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Top Most Expensive Comic Books

1. Amazing Fantasy No. 15, 2. Action Comics #1, 3. Batman #1 – The First Issue, 4. Detective Comics No. 27 (Batman’s Debut), 5. All-Star Comics #8, 6. The Incredible Hulk First Edition, 7. The Avengers No. 1, 8. Showcase #4. Since Superman's first appearance in 1938, comic books have enthralled children and adults alike with their stories of the heroes and villains they struggle with. Some of these comics are so popular - and so valuable - that they can sell for as much as several million dollars. Their value depends on the demand, rarity, and quality of the story. Let's discover the most expensive comic books with Toplist!

  1. Amazing Fantasy No. 15
  2. Action Comics #1
  3. Batman #1 – The First Issue
  4. Detective Comics No. 27 (Batman’s Debut)
  5. All-Star Comics #8
  6. The Incredible Hulk First Edition
  7. The Avengers No. 1
  8. Showcase #4

Amazing Fantasy No. 15

The sale of Amazing Fantasy no. 15, presenting the primary look of Spider-Man, has set the document for one of the most expensive comic books ever sold. Amazing Fantasy no. 15, from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, delivered readers to wallflower Peter Parker, who profits top-notch powers however whose selfishness ends in the death of his beloved Uncle Ben, leading him to analyze the lesson of the super duty that includes superpower. The comedian proved very famous and released Spider-Man into his personal monthly periodical. The hero quickly proved to be Marvel’s most famous hero and brought about a cool animated film and newspaper strip. In contemporary-day times, Spider-Man is more famous than ever, headlining million unit-promoting video games and billion greenback film franchises.

With an awesome rate tag of $3.6 million, Amazing Fantasy No. 15 is effortlessly the maximum steeply-priced comic book ever bought. The notably steeply-priced collectible became posted in 1962. In that year, copies were bought for simply 12 cents. Today, specialists say this reproduction is one every of simply four-recognized examples to exist in pristine conditions. That way Amazing Fantasy No. 15 gets more steeply priced with time — who is aware of simply how excessive the rate will go.

Cost: $3.6 million

Genre: Superheroes

Comic Book Year: 1962

top most expensive comic books

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top most expensive comic books


Action Comics #1

There are expected to be much less than a hundred copies of Action Comics #1 left in life out of a print run of 200,000. The mixture of shortage and call for the primary American Superhero has skyrocketed the fee in current years. If you observed you’ve got got a replica of a unique Action Comics #1, ensure you test the duvet for the ten-cent income price. If it does not have 10 cents on the duvet, then you are looking at a reprint that’s really well worth a small fraction of the unique’s fee.

This replica of the groundbreaking comedian was offered for $3.25 million in 2014 — making it the second-maximum steeply-priced comic book withinside the world. This comedian turned into notably graded at 8.5, however, copies in poorer form nonetheless cross for millions. One instance went for about $2 million at the same time as different copies in all likelihood crossed for extra than $1 million.

Cost: $3.25 million

Genre: Action and adventure

Comic Book Year: 1938

top most expensive comic books

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top most expensive comic books

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Batman #1 – The First Issue

The next position in the list of the most expensive comic books is Batman #1 – The First Issue. The comic book, posted in 1940, bought it as a part of Heritage Auctions comics and comedian artwork events. The very last fee became $2.220 million, which covered the buyer’s top-class fee.

Batman #1 is precious for more than one reason. First, it’s Miles the primary comedian committed to the exploits of the Caped Crusader. Second, this problem might additionally introduce the Cat, renamed Catwoman withinside the subsequent problem, and Batman’s nemesis, the Joker! One might grow to be his love hobby and the alternative might come to symbolize the darkish aspect of Gotham! There are a total of 266 copies registered with the CGC Census. Over half (148) of those copies comprise recovery or are incomplete.

Comic book and Batman fanatics admire this comic book for its iconic Dark Knight adventures, however, the tale is even extra precious for its depiction of The Joker. According to experts, this comedian became the primary tale presenting the supervillain — making it quite precious amongst superhero enthusiasts.

Cost: $2.220 million

Comic Book Year: 1940

top most expensive comic books

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top most expensive comic books


Detective Comics No. 27 (Batman’s Debut)

A reproduction of the first actual look of Batman has been offered at public sale for $1.5 million, turning into the maximum costly comedian comic book starring The Dark Knight ever offered. Prior to the Thursday sale, the best fee ever finished with the aid of using 1939’s Detective Comics No. 27 changed into $1,075,000, in some other public sale from Heritage Auctions.

The reproduction of Detective No. 27 offered changed into unrestored, however, graded “exceptional/very exceptional 7.0” in phrases of exceptional with the aid of using Certified Guaranty Company. Turning into one in every of the best 7.0 copies withinside the world; the best 5 different unrestored comics have ever graded better in CGC’s history, making the difficulty in particular noteworthy even earlier than its record-breaking sale.

Cost: $1.5 million

Comic Book Year: 1939

top most expensive comic books

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top most expensive comic books

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All-Star Comics #8

All-Star Comics #8 got here out in 1942, making it one of the older comedian books on this list. The comic book falls beneath the action-journey genre, with characters confronting an ordinary “madness serum” that makes guys trust they may be animals. The ordinary and interesting tale follows heroes as they hunt for an antidote to the serum, all whilst villains push the stakes better and better.

In 2017, a notably graded replica of All-Star Comics #eight was offered for a reported $936,233. That jaw-losing charge marked the fifth-maximum costly comic book withinside the global and hooked up All-Star as an all-time preferred amongst collectors. Today, estimates say copies in common situations are really well worth about $90,000. This is one of the most expensive comic books in the world.

Cost: $936,233

Genre: Action and adventure

Comic Book Year: 1942

top most expensive comic books



The Incredible Hulk First Edition

The uncommon reproduction of Incredible Hulk #1, which was posted in 1962, became offered through a personal collector for $490,000 (£360,000). Comic Connect, a public web website online which dealt with the sale, stated it became the maximum high-priced reproduction of the primary Hulk tale ever sold.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, wherein the scientist Dr. Bruce Banner is uncovered to poisonous gamma rays, and thenceforth transforms into the Hulk while he loses his temper. In his first outing, the Hulk is proven with gray skin, however, Marvel modified the coloring to his now-signature inexperienced for the second issue, due to the fact the four-color printing manner on the time supposed the gray got here out otherwise on one of a kind pages.

Experts say surprisingly graded copies of the Hulk’s first version of the comedian are extraordinarily tough to find. As a result, comedian lovers count on this reproduction to simplest get greater treasure with time.

Cost: $490,000

top most expensive comic books
top most expensive comic books

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The Avengers No. 1

The Avengers were a staple of comic books for years. The crew of superheroes was created by Stan Lee and made its debut in 1963 with the discharge of The Avengers No. 1. The groundbreaking launch could cause a chain of extraordinarily famous movies and become a multi-billion greenback franchise.

It’s one of the maximum iconic Marvel comics of all time, making it an exceptionally precious comedian as well. This instance of The Avengers No.1 was bought for greater than $270,000 in 2012, making it the seventh-maximum high priced comedian comic book withinside the world. It’s almost not possible to discover a replica of this infamous comic for much less than $5,000, in each graded and ungraded form.

As with different high-priced comic books, this replica of The Avengers No. 1 became in specifically proper circumstance at the time of sale. The replica became graded 9.6 on a 10-factor scale, making it one of the highest-graded copies.

Cost: $274,850

Comic Book Year: 1963

top most expensive comic books

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top most expensive comic books


Showcase #4

The next position in the list of the most expensive comic books is Showcase #4. It is a comic book from 1956 that featured the Flash for the first actual time. The tale is touted as “The Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt” and follows Barry Allen, a police scientist who receives blanketed in odd chemical compounds that have been struck through lightning. The accident turns Barry into an ultra-rapid superhero known as The Flash. On his first mission, the Flash pursues a crook referred to as the Turtle Man — a.k.a. the world’s slowest man. The Turtle Man attempts to rob a bank, however, his gradual moves are quickly overwhelmed by the Flash’s superhuman speed.

As the primary look of the Flash, this comic book is excellent and famous amongst collectors. The maximum charge paid for a duplicate is reportedly around $180,000 — however different copies pass for a touch much less at about $177,000 relying on their condition. Even copies of Showcase #4 in very bad circumstances can nevertheless fetch about $8,000 consistent with Quality Comix.

Cost: $180,000

Comic Book Year: 1956

top most expensive comic books

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