Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Minnesota

1. Minnehaha Falls, 2. Cascade Falls, 3. Gooseberry Falls, 4. High Falls of The Baptism River, 5. Kawishiwi Falls, 6. Devil’s Kettle, 7. Vermillion Falls, 8. Minneopa State Park, 9. Wolf Creek Falls. Minnesota is a region with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. It is an amazing region to enjoy serene waterfalls. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Minnesota!

  1. Minnehaha Falls
  2. Cascade Falls
  3. Gooseberry Falls
  4. High Falls of The Baptism River
  5. Kawishiwi Falls
  6. Devil’s Kettle
  7. Vermillion Falls
  8. Minneopa State Park
  9. Wolf Creek Falls

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls is located at 4801 S. Minnehaha Drive in Minneapolis. As soon as you enter Minnehaha Regional Park, you can hear the 53-foot-tall Minnehaha Falls cascading over limestone.

The greatest time to view them is in the spring since that is when the flow is fueled by the winter’s runoff. Winter is especially amazing because the falls turn into many icicles. Minneapolis is easily accessible to visitors by rental car. It’s easy to see practically every hotel in Minneapolis because it’s a city park. If you need to get your daily dose of sunshine, check out these other best beaches in Minneapolis. Visit Hidden Falls Regional Park in St. Paul if you want to avoid the throng.

The park has a wading pool, a bike route, and a walking trail. Visit the Sea Salt Eatery for lunch or dinner while you are there. Enjoy a live music performance at the bandshell during the summer. The park’s entrance is close to the falls. You can to the bottom via steps and enjoy some magnificent views from there from a distance of only a few feet. Every park walk and the route is level and open to everyone.

Location: Minneapolis, ‎Minnesota‎, United States‎

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Minnesota. This falls is produced by its winding flow, including a stunning 30-foot waterfall. At the mouth of the Cascade River, locate the parking area off of Highway 61. You must hike the west side of the river to reach the designated waterfall.

Other dips, though, might be easier to discern from the other angle. The trip may be made into a circle thanks to a footbridge, allowing you to see most of the falls. The upstream falls can be seen if you follow the Lake Superior Hiking Trail. For the best views, stay on the west side.

One of the many activities offered at Cascade River State Park is hiking. Other activities include cross-country skiing and picnics. On summer evenings in Jackson, there is a man-made waterfall that is lit, multicolored, and accentuated by fireworks. One of Jackson’s most breathtaking attractions is The Cascades, which is located within the Sparks Foundation County Park’s limits.

Location: Cascade River State Park, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry Falls State Park, northeast of Two Harbors, is one of the most well-liked attractions along Minnesota’s magnificent North Shore. It has a beautiful stretch of Lake Superior shoreline and the numerous plunges that make up the fabled waterfall complex.

To get a close-up view of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Falls of the Gooseberry River, take the Falls Loop. The unquestionable highlight of Gooseberry Falls are the drops, horsetail fans, and segmented flumes, but you can also climb a portion of the Gitchi-Gami State Trail and look for indications of North Woods animals like timberwolves and black bears.

A trek along the Gooseberry River’s length will allow you to observe the upper, middle, and lower falls. You can get to Fifth Falls by doing a longer circle hike. Gooseberry Falls State Park has a nature center with events and talks. There are also restrooms and a gift shop available.

Location: Gooseberry Falls State Park, Two Harbors, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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High Falls of The Baptism River

High Falls of The Baptism River has located in Tettegouche State Park. The park has the mouth of the Baptism River with falls and about a mile of Lake Superior beachfront. Lakes and a hardwood forest are other features of this vast and stunning park. The High Falls, at 70 feet, and Illgen Falls, at 40 feet, is the tallest waterfalls in Minnesota.

Look for Peregrine falcons when hiking to the waterfalls. Cross-country skiing and rock climbing are other options. Take a short, clearly indicated walk to High Falls, where you can hike to a wooden platform above the falls. To get to the riverbed and the base of the falls, you can alternatively use steps and boardwalks. Get your feet wet in the water to cool them off. Illgen Falls can be reached by taking Country Road 1 1.6 miles west to the roadside pull-off and then walking a short distance to the falls from Illgen City on Highway 61. You can descend to the base, although it’s off-trail and somewhat difficult.

Location: Tettegouche State Park, Highway 61, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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Kawishiwi Falls

EKawishiwi Falls is a must-see attraction for tourists in Fly, Minnesota. The name “Kawishiwi” means “river abounding of beaver or muskrat dwellings” in Ojibwe. On the north side of Fernberg Road, six miles east of Ely, there is parking for this waterfall. Visitors must travel a 0.8-mile lollipop loop trail through the woods to get to the falls from the parking area.

The trailhead has a map of the route. The track is well-traveled and simple to follow. The trail starts its loop on a boardwalk at the quarter-mile mark; turn right at this point. The 70-foot-tall Kawishiwi Falls will be seen in roughly 0.1 miles. This area is where the dammed Garden Lake empties into Fall Lake. By traveling the portage trail that connects the two lakes, one can explore these lakes and the dam. After admiring Kawishiwi Falls’ splendor, proceed on the path loop to the parking area. To avoid crowds, it’s recommended to visit early in the morning or in the off-season, as this is a popular hike among locals and visitors of Ely.

Location: Fly, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota
top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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Devil’s Kettle

Devil’s Kettle has two sides, one of which empties into the Brule River and the other of which empties into a large hole that seems to vanish. They have recently learnt where the water flows. But it’s still entertaining to awe at! In Judge C. R. Magney State Park, just north of Grand Marais and a short distance from Highway 61, you may find Devil’s Kettle.

It takes around two miles to reach the falls, and the hike is classed as moderate. Along the trail, there are a lot of stairs. Due to its accessibility, this climb is usually quite crowded, especially during the summer. From Highway 61, it’s about a 2.5-mile round-trip climb. A path leading down to the lower falls of the Brule River can be found about.75 miles into the trip, cutting back behind and to the left of the main trail.

You will reach Devil’s Kettle at the conclusion of the long journey (the trail continues as the Superior Hiking Trail). Just before the steps that will lead you to the kettle, there is an overlook where you can see the entire falls at a distance of 1.25 miles. Approximately 200 stairs separate the top of the kettle from the river, although there are benches where you may rest and collect your breath.

Location: Judge C. R. Magney State Park, Grand Marais, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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Vermillion Falls

A 10-foot wide cleft in the granite is the source of Vermilion Falls, a stream of water that cascades down it. It is a portion of the Vermilion River, which originates at Lake Vermilion and flows 40 miles north before emptying into Crane Lake via the Vermilion Gorge. Three picnic areas with views of the river are located along the accessible 1/4-mile roundtrip route that leads to the falls and observation platform. You can bring a portable charcoal barbecue or camp stove for cooking at the picnic locations. No campfires are permitted. Please remove all rubbish and keep this place safe.

Make sure to observe the falls from the observation deck when you arrive. This deck gives you a fantastic top-down view of the Vermillion Falls and the Ardent Mills. Take 55 or 61 from St. Paul or a half-hour southeast of the airport to get there. Drop down to the Riverwalk, and as you stroll, consider the decades when paddleboats of the Mark Twain era were puttered by under the same stars that can be seen through the mill’s missing ceiling a little further downriver. Return to the town’s main street later for dining, shopping, and other activities.

Location: Hastings, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

Photo: visithastingsmn.org

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

Minneopa State Park

The breathtaking falls in Minneopa State Park are the next stop on this waterfall tour that Minnesotans must take. These waterfalls are among the most beautiful in southern Minnesota, and you can also observe the bison herd there. Minneopa State Park is a 90-minute drive from Minneapolis by taking US-212 W and US-169 S. Minneopa Creek flows over a ledge to form the falls, where it cascades down about 40 feet to meet the Minnesota River.

You can find the falls in the southern portion of the park by following the signage on the road. The distance from the parking area to the viewpoint is short.

You can take a trek along the gorge’s edge and down the trail to a set of stairs that lead directly into the gorge. After that, you may trek up the base for stunning views on either side of the creek. Because of the current and algae buildup, swimming is prohibited. Additionally, you can drive through a bison range that spans several hundred acres and discover more about its preservation. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Minnesota.

Location: Mankato, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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Wolf Creek Falls

A couple of moderately challenging trails at Banning State Park near Sandstone will lead you to Wolf Creek Falls. The greatest months to go are from March through October, but the winters are also beautiful and less crowded. Dogs on leashes are welcome!

Wolf Creek Falls can be reached on a few different hikes, ranging in length from short and easy to longer and tougher. The parking lot has clear signage. Alternatively, with a local Sandstone company, you can white water raft or canoe up the Kettle River to the falls.

Reservations are offered for tent, RV, and cabin camping. For advanced camping reservations, check Tentrr. You may also rent out private cabins like the Kettle River cabin, which is close to Sandstone and is tucked away between the Twin Cities and Duluth.

You can access the Wolf Creek region by hiking the trails of Banning State Park. To get to the parking lot at the picnic area, follow the signage. Take the Wolf Creek Trail, Deadmans Trail, and Quarry Loop Trail for a total of around 4 miles. You can also paddle up the river from Robinson Park in Sandstone, Minnesota, to reach the Falls. It is simple to reach this waterfall by paddling upstream on the Kettle River when the water level is medium to low.

Location: Sandstone, Minnesota

top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota

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top most beautiful waterfalls in minnesota


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