Top Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Finland

1. Raseborg, 2. Hanko, 3. Kemiö, 4. Salo, 5. Rauma, 6. Kylmäpihlaja island, 7. Fiskars, 8. Mariehamn, 9. Tammisaari, 10. Kaunissaari, 11. Porvoo, 12. Kristinestad. The largest group of archipelagos in the world are scattered around the Finnish coast. On its beaches are cities made of wood, lighthouses that have been converted into homes, enormous mansions, and a system of national parks that need to be preserved. Toplist presents some of Finland's most picturesque seaside towns.

  1. Raseborg
  2. Hanko
  3. Kemiö
  4. Salo
  5. Rauma
  6. Kylmäpihlaja island
  7. Fiskars
  8. Mariehamn
  9. Tammisaari
  10. Kaunissaari
  11. Porvoo
  12. Kristinestad


Raseborg, an archipelago steeped in centuries of Finnish history and culture, is located between Helsinki and Turku. The most enticing sights in the region may be found in the incorporated towns of Ekenäs, Karis, and Pohja: the remnants of Raseborg castle, Svarta Manor, and Ekenäs National Park.

This village in southern Finland is not far from Helsinki, the capital. A delight for environment enthusiasts, the area is home to small metropolitan towns surrounded by forests, oceans, and lakes. Unsurprisingly, the Dagmar Park is close by.

The main town features remnants of the medieval era, as well as fascinating lanes that are enjoyable to walk through. Despite having a strong cultural identity, it also boasts a thriving economic scene, with several artisan markets and year-round events.

  • Location:Uusimaa

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


Perhaps to your surprise, Finland also has beaches. Many locals visit Hanko to take advantage of the warm weather and long days, and it also happens to have a fascinating cultural heritage. Technically speaking, Finland is a multilingual nation with a majority of Finns and a minority of Swedes. Swedish is only spoken by roughly 5% of the whole Finnish population, but it is the primary language of 44% of the Hanko people. For a significant portion of its history, Hanko was also under Russian authority. For many years, the Russian nobility would travel to Hanko for their holidays.

A region of striking contrasts with the north is created by Finland’s southern shore, which is located at the point of the Skne peninsula. A significant amount of tourists visit places like Hanko, whether they want to experience the local culture and water sports, or just relax on the beaches.

The tourist finds a small city that never stops in Hanko, where activities like golf, which is popular throughout the Nordic region, diving, fishing, and surfing draw thousands of visitors each year. It was transformed from a fishing community to one of the most coveted spa towns in the 19th century. You can still go to The Spa Park or Spa Villa today.

The sea softly laps at the Russarö lighthouse region, which is serene and tranquil. Hanko is renowned for the light that the horizon emits at sunrise and sunset, which gives the impression that the surroundings are out of a storybook.

  • Location: Uusimaa

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


Kemi, which is located on the Gulf of Bothnia in southern Lapland, is another location where one can encounter Lappish culture. Even though it was initially constructed as a shipping harbor in the late 19th century, you won’t be visiting to see the permanent structures. The SnowCastle, which is constructed in Kemi every year in a distinctive architectural style, is the main attraction. There will always be a restaurant, a chapel (another location for winter marriages), and a hotel, which local artisans decorate to give it serious flavor, albeit you never know what it will look like. Would you like to eat on an ice table while sitting on reindeer skin-covered ice benches? Put Kemi at the top of your priority list.

It is situated on Kemiösaari, one of Finland’s largest coastal islands, and has an unusual feature: the majority of its residents speak both Finnish and Swedish as their first language. In actuality, the majority of people there speak Swedish. While some of the territory is still considered to be an island, other portions are also considered to be a part of the mainland. The castle in this town is called Turku Castle.

  • Location: Southwest Finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


Salo is a word that can refer to both a wooded island and a forest area in Finnish. Salo is believed to have referred to the island that was to the south of the present town over a thousand years ago but is now a hill and not even particularly close to the sea (owing to the post-glacial rebound typical of the area).

If you wish to learn about the Finnish way of life, this city, which is concealed because it is the core of the Helsinki-Tampere-Turku triangle, is quite interesting and alluring. Its coastline is a part of Finland’s Coastal Route, a bike path along the country’s coastline, and numerous national parks are nearby.

If you enjoy the outdoors, Salo is a great place to stay the night before exploring some of Finland’s most picturesque seaside villages.Salo’s market, one of the most well-liked and vivacious in southern Finland, is one of the busiest places in the city. The Teijo National Park and the Turku Islands are accessible to travelers from the Mathildedal region.

  • Location: Salo

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


The third-oldest town in Finland, Rauma, is situated between Turku and Pori and is home to less than a thousand people. The neo-renaissance homes, the people’ love of producing lace, and the distinctive accent that combines elements of Finnish, Swedish, and German give the wooden maritime town a fantasy appearance.

One of the wooden settlements of the Nordic nations is the town of Rauma, which is located in the shadow of its lovely old town. Its wood-framed residences are all distinctive for their ornate doors.

The town has a vintage vibe that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The Kisti and Marela house-museums, which honor the city’s prosperous and seafaring heritage, can be peacefully visited here. If you travel in the summer, you might be able to visit during the region’s, and more specifically Rauma’s, lace festival.

  • Location: west coast of Finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

Kylmäpihlaja island

This island is well-known for its lighthouse, which has been turned into a hotel-restaurant, and its port, which serves as the dock for big liners. It is one of Finland’s most romantic ports, in fact. Numerous boat-centric aquatic sporting events take place at the port of this city.

It is worthwhile to explore its shoreline and take one of the most popular pictures, which features Rauma in the backdrop and the lighthouse in the foreground. Many migratory species find sanctuary on the island, so you can witness the wonders of nature in a nearly untouched setting.

The sea and wind-hardened island of Kylmäpihlaja is situated close to the ocean. Despite its unforgiving features, the island is teeming with life, especially when birds are nesting. The island becomes orange in the late summer and early fall thanks to sea buckthorns. Every day throughout the summer, water buses travel to the island.

In 1953, the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse was finished. The lighthouse served as both a pilot station and the final lighthouse in Finland to be erected with crew. The lighthouse is now a popular tourist destination. The lighthouse’s tower rises 36 meters above sea level. The observation platform offers a beautiful view of the open water. The hotel rooms are placed in the lighthouse’s tower and provide breathtaking sea views. The lighthouse island also has a restaurant, a café, conference space, and a sauna in addition to a hotel.

  • Location: Kylmäpihlaja island

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


It can be difficult to choose Finland’s most picturesque coastal town, especially with places like Fiskars, which is located west of Helsinki. At Finnish geography, you are in the right place if you enjoy art or good food. Here, development and nature appear to have come to a mutually respectful understanding. You can feel this whether you stroll peacefully through the city’s streets or when you choose to hire a barge to sail the river.

A home created in 1818 by Charles Bassi, an architect of Italian descent, is the most significant architectural landmark in Fiskars. The community of artisans and artists is located in the village, which has fewer than 1000 residents and is a well-liked summertime tourist destination. The village’s industrialization has been aided by the river Fiskars (Swedish), Fiskarinjoki, or Fiskarsinjoki (Finnish).

The factory is now a thriving hub for Finnish design and art. The factory neighborhood, where 600 people live, is particularly well-liked by designers, craftspeople, and artists. The Fiskars Bruk is a well-liked tourist spot, particularly in the summer. There is still enough to see and do in the winter thanks to a variety of exhibitions, conferences, lodging and dining options, as well as seminars and retail establishments. The Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale debuted in 2019 in the village, which is home to several notable Finnish designers and design businesses, including Kim Simonsson, Karin Widnäs, Nikari, and Feathr.

  • Location: Uusimaa

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


During the Russian Empire’s occupation, Tsar Alexander II constructed this little harbor city. More than 1.5 million people visit the port and quay region each year to explore this huge, contemporary town in the Autonomous Province of Land.

The Aland Islands, a group of around 6,500 rocky islets in the Baltic Sea, lie between the Finnish mainland and Sweden’s coast. Only 60 of them are inhabited, and even though they are completely autonomous and under Finnish sovereignty, the majority of them speak Swedish.

Aland’s parliament is located in Mariehamn, its capital. The “busiest” of the territory’s towns, it boasts two ports, as well as a number of news and TV stations, yet the neighborhood nevertheless maintains a tranquil village atmosphere with Linden tree-lined lanes, quaint cafes, and wooden cottages with warm interiors.

The main draw of Mariehamn is that it serves as the jumping off point for several ferries, cruises, and kayak excursions among the more than 6500 islands that make up the province, only 60 of which are inhabited. Without a doubt, Mariehamn is a great destination for peaceful family vacations.

  • Location: Åland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


Tammisaari is a town and former municipality in Finland that included the town of Ekenäs as well as the former municipalities of Snappertuna and Tenala. On January 1st, 2009, it combined with Pohja and Karis to create the new municipality of Raseborg. The Uusimaa region includes Ekenäs, which is located in the Southern Finland province.

The Uusimaa region in southern Finland has historically been home to a town of sailors (and artisans). The town has managed to preserve the maritime atmosphere of yesteryear, with its streets and alleyways typical of port towns, despite having been substantially renovated to draw nautical tourism.

One of the most significant celebrations is the summer solstice, which is celebrated at sea with a traditional dance involving a bonfire and ribbons. Additionally, the well-liked night market opens on Wednesdays and Fridays during the summer.

Swedish writer Marianne Alopaeus is among the renowned locals. At 1918, she was born in Ekenäs. Helene Schjerfbeck, a well-known Finnish modernist painter, spent her summers in Ekenäs from 1918 to 1920 and called the town home from 1925 to 1941. Helene Schjerfbeck’s Life and Art is a permanent exhibition of her art at Ekenäs Museum Center Ekta.

One of Finland’s first opera singers to achieve international acclaim, Emma Engdahl-Jägerskiöld, was born and raised in Ekenäs and has had a strong connection to the town ever since.

  • Location: Uusimaa

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland
top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


A portion of the esker jutting into the Gulf of Finland includes Kaunissaari. On the west side of the ridge formation, the soil also contains glacial till. Sand beaches are found on the north and east sides of the island. Although the earliest records of Kaunissaari’s settlement date from the 1560s, there is a fishing village at the southern end of the island, and its oldest buildings are from the 19th century. Because of these factors and the island’s sandy beaches, Kaunissaari is the most well-liked seaside tourist destination in Kymenlaakso and the most adaptable archipelago destination in terms of service equipment.

This island in Finland is well-known for its lengthy sandy beaches and unusual fishing town. The town’s little museum is well worth a visit because it gives you a glimpse into local culture. Unquestionably one of Finland’s most picturesque beach towns. The island is prepared for the short hiking and cycling routes that are so popular in the Nordic region.

  • Location: island in the Gulf of Finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland
top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


Porvoo, along with Turku, Ulvila, Rauma, Naantali, and Vyborg, was one of Finland’s six medieval towns. In writings from the 14th century, it is initially identified as a city. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland’s Swedish-speaking Diocese of Borg has its headquarters in Porvoo.

The capital of the former Eastern Uusimaa region for a brief period was Porvoo. The town’s name comes from a medieval Swedish stronghold located close to the Porvoonjoki River, which runs through it. The Swedish name Borg, which is derived from the words borg, “castle,” and “river,” is fennicized to become Porvoo.

The 800-year-old summer resort town of Porvoo is located just east of Helsinki. The red beach houses that flank the Porvoo River in Old Town are the most distinctive feature of this medieval city (one of six in Finland).

A perfect homage to the wood and reddish tones typical of the Baltic coast can be seen at Porvoo, a little town that is among the oldest in all of Finland. It’s quite interesting to stroll through this town because every home has colors that make it feel incredibly upbeat.

  • Location: Uusimaa

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland


Finland’s Kristinestad is both a town and a municipality. It is situated on the beach of the Bothnian Sea in the western region of Finland. Kristinestad has a population of 6,375 as of December 31, 2021, and its municipality is made up of 682.53 km2 (263.53 sq mi) of land, 14.66 km2 (5.66 sq mi) of which is inland water (1 January 2018).

The population density is 24.2/sq mi, or 9.34/km2. Both Swedish and Finnish are spoken by the majority of the people (57%) and the minority (42%), respectively. The settlement, which bears the name Christina, was established in 1649 on Koppö island by Per Brahe the Younger. The medieval town of Kristinestad is renowned for its little lanes and low wooden buildings. Kristinestad became the first Cittaslow community in Finland in April 2011.

Thanks to its Cittaslow certification, or the official declaration that Kristinestad is a town of peace, harmony, natural, and organic, Kristinestad enters the most lovely seaside towns in Finland. The truth is that, with wooden houses strewn throughout the town’s chaotic urban layout, the entire historic center is a monument to the past.

  • Location : Ostrobothnia

top most beautiful coastal towns in finland
top most beautiful coastal towns in finland