Top Most Famous Festivals In Djibouti

1. Fest’Horn Festival, 2. Ramadan, 3. Eid al-Fitr. Djibouti is a country located in eastern Africa. Djiboutians celebrate a variety of festivals, some of which are centered on the Islamic religion and others on Christianity. So what are they? Let's explore the most famous festivals in Djibouti with Toplist!

  1. Fest’Horn Festival
  2. Ramadan
  3. Eid al-Fitr

Fest’Horn Festival

Fest’Horn, which takes place in the middle of December, is one of Djibouti City’s most distinctive festivities. It is a regional music festival from the Horn of Africa that was founded with the goal of drawing attention to this region of Africa, which has been plagued by wars, starvation, and other natural disasters.

Here you’ll find the top musicians and bands from Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Kenya, and, of course, Djibouti, performing in a variety of genres ranging from hip-hop to reggae. This is one of the region’s best and most prominent festivals. Many people look forward to attending the event since it provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the local culture. Fest’horn Festival is primarily a music festival that brings together well-known and up-and-coming performers from Djibouti and other African nations. The festival not only promotes African culture, but also serves as a forum for the promotion of peace and development values.

When: December

Where: Djibouti

top most famous festivals in djibouti

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top most famous festivals in djibouti


The following name in the list of the most famous festivals in Djibouti is Ramadan. Ramadan, the holy month, is the first and most honored festival, and it is widely observed in Djibouti City. It is observed on the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, and Muslims observe a strict fast and abstain from all earthly pleasures at this period. It is also common to perform nice deeds throughout Ramadan because it is believed that good always returns.

During this holy month, many businesses, restaurants, and government agencies are expected to work on a restricted schedule. Diplomatic missions may follow a similar timetable. Due to the increased number of travelers, transportation difficulties are expected at this time, particularly in airports. After nightfall, expect heavy traffic as Muslims congregate for celebrations and meals with their families, especially on weekends. Furthermore, due to a mix of hunger, dehydration, weariness, and impatience, driving accidents tend to increase during Ramadan (particularly at dusk).

During this time, residents of Djibouti are recommended to avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in public. Travelers should also leave extra time for their journey and avoid any type of public demonstration or gathering.

When: the 9th month of the Islamic calendar

Where: Nationwide

top most famous festivals in djibouti

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top most famous festivals in djibouti


Eid al-Fitr

The holy month comes to a close with the so-called Eid al-Fitr, which is considered the day of fasting as well as one of the most famous festivals happenin Prayers, ceremonies, and almsgiving are all part of this holy feast. After a month of fasting, the occasion is celebrated in a family circle and is accompanied by a lavish feast. It is a public holiday in the Islamic calendar as well as one of the most famous festivals in Djibouti. Most schools and businesses are closed on this day.

On this day, Muslims dress up and travel to the mosque to worship, following which the festival is celebrated with the family, with all of the family members singing Quranic verses. Following that, it is customary to pay respects to ancestors who have passed away by visiting cemeteries. Giving money to the destitute (known as ‘Zakat al-Fitr,’ the amount to be donated depends on one’s holdings), sending Eid greetings, and feasting with family are also important parts of the Eid celebrations. For many Muslims, Eid al-Fitr is a time to express thankfulness to Allah for providing them with guidance and strength during Ramadan to help them practice self-control.

When: Depend on each country

top most famous festivals in djibouti

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top most famous festivals in djibouti