Top Most Beautiful Islands in Yemen

1. Socotra Island, 2. Kamarn Island, 3. Abd al-kūrī Island. Perhaps when people think about Yemen, they just think of political instability. However, there are certain stunning islands that everyone should visit at least once in their lives to experience a variety of emotions. Here are the top 3 most beautiful islands in Yemen.

  1. Socotra Island
  2. Kamarn Island
  3. Abd al-kūrī Island

Socotra Island

Mentioning the most beautiful island in Yemen, people immediately think of Socotra. Socotra Island is one of the world’s most beautiful and untouched islands. The island is located in the Arabian Sea just south of Yemen, has a population of around 42,000 people living on a 3,796 square kilometer island. This indicates that the island is “barely populated!”

Socotra is known as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean,” “The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth,” and “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of its abundance of endemic plants and birds found nowhere else. This one-of-a-kind island is home to over 700 endemic species. It is noted for its Dragon Blood Trees as well as its surreal vistas of towering sand dunes and deep valleys, making it one of the world’s most magnificent UNESCO sites.

The greatest time to visit is from October to May, but the months of October, November, and February are the busiest. These months are pleasant in terms of temperature and rainfall, making them ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities, which are the primary attractions in Socotra. This is also a terrific season for wildlife.

Location: Arabian Sea

top most beautiful islands in yemen

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top most beautiful islands in yemen

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Kamarn Island

Kamarn Island is a Yemeni island situated in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen. It covers 57 square kilometers and is the largest member of an archipelago. Its name, which translates as “two moons” in Arabic, relates to the moon’s double reflection that can be observed there. Kamarn features a regular west coast and a fractured east coast with a harbor, both of which are made up of coral reefs with minimal relief. The island deserves to be one of the most beautiful islands in Yemen.

The island’s highest peak, Jabal Yaman (24 meters), is located about three kilometers from Ra’s al Yaman. Its average annual temperature of 29 degrees Celsius is among the world’s highest, and the environment is made even more miserable by dust storms and excessive humidity; rainfall is sparse. This island definitely deserves a place in the top 3 islands in Yemen.

In 1915, the British took control of the island and ruled it from Aden. The island exports dried fish and charcoal, while three settlements on the western side engage in pearl fishing. An insular airfield provides access to Yemen’s mainland.

Location: The Red Sea

top most beautiful islands in yemen

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top most beautiful islands in yemen

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Abd al-kūrī Island

The last name on our list of the most beautiful islands in Yemen is Abd al-kūrī. Itis an Indian Ocean island located 65 miles southwest of Socotra. Although the island belongs to Yemen, whose mainland is more than 200 miles to the north, it is geographically closer to the Horn of Africa, being roughly 70 miles east-northeast of Cape Gwardafuy (Guardafui). The rocky island, which is around 22 miles long and 3 miles wide, rises to a height of almost 2,300 feet at Mount Li, its highest point. Despite the fact that the island is more arid than neighboring Socotra, and much of it is semi-desert with minimal flora, there are a number of plant species that are peculiar to Abd al-Kr alone. Fishing is the primary source of income for the majority of the island’s residents.

Abd al Kuri is home to several rare plant species as well as an endemic bird, the Abd al-Kuri sparrow, which has a population of less than 1,000 individuals. BirdLife International has designated the island as an Important Bird Area (IBA) due to the presence of the endemic sparrow, as well as red-billed tropicbird and Persian shearwater colonies.

Location: Southwest Socotra

top most beautiful islands in yemen

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