Top Leading E-commerce Websites In Europe

1. Amazon, 2. Otto, 3. John Lewis, 4. Apple, 5. Zalando, 6. Tesco, 7. E.Leclerc, 8. Metro Group, 9. Shop Direct, 10. Marks & Spencer. Together with China and the United States, Europe is one of the world's largest ecommerce markets. Ikea, Zalando, and Otto are just a few of the prominent online retailers that call it home. But, in Europe, what are the most prominent ecommerce sites? Let's discover them in this article of Toplist!

  1. Amazon
  2. Otto
  3. John Lewis
  4. Apple
  5. Zalando
  6. Tesco
  7. E.Leclerc
  8. Metro Group
  9. Shop Direct
  10. Marks & Spencer


Amazon’s ubiquity has ensured that everyone has heard of the major online retailer.

Jeff Bezos created Amazon in 1994 in the United States, initially selling books before expanding to include practically everything today. Without a doubt, it is presently the largest internet store for practically all of your requirements.

Amazon ships to over 200 countries and sells a wide selection of products, including electronics, e-books, home appliances, and furniture.

Online shopping can be a hassle at times, but Amazon is one of the finest when it comes to making the process as simple as possible for customers. is a website that caters to the needs of each individual country. From Amazon India to Amazon Australia, users have access to everything. In reality, Amazon competes globally, including in India, with all local online buying portals. As a result, Amazon has done exceptionally well so far, generating significant revenue from all of its customers.

Founded: 1994

Country: Luxembourg

Online turnover in Europe: 27.89B



top leading e-commerce websites in europe



Otto has been one of Germany’s most successful e-commerce enterprises and the largest online retailer of fashion and leisure products for end-users for more than 60 years. Today, the company’s award-winning online shop and other specialized online shops account for more than 90% of overall sales.

The Hamburg-based Otto Group is a master of mail order and retail eCommerce. They have around 60 subsidiaries in over 20 countries that they own and run. Two of their most well-known brands are the French 3 Suisses and the British Freemans. For more than a decade, the Otto Group has been diversifying its businesses into financial services and real estate.

The Otto family business was founded in 1949, making it one of the oldest on our list. In their first catalog, they presented 28 different shoe types. The group’s world-famous online shopping website debuted in 1995.

In recent years, Otto has demonstrated that tradition and modern spirit can coexist in today’s world and be successful factors: In the tradition of corporate values that place a strong emphasis on the client, but also in the tradition that OTTO understands that this can only be accomplished with committed and satisfied staff. For OTTO, modern means being interested, encouraging innovation, and providing the necessary foundation. Trends and changes in consumption and purchasing behavior are swiftly and intelligently transferred to the company’s own business strategy. OTTO is a forerunner in the business, employing cutting-edge technology and sophisticated methods.

Founded: 1995

Country: Germany

Online turnover in Europe: 12.06B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


John Lewis

John Lewis is the most popular department store in the United Kingdom, a brand known for its Never Knowingly Undersold promise and for evoking true affection in its consumers. It includes 35 stores, over 27,000 John Lewis partners, and a website that has won awards. It presently offers the widest choice of products for any high-street business in the United Kingdom.

John Lewis Plc operates, an online business that sells across the United Kingdom. Its net eCommerce sales are virtually exclusively generated in the United Kingdom. In terms of product selection, is a one-stop-shop, with products spanning a variety of categories such as “Fashion,” “Furniture & Appliances,” and “Toys, Hobby & DIY.” The internet business first opened its doors in 2001.

As a result of the growing popularity of online browsing and shopping, John Lewis refocused its strategy and made e-commerce growth its top priority, setting a new commercial goal of increasing online yearly sales from £393 million in 2009/2010 to £685 million by 2011.

John Lewis has progressed from a department store with a subpar internet company to one of the top e-tailers in the UK, with online sales increasing by at least 27% each year between 2010 and 2011. On the busiest day, received an order every 1.9 seconds on the website. In 2010, John Lewis increased their multichannel clients from 7.3 percent to 12.67 percent of the total customer base, and from 15.75 percent to 15.75 percent in 2011, a 27 percent gain.

Founded: 2001

Country: The United Kingdom

Online turnover in Europe: 7.46B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


Apple is ranked fourth among the greatest online shopping sites. Apple, Inc.’s is a globally focused online store that generates eCommerce net sales primarily in the United States, as well as Greater China and Japan. specializes in the “Electronics & Media” category, specifically in the field of “Consumer Electronics” in terms of the product range. The internet business first opened its doors in 1997.

If there’s one thing Apple is known for, it’s outstanding design and attention to detail. Fortunately for us, this service is available for more than just iPhones and Apple Watches.

Apple’s minimalistic website showcases the company’s streamlined design and slick look, emphasizing its overarching brand objectives and strengthening consumer loyalty, which has been shown to boost profits.

Apple’s interface designs emphasize a consistent appearance and feel across the board, clear grids, and putting consumers in charge of their overall experience, as evidenced by its website. The products are organized in grids, and the website includes interactive demo films and infographics that allow visitors to compare, contrast, and, yes, control the entire shopping experience.

And Apple’s brand consistency pays off in spades, from products to an e-commerce website. Bounce rates are reduced as a result of brand loyalty and a smooth experience, which leads to increased sales.

Founded: 1997

Country: Ireland

Online turnover in Europe: 5.63B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe



Zalando is the most popular online fashion and lifestyle portal in Europe. Since our founding in Berlin in 2008, they have served 46 million active clients in 23 countries with clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty products.

From well-known names to lesser-known businesses, the international brand selection is diverse. This website is a one-stop-shop for fashion inspiration, collaboration, and creation. As Europe’s most fashionable tech firm, they work hard to discover digital solutions for every aspect of the fashion journey, for customers, partners, and every other vital participant in the Zalando story. The site’s purpose is to become the beginning point for the fashion industry.

Their logistics network, which includes 13 strategically located fulfillment and warehousing sites in Italy, France, Poland, and Sweden, allows them to efficiently serve all customers across Europe.

The convergence of fashion, operations, and internet technology, they believe, is the key to creating a compelling value proposition for both our clients and fashion brand partners. The stores of Zalando have approximately 560 million monthly visits. Mobile devices have accounted for over 90% of traffic so far, resulting in 46 million active customers.

Founded: 2008

Online turnover in Europe: 5.39B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


Tesco is a Tesco-owned and operated e-commerce website. It also sells a variety of other items and services, such as electronic goods, literature, broadband, and financial services. Tesco’s Tesco Direct website was shut down in the early 2000s. was launched on April 11th, 2000. It also operates in the Republic of Ireland and South Korea via the internet. John Browett, the CEO of at the time, was awarded the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award in 2003 for the innovative systems he employed to support this online grocery service.

Tesco claimed in its 2005 annual report that its 300 participating supermarkets could serve 98 percent of the UK population. With over 250,000 purchases every week, it posted online sales up 29.2 percent to £1.2 billion and earnings up 48.5 percent to £83 million in the financial year ending February 24, 2007.

Tesco introduced its first home shopping catalog in autumn 2006 as an additional channel for non-food product sales. Both channels are branded as “Tesco Direct” and are connected with the online business. Tesco ran an ad campaign for their internet phone, promoting the service by offering free calls to all other Tesco internet phone users. became the first home delivery operator in the UK to offer consumers the option of having their groceries delivered in green boxes without carrier bags in June 2007, as part of Tesco’s green commitment. Green Clubcard points are awarded to consumers who go bag-free. Tesco has discontinued using plastic and paper carrier bags for all online shopping delivered as of August 19, 2019, following a trial of totally bagless delivery service. Only small bags for small loose things such as nuts and small fruits that could not be placed loosely in a shipping box will be utilized after this date, as well as small bags for meat/fish items that could otherwise pose a hygiene risk.

Tesco became the first supermarket in the world to offer an API in July 2009. This feature could pave the road for smart equipment like networked refrigerators that can place food orders automatically. serves as a gateway to Tesco Grocery, Tesco Direct, Clubcard, Bank, Clothing, Wine By The Case, and Tesco Entertainment, as well as other significant online business areas.

Founded: 2000

Online turnover in Europe: 4.41B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe



E.Leclerc is a French cooperative society and hypermarket chain based in Ivry-sur-Seine. Édouard Leclerc founded E.Leclerc in Brittany on January 1, 1948.

As of 2019, E.Leclerc has over 720 sites in France and 85 outlets outside of the country. Under the Leclerc name, semi-independent stores are allowed to operate. The Marque Repère and Eco+ labels are used for own-brand products. Espace Culturel is a dedicated entertainment/multimedia section found in some larger hypermarkets.

E.Leclerc has a large number of stores and services throughout France, some near and in cities and towns, but the majority are outside or in hypermarkets and shopping malls. Some of them are L’auto (Car Garage), Brico (DIY store), Le Prou Construction (Residential and commercial construction), Espace Culturel (Multimedia store/DVD store), Jardin (Garden Centre), Location (A Quick Car rental Service), Manège à Bijoux (Jewelry Kiosk), Optique (Opticians), Parapharmacie (Pharmacy, Chemist store), etc.

Founded: 1949

Country: France

Online turnover in Europe: 3B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


Metro Group

Metro is a renowned multinational wholesale corporation that specializes in addressing the needs of hotels, restaurants, and caterers (HoReCa), as well as individual traders, with food and non-food assortments.

Metro has around 16 million clients worldwide who can shop in one of the large-format stores, order online and pick up in-store, or have their items delivered. METRO also uses digital solutions to boost the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and small companies, contributing to cultural variety in retail and hospitality.

Metro’s business is built on a foundation of sustainability. METRO has been a part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for seven years running. The corporation employs about 97,000 people worldwide and operates in 34 countries. METRO made €25.6 billion in sales in the fiscal year 2019/20.

Founded: 1964

Online turnover in Europe: 2.92B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


Shop Direct

At Shop Direct Home Shopping, you can skip the lineups. The Shop Direct Group, one of the UK’s major shop-at-home retailers, distributes brand-name garments and footwear, appliances and gadgets, jewelry, toys, and other items through its websites and catalogs (more than 9 million distributed annually).

The business was known as Littlewoods Shop Direct Group until a corporate rebranding to Shop Direct Group in May 2008. It was founded as a result of the combination of the previous Littlewoods and Shop Direct firms. The company changed its name to Shop Direct in 2013, eliminating the ‘group’ from its moniker. In 2020, Shop Direct changed its name to The Very Group.

Littlewoods, Woolworths, Isme,, and K&Co are just a few of the retail brands that make up its home-shopping division. Shop Direct provides overstock items as well as a variety of financial services through its 25+ Littlewoods Clearance stores. Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay, billionaire brothers, own the company that used to be known as Littlewoods Shop Direct Home Shopping.

Founded: 2003

Online turnover in Europe: 2.65B


top leading e-commerce websites in europe


Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer Group plc is a retail corporation established in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom (UK) Clothing & Home, UK Food, International, and Ocado are the company’s operating segments. Womenswear, menswear, lingerie, children’s clothing, and home products are all sold in UK retail locations and online under the UK Clothing & Home umbrella.

The UK Food division covers the results of the UK retail food business and UK Food franchise operations, which include protein deli and dairy; produce; ambient and in-store bakery; meals, desserts, and frozen; hospitality, and Food on the Move.

M&S is a leading British retailer bringing quality, great value food, clothing, and homeware to millions of customers around the world.

Founded: 1884

Online turnover in Europe: 2.5B