Top Most Famous Festivals in Sweden

1. Kivik Apple Market Festival – A Free Treat, 2. Gothenburg Culture Festival – For Art And Culture, 3. Summerburst Stockholm, 4. Walpurgis Night (Valborg), 5. Midsummer's Festival. Sweden, a Scandinavian country, is home to a number of islands and lakes surrounded by dense forests and towering mountains. The country has a complicated history that leads to a number of traditions and festivals in Sweden happening all year round. So, if you have the opportunity, experience one of the most famous festivals in Sweden that Toplist will introduce right below!

  1. Kivik Apple Market Festival – A Free Treat
  2. Gothenburg Culture Festival – For Art And Culture
  3. Summerburst Stockholm
  4. Walpurgis Night (Valborg)
  5. Midsummer’s Festival

Kivik Apple Market Festival – A Free Treat

The Apple Market Festival was first set up by Kivik which was particularly dedicated to Sweden’s food industry. This festival is organized during the end of Sweden’s harvesting season and is free for all. This fest is highly inspired by appetizing food items prepared from Apples that includes Apple cider, Apple desserts, pies and much more. There are numerous carving designers who showcase their talent by creating magnificent art works out of Apples.

Creativity and productivity are both combined beautifully in this one-day Swedish festival. This festival is held during the end of Sweden’s harvesting season and is completely free for everyone. A range of delicious food items, inspired by the apple fruit, are offered here which include apple desserts, pies, cider and much more. Artists even display their creative side through the many mosaics and colorful paintings which are all based on the apple fruit.

Location: 98 Baestekille, Kivik 277 35, Sweden

Dates: September 28 to October 13

top most famous festivals in sweden

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top most famous festivals in sweden


Gothenburg Culture Festival – For Art And Culture

The Gothenburg Culture Festival is one giant street party attracting some 700,000 festival-goers to its downtown party area – and is all for free. Expect live music, dance, design/fashion, film, street artists, handicraft, history, comedy, poetry, and theatre. Phew. This 6-day party takes place in August and Gothenburg wants you to come.

This cultural festival takes place annually during the month of August on the streets of Gothenburg. It displays the Swedish festivals through the various pieces of art and cultural performances. This festival gives the feel of a giant street party with several musics, drama, and dance performances, like Street Theatre, Ballet, Jazz Music, Hip-Hop Music, and Symphonic Works. The art exhibitions held here exhibit various creative artifacts in the best way possible. There are many poetry reading sessions during the festival, which are thoroughly enjoyed by all visitors. Head here in August to be a part of one of the most famous festivals in Sweden.

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Dates: August 20–22

top most famous festivals in sweden

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top most famous festivals in sweden


Summerburst Stockholm

Summerburst Stockholm is one of the most famous festivals in Sweden that brings the biggest and best names in EDM to the heart of Sweden. The festival regularly welcomes more than 10,000 visitors to a party at a unique venue in the Swedish capital. For the first time in the festival’s 9-year history, Summerburst Stockholm has moved from its original date in early June to officially close out the festival season at the end of August.

This year’s edition of Summerburst Stockholm will once again welcome the biggest and best headlining acts in electronic dance music. UK DJ and producer Calvin Harris will headline Summerburst Stockholm, performing at one of the very few festival events throughout the summer. Also headlining the event are Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiesto, Will Sparks, and R3hab. Salvatore Ganacci, Tigerlilly, Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, and many more also make up the 2022 lineup.

Location: Stockholms Stadion in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dates: Aug

top most famous festivals in sweden

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top most famous festivals in sweden

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Walpurgis Night (Valborg)

Walpurgis, Valborg (short for Valborgsmässoafton), or ‘the last of April’, is a traditional spring celebration in Sweden. For students, it’s a foretaste of summer. At dusk, bonfires are lit and people gather to listen to speeches and songs welcoming spring and a brighter future.

With its roots in paganism, the Walpurgis festival celebrates the arrival of the spring season. This festival is celebrated by building huge bonfires and dancing around them energetically to ward off evil energies. It is somewhat similar to the Halloween festival. It is one of the famous Swedish celebrations as King Carl XVI Gustaf’s birthday also falls on this day. The celebrations worth watching are held in the university towns of Sweden like Gothenburg. The Cortege Parade organized by the students of the Chalmers University of Technology involves streets being lined by vehicles and people in fancy clothing.

Location: Gothenburg, West Sweden

Dates: 30 April and 1 May

top most famous festivals in sweden

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top most famous festivals in sweden


Midsummer’s Festival

Midsummer’s Festival, a traditional Swedish festival celebrated worldwide, welcomes the arrival of the summer solstice. Enjoy the magic of summer by stepping into a quaint Swedish village, and embracing the community’s Swedish heritage.

Celebrated in Lindsborg, Kansas in June, the Midsummer Festival is always a fun-filled day for the entire family. This event is usually held on the Third Saturday in June, but due to conflicts in scheduling for the 2022 year, it will be held on the Second Saturday.

During this festival, many different communities come together dressed up with flowers in their hair and dance under the sunshine, while raising maypoles. It is a nationwide event that is hosted at every park and garden in Sweden and many people come together and sing songs and devour the herring pickles throughout the day.

Location: Swedish, Sweden

Dates: 25th June

top most famous festivals in sweden


top most famous festivals in sweden

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