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Top Most Expensive Knives

1. The Gem of the Orient, 2. An Imperial Hunting Knife, 3. Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Knife, 4. A Rare Imperial Knife, 5. Anthony Bourdain’s Knife, 6. The Nesmuk Diamond Studded Kitchen Knife, 7. A Naval Dirk, 8. Lancet Ouroboros Knife. Have you ever wondered why our high-end handcrafted Japanese knives are so expensive? Not to worry, their prices pale in comparison to the knives listed below. You haven't seen everything until you've seen this top! In all seriousness, the knives we're about to show you were designed as something pleasing to the human eye, a work of art, a luxury product that should be in someone's collection, not their kitchen. Whether we're talking about basic pocket knives, kitchen knives, or knives from another century, these are high-end artifacts that deserve to be included as one of the World's Most Expensive Knives!

  1. The Gem of the Orient
  2. An Imperial Hunting Knife
  3. Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Knife
  4. A Rare Imperial Knife
  5. Anthony Bourdain’s Knife
  6. The Nesmuk Diamond Studded Kitchen Knife
  7. A Naval Dirk
  8. Lancet Ouroboros Knife

The Gem of the Orient

The Gem of the Orient is the most expensive knife in the world.

Buster Warenski, an American knifemaker noted for his “art knives” that frequently used pricey materials such as gold and emeralds, designed the Gem of the Orient. The Gem of the Orient, an elaborate work using over 150 emeralds, nine diamonds, gold, and jade, and having a magnificent handle fashioned of jade with gold filigree, was one of his final big designs. The knife is one of Buster’s Legacy Knives, a collection of blades considered his signature work.

The stunning piece took no less than ten years to build and was just auctioned off for $2.1 million. Almost all of Buster Warenski’s Legacy Knives had sole authorship, which means Buster created them entirely on his own.

Estimated Value: $1.5 – $2.1 million

Origin: The U.S.A.

Time Period: 20th century

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top most expensive knives


An Imperial Hunting Knife

An Imperial Hunting Knife, one-of-a-kind Qianlong era dagger has an antelope horn hilt and a steel blade. Surprisingly, the hilt’s base opens to expose a pocket for chopsticks and a toothpick.

The sword, along with a rhinoceros horn scabbard, fetched more than $1 million at a Sotheby’s auction. Knife hilts constructed from antelope horns are extremely unusual, according to Sotheby’s. When they were initially made, these knives were most likely used for hunting, but they soon became part of Manchu ceremonial clothing.

At meals, An Imperial Hunting Knife were also utilized to signify the user’s Manchu identity.

Estimated Value: $1.2 million

Origin: China

Time Period: 18th century

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top most expensive knives

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Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Knife

President Theodore Roosevelt was given a hunting knife in the early 1900s. J. Russell & Co. of Massachusetts made the knife, which was given to the President by his friend and New York State Supreme Court Justice James W. Gerard. According to reports, the knife cost $1,250, or roughly $33,266 in today’s money. Its name is Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Knife.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Knife provides a physical link to a man who was crucial in building the United States as a great nation, as great politicians do when placed in positions from which they may serve effectively and with all their hearts. The handle of this knife is constructed of gold and platinum.

Teddy Roosevelt sacrificed his all for his nation and the people he cared about. This knife is a tribute to the things he cherished: the State Seal of the nation’s elected servant, her people, wild spaces, and animals.

The famous knife was auctioned off in 2016 for a whopping $414,000. The blade was projected to sell for around $100,000 less, but bids drove up the price to become Theodore Roosevelt’s hunting knife the world’s third most expensive knife.

Estimated Value: $414,000

Origin: Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Photo: Rock Island Auction Company

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A Rare Imperial Knife

A rare Imperial Knife with an elaborately carved white jadeite scabbard from The lovely design comes from the Qing Reign, China’s penultimate imperial dynasty.

A Manchu guy would have used this knife during a meal. As a kind of identification, these folks frequently ate with distinctive knives. After selling for more than $300,000 at Christie’s auction house in November 2011, A rare Imperial Knife earned its position among the world’s most expensive knives.

The lustrous white jadeite scabbard of slightly tapering oval section, finely carved in high relief near the opening with a chilong suspending a loose ring reserved on the low-relief intertwining leafy lotus scroll carved along the scabbard, framed by narrow leiwen borders below the mouth and around the chape, the gilt-bronze handle superbly chased with corresponding lotus blossoms borne on a 34.4cm

Estimated Value: $310,000

top most expensive knives
top most expensive knives

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Anthony Bourdain’s Knife

Anthony Bourdain’s knife sold for $231,250 as part of a $1.8 million lot of the late chef’s belongings.

Bob Kramer, a swordsmith based in the United States, created Anthony Bourdain’s Knife. After Bourdain’s death in 2018, this knife was auctioned along with 201 other items he owned. Kramer’s kitchen knives are widely regarded as among the greatest in the world, and their price reflects this. Although Anthony Bourdain’s knife cost far more than a regular Kramer knife, the swordsmith’s blades may still fetch thousands of dollars.

Bob Kramer’s knives are handcrafted at his home workshop in the United States. Despite his success, Kramer’s company is still a modest operation controlled by himself, his wife, and a small crew.

Estimated Value: $231,250

Origin: The U.S.A

Time Period: 21st century

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The Nesmuk Diamond Studded Kitchen Knife

Nesmuk is a German high-end knife manufacturer. Despite selling more traditional high-end knives, Nesmuk developed an insanely pricey diamond-studded blade in 2009. The knife has a carbon steel blade and a sterling silver handle. Buyers were handed the blade in a sleek box and a diamond ring to complete the experience.

The Nesmuk Diamond Studded Kitchen Knife costs over $40,000 in total. These knives come with a sterling silver handle, a carbon steel blade, and eight diamond blades neatly nested in a piano box, probably with another accomplice. It is hard to understand why a ring has to be synchronized with a knife.

If you’re familiar with fancy chef knives, you might know the Nesmuk blade form. The company bases its basic blade on a real, 3,500-year-old knife and maintains its appearance using ancient crafting processes.

Estimated Value: $40,000

Origin: Germany

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A Naval Dirk

A Naval Dirk dates from Catherine II’s reign, commonly known as Catherine the Great. It is also one of the most expensive knives in the wo

This dagger, known as a “naval dirk,” was employed by navy officers for personal defense or hand-to-hand fighting. The steel blade has the Imperial arms of Catherine II stamped on one side, and an anchor on the other, suggesting its employment by the navy under Empress Catherine.

When Christie’s auction house sold this knife in 2008, experts assessed its worth to be roughly $8,000 at best. When the actual price nearly reached $30,000, such projections proved to be wrong. Did you know that? This knife was marketed in conjunction with its black leather sheath.

Estimated Value: $27,000

Origin: Russia

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Lancet Ouroboros Knife

William Henry created the Ouroboros pocket knife. The handle is embellished with gold accents and copper inlays. The blade is handcrafted and has a one-hand button lock mechanism. Lancet Ouroboros Knife, a blade by William Henry, is made in the United States from materials found all around the world.

The blade is handforged and incorporates a one-handed button mechanism. As soon as you grasp it, you will note the relaxed vibe it emits and the gorgeous gravure portraying a detailed image of a three-headed dragon. The pocket knife is a work of art in every manner, from the wonderfully hand-forged metals that are William Henry’s trademark to the brilliantly ornamented blade that also has the company’s initials.

The Lancet Ouroboros, like other William Henry items, comes with a leather carrying case and a gorgeous oak presentation box. Ouroboros is named from its design. The ouroboros emblem originates from ancient Egypt and Greece and represents a snake devouring its own tail to form a circle. Although its significance varies depending on the circumstance, historical interpretations of the symbol indicate it represents the oneness of all things. Natural spinel, a gemstone famed for its glassy look, is included in Ouroboros.

Estimated Value: $5,500

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