Top Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana

1. Bojo Beach, 2. Labadi Pleasure Beach, 3. Kokorobite, 4. Busua. Ghana is a country in West Africa with over 31 million people. Every year, Ghana receives many tourist arrivals to Ghana mainly from South Americans, Asians, Europeans, and North Americans. Ghana is home to pristine beaches, friendly people, and great places to relax. Here, let's take a look at "Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana" to choose for yourself the most ideal tourist destination for your upcoming plan.

  1. Bojo Beach
  2. Labadi Pleasure Beach
  3. Kokorobite
  4. Busua

Bojo Beach

Bojo beach is located at the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean next to a fishing village. This intimate beach is perfect for those who want to relax by the sea without having to venture too far from the city. Bojo Beach is only 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the center of Accra and the journey is made all the more special as visitor have to cross the Densu River by canoe to get to the magical beaches.

Bojo Beach is located in Greater Accra, about 30 minutes from the Airport or the city center. The beach is very clean, and the natural setting is unique and lovely. Along this coast, many beautiful beaches with various sands and rocks hug the Atlantic Ocean.

Places to visit in Bojo Beach:

  • Legon Botanical Garden
  • Bojo beach
  • Kwame Nkrumah Park Tour
  • The Cape Coast Tour
  • Accra City Tour
  • Experience the Beauty, History, and the Culture Of Accra in Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park

Location: Accra, Ghana

Ratting: 4/5 – 376 reviews

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top most beautiful beaches in ghana

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top most beautiful beaches in ghana

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Labadi Pleasure Beach

Labadi Beach or more properly known as La Pleasure Beach is the famous beach on Ghana’s coast, located in Accra. So It is well patronized by locals and expats. Labadi Beach is in a town called La, so it is popularly known as Labadi by locals. On holidays and weekends, Labadi Beach is often hosting performances of reggae, hiplife, playback, and cultural drumming and dancing. Enjoy horseback riding, delicious street food, and live band music without traveling out of town.

Visitors have commented on Labadi Beach that: “The beach is always crowded with different spots to sit right on the beach. Sunset view is amazing and the drinks are not overpriced.”

Places to visit in Labadi Beach:

  • The Cape Coast Tour
  • Tour of Downtown Accra
  • Volta Ghana Peak Hiking Adventure Tour
  • Bus Tours, Local Tour packages
  • Half-Day Botanical Gardens with Cocoa Farm and La Beach Private Tour

Location: Labadi, Accra, Ghana

Ratting: 3.5/5 – 633 reviews

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top most beautiful beaches in ghana


top most beautiful beaches in ghana

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Kokorobite is a beach town located 30 km west of Accra, the capital of Ghana. Kokorobite is known for its beautiful tropical views and a vibrant nightlife that attracts many visitors from near and far. So, Kokorobite is often chosen for parties and conferences. Locals like to get together on weekends on the beach to dance, hang out and eat. Kokrobite is also another popular beach destination in Ghana located a few kilometers from Accra. It is always filled with expats who come to enjoy the outstanding Rastafarian culture there. It is great for a party, with plenty of seating and a tranquil atmosphere because of the shade of the many palm trees on the shore.

Visitors have commented on Kokorobite that: “Great beach for relaxing, socializing or surfing. This place has some fun shops and restaurants there and a surf shop you can rent boards from. But just be aware that on holidays it can be very crowded with locals, and after rain it probably isn’t the best place to swim or surf.”

Places to visit in Kokorobite:

  • Ghana Drumming & Dancing
  • Primal Arts, Reggae, and Culture Tours
  • Escape Accra City to Aburi Gardens and Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farms

Location: outskirts of Accra, Ghana

Ratting: 4.5/5 – 97 reviews

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top most beautiful beaches in ghana

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Busua is known as a beach and fishing village in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region in Ghana. Busua Beach is a popular attraction for many tourists and is close to the city. This place is notable for snorkeling and delicious seafood restaurants. Patrons come from all over the world to indulge in fresh seafood because it is known for its blue marlin and tuna fishery which is very famous.

Traveler reviews of Busua said “This is a beautiful beach in Western Ghana. The locals don’t sunbath or swim in the water. I saw a couple of surfers. Several small restaurants are on the beach and some locals near us in a”. friendly, non-annoying way asking if we would like surf lessons or to sell us some fresh lobsters. The only disappointment of this picturesque beach is the clutter of plastic bottles and other miscellaneous trash.”

Places to visit in Busua Beach:

  • Dixcove & Ghana’s Western Coast
  • Western Region Of Ghana Tour From Accra
  • Leisure trip on the coast of Ghana

Location: Western Region, Ghana

Ratting: 4.5/5 – 26 reviews

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top most beautiful beaches in ghana

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top most beautiful beaches in ghana

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