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Top Longest Rivers in State of Palestine

1. Jordan River, 2. Wadi al-Far'a River, 3. Nahal Hevron. Palestine is a geographical area in Western Asia, located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Despite constant wars, the beauty of the longest rivers in the State of Palestine leaves a strong impression on tourists. Let's explore Longest Rivers in State of Palestine.

  1. Jordan River
  2. Wadi al-Far’a River
  3. Nahal Hevron

Jordan River

The Jordan River, often known as the River Jordan, is a river in Jordan Jordan, also known as Nahr Al Sharieat, is a Middle Eastern river that runs roughly north to south via the Sea of Galilee and on to the Dead Sea. The river is bordered to the east by Jordan and the Golan Heights, and to the west by the West Bank and Israel. Of all the longest rivers in the State of Palestine, this is the most beautiful.

Jordan and the West Bank are named after the Jordan River. In both Judaism and Christianity, the river is revered. According to the Bible, the Israelites crossed the Promised Land, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus of Nazareth. The Jordan River flows in two directions, one from its source to the Sea of Galilee (through the Bethsaida Valley) and the other from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea.

The upper course (or most of it) is commonly referred to as passing through the “Hula Valley,” as opposed to the “Upper Jordan Valley”; the Sea of Galilee, through which the river passes, is a separate entity; and the lower course, fed by the Yarmouk and Zarqa Rivers, is referred to as the “Jordan Valley.” This is one of longest Rivers in State of Palestine.

Length: 251 km

top longest rivers in state of palestine

top longest rivers in state of palestine

Wadi al-Far’a River

The Nahal Tirzah or Wadi al-Far’a River is a creek in the northern West Bank that drains into the Jordan River south of Damia Bridge. It is the West Bank’s biggest stream. Wadi al-Far’a cuts east across the Jordan Valley, passing through the Palestinian community of Wadi al-Far’a, and is located in the mountainous area of the West Bank.

The Tirzah Reservoir collects floodwater from Wadi al-Far’a River before it enters the Jordan River. The town of Wadi al-Far’a is located to a number of Qaraoun culture Heavy Neolithic archaeological monuments. Between 1925 and 1926, Francis Turville-Petre identified three similar sites there. Wadi Farah, Shemouniyeh, and an occupational site in Wadi Sallah are the locations. This is one of longest Rivers in State of Palestine.

The location in Wadi Farah was recognized as a flint factory on a high terrace near the Wadi Salhah’s confluence. A large number of enormous flint tools and detritus have been discovered, all of which have been related to this little-known society. Picks, adzes, borers, and flake scrapers were among the tools discovered.

Length: 59 km

top longest rivers in state of palestine

top longest rivers in state of palestine

Nahal Hevron

The Hebron River, also known as Nahal Hevron in Hebrew and Wadi al-Samen and Wadi al-Khalil in Arabic, flows along the Judea-Negev border. The city of Hebron, which is primarily under the Palestinian Authority, is the source of the Hebron River. This is one of longest Rivers in State of Palestine.

The Nahal Hevron is part of the Besor Stream’s basin. It flows through Dahariya, Beersheba, and the northern Negev, draining into Nahal Be’er Sheva at Omer before ending in the Mediterranean Sea on the Gaza Strip’s coasts. The river flows through the jurisdictional regions of Meitar, Abu Basma, Omer, Tel Sheva, and Galili in Israel’s territory, and is managed by the Ministry of the Interior. “Longing for the River” is an educational program run by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), and the Shikma-Besor Drainage Authority in the Hebron Stream.

The three-year strategy is directed at those living near the Hebron River, with the goal of increasing knowledge and responsibility for the river and its environs. The program is concerned with how the formal and informal education systems may contribute to the creation of a knowledge base, connections, and a sense of belonging among various demographic groups and streams.

Length: 2.5 km

top longest rivers in state of palestine

top longest rivers in state of palestine