Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Azerbaijan

1. Seven Beauties Waterfall, 2. Afurja Waterfall, 3. Laza Waterfall, 4. Ilisu Waterfall. Azerbaijan is a transcontinental country located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. There are quite a few interesting waterfalls on this land, liberated from occupation. Let’s look at the strong reasons why you should travel to Azerbaijan and some fascinating waterfalls you ought to visit while in the country with Toplist right now.

  1. Seven Beauties Waterfall
  2. Afurja Waterfall
  3. Laza Waterfall
  4. Ilisu Waterfall

Seven Beauties Waterfall

The Vendam hamlet of Gabala city is where the “Seven Beauties” waterfalls are found. The settlement of Ruskan is not far from this waterfall. The Caucasus Mountains’ tallest summits are where the waterfalls originate. The “Seven Beauties” waterfalls, one of the most well-known tourist destinations, are located 3 km from the major route over Puskan and 6 km from the Vendam town. Cool water, majestic mountains, and green trees are all that nature bestows on this waterfall.

There are only two tiny waterfalls visible beneath the mountain. To view the remaining five waterfalls, one must make the short physical ascent up the wooden steps. But those who make it through this treacherous road will see a fascinating sight. The waterfall is icy and dark because it is hidden by a dense forest that receives no sunlight.

It is impossible to climb the waterfall in the late fall, winter, and early spring due to the ice that surrounds and covers it. Every mountain road has a teahouse during the spring and summer, where patrons can get tea and authentic Gabala jam. In addition, there is a teahouse with a unique hardwood floor at the top of the waterfall where you can have tea in contrast to the tranquil sounds and views of the waterfall. The waterfall is used to provide the water for the tea, which enhances the flavor. The waterfall’s natural scenery welcomes you all year round.

Location: Vendam settlement, Gabala city

top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan


top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan


Afurja Waterfall

The most well-known natural landmark in Azerbaijan is the Velvelichai river’s Afurja Waterfall. State protection is provided for Afurja Waterfall, which is designated among the “Nature Monuments of Azerbaijan.” It is described as a lovely fall, peaceful countryside, and a really pleasant environment.

The picturesque falls are hidden away in a secluded spot in the rustic village of Afurja by the Velvelichay river. Visiting every season offers a new experience. In autumn the forest around it is bursting with color, while in winter the waterfall may well be frozen over. There is a stunning view with a completely white backdrop in the winter when it is below zero. Travelers can take advantage of the summer’s tranquil weather and lush mountain woods. Not every vehicle can ascend this waterfall. Taxis are available to take tourists from the riverfront to the waterfall and back. However, if you can hike this region (it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to climb to the waterfall and another 50 minutes to hike back), you can see beautiful pictures of the mountains and forests along the route and also drink very cold spring water. Pay attention to your footwear; avoid wearing slippers and other styles of shoes that can slide off on a wet surface. savor herbal tea in a nearby cafe with regional jam outside under the trees.

In Quba city there are just 2-3 drivers who speak English well, very hard to communicate with locals but if you ask at your hotel they will contact you with those English-speaking drivers, it will be good for you after when you reach the village Afurja you can get the waterfall by local Niva jeeps (15manat) or just hike the way 3km to waterfall.

Location: Afurja (Afurca) village, Quba district

top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan

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top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan


Laza Waterfall

In the village of Laza in Gusar, which is situated in the northeast of the Caucasus Mountains, at the base of a high mountainous plateau “Shah yaylag” of the highest alps Shahdag 4242 m above sea level, Laza waterfall is the most well-known waterfall. At these ice waterfalls, climbing competitions are held throughout the winter.

Laza village is situated on Azerbaijan’s northern border. There are numerous waterfalls and towering mountains in this village. Prepare to be dazzled by the beauty of its untamed scenery as this ancient village is nestled between mesmerizing mountains and home to wondrous waterfalls. In winter these freeze over while in summer they offer an enticing escape from the sizzling heat. Travelers can eat local cuisine and stay in local homes. The greatest village for resting and trekking is this one. It takes an average of 2 hours, and 47 minutes to complete the trail, which is typically regarded as a route of moderate difficulty. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring. The best times to visit this trail are February through November.

It really has fresh air, unbelievable nature, and great emotions. It was worth seeing the waterfall and getting some to drink when traveling here.

Location: Northeast of the Caucasus Mountains

top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan


top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan


Ilisu Waterfall

There are many beautiful waterfalls in Azerbaijan, but the 25-meter-high Ilisu Waterfall, also known as Ram-rama, in the Caucasus Mountains is the country’s tallest and is regarded by locals as something of a hidden gem. The mountain views from this waterfall are stunning and create picture-perfect vistas. Cool water, majestic mountains, and green trees are all that nature bestows on this waterfall. It has a right to be considered one of Azerbaijan’s most stunning waterfalls.

To get there, you must hike for about an hour up a somewhat steep incline, however people in Ilisu will be willing to take you up the rocky road in a 4×4 if you don’t feel like walking. You can even ride a horse to get here. There is a tip for travelers that you should visit in winter to see it dramatically frozen over. The air here is very fresh because there are many trees, an ideal place for you to rest after walking. The cool stream of water brings a refreshing feeling.

Location: Gakh district

top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan

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top most beautiful waterfalls in azerbaijan