Top Largest Textile Companies In Americas

1. TJX, Inc., 2. Lululemon Athletica, 3. V.F. Corporation, 4. Under Armour, 5. Ralph Lauren Corporation, 6. PVH Corporation, 7. TAPESTRY, 8. GAP. Textile and garment technology is an industry that aims to satisfy and meet people's needs for apparel and fashion with many products made through a modern industrial production system while ensuring aesthetics while ensuring production output. In this article, Toplist will mention the largest textile companies in the Americas.

  1. TJX, Inc.
  2. Lululemon Athletica
  3. V.F. Corporation
  4. Under Armour
  5. Ralph Lauren Corporation
  6. PVH Corporation
  8. GAP

TJX, Inc.

The TJX Companies, Inc., is the leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailer in the U.S. and worldwide. In 2021, the company was ranked 97 in the Fortune 500 company listings. TJX delivers great value on ever-changing selections of high quality, fashionable, brand name, and designer merchandise at prices generally 20%-60% below other retailers’ regular prices.

In here, you can be on the hunt throughout the year for the hottest brand name and designer merchandise for the entire family and home — from trendy tops and handbags to bold ties and footwear, to gourmet cookware and furniture, to hiking gear and activewear. Unlike retailers that buy seasonally, they usually have thousands of new high quality, brand name, and designer merchandise arriving in stores. They encourage customers to visit often to see the latest finding, at spectacular savings. And they have e-commerce sites –,,,, and – which add new merchandise almost daily, creating that “treasure hunt” shopping experience that customers truly enjoy.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $81.99 billion

Market Value (Jan 2020): $74.35 billion


  • 770 Cochituate RoadFramingham, MA 01701
  • 300-400 Value WayMarlborough, MA 01752

Phone number: 1-508-390-1000


top largest textile companies in americas

TJX. Photo:

top largest textile companies in americas

Lululemon Athletica

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1998, Lululemon Athletica is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training, and most other sweaty pursuits.

Lululemon is primarily known for leggings, which make the brand stand out. The main products of Lululemon are tops, yoga pants, shorts, sweaters, jackets, and bras. Besides, Lululemon also has more businesses like hair accessories, bags, yoga mats, water bottles, and personal care products like deodorant and dry shampoo. Lululemon trademarked their original fabric, Luon, in 2005. It included a higher-than-average amount of nylon microfiber. Since then, they have produced several different fabrics, including compression and moisture-wicking designs.

In 2017, Lululemon began selling shoes in 23 stores across North America. In 2019, they launched a luxury streetwear brand called Lab in a few stores. They maintained the research and development lab “Whitespace” which has around 50 employees including scientists and physiologists.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $45.35 billion

Market Value (Jan 2020): $30.53 billion

Address: 1818 Cornwall Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1C7, Canada

Phone number: 1-877-263-9300


top largest textile companies in americas

Lululemon. Photo:

top largest textile companies in americas

Lululemon. Photo:

V.F. Corporation

VF Corporation is one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear, and accessories companies, founded in 1899 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company connects people to the lifestyles, activities, and experiences they cherish most through 13 iconic brands organized into three categories: Outdoor, Active, and Work. Their iconic brands are more than just labels, each one is uniquely authentic and has earned its place in the lives of millions by conquering them with amazing products that enable them to live sustainable and active lifestyles.

VF group has announced the opening of a brand showcase hub in Axtell Soho, London, marking a new era of business success and investment for the company. VF has invested in a lease of Axtell Soho in London as a demonstration of its commitment to continued growth in London and the UK. The new hub, which supports the European operations, is “an awe-inspiring brand immersion showcase” designed to bring the most advanced and innovative expression of its brands to life, strengthen trade relationships, and fuel growth in the UK.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $33.21 billion

Market Value (Jan 2020): $40.03 billion

Address: 1551 Wewatta St.Denver, CO 80202

Phone number: +1 336 424 6000


top largest textile companies in americas

VF Factory. Photo:

top largest textile companies in americas

VF product. Photo:

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sports equipment company that manufactures footwear, sportswear, and casual apparel. Under Armour was founded in 1996 by a former special teams captain of the University of Maryland football team. Products manufactured by Under Armour include athletic shoes, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, leggings, shorts, athletic bras, athletic bags, face masks, and accessories such as bags, gloves, caps, and protective gear. They also produce American football, basketball, and other sports.

With lines products like TurfGear, AllseasonGear, and StreetGear, Under Armor rose to the top of the emerging show wear industry. Their products have great designs, which use ceramic powder to dissipate and re-circulate heat around the wearer’s body, reflect heat and keep athletes always cool in the sun. In addition, they also have scent control technology “Under Armour Scent Control” which claims that the wearer’s scent cannot be detected.

Shoes are Under Armour’s fastest-growing product line, which produces the Speedform shoe in a Chinese bra factory. It has no insole and little stitching. In 2018, Under Armour launched two new pairs of connected running shoes at CES, inside have a Bluetooth module, accelerator, and gyroscope.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $7.28 billion
Market Value (Jan 2020): $9.28 billion

Phone number: 1-888-727-6687


top largest textile companies in americas

Under Armour Product. Photo:

top largest textile companies in americas

Under Armour Product. Photo:

Ralph Lauren Corporation

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American-traded fashion company was founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium products, including five categories: apparel, accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality. For more than 50 years, Ralph Lauren has continuously developed its reputation and distinctive image through an ever-expanding number of products, brands, and international markets.

Ralph Lauren invested in Natural Fiber Welding, Inc., a leading material science startup. They want to revolutionize the reuse of natural fibers, such as cotton, into patented, high-performance materials. It enables Ralph Lauren to develop apparel made from recycled, plant-based materials as well as create and scale a new industry standard for natural fiber recycling. Recycled cotton is often unsuitable for use in new cotton apparel due to the short fibers created during recycling, they have solved this challenge with a process that welds short fibers into longer fibers to create more high-performance cotton yarns. The result has created a material that’s superior to synthetic fabrics while still retaining the comfortable feel of cotton. Now, Ralph Lauren is expanding its use of recycled cotton and plant-based, leather alternative materials. It helps advance the progress toward sourcing 100 percent of materials, including cotton, and integrating zero-waste principles across its business.

Over time, the partnership will enable Ralph Lauren to reduce its reliance on synthetics such as polyester and nylon, while scaling the use of recycled materials.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $7.58 billion
Market Value (Jan 2020): $8.86 billion

Address: 650 Madison AvenueNew York, NY 10022

Phone number: 212-318-7000


top largest textile companies in americas


top largest textile companies in americas


PVH Corporation

PVH Corp. is an American clothing company, known as one of the world’s largest fashion companies, connecting with consumers in over 40 countries. PVH owns several global iconic brands, including Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER. With a 140-year history built on the strength of different brands as well as the team, they are committed to constantly pushing fashion to be better.

Five iconic brands with almost ~33K associates around the world bring the Power of PVH to life. Passion for innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit have taken the business to the forefront of the world’s apparel with a portfolio of iconic brands led by TOMMY HILFIGER and Calvin Klein. PVH provides products to many popular department stores, as well as online retailer Amazon both through its labels and private label agreements. PVH also sells its products directly to customers through about 700 outlet stores around the world.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $6.68 billion

Market Value (Jan 2020): $7.69 billion

Address: 200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016


top largest textile companies in americas

PVH Brands. Photo:

top largest textile companies in americas

Calvin Klein. Photo:


Tapestry Inc. is an American multinational luxury fashion, based in New York City on October 31, 2017. Coach Inc. is the first name of the company then they broaden its image after acquiring the Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands, changing the name to Tapestry.

Their brands were created by dreamers who were determined to turn ideas into icons and, with passion, made it happen. They hold themselves to high standards in every material, process, and person that plays a part in their work, and they embrace difference by design because diverse perspectives are at the heart of creativity. The result is that Tapestry elevates the best in people and brands. Individually, their brands are iconic.

Market Value (Jan 2021): $8.62 billion

Market Value (Jan 2020): $7.43 billion

Address: 10 Hudson Yards, New York 10001, US


top largest textile companies in americas

Coach Is Changing Its Name to Tapestry. Photo:

top largest textile companies in americas

Tapestry Products. Photo:


Founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F.Fisher, GAP is an American clothing and accessories retailer. Based in San Francisco, California, they deal in product lines such as jeans, pants and chinos, tops and tees, dresses and jumpsuits, skirts and shorts, shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, joggers and leggings, jackets, caps, belts, boxers, trunks, and footwear, etc. Gap has 3,345 Company-operated stores and 574 franchise store locations with approximately 135,000 employees.

GAP owns six brands: Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Intermix, Hill City, and Athleta. Old Navy democratizes style to ensure everyone has access to quality fashion at every price point. Athleta unleashes the potential of every woman, regardless of body size, age, or ethnicity. The Banana Republic believes in sustainable luxury for all. And Gap inspires the world to bring individuality to modern, responsibly made essentials.

Gap and Athleta commit to using more sustainable fibers in apparel production using 100% cotton from sustainable sources. At the same time, they also use other sustainable kinds of cotton such as organic, recycled, and American-grown.

Market Value (Jan-01-2021): 7.552 Billion USD

Market Value (Jan 1st, 2020): 6.764 Billion USD

Address: San Francisco2 Folsom St.San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone number: 1-800-333-7899


top largest textile companies in americas

GAP store. Photo: