Top Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Portugal

1. Viana do Castello, 2. Esposende, 3. Póvoa de Varzim, 4. Vila do Conde, 5. Aveiro, 6. Figueira da Foz, 7. Nazaré, 8. Peniche, 9. Azenhas do Mar, 10. Sesimbra, 11. Ferragudo, 12. Carvoeiro, 13. Tavira. Portugal is a nation of contrasts: the mountains and earth's folds in its interior guide the country's water resources—both its own and those it acquired from Spain—toward its sea, the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of towns and communities fight for the title of most beautiful along its whole coast. Here are Portugal's top seaside towns, each of which is worth a trip at least once.

  1. Viana do Castello
  2. Esposende
  3. Póvoa de Varzim
  4. Vila do Conde
  5. Aveiro
  6. Figueira da Foz
  7. Nazaré
  8. Peniche
  9. Azenhas do Mar
  10. Sesimbra
  11. Ferragudo
  12. Carvoeiro
  13. Tavira

Viana do Castello

Viana do Castelo, one of the most picturesque coastal villages in northern Portugal, is rising right next to the ocean at the mouth of the Lima River. In this Portuguese town, it is worthwhile to stroll along the beaches, admire the lovely estuary that encircles the river, and allow yourself be enchanted by the rococo architecture and quaint alleyways.

The Praça de Repblica, with its historical structures, the Sé or cathedral, and the Capela das Malheiras or Casa de las Estampas stand out in this small town in the Alto Minho region. The Gil Eannes, a museum that was once an operational hospital ship that served the Greenland and Newfoundland region, is one of Viana do Castelo’s oddities.

Of course, you must visit the Castillo de Santiago de Barra and the Monte de Santa Luza with its stunning basilica before leaving Viana do Castelo. Due to its proximity to the Spanish border, there is a continuous flow of both visitors and locals across the border.

  • Location: Norte

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal



Esposende has developed into a popular summer destination for Portuguese travelers despite being located thirty kilometers from the country’s major Portuguese cities in the north (Porto, Braga). It should come as no surprise that the population, which peaked during the Age of Discovery, has social, cultural, and natural attractions.

Its beaches are a part of the Natural Park of the North Coast, and it is situated in a natural spa that serves as the mouth of the Covado River. Surfers profit from the Atlantic currents here, while tourists enjoy the beaches and the more daring explore the region’s history and culture.

Castro de Sao Loureço, a Roman-era fort that has undergone several renovations, is located close to Esposende. If you prefer the beach, Praia Suave Mar and Playa de Ofir are waiting for you within the boundaries of the Park, where they are protected from development. One of the most important surf schools in Portugal’s northern region is located at Ofir.

The Maritime Museum, which was constructed at the turn of the 20th century as a rescue station for ships in distress, shows the maritime spirit of one of the key populations in the great era of the Discoveries, the golden age of Portugal. Esposende also has the So Joo Baptista Fort, a promontory over the sea that protected the lighthouse.

  • Location: Norte

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


Póvoa de Varzim

This small coastal town in Portugal, which is close to Porto, draws visitors with its expansive sandy beaches, which are great for summer vacations. However, Póvoa de Varzim is more than just a beach resort. It also boasts historical landmarks like the Fortaleza of Nuestra Seora de la Concepción and architectural examples of Portugal’s history, such as the Aqueduct of 999 Arches.

Additionally, Manueline architecture and tile examples are a must-see as they represent the country’s heyday. Take the chance to stroll through the Fishermen’s Quarter, which is close to the fishing harbor, before continuing your journey; the town hasn’t yet lost its maritime feel.

Póvoa de Varzim has historically been a posh vacation destination. This was its repute even in the 1800s. Later, it opened up to more people, and today it is a resort town open to all, yet when you go there, you still experience a sense of exclusivity and class. Given that the resort focuses mostly on luring domestic guests, you may anticipate that the majority of locals and visitors will be Portuguese. Visitors from abroad are also welcome, although you won’t find as many of them here as you would in the Algarve, Nazaré, Matosinhos, or any of the other main cities.

  • Location: Norte

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


Vila do Conde

One of Portugal’s most picturesque seaside towns, Vila do Conde is also a major center for Portuguese naval engineering. The vessels that sailed off towards Asia, Africa, or South America were put together from here. The community has replicated Vila do Conde’s maritime past in the Nau Quinhentista as a monument to this thriving business. The odd thing about this boat is that it was built in 2007 using the materials, methods, and technologies used by shipowners in the sixteenth century.

Igreja Matriz and the Convent of Santa Clara are two further attractions in Vila o Conde. In the immediate vicinity of the beach, in addition to the Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia, there is the odd fort of So Joo Baptista, constructed on a rock platform directly on the shore.

Vila do Conde, which is different and a bit more industrial than the southern towns because it was once a nautical and shipbuilding town, is located on the northernmost point of Portugal’s west coast at the mouth of the River Ave.

Santa Clara Convent, a fortress-like structure with towering walls that dominates the town and its beach, is surrounded by a variety of contemporary homes and eateries as well as numerous old houses, particularly around Praça Vasco da Gama. A 400-year-old fortress rises out of the sand, and grassy dunes open up onto windy beaches along the coast, creating a stunningly austere landscape.

  • Location: Norte

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


It is one of Portugal’s most famous tourist destinations. The Vouga River’s mouth is where Aveiro is situated. You’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of its vibrant structures on the canals. From the salt mine, which has been turned into a museum, to the entire Aveiro estuary, which is populated by its moliceiro boats, which were originally used to harvest algae, Aveiro has been one of the marine engines of the Portuguese economy.

The Jardim do Rossio, a park of outstanding beauty next to the town’s canals, has a vibrant business and cultural scene. The Aveiro Cathedral, which houses several priceless masterpieces, exhibits the region’s textile industry’s prowess as well as Porto-area tiles. Finally, the area’s converted textile industries and, most importantly, its train station give the area’s industrial architecture a distinct cultural identity.

Aveiro has evolved into a sort of Portuguese Venice thanks to the River Aveiro, which originates from the neighboring sea and runs through its center. Moliceiros, or colorfully painted rowing boats, glide glacially along the canals, beneath tiny arched bridges, and past Art Nouveau-style structures that protrude out of the water.

Since Aveiro has historically produced seaweed, salt, and fish from its river, a wide range of delectable seafood dishes are a citywide favorite. Visit the Costa Nova fish market on the coast of Aveiro for some of the freshest seafood. Here, you’ll find vividly striped homes that resemble beach huts and look out over grassy sand dunes and Portugal’s tallest lighthouse.

  • Location: Centro

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz, which translates to “fig tree at the river’s mouth,” is a stunning seaside city in central Portugal that is only 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Coimbra. It is situated where the River Mondego empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The closest airport for visitors to Figueira da Foz is Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto, which is about 120 km (75 miles) south of Figueira da Foz and 180 km (112 miles) north of Lisbon.

This seaside town in the Coimbra region is home to one of Portugal’s most illustrious cultures, traditions, and legacy. It is situated near to the mouth of the Mondego River. It is currently one of the primary Portuguese tourist destinations. When the high aristocracy chose to spend the summer there in the 19th century, the town developed a cosmopolitan culture and became a major tourist destination. the San Sebastián de Portugal, maybe.

For fans of water sports, its large sandy beaches have become a point of appeal. Along with meandering through the dynamic area, visitors to the area can climb the Sierra de Boa Viagem and take in the views of the salt flats from the Mirador de Vela.

  • Location: Centro

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal



One of Portugal’s most picturesque beach towns is Nazaré. The hamlet’s original fishermen’s homes have been turned into hotels. The village is situated in a large bay with golden sands and is bound by Cabo de Sitio.

Nazaré has made a name for itself as a year-round tourist destination, drawing visitors in the summer because of the peace and quiet of its waters, which are collected in a sheltered harbor, and in the winter because it is the center of surfing. The tranquil beach town of Nazaré, which is only a short drive from Lisbon, provides stunning views from the top of a sizable cliff that can be reached by funicular or by automobile.

Although Nazaré has a number of attractions, the neighborhood of Stio da Nazaré at the Mirante do Suberco is unquestionably one of the most fascinating. The area, which is perched atop a sizable cliff, offers a spectacular view of the town, the Nazaré Beach, and Praia do Norte, which is home to some of the strongest waves in the world. Yes, some of the largest waves in the world, surfed by the best big wave surfers, originate from the underwater Nazaré gorge.

The greatest season to visit Nazaré is in the winter, and the Forte de So Miguel Arcanjo offers the best views if you want to observe the enormous waves. I can personally attest that visiting the area is worthwhile if you are in the nation at this time! The cozy Hotel Mar Bravo is an excellent choice for visitors who want to stay right in front of Nazaré Beach.

The Adega Oceano Hotel and the Hotel Ribamar are two more, less expensive options that are both conveniently placed and provide views of the ocean. Given that Nazaré attracts both tourists and surfers, there is no shortage of places to stay, ranging from the most opulent to quite hip hostels.

  • Location: Lisbon

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal



Peniche, one of the biggest historic fishing ports in Portugal, is still inextricably linked to the sea, unlike Nazaré, which has lost some of its maritime identity. The town is separated into two distinct areas: the marine zone and the historic core, which has important landmarks like the Fort of Peniche. Famous bobbin lace, still made by local women, comes from this small town on the Portuguese coast.

On a little rocky point in the middle of Portugal’s ferocious Atlantic coast, Peniche is a well-known surfing destination. The Berlengas Archipelago, famed for its fascinating rock formations, puffin population, and its medieval island fort, creates a natural reserve 10 kilometers from the coast.

Back on land, you may watch the waves at Praia dos Superturbos, one of the town’s many beaches, where some of the best surfers in the world catch waves, or you can see the sea thunderously crash against the 25-meter-tall limestone cliff face at Cabo Carvoeiro. The old town of Peniche is teeming with history and has a charming, unpretentious appeal, while Peniche Harbor is constantly bustling with activity.

  • Location: Leiria

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


Azenhas do Mar

The lovely hamlet of Sintra, Lisbon’s second-greatest historical city, is only 15 minutes away. Genuinely natural saltwater pools form at its base as it is perched on a rock. It is worth having a leisurely stroll through the town to take in the ambience, which is almost more reminiscent of the Mediterranean and the Greek islands despite the fact that it is small and easily accessible. Of course, with the Portuguese tile’s tip.

Azenhas do Mar is a little town on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic coast with about 800 residents and is close to the enigmatic Sintra palaces. Since Azenhas do Mar is only 17 miles from Lisbon, it is actually a fantastic day trip.

This sleepy fishing village, which is literally built into the coastal cliffs, has a stunning beach, breathtaking vistas, and delectable seafood. The tiny white cottages in Azenhas do Mar with traditional tile façade are one of the city’s distinctive features. It’s like a scene from a movie!

  • Location: Lisbon

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal



Sesimbra is one of Portugal’s gems, offering gorgeous beaches and delectable cuisine. Despite the recent surge of tourists, its inhabitants are exceedingly friendly. Along with its beaches, Sesimbra offers a beautiful environment for engaging in a variety of activities. These include hiking and cycling trails like the Serra da Arrábida, beaches for surfing, and diving in one of the best regions of Portugal.

Sesimbra is a vacation destination that has it all: it’s only 45 minutes from Lisbon, it has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, it’s a haven for the marisqueiras, or seafood restaurants, of Portugal, and it’s located at the base of the Serra da Arrabida, a mountainous natural park with trails that provide unending views of the ocean.

A notable feature of Sesimbra is its chic, palm-tree lined promenade, which is lined with opulent pubs and eateries where you can enjoy in well-known regional seafood delicacies while taking in views of Ouro Beach and the beautiful, hilly surroundings.

  • Location: Lisbon

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal



The Portuguese Algarve is typified by the town of Ferragudo, which is perched on a hill and has endless lanes lined with white houses and brightly colored dots that seem to lift one’s spirits. One of the nicest views of the Algarve may be seen from the Ferragudo church’s vantage point. A modest amount of nautical activity focused on the Arade river outlet language is still maintained in Ferragudo. To experience the spirit of the local sailors, it is worthwhile to take a stroll through the neighborhood.

Ferragudo is a quaint, white-washed fishing community that spills over a bank at the Arade River’s mouth like a lump of sugar. Ferragudo, in contrast to its bustling Algarvian neighbors, has managed to retain a moderate amount of authenticity and charm. A short riverbank path dotted with neighborhood eateries takes you up to the town church, where you can take in views of the river mouth and the tiny fishing boats below.

Set back from the main coastline, Ferragudo’s peaceful beaches, Grande and Angrinha, are its hidden weapon. They provide exceptionally calm waves, ideal for a leisurely swim, and Angrinha even boasts a medieval fortification that rises out of the sand.

  • Location: Faro

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


Despite its stunning position, Carvoeiro has not seen the same increase in visitors as the rest of the Algarve. In addition to its beaches, it offers a distinctive orography that includes high cliffs, hiking paths, a traditional port city, and a thriving culinary scene. A stroll along Carvoeiro’s beaches is essential. It nonetheless maintains a tranquil ambiance and is removed from the bustle of other, more tourist-oriented cities, making it a fantastic choice for visitors seeking a tranquil location for their vacations.

Carvoeiro, which is a charming fishing community in the Algarve, is frequently disregarded in favor of its neighboring towns because of its laid-back atmosphere. Apart from its picturesque views of the Algarve region, this coastal town has a lot to offer. Its Praia do Paraiso beach also translates to “paradise beach,” and is thought to have originated from the medieval word “caboiere,” which means “hamlet of.” If you enjoy an adventure, take a day excursion to the well-known Benagil caves.

  • Location: Algarve

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal
top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


Tavira is one of the most well-liked villages in the Algarve and one of Portugal’s most stunning beach communities. Its mestizo nature is evident because it is situated along the Gilao River’s banks and once had an Arab influence. The canals and marshes of the Ra Formosa Natural Park are located south of the town.

On Portugal’s Algarve Coast, Tavira is situated along the picturesque inlet of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, where rivers wind through dry marsh-like islands to create a 60-kilometer-long natural playground for both people and wildlife.

You can kayak through its canals while observing the birds, laze about on a deserted beach, and get some refreshments at the nearby resort community of Cabanas de Tavira. With a Moorish influence on its architecture and a crumbling medieval castle peering over its roofs, Tavira has a charm all its own. Traditional Portuguese cafes line the streets, and fishing boats line the riverfront.

  • Location: Faro

top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


top most beautiful coastal towns in portugal


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