Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in North Macedonia

1. Korab Waterfall, 2. Duf Waterfall, 3. Koleshino Waterfall, 4. Smolare Waterfall. The Republic of North Macedonia is one of the former countries of Yugoslavia and has a few nice waterfalls. Mountains cover over 80% of Macedonia and it is no wonder why there are over 150 waterfalls. The rivers have carved their way through the mountains and in some places, they have made spectacular falls. Following are some of the most interesting waterfalls, worth a visit.

  1. Korab Waterfall
  2. Duf Waterfall
  3. Koleshino Waterfall
  4. Smolare Waterfall

Korab Waterfall

Korab Falls (also known as Proifel Falls) is a waterfall in the upper course of the Dlaboka River on Mount Korab. It forms in springtime from the melting snow on the east side of Mal Korab peak. The waterfall differs in height and intensity, depending on the season. It is the highest waterfall in Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula.

The sight is stunning but isn’t permanent. The elusive Korab waterfall is a temporary phenomenon which makes it even more alluring. It occurs only when the day becomes long enough to allow the sun to melt the accumulated snow on top of the Mal Korab table. The waterfall season varies but is usually between the start of May to early July.

The best path to the waterfall is the one that follows the river canyon. It can be reached from either the left or right side of the river, via the towns of Nistrovo and Zuznje, or from the right bank via Bibaj, beneath Kabash Peak. The paths are poorly signposted and overgrown, and there are multiple dangerous river crossings. Few adventurers from Macedonia and across the world actively enjoy the sights afforded by the narrow trails lined with wildflowers and immersed in the aroma of the forest. Even in the summer, the shade given by the oak grove and the wind of cold air make the beating heat bearable.

Location: Dlaboka River on Mount Korab, North Macedonia

top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia

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top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia


Duf Waterfall

The River Radika as it made its way through the rocks near the village Rostushe carved the most spectacular and grandiose waterfall in the western part of Macedonia. The waterfall is around 30 meters high and is positioned at 1500 meters above sea level. Moreover, it belongs in the areas of the National Park Mavrovo. To reach this impressive place where nature was very creative one has to pass through the rocky canyon. The canyon is with high vegetation and on some places, it looks like a rainforest. In addition in some places, the canyon is high over 100 meters. The two rivers Mala River and Golema River (Mala reka and Golema reka) join together 2 km before the fall making up the Roshushe River.

The height of the rock from which the cascades cascade is what distinguishes this waterfall from others. The water falling from that height makes a magnificent sound and view, reminding us of something incredibly powerful and grandiose. Nature provides miracles, such as this Duf waterfall. In the spring, the image of the waterfall and the sentiments it evokes in visitors are more larger and more real. This phenomenon occurs when the snow melts, and the water level increases approximately twice as much as it would normally, providing a considerably more stunning feeling.

What is typical for this place is the microclimate with a temperature from 15 to 18 degrees that does not change during the summer. During the winter period, the waterfall is frozen and water drops appear. This phenomenon is one of the rare ones. People say they have a feeling that it is raining. Moreover, there are around 20 caves along the canyon.

Location: Mavrovo National Park, Rostushe village

top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia


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Koleshino Waterfall

Koleshino Falls is located above the village of Kolešino in the Municipality of Novo Selo in the southeastern region of the Republic of Macedonia. The waterfall is around 15 meters tall and is composed of multiple streams that precede the fall making it stronger.

The waterfall is lovely in all seasons and varies to mirror the landscape that surrounds it. These fragile streams can freeze in the winter, and in the spring, bolstered by recent rains, the gentle streams pour more fiercely over the cliff slopes. The breathtaking beauty will soothe your soul at any time of year, especially in winter when the streams can freeze and in spring when the streams surge rapidly over the cliff as a result of heavier rains. Making this lovely location a part of your trip will enrich your vacation.

It is open all year and is constantly being updated to accommodate the demands of guests. Currently, the facility has a wooden bridge from which to observe the waterfall, benches for resting, and even a picnic area with a covered pavilion and grilling area. The municipality has long-term plans to construct a restaurant and hotel near the site, as well as additional pedestrian pathways and traffic upgrades.

Location: village of Kolešino in the Municipality of Novo Selo

top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia

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top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia


Smolare Waterfall

Smolare Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Republic of Macedonia, falling from a height of 39.5 meters (129.5 feet). It is located above the village of Smolare in the Municipality of Novo Selo in the southeastern region of the country. The area is marked and it is easy to find out this beautiful waterfall. Moreover, visitors will have to climb 300 steps in order to reach the magnificent view and to hear the splashing sound. The waterfall is 39.5 meters high and is 600 meters above sea level. The area has picnic and camping sites.

Smolare waterfall represents a geomorphologic, geological, and hydrological uniqueness. The waterfall is tectonically predisposed with a sharp structure that lies transversely in the direction of the flow of the water of the Smolare River. At the bottom of the waterfall is a giant pot, the length of which in the direction of the flowing river water is 5 meters, the width is 11 meters, and the depth varies from 0.5 to 0.7 meters. If you are a trained extreme sports fan, such as canyon sport, then with the necessary alpine equipment you can engage in the challenge of descending along the Smolare Waterfall. Your adrenaline will be definitely increased.

On the way to Smolare Waterfall, there is a little market where you may purchase local products. Local peppers, apples, cucumbers, and many other tasty and healthful goods are always available. The mountain trail going to the waterfall provides an excellent opportunity to take in the natural splendor that surrounds you. The Smolare waterfall will appear suddenly as it falls on a smooth rock. The white water from the falling speed contrasts with the smooth black surface of Belasica Mountain.

Location: Smolare village, Republic of Macedonia

top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia

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top most beautiful waterfalls in north macedonia

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