Top Most Beautiful Beaches in Bahamas

1. Pig Beach, 2. Whiteland Beach, Rock Sound, 3. Tahiti Beach, 4. Guana Cay Beach, Great Guana Cay, 5. Manjack Cay, 6. Cable Beach, Nassau, 7. Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama, 8. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island. There are miles of tropical beaches in the Bahamas. It's hardly surprising that most of the country's nicest beaches are only accessible by boat because the country has approximately 700 islands and over 2,000 cays (pronounced "keys"). Let's have a look at this list of the greatest beaches in the Bahamas.

  1. Pig Beach
  2. Whiteland Beach, Rock Sound
  3. Tahiti Beach
  4. Guana Cay Beach, Great Guana Cay
  5. Manjack Cay
  6. Cable Beach, Nassau
  7. Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama
  8. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

Pig Beach

Pig Beach on Big Major Cay is a beach on an abandoned island off the coast of Exuma, Bahamas. The island gets its unofficial name from a colony of feral pigs that live on the island. In current times, it has become a tourist destination. The island is famous for its Pig Beach, which gets its name from the Exuma pigs, which are the sole occupants of the island, along with a few stray cats and goats. On the swimming pigs beach, there are an estimated 20 to 25 pigs and piglets. The pigs range in size from young piglets, who are a fan favorite, to Big Momma, the island’s largest and oldest pig.

The island and surroundings have a similar aspect to that of the Bahamas region. The beach and the island as a whole are lined with soft white sand beaches, blue seas of the Caribbean Sea, and swaying palm palms.

The island is just approximately a mile long. Despite its small size, the island attracts more annual travelers than the remainder of the Bahamas islands, which were visited by 6.62 million tourists in 2018.

Location: Black Point, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Whiteland Beach, Rock Sound

Whiteland Beach is a long romantic beach positioned in the south of the island of Eleuthera, 6.5 kilometers from the settlement of Rock Sound. It provides a relaxing vacation by combining privacy, stunning tropical scenery, and well-equipped facilities. One of the nicest beaches on Eleuthera can be found down a tiny sandy lane — it’s a rather lonely length of white sand, but the charm resides in its lack of tourists. On your way back, stop by Ocean Hole, a circular water hole with 15-foot (4.5-meter) cliffs to jump from and a ladder to get out. Angelfish, parrotfish, and snapper abound in the hole, and if you bring food, they’ll practically eat it out of your hands.

Whiteland Beach’s natural features include its white sand covering that matches the pink sand regions, as well as various snug bays and natural pools with pure translucent turquoise water. The reef barrier protects the beach from the ocean side, giving ideal conditions for pleasant swimming throughout the day. The coastal area’s bottom is sandy, which, along with the gradual slope, makes the entry safe and convenient. In certain spots, tropical vegetation covers the beach zone, casting a lovely shadow in the afternoon heat. In some places, the beach is encircled by rock formations that protrude deep into the sea.

Location: Unnamed Road, South Eleuthera, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Tahiti Beach

Tahiti Beach is a unique and exclusive community of 26 gorgeous estate residences located on an island with its own sandy beach in the famous Coral Gables neighborhood of Cocoplum. Tahiti Beach homeowners have full access to Cocoplum’s amenities, which include 24-hour security, a marina, a clubhouse, and three tennis courts.

Secluded, yet minutes from center Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile shopping, The Village of Merrick Park, which is anchored by Neiman-Marcus and Nordstrom, and more shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities in nearby Coconut Grove and South Miami. The Miami International Airport, Downtown Miami, and the Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne are all within a 20-minute drive. Tahiti Beach, located directly on Biscayne Bay’s dazzling waters, provides stunning waterfront mansions with rich detailing on wide lawns and gardens with thick tropical greenery, as well as spectacular views from sunrise to sunset. Tahiti Beach, named after an exotic South Pacific island, certainly lives up to its image as an island paradise with a resort-style of living.

This charming cay is home to some of the friendliest individuals you’ll ever meet. Hope Town’s candy cane striped lighthouse and modest Caribbean-colored buildings are reason enough to make the trek – which is a little off the main path in the Bahamas. The beaches, of course, are world-class. Tahiti Beach is tucked away on the island’s southwestern tip and, as a result, is rarely crowded. When you arrive at Thirsty Cuda’s boat bar, the personnel will locate you on the beach and give you your drink.

Location: Elbow Cay, Hope Town, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Guana Cay Beach, Great Guana Cay

The long, magnificent beach on Great Guana Cay is well-known. Miles of the white sand beach is just waiting to be discovered. Walking, running, swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and collecting shells, sea glass, and sea beans are all popular activities on the beach. The first island you’ll see south of Noname Cay and the Whale Cay Passage is Great Guana Cay. Guana’s reef-strewn ocean beaches, which stretch for 5.5 miles along the island’s coast, are said to be the most picturesque in the Abacos. Waters of every hue of blue, aquamarine, and turquoise soak the white sand beach.

Great Guana is a small island in the Bahamas that is one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches, so if you’re searching for peace and quiet, this is the place to go. Take a stroll down Guana Cay Beach’s kilometers of nearly pink sand, which is best experienced just before sunset. If you want to sip a little, just grab a Guana Grabber, the eponymous cocktail created in the 1960s at Grabbers Bed, Bar, and Grill. If you’re feeling more social, head to Nippers beach bar, where you’ll soon be dancing on the tables.

Location: Hope Town, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Manjack Cay

You’ll find a unique small bay at the north end of this cay in the Abaco islands where you may feed the marine creatures. Manjack Cay is to the north of Green Turtle Cay. The classic white-sand beach that everyone dreams about may be found at its northern end. They are fascinating to explore and offer gorgeous beaches. Fiddle’s northern end has a nice beach and is only a short distance from Green Turtle Cay. Tourists frequently visit the area and wade through the pass that connects Fiddle and Crab Cay. As you approach, you’ll notice its lovely white sandbar. If the tide is going out, however, keep somewhat to the south in the grassy deeper water and avoid anchoring over it.

Those daring enough to swim with stingrays and – for the most part – harmless nurse sharks will have an unforgettable experience. This lovely, isolated cay is also ideal for lobster spearfishing. If you are planning to go there, it is recommended that you should take a picnic lunch on the little picnic area near the beach – and, of course, wash it down with a nice beer or chilled rum punch.

Location: North Abaco, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Cable Beach, Nassau

In Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital, it is suggested to take a jitney west and get off at Goodman’s Bay for some quiet. Cable Beach and the resorts are a short walk away from here. Enjoy the sandy sand and stunning blue waves with a platter of conch fritters and a beverage from one of the bars. Jet skiing is a popular activity here, and there are a variety of other watersports to check out before heading to the casino. This beach is known around the world for its beautiful sand and clear waters, as well as the several affluent resorts that flank it.

Cable Beach, a two-and-a-half-mile stretch of magnificent beach with five first-class or luxury resorts, a golf course, nightlife, and the Bahamas’ largest casino, is located a few miles west of Nassau. Today, it’s the ultimate sun-soaked playground. There are all of the regular water sports and activities available, as well as lots of sunbathing area.

Location: Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Gold Rock Beach, Grand Bahama

Gold Rock Beach is one of Grand Bahama Island’s most gorgeous beaches. The pristine waters of this quiet beach reach over 75 yards (70 meters) into the sea at low tide. Swim in the shallow waters, bring a picnic and eat while taking in the scenery, or simply relax while avoiding the crowds. This beach is located within the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island and is by far the most beautiful beach on the island. You’ll be rewarded with lovely sand and blue sea if you access the beach through a boardwalk that crosses a marshy region. A refreshing plunge in the lake here is a pleasant treat after a hot journey through the tropical park.

Tourists can witness the beach’s beautiful appearance at low tide when waves create a signature rippling effect in the sand which locals have nicknamed their “welcome mat”. Additionally, you can walk to the end of the beach to see where Disney filmed scenes for two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The beach is an ideal place for a picnic and is equipped with barbecue pits, picnic tables, and benches. Be aware that there are no other amenities at the beach and very little shade. Come prepared with enough food, sunscreen, and water to last the day.

Location: Grand Bahama, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas
top most beautiful beaches in bahamas

Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

This magnificent Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island is undoubtedly one of the country’s most beautiful. The beach, which is located on one of the Bahamas’ smaller islands, is ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the warm, clear water. The most stunning feature is a 5-kilometer (3-mile) length of silky pink sand. It is thus one of the world’s most bizarre beaches. Foraminifera – a marine invertebrate – and its red shell, which crushes and then blends with the white sand, gives the light rose color. The sand’s remarkable light pink combined with finely ground coral and shells to form candy floss-colored sand that’s as soft as talcum powder. The trinity of pink beach, turquoise sea, and azure skies must be seen to be believed. The beach turns into a flaming strip beneath the dying embers of the shining day at sunset – don’t forget your camera, as no filters are required.

Numerous resorts dot the exquisite island, ensuring complete relaxation in these idyllic surroundings. Visitors can go swimming, snorkeling, and fishing during the day, and then visit the town in the evening to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Location: Harbour Island, Bahamas

top most beautiful beaches in bahamas
top most beautiful beaches in bahamas