Top Largest Telecom Companies

1. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), 2. AT&T Inc. (T), 3. T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS), 4. China Mobile, 5. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTTYY), 6. SoftBank, 7. Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY), 8. KDDI Corp. (KDDIY), 9. América Móvil SAB de CV (AMX), 10. Vodafone Group PLC (VOD). Telecommunications businesses utilize a variety of methods to send data throughout the world. Fixed-line and wireless telephone services, as well as Internet data and video communications, are provided by some of the top telecommunications providers. The telecoms industry is rapidly evolving. Traditional telecommunications technologies like wireline telephones, radio, and television formerly reigned supreme, but wireless mobile and Internet technology are swiftly becoming the new standard. These are the top ten telecommunications firms in the world. Right now, use Toplist to check out the list!

  1. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)
  2. AT&T Inc. (T)
  3. T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS)
  4. China Mobile
  5. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTTYY)
  6. SoftBank
  7. Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY)
  8. KDDI Corp. (KDDIY)
  9. América Móvil SAB de CV (AMX)
  10. Vodafone Group PLC (VOD)

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)

With a market value of roughly $201 billion in 2019, Verizon Communications Inc. is one of the world’s largest telecom firms and one of the top telecommunication companies in the United States. Verizon is based in Manhattan, New York City, and has operations in more than 150 countries across the world.

Verizon Communications offers products and services in the areas of communications, information, and entertainment. It provides wireless phone and data services, as well as data and video communications products and services, including broadband video, data center, and cloud services, security and managed network services, and local and long-distance voice services.

The corporation has been focusing on establishing digital and mobile infrastructures in recent years and has invested extensively in next-generation 5G wireless technologies as well as the multitrillion-dollar Internet of Things (IoT) potential.

Founded: 1983

Country: USA

Market Cap: $237.0 billion


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top largest telecom companies

AT&T Inc. (T)

Another American multinational telecommunications giant, AT&T Inc., with a market capitalization of $198 billion in 2019. The corporation, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides a wide range of products and services to over 355 million people in 56 U.S. major locations, with plans to expand further.

AT&T, in particular, is a global provider of communications and digital entertainment services. Wireless communications, data/broadband, and Internet services, digital video services, local and long-distance telephone services, telecommunications equipment, managed networking, and feature film, television, and gaming production and distribution are among the company’s services and products. In addition, the corporation owns and operates regional sports television networks.

Market Cap: $204.4 billion


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top largest telecom companies


T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS)

T-Mobile US, Inc. (doing business as T-Mobile) is a wireless network operator in the United States that is partly owned by Deutsche Telekom (DT), a German telecommunications firm with a 43.2 percent stake. Its headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington, which is part of the Seattle metropolitan area, and Overland Park, Kansas, which is part of the Kansas City metro area. With 106.9 million users as of the end of Q3 2021, T-Mobile is the second-largest wireless carrier in the United States.

T-Mobile US offers wireless voice and data services in the United States under the T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile brands (which it acquired through a reverse takeover of MetroPCS in 2013, resulting in T-NASDAQ Mobile’s listing), as well as serving as the host network for a number of mobile virtual network operators. The corporation generates approximately $40 billion in annual revenue. T-Mobile was awarded the best cellphone carrier in America by Consumer Reports in 2015.

T-Mobile concluded its merger with Sprint Corp. in April 2020, and the business aims to grow capacity by a factor of 14 in the next six years. It sells gadgets and services through stores and websites that are owned and operated by the corporation.

Founded: 1994

Market Cap: $159.7 billion


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top largest telecom companies


China Mobile

On September 3, 1997, China Mobile Limited (the “Company” and its subsidiaries, the “Group”) was founded in Hong Kong.

The Group, as China’s leading telecommunications services provider, offers full communications services in all 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and directly-administered municipalities on the mainland as well as in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and is a world-class telecommunications operator with the world’s largest network and customer base, as well as a leading position in profitability and market value ranking. Mobile voice and data, wireline internet, and other information and communications services are the company’s main businesses. The Group has 454,332 employees as of December 31, 2020, with a total of 942 million mobile users and 210 million wireline internet consumers, with annual revenue of RMB768.1 billion.

Forbes magazine named the Company to its Global 2,000 World’s Largest Public Companies list in 2020, while Fortune magazine named it to its Fortune Global 500 list. The China Mobile brand was ranked 36th in Millward Brown’s BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020.

Founded: 1997

Country: China

Market Cap: $122.46 Billion


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top largest telecom companies


Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTTYY)

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) is one of Japan’s largest telecommunications businesses, with a market capitalization of $96 billion in 2019.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone is a telecommunications company based in Japan. It sells telecommunications equipment and provides domestic intra-prefectural communication services such as fixed voice-related, Internet Protocol (IP), and packet communications services. Mobile voice, IP, and packet communications services, as well as system integration and network system services, are all offered by the company. Nippon also has operations in real estate, banking, and other fields.

Fiber optic connections and cloud computing services, rather than bundle bundles, drive the company’s revenue. It also controls NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest cellular provider, as well as a number of other phone firms in the country.

Founded: 1985

Country: Japan

Market Cap: $96.8 billion


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top largest telecom companies



Softbank Group Corporation is a Japanese multinational holding company based in Tokyo. Sprint, a significant telecom company in the United States, is owned by it to the tune of 80%. SoftBank also has businesses in broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e-commerce, the internet, technological services, finance, media & marketing, semiconductor design, and other areas. In 2019, the corporation is valued at $85 billion.

Masayoshi Son, the company’s founder, and main stakeholder is well-known for his leadership. SoftBank Corporation, the company’s former flagship, and a spun-off affiliate is Japan’s third-largest wireless carrier, with 45.621 million users as of March 2021.

SoftBank was named the 36th largest public business in the world by Forbes Global 2000 in 2017, and the second-largest publicly traded corporation in Japan after Toyota. SoftBank’s emblem is based on the flag of the Kaientai, a maritime commerce corporation formed by Sakamoto Ryma in 1865, near the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Founded: 1981

Country: Japan

Market Cap: $93.63 Billion


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top largest telecom companies


Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY)

With a market value of $81 billion in 2019, Deutsche Telekom, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is Europe’s largest telecommunications services provider. T-Mobile is one of the company’s many subsidiaries around the world, and it owns large stakes in a number of other top telecom businesses in Europe, including Magyar Telekom (Hungary), Slovak Telekom (Slovakia), and Hellenic telecommunications provider OTE. Deutsche Telekom now has over 205 million mobile, broadband, and other network subscribers.

Deutsche Telekom is a telecommunications and information technology company based in Germany. Customers in Germany, Eastern Europe, and the United States can use the company’s fixed-line telephone services, mobile communications services, Internet access, and combined information technology and telecommunications services.

Founded: 1995

Country: Germany

Market Cap: $87.4 billion


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top largest telecom companies



On October 1, 2000, KDDI Corporation was founded by the merging of DDI Corp. (Daini-Denden Inc.), KDD (Kokusai Denshin Denwa) Corp., and KDD (Kokusai Denshin Denwa) Corp. Its headquarters are in Iidabashi, Chiyoda, Tokyo’s Garden Air Tower.

The “au by KDDI” brand is used by KDDI to deliver mobile cellular services. The au one net brand is used for ISP network services, whereas “au Hikari” is used for long-distance and international phone and data communications services, as well as Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services. “ADSL One” is the brand name for ADSL broadband services, and “Metal Plus” is the brand name for IP telephony over copper.

KDDI provides network, data center, cloud/SaaS, security, and IoT services in Japan and dozens of other countries across the world, in addition to cellular services. Financial and payment services are also available. Individuals and businesses are served by KDDI.

Founded: 2000

Market Cap: $70.3 billion


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top largest telecom companies


América Móvil SAB de CV (AMX)

América Móvil is a telecommunications company founded in Mexico that serves consumers all over the world. Wireless voice, wireless data, fixed voice, fixed broadband, fixed data, pay television, and information technology services are all provided by the corporation.

América Móvil is Latin America’s top provider of integrated telecommunications services. It is the largest corporation in terms of wireless subscribers, excluding China and India. We provide our customers a spectrum of value-added services and enhanced communications solutions in 25 countries across Latin America, the United States, and Central and Eastern Europe thanks to the creation of a world-class integrated telecommunications platform.

Country: Mexico

Market Cap: $55.9 billion


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top largest telecom companies


Vodafone Group PLC (VOD)

Vodafone plc is a global telecommunications company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the UK’s largest telecoms firms.

The Vodafone Group offers a variety of telecommunications services, including phone and data. It provides both mobile and fixed-line services, such as call, text, and data access, as well as broadband, television, and voice. In addition, the company provides Internet of Things (IoT), public and private cloud services, cloud-based apps, and network and device security tools.

Vodafone operates in over 150 countries spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania, providing telecommunications and IT services. With over 550 million mobile subscribers by 2019, it will be the world’s second-largest mobile network provider, after China Mobile.

Founded: 1982

Country: The UK

Market Cap: $46.1 billion


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top largest telecom companies