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Top Most Expensive Shishas

1. Aurentum Switzerland Hookah, 2. Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha, 3. Desvall Crystal shisha, 4. Desvall Gold Edition shisha, 5. Desvall Gold limited edition, 6. Porsche Design Shisha. Nowadays, thanks to its unique construction and design, there are a large number of luxury shishas available in the market that are used for formal functions and represent a high standard of human living. Here are the most expensive shishas that Toplist compiled.

  1. Aurentum Switzerland Hookah
  2. Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha
  3. Desvall Crystal shisha
  4. Desvall Gold Edition shisha
  5. Desvall Gold limited edition
  6. Porsche Design Shisha

Aurentum Switzerland Hookah

The Aurentum Switzerland is an original Swiss company known worldwide for designing the most expensive water bottles in the world. In 2013, this company teamed up with Coléo, another Swiss design company, to create their top and most expensive hookah. The Aurentum Switzerland Hookah is the most expensive shisha in the world as it is designed to maintain old traditions, but with a more modern, luxurious flair. Priced at a staggering $1 million, the Aurentum Switzerland Hookah is a dream piece for billionaire Shishas enthusiasts.

More of a work of art than a working sheesha, this most expensive shisha is made of 24-carat gold and covered with four small and four large Scarabaei, set alongside eight diamonds and four rubies totaling 0.36 carats. The base of Aurentum Switzerland Hookah alone is eight kilograms of solid 18-carat gold. Additionally, the tubes are covered with premium Venetian velvet, the mouthpieces are made of silver and rhodium, and the ‘pot’ is Murano glass covered in silver and accented with 24-carat gold artwork. For those on a “smaller budget” Aurentum Switzerland also produces some smaller, simpler shishas starting at $73,556. The Aurentum Switzerland Hookah is a one-off creation and little is known about the lucky owner.

  • Price: $1,000,000

top most expensive shishas

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top most expensive shishas

Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha

The Desvall has launched this model with many unique designs and technologies that make them consistently on the list of the most expensive hookahs in the world. The Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha have a smoke chamber at the bottom, and the whole expensive shishas are made from crystal glass. The Desvall Crystal and Chrome Shisha have a chrome upper, and a small waistband in the center is also chrome. It is also enhanced with handcrafted white leather to complete its overall look which is very appealing.

The Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha is a unique variety that comes with a 24-karat gold ring in its center, and it is also studded with pure Swarovski crystals. It is made with a lot of antique looks and is also enhanced with smooth black leather that also has a hand-sewn look. It’s a very expensive option that sells for $100,000, not easily affordable for everyone.

  • Price: $100,000

top most expensive shishas

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top most expensive shishas

Desvall Crystal shisha

Again, the Desvall Crystal shisha is another model of the Desvall Crystal Gold Edition brand that comes with a weird, completely hand-cut Glass Vase Smoke Room. This most expensive hookah has a full gold plated body which is also enhanced with white leather making it more attractive and true Shisha lovers cannot avoid it in the market. It sells for a premium of $60,000, which isn’t affordable for everyone, but those with a luxurious lifestyle will buy it for their lifestyle.

The Desvall has introduced many comfortable models with many impressive looks made from pure black crystal. The Desvall Crystal shisha has its smoke chamber on the bottom made up of glass, and the other half is also made up of black which has enhanced its shinny look in it. It is very stylish and many trends are used.

  • Price: $60,000

top most expensive shishas

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top most expensive shishas

Desvall Gold Edition shisha

The Desvall Gold Edition Shishan is Shisha made from pure 24 karats gold plated material and its top is designed with a glass vase and also enhanced with hand-painted white leather on the bottom. It is very stylish and modern, also fitted with Swarovski crystals that make it more luxurious, and sells for $60,000 due to its good looks.

The Desvall Gold Edition Shisha becomes one of the most expensive hookahs in the world. Sophisticated from design, and brand to convenience, it has attracted all those who have a passion for hookahs. The Desvall Gold Edition Shisha is a product specially designed for royal emperors with a bit of a modern touch in it. It’s the least expensive option since it sells for $60,000. It is totally inspired by the traditional royal look with lots of shine in it. Its entire body and even the ring are made from 24 gilded designs. It is very stylish, and the thin gold belt is made of small and large Swarovski crystals. Then the enhanced handcrafted leather in it completed its look and made it more beautiful.

  • Price: $60,000

top most expensive shishas

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top most expensive shishas

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Desvall Gold limited edition

The Desvall Gold Limited Edition is the most expensive hookah model that is made up of gold plated and is produced in very limited quantities making it unique for the Shisha lovers in the world. It is also enhanced with some pure Swarovski crystals to enhance its look and make it the perfect choice to buy from the market for $40,000 which is very expensive but totally worth the high price.

The Desvall Gold Limited Edition tubes represent great art, function, and design. All the Desvall Shisha tubes feature hand-sewn leather hoses, available in different colors, with pure and medical-grade silicone tips. The Desvall offers two main lines of hookah pipes including Carat and Nouveau.

The carat is made of titanium leather and hand-sewn and is 100 cm long. However, it is quite heavy, weighing around 10 kg due to its metal body. The Swarovski crystal band on the neck of the Carat Shisha tube has been dipped to enhance its aesthetic. It is handcrafted in Stockholm with the perfect finish. Nouveau is a premium handcrafted Shisha designed and manufactured in Stockholm. It has a lightweight 5 kg body which is much lighter than Carat Shisha tubes. The Nouveau is 80 cm long and includes titanium, carbon fiber, and a hand-sewn leather body. Thanks to the sophisticated design and luxurious every part, this is one of the most expensive shishas in the world.

  • Price: $40,000

top most expensive shishas

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Porsche Design Shisha

The Porsche Design Shisha became the most expensive hookahs thanks to one of the hookah models that is made from pure stainless steel and the entire exterior is made from frosted glass while the inner stem is made up of aluminum. This most expensive hookah has a solid pipe in it and keeps the taste of Shisha perfect in it. The Porsche Design Shisha also has a place for the charcoal and clay pot to be kept inside it and still visible. It is a bit heavy but needs regular maintenance and the price of this Shisha is estimated at $16,000.

Porsche Design Shisha is a prestigious hookah designed and manufactured by Porsche in Germany. Porsche’s Shisha 2.0 has a clay bowl and body made of a piece of high-grade aluminum, which is placed on a glass jar with a mouth at the bottom. Furthermore, synthetic leather has been used in the creation of its faucet which is connected to the ceramic mouth tip. This amazing hookah is 73.5 cm tall and offers an excellent smoking experience.

  • Price: $16,000

top most expensive shishas

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top most expensive shishas