Top Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Poland

1. Sopot, 2. Jurata, 3. Międzyzdroje, 4. Leba, 5. Kołobrzeg, 6. Rewal, 7. Dębki, 8. Swinoujscie, 9. Jastarnia, 10. Ustka, 11. Mielno, 12. Gdansk, 13. Hel. Teutonic knights, Polish kings and queens, magnificent castles, Gothic alleyways, wide-open market squares, and snow-capped mountain backdrops. Anyone considering visiting Poland in the near future should read this guide to the country's most picturesque towns.

  1. Sopot
  2. Jurata
  3. Międzyzdroje
  4. Leba
  5. Kołobrzeg
  6. Rewal
  7. Dębki
  8. Swinoujscie
  9. Jastarnia
  10. Ustka
  11. Mielno
  12. Gdansk
  13. Hel


The largest beach complex in all of Poland is what Sopot is known as. It’s no surprise that it links the cities of Gdask and Gdynia. The most famous feature of Sopot is the Molo wooden pier, which measures 515.5 meters in length and is the longest in all of Europe (not only the Baltic). The tourist can take in the beaches along this route or simply stroll peacefully through the clubs and eateries.

Here are also concentrated some of the area’s upscale hotels. It is worthwhile to take a stroll through the center, particularly along its main street, where you will be surprised to find the Crooked House, a building with surrealist influences that was adapted from the illustrations of illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer. There are baths and hot springs nearby as well.

It makes up more than one millionth of the Tri-City agglomeration along with the neighbouring cities of Gdynia and Gdask. Since 1961, when the Sopot Opera Festival first began to hold song competitions at the Forest Opera, which take place currently every year, it has achieved tremendous fame.

Large numbers of domestic and international tourists flock to the city during the summer. The smallest portion of the Tri-City, Sopot, might be a fantastic place for tourists to begin exploring neighboring towns. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the city itself. The Bohaterów Monte Cassino Boulevard is the most well-liked location for strolls (Monciak). The longest wooden pier in Europe is in Sopot.

In the summer, admission is fee-based, and the checkouts are right outside the door. Amazing views of the Baltic Sea can be enjoyed while walking. A particularly spectacular experience is sitting on the pier and watching the sunset. This wonderful vacation spot offers sandy beaches, seaside activities, and a vibrant nightlife. One of Poland’s top beach villages, it is definitely worthwhile to visit!

Location: Sopot

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



In Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, on the Baltic Sea coast, Jurata is a village and coastal resort. It is situated on the Hel Peninsula in a forested area between the cities of Jastarnia and Hel. Jurara is one of the busiest and biggest coastal resorts, with a length of more than 35 kilometres. It is so great that the Baltic Sea and Puck Bay are separated by it.

Long beach walks are quite popular here among locals and visitors, especially around dusk when the piers and waterways are tinged with a unique glow. Fans of kiteboarding and windsurfing are huge fans of this region. The seal aquarium is located here for those who enjoy the outdoors. The months of July and August are completely booked.

Jurata was founded in 1928 as a Polish seaside resort that was notably well-liked by Varsovians. Its name is derived from the Lithuanian goddess Jrat, or Jurata in Polish. Several Poles from Hel were made into slaves as forced labor to service new German immigrants in Jurata during the German occupation of Poland (World War II).

Location: Puck County

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



The town of Midzyzdroje is situated in the far western region of Poland, not far from the German border. At the expense of the Annual Festival of Stars, the city is crowded with Polish film and television celebrities over the summer. Yes, they do have their own wax museum or Walk of the Stars here.

Families, couples, and solitary travelers can all enjoy a trip to Midzyzdroje. There are activities in the town for everyone, including family amusement parks, the Wolin National Park, and its 395-meter-long pier for strolling. Midzyzdroje is are known as the Pearl of the Baltic due to Midzyzdroje’s excellent tourism attractions. A large beach with a cliff coast and a healing microclimate can be found in the city. Iodine-rich air has a curative effect on a variety of illnesses, particularly those affecting the heart and respiratory system.

The resort features a lot of guesthouses, hotels, taverns, and restaurants for travelers. Both the city itself and the adjacent Midzyzdroje National Park have interesting cultures and tourist attractions. Another notable event in Midzyzdroje is the annual European Stars Festival, which is held on the sidewalk of the Promenade of Stars and features fresh celebrity and film handprints every year. Travelers who enjoy the sea might take a cruise to Winoujcie. Midzyzdroje has a variety of cultural activities that serve as tourist attractions.

Location: Kamień

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



A very well-liked vacation destination on the Polish coast is eba. The city’s location itself is intriguing. Between the Baltic Sea and the ebsko and sarbsko lakes, in the middle of the shore, is eba. In addition to being bordered by the Sowiski National Park, which is regarded as a world biosphere reserve, Leba is encircled by water on three sides. Eba was established as a fishing community in the tenth century.

The city is still a fishing town and is among the prettier areas along the Polish coast. One of Poland’s cleanest regions is this one. Eba has a well-established lodging and catering industry. Cycling and horseback riding are both fantastic in picturesque settings. On the Baltic Sea, you can also take a cruise.

Seeing the renowned movable dunes in the close-by eba Sowiski National Park is also worthwhile. One of the cleanest spots in Poland is the lovely coastal resort of eba. Here, you can unwind, breathe fresh air, and take sea baths.


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



Koobrzeg stands out for its historic architecture among this list of the prettiest beach towns in Poland. One of the most well-known images is of the market that develops adjacent to the town’s famous lighthouse.

It is imperative that you stop at the spas or visit the Gothic Basilica of Santa Maria while you are in Kolobrzeg. Utilize the boat to the German island of Bornholm for cycling if you want to spend several days in the area. Wide and sparsely populated, the beach area offers visitors seeking more peace and quiet a place to escape the hubbub of the city.

It is well known that Kolobrzeg has a large sea bath and spa. It is situated near the mouth of the Parsta River in the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship. There is a well-known Kolobrzeg seaport in the Parsta estuary. It serves as a commercial port as well as a fishing port, passenger port, and yacht port. The lighthouse, which was built after hostilities ended in 1945, is among the intriguing coastal structures.

It is worthwhile to stroll along Koobrzeg’s 220 meter long pier. The city serves as a hub for regional culture. Other artistic pursuits are abundant during the summer. The city is quite well-liked, thus there are lots of paths created for tourists, encouraging walking and exploring the neighborhood. Koobrzeg, a city on the Baltic Sea, is the perfect spot to unwind for individuals who find stunning architecture and landmark sightseeing as well as the sound of waves and the beauty of marine life to be inspiring.

Location: Kołobrzeg County

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



Rewal is a smaller beach town than the others. Of course, in the summer, both Polish and German tourists are most in demand in this area. It draws people in mostly because of its expansive white beach, which is great for walking, picnicking, and sunbathing.

Trzsacz, which is adjacent to Rewal, has had its 15th-century church completely destroyed by the sea. Today, all that is left of the beach is a brick wall, and the cliff in the back makes for an unusual landscape.

Rewal, a coastal community, was known as Rewahl in German until 1945. The name was initially changed to Pamitkowice shortly after the war, but over time it was changed back to Rewal and has remained thus ever since.

It’s important to note that this beach town saw its first visitors in the 19th century. Rewal draws a sizable number of tourists each year due to its stunning beaches. They have lovely white sand that is really soft. Many people admire this location for the tranquility that permeates it year round.

This beach town’s undeniable draw is also a very well-liked viewing platform. This beach town’s undeniable draw is also a very well-liked viewing platform. Since it is situated right on the water, we may enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea as well as the area around this beach community.

Many grownups will find ways to unwind at Rewal. There are, however, a lot of kid-friendly attractions. An excursion to Rewal is an excellent option if you don’t want to experience genuine crowds while on vacation by the Polish sea.

Location: Gryfice

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


Dbki is a village located in Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, northern Poland. It is part of the Gmina Krokowa administrative area. It is located roughly 4 miles (7 km) north of Krokowa, 16 miles (25 km) north of Puck, and 39 miles (63 km) north of the regional center of Gdask.

Although it is a well-liked tourist spot, it is not as congested as other locations in this area. This location is ideal for peaceful and pleasant vacations because of its clean beaches and welcoming ambiance. See History of Pomerania for further information on the area’s past. There are 166 people living in the village.

Dbki is definitely one of those hidden gems that each nation has, one that is surrounded by other tourist attractions and overshadowed by them. Pine forests, dunes, a long beach, and a quaint village are all present. Curiously, on its beach is where the biggest Frisbee event in Poland is conducted in August.

Location: Puck

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



A large tourist destination on the Baltic Sea is Winoujcie. Winoujcie is a city with a rich history and heritage in addition to its fantastic tourist attractions. There are 44 islands in this area, three of which, Wolin, Uznam, and Karsibór, are populated. The other islands are small and deserted. The majority of the spa and tourism amenities are on the island of Usedom.

A place of industry is the Wolin Island. The Piastowski Bridge connects Wolin Island and Karsibór Island. One of the tallest lighthouses in the world and the highest on the Baltic Sea is Winoujcie’s main tourist attraction. With its 68 m height, you can take in the breathtaking view of the sea and the other cities.

With its 68 m height, you can take in the breathtaking view of the sea and the other cities. Gerhard’s Fort, a piece of the nineteenth-century Sea Fortress that was part of the coastal defense, is located close to the lighthouse.

The city’s huge beach, which stretches up to 100 meters wide and is a true paradise for people who enjoy sunbathing and seaside strolls, is one of its biggest assets. In the summer, there are a lot of cultural activities, performances, and festivals in Winoujcie. Everyone will discover entertainment and leisure activities in Winoujcie, which is the hub of both.

Location: Western Pomerania and seaport on the Baltic Sea and Szczecin Lagoon

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



Jastarnia is definitely worth mentioning as it is a vacation destination in northern Poland’s Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodship. It is situated on the Baltic Sea’s Hel Peninsula. It is a well-known Polish fishing port and coastal resort. Jastarnia, Kunica, and Jurata make up the three districts that make up the municipal commune of Jastarnia.

One of the prettiest communities on the Polish coast is Jastarnia. Jastarnia is a well-known vacation destination that is situated in the Hel Peninsula’s middle. With its intriguing tiny lanes in the city center and Kashubian structural components, Jastarnia has an urban design that is unusually interesting and gives the place a distinctive personality.

Jastarnia offers a wide variety of activities for fans of water sports. There are windsurfing schools nearby and the option to hire a variety of watercraft, which are all made possible by the local waterways. One of the most beautiful locations on the Polish coast is Jastarnia.

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland
top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



A little seaside town called Ustka is situated where the Supia River empties into the Baltic Sea. It is a community that has health resort designation. It is possible to benefit from a variety of massages and rehabilitation procedures. There are various monuments and architectural treasures in the area renowned for its stunning beaches.

Ustka has a wide variety of attractions and fun things to do. Unexpectedly for a little village, there are also three piers and a port nearby. Going to a local gourmet destination to sample fresh fish that the local fisherman have just caught is practically required when visiting this well-known fishing village. The layout of the town’s historic district has not changed since the Middle Ages. In the 1930s of the 19th century, the tiny residential buildings were modernized, but the design of the streets remained the same.

The European Union and the Ustka authorities started the Revitilization Programme for Old Ustka in 2005. Many structures have been or are currently being restored. A lighthouse established in 1871 (rebuilt in 1892 to incorporate the octagonal tower), the Main Post Office built in 1875, and a chapel built in 1882 are among the town’s monuments.

Location: Słupsk

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



One of the most well-liked vacation spots on the Baltic shore is Mielno. Clean beaches, sand dunes, the lovely seashore lake Jamno, and a particular microclimate are among of its most valued qualities. They do not, however, draw hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer. The place’s entertainment vibe is its major draw, especially for young people.

There are several of hiking and biking tourism routes nearby Mielno that are surrounded by picturesque scenery. Mielno attracts people from all over the world who are eager to visit due to its tourist attractions, a richly developed lodging and catering industry, and other factors.

Sand beaches may be found in Mielno, a popular tourist destination on the Baltic Sea coast. It is situated on a point that connects the sea to the sizable Jamno lake. It shares a border with the resort across the street, Uniecie.

Location: Koszalin County

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland
top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



One of Poland’s top coastal towns is Gdansk. The village on the Baltic coast has long been a favorite getaway for vacationers seeking sun and sand. Gdansk, nevertheless, is much more than just a seaside resort. The Old Town, which has been conserved, and other historical landmarks may be found throughout the town. The numerous eateries and shops that line the streets are also available to visitors. Gdansk is the ideal location whether you’re searching for a leisurely beach vacation or an action-packed getaway.

The National Museum, the Gdask Shakespeare Theatre, the Museum of the Second World War, the Polish Baltic Philharmonic, and the European Solidarity Centre are all located in Gdask. It also houses the University of Gdask and the Gdask University of Technology. St. Dominic’s Fair, a commercial and cultural festival that dates back to 1260 and is held in the city, is another notable annual event. [9] Additionally, Gdask consistently ranks near the top of lists of cities for quality of life, safety, and living standards, and Poland’s national monuments list includes its ancient city center.

Location: Gdansk

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



The Baltic Sea encircles it on three sides. The Puck District’s oldest city is Hel. The city can be found on the Hel Peninsula’s extreme tip. When the first visitors started coming here for vacation in the 19th century, Hel’s tourist attractions were already well known. The Baltic Sea’s long, wide beach is a true haven for sunbathers, and the area’s harbor draws novice water sport enthusiasts.

There are frequent sailings to the Tri-City. The Lighthouse is unquestionably one of the city’s top attractions. With a height of 41.5 meters, the lighthouse offers amazing views. You may find accommodations in Hel with a variety of standards thanks to a well-developed lodging infrastructure that includes various hotels, guesthouses, and private accommodations.

It’s the ideal location for everyone who fantasizes about taking a sea bath, strolling along a sandy beach, or watching a beautiful sunset. The trip to Hel will be an experience you’ll never forget. There is something here for every tourist to find intriguing, so they won’t get bored. Each year, thousands of visitors are drawn here by the area’s recreational and leisure opportunities.

Location: Puck County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, northern Poland

top most beautiful coastal towns in poland


top most beautiful coastal towns in poland



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