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Top Largest Software Companies in South Africa

1. MiX Telematics Limited, 2. Altron Limited, 3. AYO Technology Solutions Limited, 4. Metrofile Holdings Limited, 5. PBT Group Limited, 6. EOH Holdings Limited, 7. Sebata Holdings Limited, 8. ISA Holdings Limited. South Africa's software industry has been growing steadily over the years, driven by the country's increasing demand for software-based solutions in various industries. Today, South Africa is home to several large software companies that offer innovative solutions to clients both within the country and globally. In this article, we will take a look at some of the largest software companies in South Africa.

  1. MiX Telematics Limited
  2. Altron Limited
  3. AYO Technology Solutions Limited
  4. Metrofile Holdings Limited
  5. PBT Group Limited
  6. EOH Holdings Limited
  7. Sebata Holdings Limited
  8. ISA Holdings Limited

MiX Telematics Limited

MiX Telematics Limited offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery models for fleet and mobile asset management solutions. The company offers MiX Asset Manager, a portfolio of asset tracking products that includes generators, light towers, storage tanks, and pumps; MiX Fleet Manager, a web-based application that provides commercial fleet management solution that gives user live and historical views of driver and vehicle performance information, including vehicle tracking and status information, as well as alerts and notifications; and Matrix, a mobile asset management solution that offers real-time asset tracking. It also offers Beam-e, a crowdsourcing platform for locating vehicles without incurring the cost of a traditional cellular network connection, as well as entry-level tracking and recovery services; and MiX Now, a system that assists businesses in monitoring and managing the behavior and performance of their vehicles and drivers.

It serves 815,165 subscribers in South Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Brazil with fleet and mobile asset management solutions delivered as SaaS. MiX Telematics Limited was established in 1996 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Founded: 1996

Headquarter: Stellenbosch, South Africa


top largest software companies in south africa

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MiX Telematics

Altron Limited

In August 2021, the company changed its name from Allied Electronics Corporation Limited to Altron Limited. Altron Limited was established in 1965 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Information and communication technology services are offered by Altron Ltd both domestically and abroad. The company’s Managed Services division provides support and upkeep for enterprise-wide information products and services, including servers, desktop and laptop computers, point-of-sale systems, dynamic ATM solutions, warranty and incident management, availability and project management, and distributor for NCR products, as well as enterprise connectivity and critical communications solutions that help businesses connect. In addition to managed identity profiles and cryptographic solutions, its Digital Transformation segment offers networking, hardware, DevOps and modernization, data management, security, IT as a service, cloud, and artificial intelligence solutions for their clients across devices, platforms, and locations.

Additionally, this segment provides IT infrastructure services such as managed, cloud, data storage, data center infrastructure management, enterprise software, servers, network security, unified communications, and virtualization services. It also provides software asset management, software licensing, license management-as-a-service, managed, cloud, data storage, and license management. The company’s Own Platforms division provides fleet management services, usage-based telematics, vehicle tracking, and recovery systems, debit order processing, payment and switching, card personalization and issuance, credit management software, and debit and credit card payment solutions, as well as person-to-person payments and value-added services for the consumer market and practice management solutions for the healthcare sector. Distributed via its Other business unit include industrial electronic components such as semiconductors and aircraft goods, as well as lighting, optics, software, and compilers.

Founded: 1965

Headquarter: Johannesburg, South Africa


top largest software companies in south africa

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Altron Managed Solutions

AYO Technology Solutions Limited

Information and communication technology (ICT) solutions are offered by AYO Technology Solutions Limited through its subsidiaries throughout South Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe, and India. Software and Consulting, Security Solutions, Unified Communications, Tracking Solutions, Health Care Services, and Managed Services are the company’s operating segments. The business provides the healthcare industry, including both public and commercial health sector institutions, with Enterprise Healthcare Information System, a centralized laboratory information system, and health information exchange.

It also sells and services a variety of voice, audio-visual, video conferencing, and workspace management products and solutions. Ayo Technology Solutions Limited was founded in 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Headquarter: Cape Town, South Africa


top largest software companies in south africa

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AYO Technology Solutions

Metrofile Holdings Limited

In South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, and the Middle East, records and information management services are offered through investment holding firm Metrofile Holdings Limited. The business offers services for managing and storing records, such as archive, active, hosting, and stationery; backup storage, including vault, host, and managed services; confidential destruction services; records management consulting and software integration; digital workforce; and image processing services, including digital and analog services. Additionally, it provides business process outsourcing services, such as proof of delivery solutions, track, and trace management, sensitive information protection, procurement tracking solutions, claims processing, human resource services, electronic exam marking system, business continuity and work area recovery services, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery.

Furthermore, the company offers filing solutions such as office filing stationery, archive filing boxes, bulk filing solutions, filing cabinets, shelving and steel products, and scanners, as well as software solutions; and ScreenWell, a digital solution for capturing, tracking, and managing daily temperature screening, health questionnaires, and workplace policy compliance for returning staff and visitors. It also offers data management services such as cloud backup, disaster recovery, and specialized private cloud hosting. In addition, the company provides services for cybercrime and ransomware prevention, ongoing privacy law compliance management, and business continuity planning. It serves clients in the financial services, healthcare, mining, government, and retail industries.

Prior to changing its name to Metrofile Holdings Limited in February 2005, the company was known as MGX Holdings Limited. Incorporated in 1983, Metrofile Holdings Ltd is a South African company with headquarters in Illovo.

Founded: 1983

Headquarter: Illovo, South Africa


top largest software companies in south africa

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PBT Group Limited

PBT Group Limited, through its subsidiaries, offers specialized consulting services in South Africa, Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom to the finance, insurance, medical healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and other sectors. Strategic and advisory services, data engineering, data visualization, artificial intelligence, application development, and managed services are all offered by the company. It also provides specialized healthcare management solutions and services to the medical aid and managed care sectors, such as real-time claims processing, query capabilities, electronic data interchange, document management services, membership and contribution management, and medical savings account management.

The organization additionally offers services for data analytics and business intelligence. Additionally, it creates digital solutions for web and mobile platforms that include project lifecycle management, business analysis, and software architecture and development. Prior to changing its name to PBT Group Ltd, the business was known as Prescient Limited. PBT Group Ltd, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, was established in 1998.

Founded: 1998


PBT Group

EOH Holdings Limited

EOH Holdings Limited was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa.

In Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East, EOH Holdings Limited provides information and communications technology services. The company provides services such as software development, managed services, data and analytics, automation, cloud, enterprise application, security, computing and platform, and quality assurance. It also offers infrastructure solutions as well as people solutions such as recruitment, training, development, and consulting, as well as staffing.

While EOH Holdings’ software development services are significant, the company’s offerings are more comprehensive than just software development. EOH Holdings’ services are designed to help clients across various industries to leverage technology to improve their operations and achieve their goals. So, while EOH Holdings does focus on software development to some extent, it is not the sole focus of the company’s business.

Headquarter: Sandton, South Africa


top largest software companies in south africa

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EOH Digital

Sebata Holdings Limited

Sebata Holdings Limited is a software company that focuses on developing and providing software solutions for the public sector in South Africa. Sebata Holdings provides a range of software solutions to help local and national government agencies, municipalities, and other public sector organizations to improve their operations and service delivery.

Some of the software solutions offered by Sebata Holdings include financial management systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and business intelligence (BI) software. The company’s software solutions are designed to help public sector organizations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance transparency and accountability.

Sebata Holdings’ software solutions are used by a wide range of public sector organizations, including local government authorities, healthcare facilities, education institutions, and other government agencies.

Sebata Holdings Limited (SEB) is a holding company with a controlling interest in a number of subsidiaries that is listed on the main board of South Africa’s JSE. Water technologies, software solutions, consulting, and ICT support services are the four operational divisions of these subsidiaries. Sebata, formerly MICROmega Holdings, has established a reputation as a preferred partner, investment, and employer.

Headquarter: Johannesburg, Gauteng


top largest software companies in south africa
top largest software companies in south africa

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ISA Holdings Limited

Solutions for networks, the Internet, and information security are offered to the sub-Saharan African market by investment holding company ISA Holdings Limited. The business provides a range of managed security solutions as well as expert services including firewall, anti-malware, authentication, remote access, content security, intrusion protection, vulnerability assessment, virtual private networking, messaging and data protection, and identity and access management solutions. The business is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa, and was established in 1998.

Some of the software solutions offered by ISA Holdings include customer relationship management (CRM) tools, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, billing and revenue management software, and business intelligence (BI) software. The company’s software solutions are designed to help clients improve their business processes, reduce costs, and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

ISA Holdings also provides consulting services to help clients plan and implement their software solutions and to provide ongoing support and maintenance. The company’s services are used by a diverse range of clients across various industries, including telecommunications companies, financial institutions, and utilities providers.


top largest software companies in south africa

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top largest software companies in south africa

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