Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Portugal

1. Frecha da Mizarela, 2. Cascata da Cabreia, 3. Fraga da Pena, 4. Veu da Noiva, 5. Waterfall do Arado, 6. Cascata Frecha de Barjas, 7. Ribeira Grande Waterfall, 8. Cascata do Lamoso, 9. Fisgas do Ermelo, 10. Pitões das Júnias Waterfall, 11. Waterfall of Salto da Farinha. There are some of the most beautiful spots in the world in Portugal, which has a range of scenery. This Southern European nation, which is bordered by the sea and is bathed in a pleasant sun, is relaxed and hospitable. There are areas where you may sit, observe nature in its most undisturbed form, and awaken. There is a powerful energy all around you that frequently makes you feel small. You may even take a relaxing bath and eat a snack in areas designed to be near the waterfalls in some of these places. Here are the most beautiful waterfalls in Portugal.

  1. Frecha da Mizarela
  2. Cascata da Cabreia
  3. Fraga da Pena
  4. Veu da Noiva
  5. Waterfall do Arado
  6. Cascata Frecha de Barjas
  7. Ribeira Grande Waterfall
  8. Cascata do Lamoso
  9. Fisgas do Ermelo
  10. Pitões das Júnias Waterfall
  11. Waterfall of Salto da Farinha

Frecha da Mizarela

Frecha da Mizarela is one of the higher waterfalls on the mainland of Portugal and is located near Mizarela (Rossas) in the region Aveiro. It is located in the Serra da Freita, near to the Caima River’s source, between the towns of Vale de Cambra and Arouca, and more precisely, in the parish of Albergaria da Serra. This waterfall, which is the tallest in the nation and one of the biggest in Western Europe, attracts with its distinctive characteristics. The Caima River’s force and the area’s morphology, which alternates granite and stone, or which brought about this frequency where it runs into the water, allowed a cascata to form.

Take the exit to Saril from the N224 (southwest from Rossas), then follow the road to Mizarela. There is a sign that reads, “Frecha da Mizarela”, just for Mizarela. The automobile parking space is a short way down the road. The vista is already breathtaking from the vantage point (Miradoura), but you can either drive or walk down the dead-end road to numerous additional lovely waterfall viewpoints. A route with great views runs parallel to the dead-end road. The waterfall likely goes dry in the summer and during dry spells. Frecha da Mizarela has the potential to transform into a medium-powerful cascade during wet weather.

Location: Mizarela, Rossas, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Cascata da Cabreia

There are undiscovered nooks and crannies with complete paradises all around Portugal and the Açores Islands. The Cascata da Cabreia Waterfall is one of Portugal’s most stunning, according to VortexMag. The waterfall is around 9 kilometers away from our resort in the parish of Silva Escura’s Serra da Cabreia. The uneven terrain, glittering waterfalls, and rich native flora combine to create breath-taking landscapes that merge the poetry of nature with human endeavor. Cabreia Waterfall, a whim of Mother Nature, gushes where the Mau River waters pick up strength and speed before plummeting down a steep hill.

Unquestionably lovely and soothing, the Cabreia Waterfall gives visitors the chance to wade in the clear water below the fall, admire the lush vegetation that has undergone a sustainable recovery project, enjoy spots that will arouse romantic feelings, or enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of nature while sitting at the available tables and benches. There are tables and seats available for people who wish to take in the area’s natural beauty in addition to all the other attractions it offers.

Location: Silva Escura, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Fraga da Pena

The Protected Landscape of the Açor Mountain’s Fraga da Pena relates to a geological protuberance that Barroca de Degranhos crosses, resulting in a succession of waterfalls. This picturesque waterfall, where the water creates room between the rock and the plants to rise from a height of more than 20 meters, can be found in the Serra do Açor Protected Area in complete Mata do Margaraça. The area is still undeveloped since it is a wonderful location to observe the indigenous flora and wildlife. Highlight for a few marginally located exceptional ancients from Carvalho-Alvarinho, Castanheiro, Medronheiro, and Trovisco

We strongly suggest you continue exploring your surroundings when you arrive at this waterfall until you come across a route that cuts through the lovely green of Serra do Açor. The round nature of this path will lead you back to Pardieiros. This is a wonderful romantic vacation, and the surrounding landscape begs you to jump into the cool spring waters. Amidst the mountain, far from everyone and everything. About 25 kilometers away from Pardieiros is Piodo. Piodo is a picture-postcard-perfect community.

Location: Açor Mountain, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal

Veu da Noiva

On Madeira’s north coast, halfway between Seixal and So Vicente, lies the breathtaking waterfall viewpoint at Véu da Noiva. When visiting Madeira’s untamed north west coast, you can’t miss this location. The Bride Veil is a stunning waterfall that cascades right into the Atlantic Ocean after running down a mountain. Even wheelchair users may easily access the observation platform from the road. It is simple to combine a trip to Seixal beach and the Seixal Natural Pools with a stop at the Véu da Noiva waterfall viewpoint.

The Véu da Noiva waterfall overlook is close to the highway and is accessible by automobile. The waterfall viewpoint is conveniently located 40 kilometers from Funchal, making it simple to combine it with a trip to Seixal Beach, the Seixal Natural Pools, or Porto Moniz. The observation platform faces north-east, so you may enjoy a spectacular dawn here. The sun shines straight on the rocks in the morning and early afternoon, illuminating the waterfall. The sun sets behind the mountain in the late afternoon and early evening, leaving the cliff corner where the waterfall is situated a little bit in the dark. Therefore, just before or shortly after sunrise is the perfect time to visit the Véu da Noiva waterfall viewpoint for pictures.

Location: Seixal, Madeira, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Waterfall do Arado

In the province of Braga, Portugal, Cascata do Arado is a waterfall that is close to Ermida. Part of Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês is the waterfall. Due to its convenient access, this waterfall in Gerês is one of the most well-known and frequented, making it a daquelas must visit. The waterfall is situated at an elevation of 900 meters in a high mountain water channel, where a series of waterfalls that eventually lead to a lake of clear water overpower the terrain’s unevenness. The location is east of Termas do Gerês, close to the settlement of Ermida.

It is one of the Park’s biggest and most well-known waterfalls. Although there isn’t much water flowing in the river during the summer, there is always someone who wants to take a bath in the cool, clear water. It produces a series of unusual cascades amid the rocks from a height of roughly 900 meters. There are steps leading up to a small viewpoint where you can take in the cascade through all the vegetation on the right side of the river (looking north). Although it can be challenging during months of dense foliage, it is the simplest and fastest access. It is a nice site to see the waterfall.

Through this perspective, one may reach the foot of the Plow Waterfall, although it is an extremely steep and perilous descent that only the most daring yet cautious individuals should attempt. The bridge, which is close to where the car exits, provides the greatest access. It is also feasible to approach the foot of the cascade across rocks while avoiding the little pools of water that are developing.

Location: Braga, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Cascata Frecha de Barjas

It is situated in Caldas do Gerês, the parish of Vilar da Veiga, the council of Terras de Bouro, and the district of Braga. It is also known as Cascata do Taiti. The Arado River feeds the water that falls from this high mountain waterfall. It takes 70 minutes to get from Braga to Ermida by taking the Rio Cavado over the N103. Take a left turn to Ermida after Sudro.

You cross a little river to get at Cascatas de Fecha de Barjas after 9 kilometers. Most likely, there are several automobiles parked along the road because it is a very well-liked bathing location. You can leave your automobile parked close to the bridge along the road. Descend to the river’s lower reaches from here. On the west bank of the Arado River, there is a trail. The ideal location for a relaxing and rejuvenating swim is Cascatas de Fecha de Barjas. The river may be enjoyedly explored from the top of the waterfall. A lagoon with sandbanks at the end of the water is the ideal spot to rest before beginning the hike or returning. When the Arado has enough water, the sights are extremely pleasant.

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal
top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal

Ribeira Grande Waterfall

On the island of Flores, in the municipality of Lajes das Flores, in the neighborhood of Ribeira Grande, is where this water source is situated. A cascata is enormous and rises to heights of tens of meters by the summits of two verdant mountains. It involves more than just one flow of water since some of them wind up in the sea and others combine to form lakes. It’s one of the Azores’ most stunning cascades.

On the Portuguese-controlled island of Flores (Azores), close to Fajzinha, lies the low-volume Cascata da Ribeira Grande waterfall. You may view multiple waterfalls leaping over a cliff from Fajzinha. Cascata da Ribeira Grande is the appropriate choice. The total height is about 180 meters. Drive to Ponte Sobre a Ribeiro do Ferreira for a lovely vista. Car parking is also available here. A trail leads up to Lagoa dos Patos, a lake with several waterfalls in front of it, and offers still more breathtaking views. If possible, go to the waterfall after a day of heavy rain to experience it at its most powerful. The waterfall may be approached from the top or the bottom. Both perspectives are stunning.

Location: Fajãzinha, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal

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top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Cascata do Lamoso

In the municipality of Mogadouro (Bragança), Cascata do Lamoso is situated in Lamoso, parish of Bemposta. Its water originates from the Ribeira de Lamoso, falls from a height of approximately 35 meters, is 10 meters long, and empties into the Douro. It is known as one of the most impressive and magnificent waterfalls that attracts many visitors to this place every year. Some people come here to enjoy its beauty, while others come here to hiking. But before that, these rivers flow past boulders and a lush, friendly landscape as they flow from left to right.

Visits to the falls, which are located in a beautiful jungle, are an unforgettable experience that make a journey completely complete. Millions of tons of water making an audible noise is oddly soothing, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to see an amazing rainbow. Iguazu is at its strongest during the winter months, albeit that does happen to coincide with the rainy season. Undoubtedly one of the nicest things to do when visiting Portugal is to visit the falls, which are best reached by a challenging climb.

Location: Via Cascata del Sasso, Sant’Angelo in Vado, Marches, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Fisgas do Ermelo

The Union of Parishes of Ermelo and Pardelhas, municipality of Mondim de Basto, region of Vila Real, Portugal, is home to the Fisgas do Ermelo, a waterfall. This waterfall, which is among the biggest in Portugal and among the biggest outside of the Alps and Scandinavia, doesn’t fall in a single vertical leap but rather a series of them as it gradually overcomes a substantial quartzite barrier in a deep terrace. Its waters divide the neighboring regions’ granitic zones from their shale zones.

The Olo River’s waters carved a 200-meter-long slope for the waterfall. There are lakes with crystal clear waters that are quite popular in the summer before the water runs out. The EN304, which runs near to the hamlet of Ermelo, may be followed between Mondim de Basto and Vila Real to go to the waterfall. Alternatively, you can utilize the forest routes that connect Lamas de Olo and Ermelo. The road ascends 4 kilometers from this intersection to an overlook with picturesque views of the falls and the rough landscape that surrounds them.

The first, designated “1.5 km”, is less difficult to drive than the second, “600 m”, since it is less rough. Either entry will ultimately take you to a trail that descends into the river gorge, where you can take in the breath-taking views of the river tumbling from a cliff face as well as (further up) a natural water slide and a number of pools ideal for cooling off on a hot day.

Location: Vila Real, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal
top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Pitões das Júnias Waterfall

This stunning waterfall, which originates from the Pites River, is one of several that can be found in the Barroso region. It is situated at the end of the Pites das Jnias town. Due to the uneven terrain, it develops in different levels, with the first having 30 meters. The course ends in a lovely lake surrounded by granite outcrops along a century-old, charismatic oak tree that has been the subject of numerous local legends over the years, including the idea that a goblin lives there. Simply proceed to the Pite das Jnias parking area, walk a little distance—about 600 meters—crossing a wooden bridge and a walkway—and you’ll be at the waterfall.

From Vila Real, it takes around two hours to get there. You may find a sign for “Pites das Jnias” at Covelaes on the route between Montalegre and Outeigro. A brown sign with the word “cascata” will soon be visible. Once you see the next “cascata” and “Mosteiro” sign turning left, continue driving. There is a large parking lot at the end of this short road. Cascata 900 meter is already indicated by a sign to the right. To reach the Pitões das Júnias just follow up and go to the Pitões das Júnias parking access to the waterfall, followed by a little path of about 600 meters, crossing a walkway and a wooden bridge. You may get an excellent view of the waterfall on the other side of the valley from a wooden platform. The waterfall becomes pretty stunning during a wet time and is worth a visit.

Location: Barroso, Portugal

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


Waterfall of Salto da Farinha

You will pass Poço Azul along the way, where you can stop for a break and continue on to the Ponte de Nosso Senhor. When you reach the second fork, turn right into the main road and go left toward Salto da Farinha (Salga). Following the bend, turn right along a route that descends to Salto da Farinha, a 40-meter-high waterfall that was once used to aid in the grinding of grains. Make a left turn to the base of this water stream after passing the waterfall until you reach a picnic place. The parking area is the trail’s terminus. Profit from taking a swim in this beach area with access to the ocean or in the tiny pool next to the restrooms. The Salto da Farinha viewpoint, from which the cascade and the island’s north shore may be seen, is located at the summit of the ascent.

top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal


top most beautiful waterfalls in portugal



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