Top Most Beautiful Coastal Towns In Madagascar

1. Anakao, 2. Toamasina, 3. Toliara, 4. Mahajanga, 5. Mahanoro, 6. Antsiranana, 7. Tsifota. Madagascar is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, off the southeastern coast of mainland Africa. Madagascar is home to more kilometers of seafront than any other African nation. Therefore, besides white sand beaches, Madagascar also has beautiful coastal towns. That makes Madagascar perfect for a beach holiday. Here's your guide to the Most Beautiful Coastal Towns In Madagascar!

  1. Anakao
  2. Toamasina
  3. Toliara
  4. Mahajanga
  5. Mahanoro
  6. Antsiranana
  7. Tsifota


Anakao is a coastal fishing town on the southwest coast of Madagascar, 35 kilometers south of Toliara. It is a well-known vacation destination and is inhabited by the Vezo people. Anakao is split into two halves. While the other is a residential neighborhood where houses saunter inward along the fields, the first features tourist accommodations, restaurants, and bars that open directly into the beach. A lot of colorful canoes lined the beach as they awaited being transported out to sea; it was like something out of a picture postcard! A wide range of glistening hues was produced by the white sand and the pure sea. This is an excellent location for snorkeling since there are so many fish there.

In the morning, you may observe the fisherman beginning their day in the morning as they set out to sea, and returning later with plenty of fish. And they sold right on the beach, it guaranteed fresh seafood. You can watch the orange and golden horizon spread its evening glow over a marine blue sea as the sun sank. The oppressive heat of the day eventually gave way to milder sea breezes at Anakao as night fell, and these breezes persisted until the first light of dawn.

Location: Soalara, Madagascar

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Stay: Club Resort Anakao, Anakao Ocean Lodge, Prince Anakao, Chez Emile hotels.

Things to Do: Fishing, Walkways, Swimming

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar


Toamasina, formerly Tamatave, is a town in eastern Madagascar. The town lies along the Indian Ocean. The present area is centered on the avenue Poincaré, which is lined with trees, after it was restored after being completely destroyed by the storm in 1927. Toamasina is the main port and commercial center of Madagascar which handles the majority of the island’s international commerce. Toamasina is also the terminus of the railway from Antananarivo, the national capital, 135 miles (217 km) southwest, and also has an airfield.

Besides, Toamasina thrives as both a tourist and commercial hub and is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Madagascar. Tours of Toamasina reveal a setting that is more rural than urban, with renowned beaches. Cities with palm tree-lined streets are home to vibrant marketplaces that specialize in handcrafted goods and exotic spices, a variety of hotels and eateries, and historical forts and homes. Lemur breeding grounds, stream networks, canals, secret lakes, pirate graves, shipwrecks, national parks, and whale-watching locations are some of the other well-liked destinations in Toamasina.

Location: Atsinanana, Madagascar.

TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

Where to Stay: La Maison Tamatave, SATRANA HÔTEL, Chambre d’hôtes Valiha Ivato

Things to Do: Boat Rides, Adventure Parks, Parachute, Water Sports

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar


Thanks to the region’s natural resources and agreeable temperature, which make exploring shallow waters and lush jungles a pleasurable adventure, tourism is still a viable industry in Toliara. The region’s best feature continues to be its nature reserves, which are home to several rare plant and animal species. Most tourists associate Toliara with the oil refineries and port cities built during the French colonial period. The most well-liked activities in Toliara include traveling to national parks, seeing baobab avenues in cities, unwinding on exotic beaches, camping, hiking, and eco-tours.

And if you’re in Toliara, don’t surprise because rickshaws which locally called “pousse-pousse”. It is seemingly everywhere in Toliara. They are the cheapest method of transportation and are excellent for short trips with heavy luggage or shopping bags or getting you out of the scorching sun. Although being pulled around the street by a man may feel a little unpleasant to a first-time visitor, be assured that this discomfort is just one way. These guys take great pride in their work and pousse-pousse. Everyone uses them, so get on board! They aren’t only for visitors!

Location: Atsimo-Andrefana, Madagascar

Where to Stay: Famata Lodge, Famata Lodge, Famata Lodge

Things to Do: Hiking, Boat Rides, Mines, Fishing

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar


Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, it happens at Mahajanga. Mahajanga may not be as popular as other cities in Madagascar, but don’t let that fool you. Mahajanga is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Madagascar and a modest but growing tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Mahajanga has a great diversity of indigenous fauna, a sizable number of national parks, and several natural scientific institutions. It is mostly covered by lush rainforests.

The capital of the province, which is a great starting point for trips, draws many tourists with its promenade lined with coconuts, dry weather, and tropical beaches. Mahajanga tourism is significantly impacted by the region’s ethnic variety, which creates a cultural mashup of indigenous, French, African, and Hindu traditions. Popular activities in Mahajanga include visiting eco-parks, lakes, and rivers, trekking through rainforests, and discovering old seaport towns dispersed along the shoreline. These activities are in addition to taking a dip in the ocean and diving to discover underwater treasures.

Location: Boeny, Madagascar

Where to Stay: Hôtel Mahajanga, Hôtel Mahajanga, Hôtel Mahajanga

Things to Do: Walking, Biking

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar


Mahanoro is a coastal city and rural commune in eastern Madagascar’s Atsinanana province. It is situated 9 kilometers north of the Mangoro River mouth. The Canal des Pangalanes is nearby, and the “Chutes de la Sahatsio” waterfalls are 18 km north of town. The “Chutes de la Sahatsio” waterfalls are located 18 km north of town, and the Canal des Pangalanes is close by. Although a small airport is located on the town’s northern edge, the area is remote and only somewhat popular with tourists. However, a few hotels are said to exist there.

The town’s name means “who makes happy.” Therefore, Mahanoro is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit. There is a lighthouse on a cape just south of the town, constructed in 1936. Not far from the town center, you’ll find a stream that never dries up, and legend has it that these waters have medicinal properties, which is how the town got its name – Mahanoro – which means “that which heals” in Malagasy. Aside from enjoying the beautiful beach, you can also explore the region’s impressive waterfalls, which rise to heights of more than 260 feet.

Location: Atsinanana, Madagascar

Where to Stay: Coco Bungalows, Bungalow le Prestige, La GRACE HOTEL

Things to Do: Paddle, Adventure, Paddleboarding.

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar


Antsiranana is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Madagascar. The city boasts a number of spectacular hotels, colonial architecture, historical buildings, and attractions like the garden to offer an amazing city tour. With Tsingy Rouge Park offers panoramic beauty and a great site to hike and discover the flora of the region. The Tsingy was beautiful, something different and interesting about how it was created, and it took around half an hour to walk and see it all.

Because of the abundance of hot springs for thermal baths, the city is frequently referred to as Malagasy Vichy. Due to the therapeutic benefits of these hot springs, Antsiranana now sees a slight increase in tourism each year as people come for pleasure. You only need Madagascar’s spiritual vibe and serene surroundings to relax while you’re there. Discover the city’s many charms and colors. The Sabotsy market, the colorful rickshaws, the artisan galleries, and the art institutions all help to define the city’s culture. Antsiranana is a wonderful place with mountains and highlands that offers extreme relaxation as well as excitement and adventure.

Location: Antsiranana, Madagascar

Where to Stay: Le Village Diego, Hotel Lakana Ramena, Le Jardin Exotique Hotel

Things to Do: Hiking, Watching Craft Galleries, Shopping

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar


Tsifota is a city in Madagascar. It is the capital of the Ittimo-Andrifa region, located 936 kilometers southwest of the national capital, Antananarivo. Tsifota is definitely a place that you should not skip with regional cultural highlights including Ifaty beach near Tulear is famous for its water and sand. Or the South of Madagascar Arts and Traditions Museum exhibits the way of life, crafts, and funeral art of the locals. You can also go to the Antsokay Arboretum. Petignat Hermann, a Swiss amateur botanist, had the initiative to start it in 1980. Lemurs, radiated tortoises, snakes, and chameleons are among the more than 920 plant species that may be found in this 52-hectare arboretum.

If you want to buy souvenirs for friends or parents, it has a locally known shell market, on the waterfront, behind the French Alliance, which sells shells and various handicraft products. Besides, the Bay of Tsifota houses one of Madagascar’s oil exploration sites. The sea floor is rich in minerals gemstones (about 200 km to the north lies the Ilakaka sapphire deposit has operated since 1999) and ground salt.

Location: Tsiandamba, Madagascar

Where to Stay: Salary Bay

Things to Do: Shopping, Swimming, Diving, Visiting Museum

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar

top most beautiful coastal towns in madagascar