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Top Most Expensive Necklaces

1. A Heritage in Bloom, 2. L’ Incomparable, 3. Barbara’s Hutton Necklace, 4. The Heart Of The Ocean, 5. The Peacock Necklace, 6. Leviev Yellow Diamond Pendant, 7. Red Scarlet by James W.Currens, 8. The Chrysler Diamond Pendant, 9. The Star Ruby And Diamond Necklace, 10. Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Diamond Necklace. Necklace is the oldest known item of jewelry. The basic design was discovered in a cave near Monaco and is constructed of fish bones. Although the owner of this necklace is unknown, historians believe that early jewelry was used to ward off bad luck and illness. As time went by, necklaces become more and more costly, from thousand to million dollars. And here is the list of the most expensive necklaces!

  1. A Heritage in Bloom
  2. L’ Incomparable
  3. Barbara’s Hutton Necklace
  4. The Heart Of The Ocean
  5. The Peacock Necklace
  6. Leviev Yellow Diamond Pendant
  7. Red Scarlet by James W.Currens
  8. The Chrysler Diamond Pendant
  9. The Star Ruby And Diamond Necklace
  10. Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Diamond Necklace

A Heritage in Bloom

By far, this necklace is the most valuable in the world and one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry ever made. Wallace Chan, a Chinese jeweler, created the magnificent item. A Heritage in Bloom has 600 pink diamonds, 72 jades, and a variety of other high-end materials in addition to the magnificent diamond centerpiece.

The design, which is inspired by Chinese culture and contains significant motifs including bats and butterflies, is set with an amazing 11,551 diamonds weighing a total of 383.40cts. Chow Tai Fook, a Hong Kong-based jewelry company, commissioned Chan to design the necklace after purchasing the famed Cullinan Heritage diamond in 2010. The 104-carat centerpiece is surrounded by jade and features 24 D-color internally flawless diamonds cut from the 507.55-carat raw stone. The stunning necklace took over 47,000 hours to make and can be worn in 27 different ways thanks to its modular design.

Price: $200 million

top most expensive necklaces


top most expensive necklaces

Photo: Katerina Perez

L’ Incomparable

This necklace is made by Lebanese jewelers Mouawad, dubbed L’Incomparable, boasts the world’s largest internally perfect diamond. The 407ct yellow step-cut diamond is suspended from a rose gold necklace set with 91 white diamonds totaling more than 200 cts, placed in an asymmetrical arrangement that resembles vine leaves.

A young girl in the African Congo discovered the spectacular centerpiece diamond by mistake in an abandoned mound of mining rubble in the 1980s. Before being combined into this exquisite Mouawad necklace, which was first revealed at the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition in 2013, it was displayed in museums like the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

L’ Incomparable, on the other hand, makes little fuss thanks to its simple design. This serves a purpose, since a simple style would be ideal for emphasizing the presence of the magnificent diamond. Apart from the stone, the Mouawad L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is made up of gleaming diamonds in a variety of cuts, including brilliant, pear, and emerald, set in a rose gold base.

Price: $55 million

top most expensive necklaces
top most expensive necklaces

Photo: Mouawad

Barbara’s Hutton Necklace

The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace is sometimes known as the world’s most renowned necklace. Barbara Hutton received the magnificent item as a wedding gift from her father in 1933. The gem had a Cartier clasp at the time, which was set with a single navette-cut diamond. Barbara had it replaced with the yellow gold clasp set with caliber-cut rubies and baguette-cut diamonds that is currently on the necklace a year later.

The Cartier Collection now owns the necklace, which is made up of 27 graded jadeite beads with an 18k yellow gold clasp set with rubies and diamonds. It’s beautiful on its own, but when you consider that such high-quality jade can seldom yield beads larger than 10mm in diameter due to the paucity of jadeite boulders, its rarity becomes even more apparent. The necklace’s beads are all above 15mm in diameter and were all carved from the same boulder. That explains its most recent realized auction price of $27.4 million dollars in 2014.

Price: $27.4 million

top most expensive necklaces

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top most expensive necklaces


The Heart Of The Ocean

The Heart of the Ocean necklace was featured in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic. The silent major role in the film is played by the heart-shaped blue diamond necklace, which eventually finds itself at the bottom of the ocean. Despite the fact that the stunning Heart of the Ocean is a fake diamond, it steals the show at the end of the film when Rose tosses it into the sea, where its name says it belongs.

Rose’s jewelry in the movie does not contain a diamond. The prop is made of cubic zirconia and white gold, so it’s not worthless, but it pales in comparison to Harry Winston’s reproduction. With the success of Titanic, Winston created a replica of Rose’s necklace for actress Gloria Stuart to wear at the 1998 Academy Awards. This necklace, unlike the prop, was made with a real 15-carat blue diamond.

The stone was set in a 56-carat white gold heart-shaped blue diamond with a colorless diamond frame. If it had been real, it would have been worth more than $350 million. It cost the studio roughly $9,400 to produce. The prop is still in the archives of the film studio.

Price: $20 million

top most expensive necklaces


top most expensive necklaces

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The Peacock Necklace

Kashmir sapphires are prized for their brilliance and intense velvet blue saturation, which resembles the color of a peacock’s neck. This magnificent necklace features 21 top-quality Kashmir sapphires totaling 109.08 carats. The suite’s largest sapphire weighs an incredible 10.56 carats. This necklace contains an alternate pattern of complementing diamonds in addition to rare sapphires. The pattern takes its name from the sapphires’ deep velvet blue, which resembles peacock feathers.

The story of The Peacock Necklace begins in 1881, when sapphire-bearing boulders were discovered after a landslide in the Zanskar region of the northwestern Himalayas. The region produced the majority of the world’s most beautiful and valuable sapphires, including the current stones. Kashmir’s first sapphire mine had run dry by 1887, and production had ended. As a result, gem-quality Kashmir sapphires are becoming increasingly scarce.

This necklace took over 15 years to produce. During this time, the rough stones were delicately chopped and polished, and the peacock-feather patterns on the platinum mounting took nine months to engrave.

Price: $14.9 million

top most expensive necklaces

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top most expensive necklaces

Photo: Christie’s

Leviev Yellow Diamond Pendant

Yellow diamonds are among the most prized in the world, and this necklace features a 77.12ct stone discovered in one of Israeli diamond billionaire Lev Leviev’s mines. The Fancy Vivid yellow diamond, which is now connected to a string of white diamonds, is one of the world’s largest Asscher-cut diamonds. The yellow diamond is the focal point of this lovely necklace, which makes sense. These stones are exceptionally rare. Only one in every 16,500 diamonds mined falls into this rare category.

The Levieve Yellow Diamond Pendant was created by painstakingly polishing and sculpting the unique gem before it was combined with other precious elements.

Leviev is known as the “King of Diamonds” since he owns the third largest set of diamond mines in Angola, South Africa, and Botswana. In addition, he owns luxury jewelry stores in New York, London, Dubai, and Singapore.

Price: $10 million

top most expensive necklaces

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top most expensive necklaces

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Red Scarlet by James W.Currens

Burma, now Myanmar, produces the world’s finest rubies. The Mogok Stone Tract in Upper Burma has been the source of the world’s most valuable rubies for over 800 years, dubbed ‘pigeon’s blood’ due to the intensity and tone of their extraordinary color. Pigeon’s blood rubies are the benchmark by which all rubies are measured because of their brilliant red and unusual degrees of transparency. Pigeon’s blood rubies are only found in extremely small numbers and are the baseline by which all rubies are judged.

The Red Scarlet is a beautiful necklace with twenty-six graded oval-shaped Pigeon Blood rubies weighing 1.27 to 5.38 carats. A cluster of marquise and pear-shaped diamonds, placed in platinum and 18 carat yellow gold, enhances the beauty of each ruby. Rubies are frequently treated to increase their color, but these stones have been spared. It is incredibly difficult to locate rubies of the quality, size, color, and clarity depicted in this necklace. The floral impression created by the rubies and diamonds makes the necklace look like a flower bouquet.

Price: $5.1 million

top most expensive necklaces


top most expensive necklaces

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The Chrysler Diamond Pendant

The Chrysler Diamond, a beautiful 54.03 carat D color Internally Flawless pear-shaped diamond was sold for $5,070,000. Thelma Chrysler Foy, daughter of Walter Chrysler, railroad and automotive tycoon and namesake of New York City’s famed Art Deco skyscraper, purchased what was then known as the Louis XIV Diamond from the estate of her father, Walter Chrysler, in 1958.

This magnificent necklace contains a pear brilliant-cut diamond of 54.03 carats, forty-three pear brilliant-cut diamonds of 1.69 to 0.50 carats, smaller pear and round diamonds, platinum.

A stunning diamond was among Thelma’s possessions, and it was later used to construct a necklace. In June 2021, the stunning necklace sold for just over $5 million, making it one of the most expensive necklaces ever sold.

Price: $5 million

top most expensive necklaces

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top most expensive necklaces

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The Star Ruby And Diamond Necklace

Red rubies and marquise-cut diamonds are prominently featured in the stunning jewelry. Despite the lack of information regarding the piece, it’s evident that the Star Ruby and Diamond Necklace is a magnificent piece of pricey jewelry. This necklace also includes an oval cabochon star ruby of 19.53 carats, oval cabochon rubies, oval and cushion-shaped rubies, thirteen marquise-cut diamonds from 3.55 to 0.70 carats, two pear-shaped diamonds of 1.00 and 1.00 carats and circular-cut diamonds.

In 2020, Christie’s auction house sold a stunning ruby and diamond necklace for HKD 20,525,000. The necklace was expected to sell for at least HKD 18 million by Christie’s, but the final price surpassed HKD 20 million.

An interesting fact about this costly necklace is the rubies have a distinct star effect.

Price: $2.6 million

top most expensive necklaces
top most expensive necklaces

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Diamond Necklace

A stunning diamond rivière necklace once owned by Zsa Zsa Gabor – the woman who claimed she had never met a diamond she didn’t like – comes up for auction this December at Bonhams New York (4th December 2017). The 66-carat necklace, designed by famed American jeweler Harry Winston in 1964, has 45 graded round brilliant-cut diamonds. The five core diamonds are 8.07, 6.34, 6.33, 5.35, and 4.88 carats, with color grades ranging from F to I and clarity grades of VVS2.

The diamond rivière necklace was a “much-loved piece” in Gabor’s collection, according to Bonhams New York, and she was spotted wearing it frequently when out and about, especially in the 1960s.

Price: $1.5 million

top most expensive necklaces

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top most expensive necklaces

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