Top Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Serbia

1. Bigar Waterfall, 2. Tupavica Waterfall, 3. Blederije Waterfall, 4. Gostilje Waterfall, 5. Ripaljka Waterfall, 6. Kaluđerski Skokovi, 7. Krupajsko Vrelo waterfall, 8. Jelovarnik Waterfall, 9. Lisine Waterfall, 10. Kopren Waterfall. For many individuals, Serbia is still an uncharted territory. Many people are quite astonished when they see a gorgeous snapshot with the location listed as Serbia. And many people still cannot believe that Mother Nature chose to bestow Serbia with so many wonderful natural wonders. Serbia is replete of waterfalls of different proportions due to the 70 rivers that are longer than 50 km and the more than 60 rivers that are shorter than 50 km. Here are Serbia's most stunning waterfalls.

  1. Bigar Waterfall
  2. Tupavica Waterfall
  3. Blederije Waterfall
  4. Gostilje Waterfall
  5. Ripaljka Waterfall
  6. Kaluđerski Skokovi
  7. Krupajsko Vrelo waterfall
  8. Jelovarnik Waterfall
  9. Lisine Waterfall
  10. Kopren Waterfall

Bigar Waterfall

This waterfall is regarded as being the most magnificent in Serbia. The Bigar rocks are 35 meters below this magnificent waterfall. Thus, the idea for the waterfall’s name was born. Rocks have piled up in cascades across Bigar. It is much more unique because it has many levels. The waterfall is located at a height of 450 meters at the confluence of the streams Bukovski and Staljinska. The way the water spring spreads across the cliff’s moss before crashing into the Staljinska River in numerous small shards is what makes it uncommon and stunning.

If you come to Serbia to view the waterfall, allow yourself enough time to see more of the wonders that this region only opens to the most intrepid visitors. If you appreciate less crowded sites and less-traveled highways, this area of the nation is ideal. It is tucked away amid pristine nature, captivating the observer with its strangeness, mysticism, and stunning beauty. You can only really appreciate them and comprehend the force of this natural phenomenon when the snows begin to melt and enormous volumes of water begin to pour down the waterfall. Bigar waterfall is difficult to reach, particularly if you want to observe its cascades. This waterfall is a good example of unaltered nature. Be sure to pack extra water and food, wear sturdy hiking boots, and, if it’s bright and sunny outside, carry a cap or hat.

Location: Bozovici, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia


top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Tupavica Waterfall

Tupavica could be the waterfall in the entire country that gets the most pictures! The Tupavica waterfall is located not far from the settlement of Dojkicni on “Old Mountain” (Stara Planina). Tupavica is a waterfall in the Stara Planina region that is fairly accessible. The mountain lodge is 4.5 kilometers (km) or little more than 5 kilometers (km) from the waterfall. You may walk for roughly an hour and a half to get to the waterfall via a clearly defined woodland route. At 1050 meters above sea level, the waterfall itself is situated.

The waterfall is smaller than typical if you visit during a warm season, especially if the year is dry. You will be able to see a breathtaking picture where crystal-clear, icy waterfalls cascade over red sandstone from a height of roughly 15 meters. When waterfalls descend down a sandstone cliff, the best circumstances are formed in the spring and summer for the waterfall to display itself in all its glory and majesty. The waterfalls of “Old Mountain” are renowned for drawing tourists not only in the spring and summer but also throughout the winter months when the waterfalls freeze and amazing ice forms — real works of art — develop.

Location: Dojkicni, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Blederije Waterfall

The best-kept secret in Djerdap is the waterfall at Blederija, which can be found in eastern Serbia. Although this treasure is carefully concealed, every effort pays off once it is discovered. Approximately 30 miles from Kladovo, in a tranquil and natural haven, lies the Blederija waterfall. Its hue has earned it the moniker “Kladovo Emerald” in popular culture. It is a breathtaking natural landmark close to the hamlet of Reka in Serbia. Along with the waterfall, the Miro Mountain near Blederija is home to a number of karstic springs, caves, and rivers. Many people visit the easily accessible Blederije waterfall. Others, though, who are more interested, courageous, and daring climb higher than the waterfall in search of more.

There are a few Blederije river springs, some of which are sub-thermal while others are freezing cold. There are a few caverns and a lookout here for those who are particularly inquisitive. This waterfall is accessible through a slightly signposted gravel road. However, the view that greets you when you arrive at this tranquil sanctuary will astound you. Only adhere to the instructions. Because the water runs through the sedimentary rocks’ stairs, this waterfall stands out for its beauty. Those rocks have a distinct horseshoe form. As a result, the waterfall in Blederija flows like a curtain. When it is especially rich in water, smaller waterfalls appear from the side.

Location: Djerdap, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia


top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Gostilje Waterfall

A must-see natural beauty in the stunning Western Serbia is the Gostilje waterfall. Locals refer to this location as the one where fairies are said to bathe. Visitors may enjoy breathtaking waterfall vistas in a serene and aesthetically pleasing setting at this marvel. This village’s name, Gostilje, was given only to honor the kind and welcoming spirit of its residents. Take pleasure in the goods made by locals whose traditional cuisine strongly enforces the use of healthful ingredients. You’ll feel right at home with fresh fruits and vegetables, ham and bacon, dairy goods, corn bread and corn meal, and homemade plum brandy.

In addition to its healthful cuisine, Gostilje is renowned for its clean, clear waters. The settlement is traversed by a bustling stream, and it is from this source that one of Serbia’s healthiest bottled waters, “Zlatibor”, is made. The most unique aspect of Gostilje is its waterfall, which is actually a collection of waterfalls that rise to an elevation of roughly 20 meters. The Gostilje library, several workshops devoted to traditional trade and crafts skills, trout fishponds, multiple watermills, and of course the waterfall are among the “must-sees” in terms of the region’s cultural and natural legacy.

Location: Gostilje village, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia
top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Stocksy United

Ripaljka Waterfall

On the mountain Ozren, the Ripaljka waterfall is close to the Grudno picnic area. It is Serbia’s first national park and was given official protection in 1949. The waterfall, one of the tallest in Serbia, has its beginnings on the river Gradasnica. It comprises of 11 pieces, which together measure roughly 40 meters in height. The highest piece is 11 meters high, followed by a segment that is 5 meters high, while the remaining sections are lower and range in height from 0.5 to 2 meters. It was given the name “ripati” after the verb to leap in the native language. It is stated that water “bounces” rather than “jumps” in the Sokobanja region.

The spring, when the snow and ice have melted, is when the waterfall has the greatest water, and the summer, especially during a drought, is when it has the least. Above the waterfall, there is a picnic area with seating areas, tables, and a BBQ pit. The greatest time to see Ripaljka is in fact in the spring, when the waterfall is at its highest water level and is making its most distinctive noises. The Ripaljka Waterfall was the first national natural landmark to receive legal protection. It is incredibly beautiful and a popular destination for travelers.

Location: Ozren, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia
top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Kaluđerski Skokovi

Serbia’s tallest waterfall is Kaluerski Skokovi. Southeast Serbia’s Stara Planina Mountain is where it is situated. It was just found in 2012 and is 232 m (761 ft) tall, more than twice as high as the Kopren Waterfall, Serbia’s previous tallest waterfall, which was also only found in 2012. The Kaluerski Skokovi falls are located northeast of the administratively associated city of Pirot, in the vicinity of the Topli Do hamlet.

The waterfall is situated on the Kaluerska reka river, which empties into the Rakitska reka and merges with the Javorska reka to form the Toplodolska reka. On the Stara Planina Mountain, close to the Bulgarian border, the waterfall is situated immediately southwest of the Midor peak. The waterfall is difficult to get to and is only accessible in the early spring. With all of your rock-climbing gear, visit this waterfall in the early spring while the area is still covered in snow. The already steep rocks then develop rich, dense flora in the summer. Only from the air can Kaluerski Skokovi be seen in its entirety due to the topographic relief.

Location: Stara Planina Mountain, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia
top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Srbija pod lupom

Krupajsko Vrelo waterfall

A special natural waterfall may be found near Krupajsko Vrelo. “Thailand in the heart of Serbia”, as some have described it, the Karst lake is the ideal location for a day excursion because of the turquoise color of the water, the abundance of vegetation and towering trees, and the cave from which water continuously fills the lake. Additionally, there aren’t many places to dine and relax around the swimming area. The entire atmosphere gives off the feeling of being from a postcard you recently got from a buddy returning from an exotic vacation! But, contrary to popular belief, this is in Serbia and not some far-off exotic location!

Unless for you, Serbia is a far-off and intriguing location! The waterfall at Krupajsko Vrelo is regarded by many as one of Serbia’s best waterfalls. The source has been investigated down to a depth of 18 meters for many years. The water originated from a cave before the dam was built. You can only see a portion of this cave’s entrance now because the rest of it is submerged. You should also check out the region’s many more attractions. Both natural and cultural attractions abound in this area.

Location: Krupajsko Vrelo, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Jelovarnik Waterfall

If you’re looking for a true adventure and some refreshment, take a stroll through Kopaonik’s woodlands and stop by Jelovarnik, one of Serbia’s tallest waterfalls. Jelovarnik has long been a locals-only legend in the same-named region. It is now, however, one of the protected natural areas. At its source, the river Jelovarnik looks to be a very little river that erupts from seven tiny springs. This is the reason why the (Sedam suza) Seven Tears is the name of the source. A stunning scene is produced by the roaring water falling from a tremendous height at the spot where the river molds the Jelovarnik waterfall. The raging and tumultuous water of Jelovarnik continues to tumble and flow across an almost apathetic landscape.

Reaching the waterfall itself can be quite difficult because it is tucked away in a deep mixed forest at a height of 1,116 meters. But if you choose the difficult roads, you won’t regret it because you’ll pass by a lot of other unnamed beauties on route to this waterfall. You may unwind, cool down in the crystal-clear mountain river, breathe in the pure forest air, and shoot pictures close to waterfall cascades. You will undoubtedly want to get lost here again after experiencing the adventure-filled, colorful intricacies of the journey to the Kopaonik waterfall. Many tourists who come to Jelovarnik wish they could stay for at least one more minute in this secluded mountain cradle.

Location: Kopaonik, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia
top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia

Lisine Waterfall

The Lisine Waterfalls are a Natural Monument in East Serbia, some 20 kilometers from Despotovac via the quaint towns of Stenjevac, Vodna, and Strmosten. They are situated on the Beljanica Mountain’s slopes. The Lisine Waterfalls are located near to where the Resava and Vrelo rivers converge, and they are completely encircled by lush, well-maintained woods. Waterways, river valleys, limestone caverns, scented meadows, and fascinating Kucaj Mountain ranges that extend to the point where your sight is drawn. The Lisine spring with its watercourse and its waterfalls form a geomorphological complex of beautiful beauty, scientific, educational, and cultural importance, offering Serbia’s singular natural worth.

The same-named valley that was formed under the vertical carst portions of the Beljanica Mountain gave rise to the name Lisine. The Radoseva Pecina Cave’s vertical side is where the Veliko vrelo spring rises from at the apex of the ravine. The magnificent rocky springs were carved by a multitude of subsurface rivers. The Veliko Vrelo gains intensity as it travels along its path after beginning as a sluggish, peaceful river at its source. There are several areas for picnics and outdoor enjoyment along the route that leads to the Veliko Vrelo’s source.

The 20-meter-high Lisine Waterfalls are one of the most well-known tourist destinations and natural attractions in Serbia due to their beauty, which is enhanced by the vertical sides of the water amphitheater made of tuffacous layers, which features several water cascades, a bottom covered in large tuffa blocks, the main water beam, and the lake.

Location: Beljanica Mountain, Serbia

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia
top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia


Kopren Waterfall

The second-highest waterfall in Serbia is Kopren Waterfall. It is 103.5 m (340 ft) high and situated atop the Stara Planina Mountain in southeast Serbia. Kopren was regarded as the tallest waterfall in Serbia between 16 June 2011 when it was measured and 9 June 2012 when the waterfall Kaluerski Skokovi was measured. The Kopren waterfall is located northeast of the administratively associated city of Pirot, in the vicinity of the Dojkinci settlement. The Jelovika River, which empties into the Dojkinika River, originates mostly in this stream. A number of cascades, varying in height from a few feet to nearly 40 meters, make up the waterfall.

By the end of May 2011, Dragovan Stojadinovi found the waterfall. Saa Milanovi, a professor of mining and geology at the University of Belgrade, measured it on June 16, 2011, along with numerous other of Serbia’s tallest waterfalls. Its height was recorded as being the tallest waterfall in Serbia. There is a platform here from which you may see the waterfall’s full magnificence. You will be speechless after viewing one of Serbia’s greatest waterfalls!

top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia
top most beautiful waterfalls in serbia