Top Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

1. My Khe Beach, 2. An Bang Beach, 3. Hon Chong Beach, 4. Beaches in Binh Ba Island, 5. Co Thach Beach, 6. Quy Nhon Beach, 7. Beaches in Con Dao Islands, 8. Long Beach, 9. Quan Lan Beaches, 10. Cat Co Beaches, 11. Mui Ne, 12. Lang Co, 13. Ninh Chu. Where is the finest area to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? The response is that nothing beats the mood of the beach. If you're planning a trip to Vietnam, don't forget to stop by some of the top ten greatest beaches in Vietnam.  Vietnam boasts almost 3000 kilometers of coastline, with vast stretches of beach, tropical islands, caves, and lagoons. The country is well-known among tourists due to the numerous beautiful beaches along the coast.  Do you enjoy going to the beach? If so, don't miss these stunning and swimming-friendly beaches in Vietnam.

  1. My Khe Beach
  2. An Bang Beach
  3. Hon Chong Beach
  4. Beaches in Binh Ba Island
  5. Co Thach Beach
  6. Quy Nhon Beach
  7. Beaches in Con Dao Islands
  8. Long Beach
  9. Quan Lan Beaches
  10. Cat Co Beaches
  11. Mui Ne
  12. Lang Co
  13. Ninh Chu

My Khe Beach

It’s a shame to waste your days in Danang without visiting one of Vietnam’s most lovely beaches, My Khe, which is located next to Non Nuoc beach and Bac My An beach.

A magnificent beach unfolds in front of you only 5 kilometers from the city center and 25 kilometers from Hoi An. My Khe beach is ideal for family vacations due to its unspoiled beauty and 10-kilometer beachfront that stretches from the base of Son Tra Peninsula to the Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son).

Forbes named My Khe beach as one of the world’s six most beautiful beaches. The magnificent natural landscape is created by a long length of fine white sand, a slight incline, calm waves, clear and warm water, blue sky, white clouds, and lovely coconut trees. Sunbathing, jet skiing, surfing, sailing, fishing, and snorkeling are all popular activities on the beach.

My Khe beach is unique in that the water is warm all year, allowing you to swim at any time of year. The beach is safe for swimmers because it is not too deep, and there are always flag swirls, life saving buoys, and a rescue squad on hand. More than that, around sunset, you will see a different My Khe with an orange coat. The magnificent sunset will capture you.

This beach is most lovely from May to October, as it is appealing both during the day and at night.

If you are looking for a tranquil, natural, and soothing environment, My Khe beach will be a perfect site that will leave an indelible memory.

Location: Danang

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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An Bang Beach

In addition to centuries-old Buddhist temples, colonial shophouses, handcrafted lanterns, and quaint museums in Old Town, Hoi An is home to a number of beautiful beaches, including An Bang. A separate destination in the north of Cua Dai beach with a 4km stretch of sand is a 10-minute journey from Hoi An old town by automobile. Locals used to underestimate An Bang beach. Cua Dai beach became popular among tourists when it was eroded. It is one of the few beaches that has not been seriously harmed by construction.

CNN named An Bang Beach one of the world’s top 100 best beaches. An Bang looks especially attractive with rows of thatched umbrellas and reclining lounge chairs on the powdered sand, as well as white-crested waves and blue ocean and sky. While relaxing on the beach, you can see the adjacent mountains, Da Nang Bay, and the distant Cham Island.

Swimming, paddle boarding, and surfing are popular activities on the beach. All of these activities can help you make the most of your day in the sun. Locals generally come here to swim in the morning and to wander along the shoreline in the evening. When you follow the natives’ lead, you will feel extremely at ease.

Picnics or nighttime barbecues are also excellent activities at the beach. The neighborhood is a little laid-back, and there are no high-rise buildings yet. Visitors should come now and appreciate the seascape while it is still in its pristine state.

The months of February to May are ideal for a visit. If you plan to arrive by motorcycle or bicycle, remember to park near the beach’s entrance to prevent scammers.

Location: Hoi An

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Hon Chong Beach

Hon Chong beach is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful places. Hon Chong, commonly known as the Husband, is located to the north of Tran Phu beach and is a five-minute drive from the famed Po Nagar Cham Towers.

Hon Chong is a network of overlapping huge boulders of various shapes that runs out from the high bank towards the sea. These boulders naturally stack on top of one another. It’s incredible to think that waves and rain haven’t been able to topple the rocks for thousands of years.

Hon Chong is a peaceful beach with piled rocks and clear blue sea. Its location at the confluence of mountain and sea makes it a poetic tourist attraction. The exotic beach landscape is created by a collection of rocks.

When you’re there, pay a visit to Five Fingers on the upper edge of Hon Chong. Five finger rock is an unusual rock with five clearly defined huge fingers. If you want to climb the rocks, you will be charged VND 25,000. It is well worth paying for the amazing panoramic view of the crescent beach and neighboring little islands. It is highly risky, therefore make sure to follow the security team’s instructions when stepping on the stacked rocks.

The beach is ideal for scuba diving, diving, and surfing. This is also a great spot to unwind in a peaceful setting. Visitors can roam around and take in the expansive natural scenery, or they can stop for a drink at an open-air coffee shop. If you want to get away from the rush and bustle of everyday life, spend some time at Hon Chong Beach.

The months of December and May are thought to be the ideal for visiting Hon Chong beach.

Location: Nha Trang

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam


Beaches in Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba, often known as Lobster Island, is a small uninhabited island in Cam Binh commune, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. The island is located 15 kilometers from the Ba Ngoi harbor. It was previously inhabited by the military, and no one from the outside was permitted to visit. The rule has now been changed, however only locals are permitted to enter the island.

Binh Ba retains its natural beauty since it is well-protected by military and is largely untouched. On the island, there are seven virgin beaches: Hon Co, Bai Chuong, Old House, Cay Me, Bai Rua, Bai Nom, and Bo De, but only three are accessible: Bai Nom, Old House, and Bai Chuong.

Bai Nom is the most beautiful beach on the island. A beautiful arc-shaped shoreline is formed by a stretch of fine white sand and mountains on two sides, with massive stones on top. It is the only beach where you cannot see the sunrise or sunset. The purest water may be found at Old House Beach.

However, because of the rocks, swimming here is a little uncomfortable. There are many vivid coral reefs under and above water on Old House Beach, so you can explore them by scuba diving, snorkeling, or relaxing on a boat.

Although Bai Chuong beach is not as beautiful as the other two, it is an excellent location for watching the sunrise on Binh Ba island. Furthermore, the island enchants travelers with its untamed environment, inexpensive seafood, and friendly residents. This is also an excellent spot for photography.

The months of March to September are thought to be the finest time to visit Binh Ba’s beaches.

Note: If you are a foreign tourist on the island, avoid being curious and breaking the rules in prohibited areas.

Location: Khanh Hoa

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

Co Thach Beach

Co Thach beach in Binh Thuan province is another must-see tourist attraction in Vietnam. Co Thach beach, located in Tuy Phong district, is around 90 kilometers from Phan Thiet city. This legendary land is well-known for its numerous distinctive traits.

The boulders with diverse colors and weird shapes are one of the unique features of Co Thach beach. Aside from the calm waves and beautiful water, the beach scene is breathtaking, with the large rocks dressed in a green moss cloak.

Tourists will be able to observe the rocks’ continual color shift under the sunlight. The kaleidoscope colors of the pebbles will fascinate you. Depending on the angle of the light, they can appear purple, red, green, black, or white.

From February through April each year, hundreds of photographers go to the beach to capture the breathtaking glitter of the rocks at sunrise and dusk. It is difficult to discover such fascinating landscape anyplace else.

The unspoiled beauty of the beach is what attracts visitors the most. The adjacent Co Thach pagoda (or Chua Hang) and Hang Son are also worth a visit.

If you want to visit Co Thach beach, the best time to go is in March, when the hunting season for seven colored stones begins, or in August, when the most important festival, Nghinh Ong, is celebrated.

Location: Binh Thuan

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam


Quy Nhon Beach

Despite the fact that Quy Nhon beach is not a popular tourist attraction, it deserves to be a destination for beachgoers. The city beach is known as Vietnam’s Maldives. Because it remains unspoiled by the tourism industry, the majority of visitors are locals.

When arriving at Quy Nhon beach, the first thing that strikes you is how clean it is. There is no litter, no tourist activity, and no sellers with plastic chairs on the strip. The beach’s attractiveness is crystal pure turquoise sea, surrounded by verdant hills, and golden sand. Locals arrange wooden tables and chairs on the sand, and tourists can lounge under thatch umbrellas for the price of a drink.

The beach is completely vacant throughout the day, so you may spend the entire day basking in the sun. Furthermore, Quy Nhon beach is an excellent destination for visitors who want to rest in a peaceful setting. What a lovely place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tourists will be able to eat exceptional seafood because Quy Nhon is a significant fishing harbor.

If you’re looking for a pristine natural landscape, Quy Nhon beach is a must-see. It is preferable to visit Quy Nhon between February and August, when the rainy season has ended and the temperature is nice.

Location: Binh Dinh

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Beaches in Con Dao Islands

If you’re thinking where to go on your trip to Vietnam, the Con Dao Islands should be your first destination. Con Dao Islands, commonly known as Con Dao National Park, are a group of 16 islets in southern Vietnam that are separated from the mainland. As a result, the Con Dao islands are home to numerous beautiful pristine beaches.

Con Son island appears to be an ideal site where you can observe plenty of glorious beaches and bays, such as Lo Voi beach, An Hai beach, Bai Suoi Nong, and so on. Bai Dat Doc is one of Con Dao island’s most beautiful beaches. This beach, surrounded by bushy woodland and rugged mountains, welcomes visitors to a world of stunning natural beauty.
Dam Trau beach on the Con Dao islands is a popular swimming and sunbathing spot due to its gentle waves, pure blue water, and colorful coral reefs.

Aside from discovering this land’s terrible past with its French colonial buildings and jails, it’s worth immersing yourself in its gorgeous beaches. Travelers can also take a tunnel to get to the local beach, Bai Suoi Nong. Bai Suoi Nong is almost completely clean due to its geographic seclusion, featuring white sand and thick mangroves.

Do you enjoy camping? Then proceed to Lo Voi and An Hai beaches via Ton Duc Thang Boulevard. These two beaches are popular destinations for shore excursions. Traveling groups can congregate here to play in the surf and camp. Lo Voi beach is lovely with its long white sand and poplars, whilst An Hai (the largest beach) enchants visitors with its backdrop of several majestic mountains.

Nothing beats going onto the sand of the beach in the morning to soak up the sun rays, letting your hair blow in the salty wind with a view of the endless turquoise ocean, or strolling around town to experience gorgeous and quiet living. All of these things provide us with a sensation of serenity and relaxation. Con Dao islands are the finest place to get up close and personal with huge beaches and evergreen trees.

From March to September is the finest season to visit Con Dao island. During this time, if you’re lucky, you might see turtles producing eggs.

Location: Ba Ria-Vung Tau

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Long Beach

As Vietnam’s largest island, Phu Quoc has a plethora of beaches strewn about. Long beach, also known as Bai Truong, is a must-see attraction on Phu Quoc island. The beach is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc island and has a 20-kilometer coastline.

Long beach is separated into two sections: north and south. The northern end of the beach is densely packed with hotels, guesthouses, hostels, bars, and restaurants, while the southern end is home to shopping districts, marina posh restaurants, luxury resorts, villas, and pearl farms. The beach is easily reached on foot.

Long beach is appealing due to its swaying palm palms, long stretch of smooth yellow sands, and clean and tranquil ocean. There is one hanging beach-side palm tree in particular at the northern half of the beach. This is a popular location for wedding photography. Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, squid fishing, and riding around town are just a few of the activities available at the beach. In fact, the beaches on Phu Quoc island are regarded as some of the best in Vietnam for snorkeling.

You can also rent a bicycle or a motorcycle to explore the pearl fields and traditional fishing communities at the southern end of the beach. If you do not want to join in the activities, simply rest on a sun lounge and enjoy the quiet environment of the beautiful beach, glistening pellucid ocean, and dancing palm trees beneath a clear sky.

Long Beach also provides photographers with stunning and beautiful sunset views. Visitors have long been fascinated by this beautiful vista. As a result, Long Beach is an outstanding destination on the list of things to do in Phu Quoc.

Do you intend to spend your vacation in Phu Quoc? If so, remember to schedule your flights to the island between December and May.

Location: Phu Quoc Island

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Quan Lan Beaches

Quan Lan, a beautiful island in Bai Tu Long Bay, is located there. The island’s environment is stunning, reaching 11 kilometers from Van Don peak to Giot mountain, like a princess sleeping beneath the sands. The island has three well-known beaches: Quan Lan, Son Hao, and Minh Chau, with Quan Lan being the closest to the dock. These are lovely beaches that are easily accessible from Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital.

Unlike many other beaches in Hanoi and in northern Vietnam, all three beaches are very pleasant and clean, with smooth white sand along the shore and clear blue water. It’s really stunning to view the magnificent phosphorescent shimmer of the lake at night.

Many of you may like the fact that the beaches are not overly commercialized and that the environment stays clean despite human effect. Because of the distance, the accommodations are nonetheless subpar. There are no taxis on the island, so you must take a tuk tuk or rent a bicycle to go about. Spending your days in nature, on the other hand, is immensely relaxing.

The finest things to do here are lie on a hammock, breathe fresh air, listen to the rhythm of waves lapping the sand, feel the green casuarina pines swaying and whispering with the wind, or relax in the sea without being bothered. As a result, many people are captivated by the serenity, natural beauty, and friendly locals.

You may get here from either Halong Bay (1.5 hours) or Cai Rong Pier (45 minutes). If you are tired of the daily hustle and bustle of city life and wish to rest in harmony with nature, come to Quan Lan island to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Quan Lan Island truly provides the flawlessness, purity, and immensity of crystal seas to those who visit this lovely virgin island.

The best months to visit Quan Lan are April, May, September, and October.

Avoid visiting this island during the summer months, from June to August, as this is the busiest time for locals.

Location: Quang Ninh

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Cat Co Beaches

Cat Ba island is an islet in Ha Long Bay. Cat Ba is the largest of the 367 islands that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago, and it is home to three modest and picturesque sandy beaches known as Cat Co One, Cat Co Two, and Cat Co Three.

Cat Co One and Cat Co Three are ideal for an afternoon stroll due to a cliff-side pathway that connects the two beaches. Cat Co Two, with its several bungalows and chalets, is ideal for a romantic escape. Almost half of the island is encircled by Cat Ba National Park, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Furthermore, the island has captured travelers with low-cost delectable dishes and a plethora of fantastic activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, and discovering hidden nature.

The beaches are fantastic for sunbathing and swimming. They are crowded with swimmers during the summer, so avoid traveling there from May to July if you don’t want to be swamped by throngs on the beach. Go to adjacent Monkey Island for a cleaner and calmer beach. The stunning scenery is the first thing that draws tourists here.

The most fascinating aspect of Cat Ba is a mystical phenomena known as bioluminescent plankton. You must swim at night to observe the tiny bright sparkles dancing with the movement of the water. Furthermore, the view of the boats and port from this islet is spectacular. It is well worth spending one to two hours to see the sunset at Cannon Fort Cat Ba and make amazing memories.

Because of optimum rainfall, temperature, and sunshine conditions, the months of spring and autumn are ideal for staking a spot and spending the entire day gazing out into this sparkling bay.

Note: Because there aren’t many roads on the island, renting a motorcycle is the easiest way to get about. That is a fantastic place to spend your vacation.

Location: Cat Ba Island – Hai Phong

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Mui Ne

Mui Ne is part of Binh Thuan, a microclimate city about 180 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City that is a must-see in the South. The benefit of this weather pattern is that it rarely rains, even during the rainy season in the South, making it a summer vacation paradise. Mui Ne’s beaches are unlike any other in Vietnam or Southeast Asia. It runs alongside a recently constructed roadway, with white and red sand dunes on the other side. This is also one of the greatest road trip routes recommended since you receive the alien vistas of uninhabited sand dunes while driving up on a rusty motorcycle, and from a distance, the emergence of fishing boats contentedly fills your eyes.

Mui Ne is not only ideal for motorcycle journeys, but it is also the best destination in the country for water sports. The windy season lasts from November to April, making it ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Other sports that can be seen include parasailing, kayaking, and motorboating. Make sure to eat at one of the beachside food vendors for a memorable eating experience.

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Lang Co

The next stop is Lang Co Beach, which is located in Hue, the Land of Kings. Worldbays named Lang Co Beach one of the most beautiful beach bays in the world. It is part of a big natural ensemble that includes mountains, a lagoon, and a lengthy stretch of beach, all of which combine to create stunning views. Lang Co is surrounded by lush tropical forest and sits at the foot of the spectacular Hai Van Pass, in the heart of three major World Heritage Sites: the Complex of Hue Monuments, My Son Sanctuary, and Hoi An Ancient Town. The water is so clear that you can see all of the tiny fish and other sea creatures swimming around. Surprisingly, it has remained rather quiet, with little developments.

Lang Co is well-known as a favored getaway of former royal families, which may explain the abundance of opulent hotels and resorts located further away from the beach. Between April and August, when the waves are light and warm, is the perfect time to explore Lang Co Beach.

Location: Thua Thien Hue

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam

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Ninh Chu

Ninh Chu, a beach in Ninh Thuan Province, Central Vietnam, comes in last on the list of the best beaches in Vietnam. Ninh Chu Beach is undervalued in comparison to its natural potential. Ninh Chu Beach, which is located in the tropical monsoon climatic pattern, is at its most comfortable from January to September, when the storms have not hit. The dream-like splendor of Ninh Chu Beach distinguishes it from the others. There is little interference from building constructions in the area, which preserves its native scenery.

Vinh Hy Bay is unquestionably a must-see when visiting this coastal town. The first thing to mention is that the trip to the bay is extremely stunning: golden sun and white puffy clouds on a clear sky. There are also other things to see and do along the journey, such as Champa ruins and grape vineyards. Vinh Hy’s water is incredible clear and just the proper amount of salty, making it great for swimming and snorkeling.

You can wait for the fishing boats to return from their expeditions to get your hands on the freshest seafood of the day, or you can hire a stove and build a bonfire to cook your own food. That would be the highlight of your visit to this magnificent coastal bay.

When it comes to the nicest beaches in Vietnam, Ninh Chu has an unmistakable name.

Location: Ninh Thuan

top most beautiful beaches in vietnam