Top Most Beautiful Coastal Towns in Turkey

1. Trabzon, 2. Bodrum, 3. Giresun, 4. Datça, 5. Dalyan, 6. Kas, 7. Alacati, 8. Ayvalik, 9. Kalkan, 10. Zonguldak. With stunning natural beauty and an array of well-preserved architecture, Turkey is a wonderful country to visit. There's plenty to satisfy the explorer, with hot air balloon rides in Göreme and scuba diving trips in Kaş on offer. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful coastal towns in Turkey.

  1. Trabzon
  2. Bodrum
  3. Giresun
  4. Datça
  5. Dalyan
  6. Kas
  7. Alacati
  8. Ayvalik
  9. Kalkan
  10. Zonguldak


Trabzon is the Black Sea’s pearl, the host of natural beauties that the world admires, the crowns of delicacies that come from nature’s bosom; despite the rainfall seen in all seasons, Trabzon is the center of attention for both local and foreign tourists. Trabzon is the ninth largest city in the Turkish Republic. It is also the second largest city in the Black Sea region, after Samsun. Trabzon has a vibrant life that is worth seeing because of its refreshing nature, genuine people, and sustainable economy.

Its exceptional location quickly elevated it to the status of a major commercial center. Not surprisingly, it is one of the cities through which the Silk Road connects East and West. Its port is still one of the most important in Turkey. Aside from its port and promenade, the city has numerous historical relics such as the Sumela Monastery, the Aqueduct, and the remains of the wall. Strolling through the old town brings you into contact with specks of the past at every turn. For example, the birthplace of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the modern Turkish nation’s father.

Google rating: 5.0/5.0

Location: Trabzon Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


Bodrum ranks 2nd in the list of the most beautiful seaside towns in Turkey. It is a medium-sized city that, however, attracts thousands of tourists every year willing to be flooded by the light of the Mediterranean. The town is dominated by its magnificent San Pedro castle, which dominates the entire bay in which the town is located. The castle is a reminder of the strategic position of the Aegean Sea during the Crusades (it was built by order of Saint John of Jerusalem).

Bodrum Castle is located on a peninsula south of the city and is built with the stone of a ruined mausoleum. There is a fee to visit this 15th-century structure built by the Christian Crusaders. Today, inside the castle is the Ocean World Archaeological Museum, which displays preserved relics from excavations and shipwrecks around the area.

Visitors can also find other ancient artifacts in the hills north of the city. Catch a concert at the 4th-century BC Open Air Theater or climb the only remaining section of Halicarnassus at the Gate of Myndos. Spend a day of adventure in the Aegean Sea. Walk on the stretch of beach that connects to Gumbet Bay. Guests can swim safely at Bardakci Beach, a small beach resort with umbrellas and sun loungers nearby. Book snorkeling tickets to explore the sea here. Visitors can spot colorful fish nearby, shipwrecks and even plane wrecks in the ocean.

Google rating: 4.8/5.0

Location: Muğla Province, southwestern Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey



It also has the only island in the entire inland sea, the island of Aretias, which is close to the eastern end of the Turkish coast in the Black Sea (which receives many other names). This island is the center of the city’s May celebrations. It is the home of two of Turkey’s most famous foods: cherry and hazelnut. Both fruits are famous around the world for their high quality, so you can’t leave town without trying them.

Giresun Island (Aretias), which is very close to the coast, is unique in that it is the only island in the Eastern Black Sea Region. Visitors are drawn to the island because of its natural beauty, historical ruins, bird-watching areas, and mythological stories. Mavi Lake (Blue Lake), a natural wonder hidden among Giresun’s forests and various types of plants, the Castle of Giresun with its magnificent view, and the Zeytinlik district, where historical Giresun houses are located in the southeast of the castle, are also worth seeing.

Take the opportunity to go up to the castle, walk through the Zeytinlik neighborhood, taste its rich cuisine, and buy some souvenirs of silver jewelry, art in which the town’s artisans have great fame, on your next visit to this town, considered one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Turkey.

Google rating: 4.5/5.0

Location: Giresun Province, Black Sea Region of northeastern Turkey, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey



Datça is a town in Aegean Turkey, located on the long and narrow Reşadiye Peninsula, which forms the boundary between the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Known as the Chersonisos Cnidia in ancient times, the extreme western end of this peninsula is marked by the ruins of Knidos. Datça is an excellent starting point for exploring the Datça Peninsula, which is connected to mainland Turkey at its narrow east end. Stroll along the town’s beautiful harbor and watch the yachts gently rock in the marina. Explore the nearby bays and coves and unwind on the beach. Explore the Datça Peninsula by boat or on foot through fragrant forests of pine, eucalyptus, and almond trees.

On Saturdays, you can visit a local market that sells aromatic spices, Turkish sweets and snacks, and regional handicrafts. Take a seat by the water and sample some delicious dark Turkish coffee with sweet lokum (Turkish delight). Swim in Datça’s local beaches while gazing out at the Aegean Sea. Kumluk has soft sands in the center of town. Taslik, a nearby pebble beach with hot mineral springs, is worth a visit.

Location: Muğla Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey



Dalyan ranks 5th in the list of the most beautiful coastal towns in Turkey. Another unpretentious little seaside town on the Mediterranean Coast is Dalyan. It is situated around a river between Lake Köyceiz and the Mediterranean Sea. The lakes, rivers, and mountains that surround Dalyan make it the ideal relaxing vacation destination. On the main street, there are many seafood restaurants, bars, and cafes serving Turkish breakfast, but Dalyan is not a party town. It’s an excellent choice for families who want to immerse themselves in Turkish culture by visiting ancient ruins, hiking, visiting a turtle conservation center, or taking a sightseeing tour of different coves.

Dalyan is famous for Iztuzu beach (Dalyan Turtle Beach) – a wide and picturesque beach. Dalyan Beach isn’t just pleasant to tourists – it’s regularly visited by giant sea turtles (Caretta Caretta. Turkish turtle beach) tells of the area’s good habitat. In addition to the Dalyan Caretta turtles here, you can see Nile softshell turtles with the head of a snake.

Google rating: 4.2/5.0

Location: Ortaca, Muğla Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey



One of the things that distinguishes Kas is that it is not easily obtained! Its location in Turkey’s southwest is very popular with both domestic travelers and tourists driving along the Turkish Riviera. This small fishing village, which has retained its essence despite the rise of tourism, is ideal for any type of tourist: if you enjoy history, there are relics from previous eras. If you prefer walking, the town itself will captivate you; if you enjoy sports, you can participate in activities such as mountain climbing or scuba diving from here. Kas has one of the region’s most biodiverse seabeds!

Kas has a distinct vibe that you will notice the moment you step foot there. Kas restaurants and cafes are always crowded, as is the rest of the town. Boats ply the small harbor, and Kas Beach Club is the place to be! Despite the fact that the Turkish Kas is quite small, there is a maze of small pedestrian streets, shops, and viewpoints to explore. It also has a lively nightlife scene, with both locals and visitors drinking in the main square in the evening. Kas is the place you come and never want to leave.

Google rating: 4.1/5.0

Location: Antalya Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey
top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


Turkey is famous for its beautiful romantic scenes and is a favorite tourist destination around the world. And every time the name Alacati is mentioned, people will immediately imagine the charming and poetic streets. Small vineyards, where liqueurs are produced or without cellars, are preserved here every year. This small town, very reminiscent of Greek villages or the atmosphere of Ibiza in Spain, has attracted the attention of the Turkish and Russian upper classes, and every year more tourists come to visit. guest. travel here.

Next to the Aegean peninsula, east of Cesme, of the country of Turkey. But the village of Alacati is known for its houses built in the style of Greek architecture. From the houses to the road, stone is used for paving. This not only makes the owner feel cool, but also invisible, giving the village an ancient and quiet look.

For those who love sports, summer is also an ideal time to have a trip to visit. In addition to sightseeing, you can also participate in the game of windsurfing on the sea to experience and enjoy the exciting feeling of floating on the water. A place not to be missed with family or friends to have moments of relaxation and true rest.

Google rating: 4.0/5.0

Location: Çeşme, İzmir Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey



Ayvalik is a province of Balkesir, which is located in northwestern Turkey and is bounded to the north by Burhaniye, to the south by Dikili, and to the east by Bergama. Ayvalik, located in the northern Aegean Sea on the western edge of an inner sea formed by Anatolia and Lesbos, is a unity composed of 22 islands, the largest of which is Cunda/Alibey, as well as hills, coves, bays, peninsulas, and straits formed by this natural structure. This natural structure, which can be seen in the islands and coastline, formed an inner sea between Ayvalik and Cunda Island, transforming Ayvalik into a protected natural harbor.

Ayvalik is a laid-back port town that resembles an old Greek village. Because it is not very popular with international tourists, the prices are reasonable, and the accommodation is mostly provided by boutique hotels. Cunda Island is nearby and famous for its fresh seafood, ice cream, and a local sandwich called “Ayvalik tostu.” Cunda Island is a little more hip; stone houses converted into boutique hotels, converted Greek Orthodox churches, and houses with colorful shutters make it a picturesque destination ideal for foodies and families looking for a peaceful summer.

Location: Balıkesir Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


Kalkan was once a peaceful fishing village at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, but it is now a popular seaside resort for both local and international visitors. Kalkan is located in one of Europe’s most beautiful, sweeping Mediterranean bays, with the truly majestic Taurus Mountains as a backdrop. The beautiful and historic old town area extends back from the sea through an exquisite harbour full of Turkish wooden gulets and small fishing craft, bordered by waterfront restaurants and the beach.

Kalkan, formerly a Greek fishing village, is now a thriving but still unspoiled resort, with the bustling historic Old Quarter at its heart. After dusk, its winding streets teem with people as the tantalizing aromas of Kalkan’s renowned cuisine entice people down to the harbour and surrounding streets.

The old town is a place you’ll want to discover and enjoy, with an eclectic mix of Greek and old Kalkan architecture, roof terrace restaurants, and lovely views of the sea. Kalkan’s beauty is best appreciated by boat, but it does have one of the most beautiful beaches on the Turquoise Coast: Kaputas Beach. Canyoning is available in the Kaputas Gorge for active travelers, and September and October are ideal months to try it.

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Location: Kaş, Antalya Province, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


Zonguldak is the capital of Zonguldak Province in Turkey’s Black Sea region. It was founded in 1849 as a port town for the nearby Eregli coal mines, and the coal trade is still its main economic activity. Zonguldak is the name of both a city and a province. Its most appealing features are its landscapes, which are dominated by high hills of an unusual green, caverns, and the cultural heritage that it preserves, with more than 20 archaeological sites.

The people who have lived here for thousands of years include the Hittites and Persians, as well as the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Zonguldak has very beautiful beaches in Kopuz and Uzunkum, where you may choose one of the tea gardens or restaurants to watch the perfect scene around. If you are a nature-lover photography then you will take plenty of photos. Its beach has extensive dark sand that reminds you of the origin and weight of mining in this town. Of course, you cannot leave it without going to the Mining Museum and walking through its deep tunnels.

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Location: Zonguldak Province, Black Sea, Turkey

top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey


top most beautiful coastal towns in turkey



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