority is to protect the surrounding environment, so Nippon always meets the criteria to become a world leader in the coatings industry.

Country: Japan

Founded: 1881

Revenue: < 7.6 billion U.S. dollars (2020)


Source: Nippon Paint Malaysia

Asian Paints

Established in 1942, Asian Paints came a long way to become the leading coating company it is today. Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use and also offers Wall Coverings, adhesives, and other services under its portfolio.

Asian Paints has an amazing revenue of 205.2 billion in recent years, they have an enviable reputation in more than 60 countries. At the same time, they also expand their scale to neighboring countries with 6 subsidiaries operating in Asia and 26 domestic production bases to ensure that the supply of products is always available to serve the needs of consumers. global use.

Country: Indian

Founded: 1942

Revenue: 205.2 billion INR (US$2.9 billion, 2020)


Source: Kotresh Koti

Asian Paints

Berger Paints

Berger Paints is a large paint company in India, with a good track record of growth, which is proven over the years of the company’s operations. Initially, Berger only had humble beginnings in the UK, in 1983 they just moved into the present-day headquarters in India and are led by the two Dhingra brothers.

In 2019, Berger has attracted more than 3,400 employees along with a multinational distribution network. Berger also has manufacturing plants throughout India and subsidiaries in Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland, and Russia. Currently, the business is actively vibrant in the field of coatings and is considered a big man in the paint industry in India.

Country: India

Founded: 1923

Revenue: 63.66 billion INR (US$890 million, 2020)


Source: Berger Paints

Indigo Paints

Indigo Paints had a modest beginning in 2000. They started their business with low-end cement production, then they expanded their business into coatings with specific products of Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Distempers, Primers…

Indigo Paints has a dynamic and creative staff, who have worked hard to improve and renew their products to keep up with global trends and bring a new wave of thinking for the company. Thanks to the right orientation, Indigo has become one of the strong candidates in the Indian paint industry with annual sales reaching millions of dollars.

Founded: 2000

Revenue: 6 billion INR (US$84 million, 2019)


top largest paint and coatings manufacturers in asia

Source: INDIGO Paints

Nerolac Paints

A trusted name in the coatings industry, Kansai Nerolac is a name on the list of leading manufacturing companies in India and is highly trusted by customers. Nerolac has made serious investments in product research and labs and added cutting-edge digital technologies to the manufacturing process, to bring consumers truly pocket-worthy products. their money.

Nerolac has successfully achieved huge revenue and high ranking in Asia’s leading companies by deeply paying attention to customers’ needs, planning human resources to upgrade the working environment. becoming a more perfect version. Since then, Nerolac has steered the business in the right direction and launched the best quality products on the market.

Founded: 1920

Revenue: 53.05 billion INR (US$740 million, 2020)


Source: Nerolac Sonu Paints

Nerolac Paints India

Sheenlac Paints

Sheenlac Paints was started in 1962 by founder John Peter. A manufacturer in the coatings industry with a focus on providing customers with products that exceed their expectations, Sheenlac Paints has always focused on creating innovative yet high-quality paints.

Over the years, when Sheenlac Paints was taken over by later generations. They have invested in expanding the business scale, distributing products to many customers around the world. Their laboratories, research, and product development are expanded than before, and employees are equipped with more extensive knowledge of the paint manufacturing field. That has helped Sheenlac’s products always be the best, and it has also helped their revenue grow more steadily in the Asia region.

Founded: 1962

Revenue: < 500 INR


top largest paint and coatings manufacturers in asia


Source: karthikeyan paneerselvam