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Top Most Expensive Birds

1. Racing pigeons, 2. Hyacinth Macaws, 3. Goliath Cockatoos, 4. Toucans, 5. Ayam Cemani Chickens, 6. Flamingos, 7. White Peacocks, 8. Scarlet Tanagers, 9. Mountain Bluebirds, 10. Northern Orioles. When you wonder which pets are the most expensive in the world, you may think of cats, dogs, or wild animals such as tigers, lions, leopards… Surprisingly, birds can be some of the most valuable pets in the world. Here is the list of the most expensive birds that can cost a fortune to buy.

  1. Racing pigeons
  2. Hyacinth Macaws
  3. Goliath Cockatoos
  4. Toucans
  5. Ayam Cemani Chickens
  6. Flamingos
  7. White Peacocks
  8. Scarlet Tanagers
  9. Mountain Bluebirds
  10. Northern Orioles

Racing pigeons

A pigeon is one of the most expensive birds you can acquire. You may wonder how this expensive racing pigeon is different from the normal kinds you can find anywhere in the city. In fact, the distinction between racing pigeons and their less valuable cousins is that racing pigeons serve a good purpose: they can race and allow people to gamble. People in the high class in China have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the birds and the prize money for winning some of the races can be equally substantial.

Pigeon races are a major business in some parts of the world, and a speedy bird can help its owner earn a lot of money. That’s why many people are willing to pay a lot of money for one of these birds; in fact, there was a racing pigeon sold for $1.9 million in 2020!

Price: $1.9 million

top most expensive birds

Photo: The Independent

Source: Business Insider

Hyacinth Macaws

Because of their stunning blue feathers and golden markings around the eyes and beak, Hyacinth Macaws are among the most attractive creatures on the planet. They’re also the world’s largest flying parrot. Both of these factors contribute to a high asking price, which can reach $40,000 in some situations. In fact, some of that cost may be due to the fact that these birds are becoming endangered, and acquiring one in your area may be illegal.

Blue macaws will be more expensive than other macaw species due to their rarity. They’ll also be harder to come by for sale. However, blue and gold macaw prices are among the lowest of all macaws because of their vast distribution. Aside from the cost of purchasing a hyacinth macaw, you’ll need to budget for a few more one-time expenses to get your bird settled in their new home and afford the ongoing costs of caring for a Hyacinth Macaw.

Price: $40,000

top most expensive birds

Photo: Fruugo EG

top most expensive birds

Photo: eBird

Goliath Cockatoos

Goliath Cockatoos come from New Guinea, so their high cost is most likely because transporting them from their country is tough. They have a massive bill and produce an incredible number of vocalizations, including several human-like sounds – an interesting factor adding to their cost. Some Goliath Cockatoos are very intelligent, the owner can train them to help them imitate certain words. They can even make a sound that sounds similar to “hello.” This greeting sound has become their trademark.

A single Goliath Cockatoo can cost upwards of $16,000. The good news is that in captivity, they are said to live up to 90 years, so you’ll get your money’s worth. A Black Palm Cockatoo will not be found at just any pet store. You will have to go to a recognized rare bird breeder or adoption organization. In addition, for some rare birds, you will need a permit to own a Goliath Cockatoos.

Price: $16,000

top most expensive birds

Photo: The Spruce Pets

top most expensive birds

Photo: Pet Keen


Toucans are among the most colorful creatures on the planet and also one of the most expensive birds in the world. Despite the fact that there are over 40 species to pick from, each one is rather expensive to purchase. Because they’re also social, you may need to double the price several times to know exactly the total cost of ownership. What is the price of a single Toucan? It’s not unusual for them to sell for $7,000 or even more. That’s a lot of money for a bird!

The bird also requires a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about the species, as well as an outdoor aviary that closely simulates their natural habitat. Papaya, mango, lizard, and ground beef are all part of the diet for Toucans. And ì the breed is restricted internationally, you need to have a license to buy and raise it.

Price: $7,000

top most expensive birds

Photo: BirdLife International

Source: NG Science

Ayam Cemani Chickens

Black chickens are called Ayam Cemani Chickens, which may sound insignificant, but the color isn’t just on the surface. The Ayam Cemani’s most uncommon feature is its all-black color, which includes its feathers, comb, skin, muscles, internal organs, and even bones. They’re also infamous for being difficult to breed, which is why a single hen may cost up to $2,500 and make it one of the most expensive birds in the world. However, Ayam Cemani Chickens are still an extremely rare species, with estimated numbers of less than 3500 worldwide, making it one of the world’s rarest chicken breeds.

Although Ayam Cemanis Chickens are mostly kept for their rarity and exotic appearance in the United States and Europe, they can also be used to produce meat and eggs. Because they lay huge eggs, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Unfortunately, they don’t enjoy sitting on those eggs, so if you want more chickens, you’ll have to incubate them, which will increase your costs even more.

Price: $2,500

top most expensive birds

Photo: Poultry Feed Formulation

top most expensive birds

Photo: The Guardian Nigeria News


Even if you get a permit to buy it, a flamingo can cost as much as $1,500 to own. However, it is not fixed, and the price depends on the species you buy. Flamingos are sociable birds, and being alone could make them unhappy. As a result, you should buy a pair of flamingos.

A flamingo, like other wild or exotic pets, needs a variety of requirements to stay healthy and live a longer life. Flamingos are expensive, but so are their cages, maintenance, and vitamins. You’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars when you put it all together. In addition, because flamingos are so rare, finding a veterinarian to treat them if something goes wrong will be difficult. Even if you find them, they’ll be expensive. The good news is that the diet of flamingos is less glamorous. They eat shrimp and a special kind of red algae.

Price: $1,500

top most expensive birds

Source: Nat Geo WILD

White Peacocks

Peacocks are famed for their ornately patterned plumage, which is available in nearly every color. The world’s most costly peacocks, on the other hand, have no color at all – they’re entirely white. This is due to a recessive mutation known as leucism, and these mutant birds are sold for around a thousand dollars each. White peacocks don’t exist in the wild and are increasingly being kept in captivity and bred with other white peacocks. People believe that white peacocks symbolize royalty, luxury, and uniqueness, so many people seek to breed or buy white peacocks.

However, white peacocks are so rare that they are sold for a high price. You will have to pay $1500 to buy it from established breeders. Birds with straight toes and no flaws are more expensive than those with flaws. Birds with black patches or bad toes are sold for less money.

top most expensive birds
top most expensive birds

Photo: New York Post

Scarlet Tanagers

Although the Scarlet Tanager is a medium-sized bird, it has a powerful and beautiful voice. Therefore, one of the reasons these birds might command $900 or more from collectors is their exquisite singing vocals. They have large, rounded bills that may catch insects as well as eat fruit. The tail is short and broad, and the head is fairly massive. They spend much of their time in the forest canopy, hidden among the large leaves of deciduous trees.

Scarlet Tanagers are also good-looking with black feathers on their wings and tails, making them quite spectacular to look at. Adult males are a vivid red with black wings and tails in the spring and summer, meanwhile, live-yellow females and fall immatures have darker olive wings and tails. Although these birds are naturally clean, they eat insects such as termites, bees, and wasps, so you might not want to take their food home with you.

Price: $900

top most expensive birds

Photo: Audubon

top most expensive birds

Photo: The Gazette

Mountain Bluebirds

There are three sorts of bluebirds, but the mountain bluebirds are the most desired, and also the most expensive whose price is over $800 per bird because it’s very difficult to catch. They tend to live at heights of 7,000 feet or above, and they prefer cooler weather. Mountain Bluebirds are little thrushes with rounded heads and thin, straight bills. They are lanky, long-winged, and have a long tail when compared to other bluebirds. The blue heads and shoulders of these small birds fade to white from top to bottom.

They’re known for readily accepting nest boxes, so if you live in the correct area, you could be able to enjoy their company for free. In addition, for the owner, you have to pay attention to their diets. Mountain bluebirds eat primarily insects in the summer, while in winter, they eat berries (such as Juniper berries, Russian-olive berries, elderberry, and others) and fruit seeds such as mistletoe seeds and grapes, just to name a few.

Price: $800

top most expensive birds

Photo: All About Birds

top most expensive birds

Photo: Summit Daily

Northern Orioles

The Northern Oriole (Icterus galbula) includes both the eastern and western “Baltimore orioles.” This species’ adults are 7 to 8 inches long with a 9 to 12-inch wingspan. They are 1 to 1.5 ounces in weight. Males have orange breasts, abdomens, and rumps, black wings with white bars, and a blackhead, which distinguishes them from females. Females and immature males have olive-brown backs and heads with black spots, yellow to orange breasts and abdomens, and brownish wings with white bars.

This kind of bird spends the spring and summer seasons in the United States and southern Canada. You have to pay $800 to own a bird. This migratory species eats a lot of fruit, particularly ripe, dark fruits like mulberries and cherries. They are also famous for being picky eaters which can make you cost more if you raise a Northern Oriole.

top most expensive birds

Photo: Baltimore Magazine

top most expensive birds

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