Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Arkansas

1. Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls, 2. Cedar Falls, 3. Kings Bluff Falls. Arkansas is a region with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an amazing region to enjoy serene waterfalls. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas!

  1. Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls
  2. Cedar Falls
  3. Kings Bluff Falls

Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls

Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls is located in the Ponca Wilderness Area of the Buffalo National River in northern Arkansas. The falls rise 209 feet in height (64 meters).

In Hemmed-In Hollow, a small valley surrounded on three sides by 200-foot (61 m) hills, the waterfall can be found. There are at least three separate hiking routes that go to the location; however, Centerpoint Trailhead and Compton Trailhead on State Highway 43 north of Ponca are likely the best options for visitors looking for parking and starting their trip.

The flow over Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls is moderate for the majority of the year and can nearly completely disappear during dry spells. The water separates into thousands of tiny droplets as one looks above. The falls are always dancing because of the wind swirling through the canyon. Water spills from the cliff heavily during periods of heavy rain, which are often in late winter or early spring. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas.

Location: Buffalo National River, Newton County, Arkansas, United States

top most beautiful waterfalls in arkansas

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Cedar Falls

The US state of Arkansas’s Conway County contains Cedar Falls, which is close to Morrilton. The Park is overseen by Arkansas State Parks. The Cedar Creek meanders through Cedar Creek Canyon and enters the Petit Jean River to the west before tumbling over a 95-foot precipice at Cedar Falls. The source of Cedar Creek, which is over nine miles long, is the springs at the summit of Petit Jean Mountain.

Over the years, the cascading falls have dug a deep trench into the stratified rock surrounding them, earning them the reputation of being a spot where rainbows mysteriously occur. The slightly more than 2-mile-long and not particularly challenging Cedar Falls Trail leads to the falls. The region has a great history, and the park is packed with services, events, and conveniences for all kinds of visitors.

The canyon’s bottom has a 2-mile hiking trail that leads to Cedar Falls. However, the hike is somewhat difficult. In addition to providing a fantastic view of the falls without all the exertion of the trip, a charming wooden boardwalk and lookout are conveniently located along Highway 154.

Location: Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

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top most beautiful waterfalls in arkansas

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Kings Bluff Falls

One of Arkansas’s tallest waterfalls, Kings Bluff Falls, cascades down from a height of 120 feet. This area, which is a part of the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, has some of the best hiking opportunities and natural beauty. From April through September is the best time to see the falls in all their glory. The track is also open to leashed dogs. There are parking spaces available and restrooms nearby.

As you walk the 1.8-mile Kings Bluff Loop Trail to get to these falls, you may take in the spectacular scenery. If you are with children, exercise extra caution since the rocks might be a little slippery. As you climb past, you may also take in the nearby woodlands’ sightseeing and learn more about the geological history of Arkansas.

From AR Scenic Hwy 7 in Pelsor, take AR Hwy 16 east to reach here (between Jasper and Russellville). Search for a sign into the region on your right after traveling about 6 kilometers. Go back around 212 miles if you get to Ben Hur. Kings Bluff Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas.

Location: Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area, Arkansas

top most beautiful waterfalls in arkansas

Photo by Brandonrush on Wikimedia Commons

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