Top Most Beautiful Caves in Belgium

1. Domaine Des Grottes de Han, 2. Grottes de Hotton, 3. Grotte La Merveilleuse, 4. Grotte de Lorette-Rochefort, 5. Grottes de Neptune, 6. Grottes de Remouchamps, 7. Grotte de Comblain, 8. La Grotte Scladina, 9. Grottes de Goyet. Belgium is most renowned for its historical towns and stunning architecture, but most people overlook the fact that the country also has beautiful natural locations to explore, including caverns! Visiting a cave means gazing at artworks that took thousands of years to develop, are frequently breathtaking to see, and are hundreds of meters underneath. Here, Toplist brings to you top 9 of the most beautiful caves in Belgium.

  1. Domaine Des Grottes de Han
  2. Grottes de Hotton
  3. Grotte La Merveilleuse
  4. Grotte de Lorette-Rochefort
  5. Grottes de Neptune
  6. Grottes de Remouchamps
  7. Grotte de Comblain
  8. La Grotte Scladina
  9. Grottes de Goyet

Domaine Des Grottes de Han

Domaine Des Grottes de Han are among Belgium’s most well-known caves. When you visit Han’s domain, you may explore not only the caves, but also the natural park, where you can witness European fauna! Consider bears, lynxes, marmots, and other beautiful animals you don’t see every day.

The caves are accessible via two paths, each lasting 2 hours or 1 hour and 15 minutes. Aside from the caverns itself, there’s an underground light show and a museum dedicated to the caves’ prehistoric past.

This is undoubtedly Belgium’s most commercialized cave, with thousands of visitors each year. However, the nearby wild park makes it a fantastic experience, especially for youngsters.

Domaine Des Grottes de Han is incredible: awe-inspiring due to its breathtakingly exquisite concretions and the sheer magnitude of its chambers… It proudly displays its three Michelin Green Stars and has also been named Wallonia’s favorite tourism heritage! LED lighting has been installed throughout the Cave, which not only enhances its beauty but is also more environmentally responsible. The Cave of Han, located in the heart of Belgium’s first UNESCO Global Geopark, takes you on a journey to the center of the Earth, where you’ll discover unique natural jewels… A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for nearly 23 million tourists!

Location: Rochefort, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium


top most beautiful caves in belgium

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Grottes de Hotton

Grottes de Hotton are less well-known than the Han Caves and are located in the little town of Hotton. The caves’ entrance is situated in the middle of nowhere, close to Durbuy and La Roche-en-Ardenne. Discovered in 1958 by sheer accident, while digging out stones in the local stone quarry, these caves are considered one of the most beautiful caves in Belgium.

A guide will lead you down the stairs into the caves and explain everything there is to see and learn about the caves’ discoveries. This tour lasts around an hour, and don’t forget to tip the guide at the end! There is free parking just in front of the entrance, so there’s no need to pay extra for that; nevertheless, I’m not sure if you could get here without one.

Location: Hotton, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium

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top most beautiful caves in belgium

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Grotte La Merveilleuse

Grotte La Merveilleuse is a beautiful site near the city of Dinant that you should see if you’re in the area. “La Merveilleuse,” discovered in 1904, is regarded as one of the most beautiful caves. These caves can be visited in conjunction with other Dinant activities, and combo tickets for specific attractions are available. With its many stalactites and stalagmites, each whiter and finer than the last, as well as its many stone structures mimicking waterfalls, the cave has been preserved as nature intended.

Grotte La Merveilleuse take about 50 minutes to see, and you’ll be able to view the magnificence of these rock formations, which were discovered in 1904. Moreover, Cave La Merveilleuse is probably one of the easiest caves to reach, as the train station of Dinant is just a 15-minute walk away.

Location: Dinant, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium

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top most beautiful caves in belgium

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Grotte de Lorette-Rochefort

Grotte de Lorette-Rochefort, also known as Han’s younger sister, takes you on a thrilling journey 60 meters below ground into the bowels of the earth! Enjoy a 1-hour guided tour of this amazing underground realm, including a tiny hot-air balloon launch to reveal the cave’s astounding enormity and a stunning multimedia show and film on tectonic processes. The cave is not far from the Han Caves, and combined tickets for both the Cave of Lorette-Rochefort and the Han Wild Park are available.

Grotte de Lorette-Rochefort, part of the Caves of Han domain, is located in the Namur province, only 300 meters from Rochefort’s center. A 60-meter subterranean guided tour will take you to see the rock sculptures and a multimedia exhibition. Although it is smaller than the Han Caves, it nonetheless provides a fantastic experience, especially if you like a more tranquil setting.

top most beautiful caves in belgium


top most beautiful caves in belgium

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Grottes de Neptune

Grottes de Neptune, sometimes known as The Grottes de l’Adugeoir, are a collection of natural caves in Wallonia near Petigny, in the municipality of Couvin, Belgium. They are situated on the Eau Noire, a branch of the Meuse River. The Caves of Neptune are unique in that you don’t simply walk through the caves; you also get to see the grandeur of the rocks from a small boat!

A 50-minute guided tour will take you on a boat and through a music and light show, making for an unforgettable experience. A 1.5-kilometer instructive walk through the woodlands above the caves, a playground for youngsters up to the age of 12, and many long walks are also available in the area.

Location: Couvin, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium

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top most beautiful caves in belgium

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Grottes de Remouchamps

Grottes de Remouchamps have been visited since 1828, and further caves have been discovered since then. It is called the other name is ‘The Cathedral,’ is roughly 40 meters high. It is a natural wonder in the province of Liège, known for having the world’s longest underground river. And this also one of the most beautiful caves in Belgium.

A one-kilometer walk through a mystery and fascinating scenery, such as the first hall, which was occupied by Palaeolithic hunters 8,000 years ago. You’ll journey through hallways filled with the subterranean river Rubicon until you reach the Cathedral’s grand chamber, which is always set against a spectacular backdrop of colors and life (40 meters high). You may visit by boat, skimming down the Rubicon, a nearly 700-meter-long subterranean river. New wonders await, such as a natural water fountain that pours beneath the basement roof, creating a stunning curtain.

A one-hour and fifteen-minute guided tour is available, which consists largely of strolling around the caves. Surprisingly, the return trip through the tunnels is by boat down the underground river, which they claim is the world’s longest underground boat tour! For an additional €5, you can take a shuttle bus from the nearest train station to the caves. If you don’t have access to a car, this is ideal!

Location: Aywaille, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium

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top most beautiful caves in belgium

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Grotte de Comblain

In 1900, a dog accidentally fell into a hole in the earth, leading to the discovery of the Grotte de Comblain. The cave was opened to the public after the discovery of several more chambers. This cave, which is recognized as a subterranean chamber of scientific significance, may be found on the slopes of the Comblain-au-Pont town in the Liège province.

Grotte de Comblain is unique in that it has its own ecology, which provides the ideal environment for bats to hibernate. The location has been designated as a “underground cavity of scientific interest” as a result of this. Everything is in place to safeguard this special habitat.

A 75-minute guided tour here offers you a good overview of all the discoveries that have been discovered here over the last century. It is also home to a small museum, as well as a cafeteria and free parking.

Location: Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium


top most beautiful caves in belgium

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La Grotte Scladina

La Grotte Scladina is more of an archeological site than a tourist attraction. Archeologists (and those in training) have been examining the remains of the Neanderthals who lived here thousands of years ago since the cave was discovered in 1971.

Since the mid-1980s, Scladina has being continuously excavated. A full-time team is dedicated to the project, overseeing all elements from science to cultural mediation. The presence of scholars and the public in the same location creates exciting contacts, blurring the line between science and tourism at the archaeological site itself – a successful experience that is well received, particularly by school groups.

You can join a guided tour conducted by an archeologist, who will tell you all about the cave’s history and the archeological discoveries that have been made here. These tours, however, are only offered on Sundays or during school vacations, so prepare ahead! In addition to guided tours, small groups and individuals can participate in the La Grotte Scladina 2.0 experience, which involves an augmented reality exploration of the cave. The cave’s discoveries are also on exhibit at the Espace Muséal d’Andenne, which is only 15 minutes away from the cave.

Location: Andenne, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium


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Grottes de Goyet

The Grottes de Goyet, just a few kilometers from Namur, are one of Europe’s most prestigious archaeological sites. The Caves of Goyet, located in the valley of a 90-hectare limestone massif, offer evidence to a remarkable past. The oldest dog skull in the world, the most important Belgian prehistoric works of art, and the grave of a 12-year-old child from the recent Neolithic period have all been discovered on this site.

Using interactive technology that allows you to touch, feel, and imagine the past, an archaeological interpreter-guide will help you find and appreciate this intimate location where both Neandertal and Cro-Magnon men resided. These hands-on activities and presentations bring history to life and add to the wonder of the site.

Lighting the fire, which you will conduct with the archaeological interpreter-guide using the same procedures as a prehistoric man, is one of the most spectacular moments.

Location: Gesves, Belgium

top most beautiful caves in belgium


top most beautiful caves in belgium

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