Top Most Beautiful Lakes in Ireland

1. Glendalough Upper Lake, 2. Lough Leane, 3. Lough Derg, 4. Lough Neagh, 5. Lough Ree, 6. Lough Corrib, 7. Lough Allen, 8. Lough Erne, 9. Lough Conn, 10. Lough Derravaragh, 11. Lough Tay, 12. Caragh Lake, 13. Lough Key. The lakes are the ideal summer destination for those who want a place to relax and cool off without descending to cramped beach destinations. In a beautiful country like Ireland, there is no shortage of beautiful lakes. Let's join Toplist to discover the most beautiful lakes in Ireland!

  1. Glendalough Upper Lake
  2. Lough Leane
  3. Lough Derg
  4. Lough Neagh
  5. Lough Ree
  6. Lough Corrib
  7. Lough Allen
  8. Lough Erne
  9. Lough Conn
  10. Lough Derravaragh
  11. Lough Tay
  12. Caragh Lake
  13. Lough Key

Glendalough Upper Lake

In close proximity to Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland, is Glendalough Upper Lake, a glacial lake. This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ireland. It is referred to as a ribbon lake because it is a long, narrow lake that was formed in a glacial depression. One of Wicklow Mountains National Park’s top draws is the lake. The valley of these twin lakes, together with the lower lake, has attracted many tourists and is a popular day trip from Dublin. The body of water is a ribbon lake. Originally, the Upper and Lower lakes were together, but one of their inflows carried enough material to split the original lake in two.

The lake is incredibly peaceful because it is surrounded by mountains and is 130 meters above sea level. Additionally, the well-known 6th-century monastic community of Glendalough is nearby and provides stunning views of the lake, particularly from the Round Tower.

The easternmost point of the lough is traversed by the 131-kilometer Wicklow Way hiking route. You may likely see some beautiful plants, like white water lilies and broad-leaved pondweed while trekking the walk or simply admiring the lake itself.

Length: 1.4 km

Width: 0.52 km

Location: County Wicklow, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Leane

The largest of the three lakes in Killarney, County Kerry, is Lough Leane. Northwest of the lake, the River Laune empties into Dingle Bay. The size of Lough Leane is roughly 19 square kilometers. Additionally, it is the largest freshwater body in the area. The lake’s name, which translates to “lake of learning,” apparently alludes to the monastery on the lake’s island of Innisfallen. Early Middle Ages centers of learning included Innisfallen, which is where the Annals of Innisfallen were written and, according to mythology, where King Brian Boru received his education.

With excellent boat access, the lake is well-known for its salmon and brown trout fishing. A boat trip of the lake, which includes stops at the other two Lakes of Killarney, is also strongly advised.

Along the lake’s eastern shore is the 15th-century Ross Castle, while on the lake’s southern shore is the Muckross Abbey. It’s also worthwhile to hike through the national park itself to explore it and get a chance to see the wildlife. Phosphates from home and agricultural pollution have entered Lough Leane Reedbed, an important habitat on the margin of Lough Leane, causing it to become eutrophic.

Surface area: 9 km2

Location: County Kerry, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Derg

A freshwater lake called Lough Derg, formerly known as Lough Dergart, is located in Ireland’s Shannon River Basin. On the island of Ireland, it is the third-largest (after Lough Neagh and Lough Corrib).

It is a long, thin lake having shorelines in the counties of Tipperary, Galway, and Clare in the west, south, and north, respectively (to the east). The other two are Lough Ree and Lough Allen, and it is the most southern of the three large lakes on the River Shannon. Portumna, Killaloe & Ballina, Dromineer, Terryglass, Mountshannon, and Garrykennedy are among the towns and villages on Lough Derg.

The lake is the ideal area to spend a few days because of how lovely the surrounding Irish countryside is. Around the lake, you can go biking, hiking, or horseback riding; on the water, you may go sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, or wakeboarding.

Around Lough Derg, there are a lot of castles and historic structures, such as the Portumna Castle from the 17th century, the Brian Borus Fort, and the Dromineer Castle. It is highly advised to take a boat excursion to Holy Island, which also happens to be the location of one of Ireland’s most well-known monastic sites.

Length: 38.6 km

Width: 12.9 km

Location: Shannon River Basin, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Neagh

Northern Ireland’s Lough Neagh is a freshwater lake. With a surface size of 151 square miles, it has the largest lake in the island of Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the entire British Isles. 40% of the water in Northern Ireland comes from there. Upper River Bann and River Blackwater are its principal inflows, and Lower River Bann is its principal outflow.

The public is welcome to use and enjoy Lough Neagh, which is owned by the Earl of Shaftesbury. Around the lake, marinas and water sports facilities provide boat rentals in addition to activities like banana boating, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding.

It feels like an ocean because of its enormous seas. This is Lough Neagh, the largest lake in Ireland and a place that reverberates with culture, tradition, nature, and beauty. It’s a place of limitless views, racing skies, and unique visitor attractions.

It’s off the usual path yet full of amazing walks, great bars and restaurants, and gorgeous scenery. For those visitors who would like to avoid the water, the lake’s shoreline is a great place to go cycling, hiking, or even play a round of golf. Due to the abundance of different bird species that dwell close to the lake all year long, it is also a refuge for birdwatchers.

Length: 30 km

Width: 15 km

Location: Counties Antrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone & Londonderry, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Ree

The second largest of the three major lakes on the River Shannon is located in Ireland’s central region and is called Lough Ree. After Lough Derg, Lough Ree is the largest lake on the Shannon. Lough Allen to the north and Lough Derg to the south are the two additional large lakes. Along the river’s length, there are also a number of smaller lakes.

Between County Roscommon in the province of Connacht on the western side and Longford and Westmeath in the province of Leinster on the eastern side, the lake acts as a border. The lake is well-liked for boating and fishing. The lake is well known in the area for its “eels on wheels” truck and hosts a modest commercial eel fishery. At the southern end of the lake, the town of Athlone has a harbor where boats can leave for the lake. At the lake’s northernmost point is the little community of Lanesboro.

Lough Ree, which means “Lake of Kings” in English, is the location of various towns and villages, some of which are particularly lovely. Not to be overlooked are the Bogwood Sculptures and Rindoon Castle, both of which are significant historical sites that are situated along the lake’s edge.

Surface area: 105 km2

Location: Counties of Longford, Westmeath & Roscommon, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Corrib

Ireland’s west contains the lake known as Lough Corrib. Galway’s Lake and Sea are connected by the River Corrib or Galway River. It is the second-biggest lake on the island of Ireland and the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland (after Lough Neagh). With a small portion of its northeastern corner in County Mayo, it has a total area of 176 km2 and is mostly located in County Galway.

Over 360 islands can be found in the lake, including the stunning Inchagoil Island, which boasts woods, beaches, and views of the Maumturk range and the Connemara highlands. The Hen’s Castle national monument is located on the island of Caislean-na-Circe. From Galway City to Maum in County Galway, the renowned Lough Corrib is around 35 miles long and teeming with wild brown trout and salmon. The fishing seasons for trout and salmon begin on February 15 and terminate on September 30 respectively.

Due to its rich fauna and surroundings, Lough Corrib is also a Ramsar Site and a Special Area of Conservation. Nevertheless, it is legal to fish there because of the lake’s abundance of trout, pike, and salmon.

Surface area: 176 km2

Location: Counties Galway & Mayo, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland

Photo: wikipedia

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Allen

Northeastern Connacht in Ireland has a lake by the name of Lough Allen. With a lesser portion in County Roscommon, the lake is located primarily in County Leitrim. The lake is the highest of the three major lakes on the river and is located south of the River Shannon’s source, close to the Iron Mountains. Lough Derg and Lough Ree are substantially farther to the south than the other two. The isosceles triangle-shaped lake is thought to have existed as early as the Mesolithic period and later served as the location of ironworks.

Today, Lough Allen is a well-liked fishing location and holds many annual international angling events. Regattas used to be held at the lake, but there are now much fewer of them happening regularly.

The opportunity to explore this lake and its breathtaking natural surroundings should not be missed by nature lovers. Additionally, it is a crucial habitat for birds, and birdwatchers may have the opportunity to see red-breasted mergansers, herons, jays, common sandpipers, or redpolls there. Lough Allen is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ireland.

Surface area: 35 km2

Location: northeastern Connacht, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland
top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Erne

Two interconnected lakes in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, are known together as Lough Erne. It is Ireland’s fourth-largest lake system overall and the second-largest lake system in Northern Ireland and Ulster. The River Erne, which flows north and then swings west into the Atlantic, is divided into the lakes by expanded parts. Due to its location higher up the river, the smaller southern lake is known as the Upper Lough. The Lower Lough or Broad Lough is the name of the larger northern lake. On the brief riverfront between the lakes is where the town of Enniskillen is located. Along with several coves and inlets, the lake features more than 150 islands. The River Erne drains a region of around 4,350 km2 and is 129 km long.

Today, people visit the lake for pleasure as well as to unwind and enjoy the environment. Both the woods that have grown up along the lake’s shoreline and some of the birds that may be seen there are wonderful.

Around Lower Lough Erne, there are many walking paths, some of which run down the coast. Among the best are the Magho Cliffs Walk, Castle Caldwell Forest, Castle Archdale Country Park, and Ely Lodge Forest.

Surface area

  • Lower: 110 km2
  • Upper: 34 km2

Location: County Fermanagh, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland
top most beautiful lakes in ireland


Lough Conn

Lake Lough Conn is located in Ireland’s County Mayo. It is Ireland’s seventh largest lake with a surface area of roughly 48 square kilometers. The River Moy connects it to the Atlantic Ocean along with its close neighbor to the south, Lough Cullin. Trout and salmon fishing is popular in Lough Conn. At Errew Abbey, there are still some priory remnants.

Given that the hounds of the chieftain Modh drowned here, the Gaelic legendary term Lough Conn is also known as the “lake of the hounds” and is derived from this. The Errew Abbey ruins, which are located on a peninsula on the lake’s northwest shore, are also located there.

The 5,700-hectare lake is popular with anglers from throughout the world for its fantastic brown trout and salmon fishing. There are numerous boat ramps around the shoreline of Lough Conn, and the ideal months to go fishing are between March and July.

By taking a drive down the picturesque Lough Conn Drive, you can really take in the beauty of the lake and its surrounding area. This 140-kilometer loop travels through a variety of towns, villages, and historic sites.

Surface area: 48.48 km2

Location: County Mayo, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland

Photo: wikimedia commons


Lough Derravaragh

In County Westmeath, Ireland, between Castlepollard, Crookedwood, and Multyfarnham is a lake known as Lough Derravaragh. The River Inny, which originates in Lough Sheelin and travels to the River Shannon, is where Lough Derravaragh is located. The lake is well-liked for fishing and other water activities. This lake, which has the shape of a boot and is located on the River Inny, is well-liked for leisure activities. The most popular activities in this area include boating, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

The Lough Derravaragh Natural Heritage Area completely encircles Lough Derravaragh, making it exceedingly scenic. The heritage area is a haven for nature enthusiasts because it has wetland, grassland, and woodland as well as their habitats. Lough Derravaragh is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ireland.

The Irish tale of the Children of Lr, in which four of King Lr’s children were transformed into swans and spent 300 years on the lake, is what most people associate with the lake. After that, they spent another 300 years on the Atlantic Ocean and another 300 years on the Myle Straits.

Surface area: 9.14 km2

Location: County Westmeath, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland



Lough Tay

A small but lovely lake called Lough Tay is located on private property in Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains. The lake is surrounded by the east-facing granite cliffs of Luggala and is situated between the mountains of Djouce (725 meters) and Luggala (595 meters). The Cloghoge River supplies the lough, and it empties into Lough Dan to the south. Lough Tay has limited public access and is a part of the Luggala Guinness Estate.

At a height of 246 meters, Lough Tay is a tiny picturesque lake found in the Wicklow Mountains. It’s a stunning lake that also happens to be one of County Wicklow’s most popular photo ops.

The Guinness family has property along the lake’s northern coastline, earning the lake the nickname “The Guinness Lake.” Drinking a pint of Guinness at a bar on the nearby cliffs is the finest way to take in views of the lake and the estate.

Since the lake itself is on private property, viewing it from below is the only option. Military Road, at the intersection of Wicklow Way, is an excellent location to take in beautiful sights.

Surface area: 48.1 ha

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland

Caragh Lake

A lake in Ireland’s County Kerry’s Reeks District is known as Caragh Lake or Lough Caragh. The Caragh River was dammed to create the lake. The Great Southern and Western Railway line, which extended from Farranfore to Valentia Harbour, included a station at Caragh Lake. You shouldn’t skip this wide, picturesque lake, especially if you’re in County Kerry. Caragh Lake is encircled by lovely rural scenery and is located within a sizable Special Area of Conservation.

Other than fishing and boating, there aren’t many activities available at the glacial lake. Instead, visitors come to admire the lake’s beauty from within as well as from its coastline.

Both the Carrig Country House & Restaurant and the Carrig House are excellent locations to enjoy a meal and take in the breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. They are located along the lake’s shoreline. Numerous lodging options are available, most of them located on the lake’s northeastern shore. The lake is a part of a sizable Special Area of Conservation that includes Macgillycuddy’s Reeks, Killarney National Park, and the Caragh River Catchment SAC. This lake’s vicinity was where the uncommon Kerry slug was originally found.

Surface area: 4.91 km2

top most beautiful lakes in ireland


top most beautiful lakes in ireland

Lough Key

Ireland has a lake called Lough Key. It is located northeast of the town of Boyle in the northwest of County Roscommon. The lough is thought to have been given the name Cé after a mythological character. Over thirty wooded islands, including Castle Island, Trinity Island, Orchard Island, Stag Island, Bullock Island, and Drumman’s Island, may be found in the lake, which has a diameter of several kilometers. Over the years, a variety of buildings have been erected on Castle Island.

Lough Key is thought to have been named for the mythological Cé, a druid of the god Nuada. Evidently, where his burial had been dug, the water suddenly erupted. Due to the hills and vegetation that surround the 844-acre lake, it is incredibly serene. On the south end of the lake, there is also the Lough Key Forest Park, a well-liked location for strolling.

There are many islands in Lough Key, including Castle Island and McDermott’s Castle National Monument. View the ruins of medieval monasteries by traveling to Trinity and Church Islands. Lough Key is one of the most beautiful lakes in Ireland.

Surface area: 843.7 ha

Location: County Roscommon, Ireland

top most beautiful lakes in ireland
top most beautiful lakes in ireland