Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Indonesia

1. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, 2. Mursala Waterfall, 3. Sipiso-piso waterfall, 4. Kapas Biru Waterfall, 5. Kabut Pelangi Waterfall, 6. Curug Cikanteh Waterfall, 7. Curug Cimarinjung Waterfall, 8. Curug Citambur Waterfall, 9. Tiu Kelep Waterfall, 10. Nungnung Waterfall, 11. GitGit Waterfall. Indonesia is a country with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia!

  1. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
  2. Mursala Waterfall
  3. Sipiso-piso waterfall
  4. Kapas Biru Waterfall
  5. Kabut Pelangi Waterfall
  6. Curug Cikanteh Waterfall
  7. Curug Cimarinjung Waterfall
  8. Curug Citambur Waterfall
  9. Tiu Kelep Waterfall
  10. Nungnung Waterfall
  11. GitGit Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu waterfall also referred to as Coban Sewu, is a multi-tiered waterfall that can be found halfway between the Pronojiwo District in the Lumajang Regency and the Ampelgading District in the Malang Regency. The highest mountain in Java and an active volcano, Semeru, casts a shadow over the waterfall. The waterfall’s main water source is the Glidik River, which empties into Semeru. The Javanese word Tumpak Sewu roughly translates to “a thousand waterfalls”. The presence of numerous waterfalls in a single, semi-circular area is presumably where the term for the feature first emerged.

Tumpak Sewu receives a lot of tourists, especially on the weekends. Even though the main box canyon’s infrastructure has been created around it and inside of it, getting there still requires some physical effort and can take up to an hour. The horseshoe-shaped rainforest ravine where these waterfalls crash down resembles something out of Jurassic Park. An incredible natural wonder is a finished result!

This waterfall is frequently visited as part of a road trip that also includes other breathtaking East Java attractions like the Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen volcano craters.

Location: Lumajang Regency and Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia

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Mursala Waterfall

MMursala Waterfall is located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. The vista, which consists of a number of tiny islands, is breathtakingly gorgeous, and the water is crystal clear. Overall, the view is breathtaking from the harbor to the ideal location. Unlike other waterfall locations, where getting there requires hiking, Mursala Waterfall can only be reached by boat or a speed boat. The main Mursala Waterfall area is not accessible via hiking. Tourists must rent a speed boat or take a boat to get to the Mursala Waterfall’s location.

Sibolga Harbor is a good place to start the journey, but make sure to go to Mursala Island while the sky is clear. To save money on renting a boat or speed boat, it’s a good idea to arrive at the destination as a group. The distance between the port of Sibolga and the Mursala Waterfall is considerable. Sibolga Harbor is a good place to start the journey, but make sure to go to Mursala Island while the sky is clear. To save money on renting a boat or speed boat, it’s a good idea to arrive at the destination as a group.

Location: North Sumatra, Indonesia

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia



Sipiso-piso waterfall

One of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia is the Sipiso-Piso waterfall. Sipiso-piso, which translates to “like a knife,” is a 120 m-tall rock formation at the northern end of Lake Toba, 45 km from Berastagi.

This waterfall is created by a little underground river that originates on the Karo Plateau and empties into the caldera of Lake Toba. From Berastagi to Kabanjahe, use a local minibus to reach Sipiso-Piso Falls. Take any bus heading to Siantar from the Kabanjahe bus terminal, and request to get off at Sipiso-Piso. The falls are 2.5 kilometers from the main road. Visit Catalogue AU to view the Myer catalog. At the turnoff, there are becak drivers ready to travel to the falls.

Sipiso-Piso Waterfall offers fascinating sightseeing and lovely surroundings. The fall water is looking majestic by its grace among the cliffs, which have a greenish appearance. Sipiso-piso and Lake Toba’s beauty can be appreciated from a distance while standing or sitting a distance away from the location.

Since the waterfall’s top is situated at an elevation of roughly 800 meters above sea level. The walking pathways are also twisty and hilly. But don’t worry; once you reach the waterfall’s base, your fatigue will be replaced by a sense of contentment and gratitude. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia.

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia

Kapas Biru Waterfall

The first of three magnificent waterfalls that may be viewed on a day trip from Malang or Lumajang, East Java, is the Kapas Biru Waterfall. This enormous waterfall, also known as Air Terjun Kapas Biru (in Indonesian), is positioned against an orange rock wall and encircled by prehistoric-looking jungles and enormous bamboo trees.

A single, enormous, deafening spray of water descends from what looks to be 100 meters. The force of the water smashing destroys the pool at the base of the waterfall. Then it flows down a river with scattered boulders and vegetation, creating a lovely pathway to the waterfall.

This waterfall’s surroundings are breathtaking! If you time it just so, sunrays will appear on top of the waterfall, which has a reddish-orange hue to it. Typically, this takes place between 11:00 and 12:00. It’s a lovely spot to unwind for a while and unquestionably a great complement to your trip to East Java! It’s not the most spectacular waterfall by itself, but when you add the red rocks, palm and bamboo trees, and all the other flora in the region.

Location: East Java, Indonesia

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


Kabut Pelangi Waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia is Kabut Pelangi Waterfall. The amphitheater below, which is surrounded by beautiful green vegetation, is where the waterfall descends.

It takes around 25 minutes to walk down to Kabut Pelangi. The majority of the trail is paved, and where it isn’t, the going isn’t too bad. Up until the river, the track is easy to follow. Here, you must cross at one or two points. If your shoes are going to get wet later, you might as well get them wet now. You will encounter a waterfall on your left as you proceed upstream. However, it is not as stunning as Kabut Pelangi Waterfall. Just the pre-show, really. Continue forth; there is more to come.

As you turn the last corner, Kabut Pelangi will finally come into view. The 100-meter-plus Kabut Pelangi is a breathtaking sight. This is absolutely not an area where you want to go swimming because of the immense power it produces as it hits the pool below.

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia
top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


Curug Cikanteh Waterfall

One of the largest waterfalls of the Ciletuh Geopark in West Java is Curug Cikanteh, and it truly is a giant. This is a section of an Indonesian geopark with many lovely waterfalls that have been declared by UNESCO. There are various lovely locations to stay close to the waterfalls, and it can be reached by car in about a half-day from Jakarta.

The geopark requires some effort to get to because it’s a 4-6 hour journey from Jakarta or Bandung, but once there, you may drive for 15 minutes and then hike for 15 minutes to get to this waterfall. It takes another 5–10 minutes of climbing to reach the base of the falls and observe them up close along a steep mini-path.

The path to the main waterfall is not too challenging, but it can occasionally be difficult to view, particularly if you visit during or right after the wet season. Even a huge rainbow can be seen if you trek to the peak in the late afternoon. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia.

Location: West Java, Indonesia

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia

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Curug Cimarinjung Waterfall

The Curug Cimarinjung site is situated in the West Java Province’s Kampung Cimarinjung, Ciwaru Village, Ciemas District, and Sukabumi District. The name of the village where it exists, Kampung Cimarinjung, inspired the name of the waterfall, Curug Cimarinjung.

Although the precise position of this curug is at the intersection of Ciwaru and Girimukti villages in the Ciemas Subdistrict of West Java’s Sukabumi Regency. However, due to its proximity to Kampung Cimarinjung, Ciwaru Village, Curug Cimarinjung is easy to visit. Curug Cimarinjung is located in the Cimarinjung River’s flow at a height of 100 meters above sea level, in keeping with the name of the place. One of the rivers that drain into the Indian Ocean’s Gulf of Ciletuh is the Cimarinjung River.

Curug Cimarinjung is becoming more beautiful due to its waterfalls and views of the cliffs, which are brownish-red with green flora growing on them. Additionally, two sizable stone boulders surround the water’s flow as it descends. Additionally, it distinguishes one Sukabumi waterfall trip from the others.

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia
top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia

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Curug Citambur Waterfall

A waterfall or waterfalls named Curug Citambur, which is around 130 meters high, may be found in Cianjur Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia. The first level of the three-level Curug Citambur waterfalls is 12 meters high, the second level is 116 meters high, and the majority of the bags are 2 meters high.

At an altitude of roughly 1,400 masl, this water curug is renowned for being extremely cold and having a significant water output, particularly during the rainy season. Due to these circumstances, Curug Citambur is constantly shrouded in thin fog and constantly filled with the loud rumbling sound of falling water. If Curug Citambur is beneath the splash of water, it will be extremely dangerous due to its proximity to steep cliffs and a significant water flow.

After a three-hour trip from town, you may reach the waterfall in just three minutes by walking directly there. A two-step waterfall with various photo opportunities is called Curug Citambur. Since they are both in the same direction from Bandung, the ideal approach to see this waterfall is in conjunction with the magnificent Kawah Putih crater lake.

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


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Tiu Kelep Waterfall

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia is Tiu Kelep waterfall. With good reason, this waterfall is the most well-known in Lombok. It’s a cascade made up of several connected waterfalls that is both highly lovely and unusual. It simply takes a little over 30 minutes to get to the waterfall. Wild monkey groups and Sendang Gile Falls, another lovely cascade, can be seen on the route.

The locals at Tiu Kelep will attempt to get you to hire a pricey guide for this climb, but unless you want someone to shoot photos for you, it’s really not essential. Without a guide, the trail to the falls is in good condition and simple to follow.

On the slopes of Mount Rinjani, in north Lombok, is where you’ll find the Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Senggigi or Mataram, two popular tourist destinations, are a two-hour drive apart. Unquestionably, this waterfall is among the best waterfalls to visit in Indonesia. The pool beneath the waterfall is swimmable, and it’s a terrific place to utilize the GoPro. The pool’s water is exceptionally clear and slightly tinted blue.

Location: Lombok, Indonesia

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia

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Nungnung Waterfall

The popular tourist destination of Ubud is around 75 minutes away from Nungnung Waterfall, which is situated in Badung Regency. It is possible to go a little further to get to Nungnung waterfall from other popular tourist destinations like Canggu, Seminyak, or Kuta.

Only a little over an hour away from the popular tourist destination of Ubud, Nungnung waterfall (Air Tejun Nungnung) is still undiscovered in Bali. One of the nicest waterfalls close to Ubud is this one. Nungnung is the waterfall for you if you’re daring and enjoy making the extra effort to find a hidden jewel, though. Nungnung waterfall, one of Bali’s tallest waterfalls, cascades 165 feet (50 meters) in height.

Nungnung waterfall is not at all well-known despite being slightly more challenging to reach than other tourist-friendly waterfalls like Tegenungan. Even tourists visiting Bali on a tight budget can go to Nungnung Waterfall because it only costs 10k IDR for locals and 20k IDR for foreigners each person to enter. Parking will cost you 2k IDR, which is additional. The Nungnung Waterfall is open from 9 AM to 4 PM every day, so it’s advisable to go as early as you can to maximize your chances of getting the waterfall to yourself.

Location: Bali, Indonesia

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia
top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia


GitGit Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is a waterfall in Bali, Indonesia. It is located on the north of the Southeast Asian island between the old island capital of Singaraja and the inland village of Munduk. People frequently travel from Lovina to the Gitgit Waterfall, which is in the island’s north. From Lovina, the trip takes about 40 minutes. It may take close to two hours to travel to Gitgit Waterfall from Canggu or Ubud, though.

Gitgit Waterfall is undoubtedly a growing tourist destination because of its gorgeous rice paddies and vantage point high in the mountains. For both photographers and casual travelers, the jungle is paradise. There are numerous restaurants and bars close by, and the parking lot is located on a major road with a few businesses.

It is entirely family-friendly and has paved stairs the entire way. The 15-minute climb takes you to the waterfall. The grounds are well-kept, and because Bali’s tourism industry is booming, the entire route to the waterfall is a trail through marketplaces. You’ll undoubtedly stop a few times on the way back to your car or motorcycle to get a sarong and a key chain or 5.

top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia

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top most beautiful waterfalls in indonesia