Top Most Famous Festivals in ThaiLand

1. Songkran, 2. YiPeng, 3. Loy Krathong, 4. Phi Ta Khon, 5. Phuket Vegetarian Festival, 6. The Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival, 7. Candle Festival, 8. Pattaya Firework Festival, 9. Colours of Doi Tung Festival, 10. River Kwai Bridge Week Festival, 11. Boon Bang Fai - Thai Rocket Festival, 12. Phimai Festival & Long-Boat Race. Thailand, irrespective of the improvement of its infrastructure, remains one of the maximum mysterious international locations withinside the international till now. Buddha statues in temples, year-spherical spiritual festivals, colourful markets with tropical fruits, limitless hovering mountains of the Golden Triangle, the bustle of Bangkok , the primeval forests withinside the west with interlaced forests aromatic with orchids, velvety seashores withinside the south entice hundreds of thousands of curious vacationers to Thailand. Every year festivals in Thailand always attract a lot of tourists. Today we are going to learn about the most famous festivals in Thailand.

  1. Songkran
  2. YiPeng
  3. Loy Krathong
  4. Phi Ta Khon
  5. Phuket Vegetarian Festival
  6. The Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival
  7. Candle Festival
  8. Pattaya Firework Festival
  9. Colours of Doi Tung Festival
  10. River Kwai Bridge Week Festival
  11. Boon Bang Fai – Thai Rocket Festival
  12. Phimai Festival & Long-Boat Race


At the top of the most famous festivals in Thailand is Songkran. Songkran is Thailand’s most well-known competition. A critical occasion in the Buddhist calendar, this water competition marks the start of the conventional Thai New Year. The call Songkran comes from a Sanskrit phrase that means ‘passing’ or ‘approaching’. It is a party that embraces goodwill, love, compassion. and thankfulness, the use of water because of the approach of expression.

The phrase Songkran derives from Sanskrit that means to transport or step forward. The first day of takes place during the solar movement from Pisces into Aries, which marks the New Year’s Day consistent with the Brahmin sun system.

The Songkran competition falls on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April each year. The first day is referred to as Maha Songkran or the grand Songkran. The Thai authorities have declared Songkran competition as prolonged public vacations to allow the human beings to go back to their place of origin for their own circle of relatives reunions, merit-making and reuniting with others of their community. The thirteenth of April is likewise declared the Day of the Senior or Elderly via means of the authorities. The event marks the appreciation for the senior populace for his or her years of contribution to the own circle of relatives and country.

To have a good time Songkran, there are numerous sports during Thailand which range in keeping with local tradition. Some of the sports include:

  • Cleaning of homes and public places as temples, schools, workplaces to welcome the New Year with cleanliness and sparkling start.
  • Merit making with the aid of imparting alms to clergymen in determination to the overdue ancestors, going to the temples to pay attention to Buddhist preaching.
  • Releasing birds and fish returned to their herbal habitat is a not unusual place exercise all through Songkran. This act of giving freedom is a shape of benefit making.
  • Sprinkling water onto Buddha photographs and clergymen is an auspicious act to obtain advantages for the New Year.
  • Building sand pagodas on temple ground. Bringing sand into the temple’s premise is taken into consideration as a benefit due to the fact the sand may be used or reused for production or recovery of the temple.
  • Pouring water onto the aged participants of the family and/or the society to expose recognize and gratefulness and to ask for their blessing.
  • Folk performances and conventional video games are organised for entertainment in addition to to keep the Songkran tradition.
  • Throwing water at every other in a pleasant way with the aid of using the usage of easy or scented water, replacing New Year’s greetings all through water play, and in case of doubt, ask permission earlier than throwing water at a person due to the fact she or he might not want to get wet.

What NOT to do during Songkran? As water throwing has turn out to be famous for the duration of Songkran, it’s miles encouraged that the subsequent exercise is avoided:

  • The use of grimy water, ice, combination of risky gadgets which includes paint, dye and plant seeds, etc. may also cause accidents to different people’s eyes or different elements in their body.
  • Throwing water at folks who are driving on transferring cars which includes motorcycles, motors etc.
    may also cause severe injuries.
  • Using changed devices like PVC pump tubes which produce excessive water strain may lead to severe accidents to others. Lewd acts which includes making use of powder paste on others’ face, mainly females, irrelevant bodily contacts and touching are unacceptable.
  • Too much alcohol consumption, mainly in public locations, cause annoyance and unrests. Moderate ingesting with pals and households in one’s very own privateness is preferred.
  • Driving after ingesting also causes deadly street injuries each year.

Location: All over the country

Time: 13th, 14th, and 15th of April each year

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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Yi Peng (now and again written as Yee Peng) is a conventional Lanna pageant that takes place in Northern Thailand. During the pageant, contributors release paper lanterns known as khom loi into the sky. Hence, it’s now and again known as the Lantern Festival or the Festival of Light. The act of freeing the lantern symbolises letting cross of awful success and misfortunes from the beyond yr and wishing for correct fortunes withinside the coming year. Buddhists trust that in case you make a wish at the same time as freeing the lantern, it’s going to come true.

The lanterns are launched at about the identical time withinside the evening. The view of lots of lanterns ascending into the night time sky, with numerous tiers of brightness and speeds, is absolutely mesmerising. Because of this, the Yi Peng pageant is frequently taken into consideration as the maximum magical pageant in Thailand. Yi Peng is some other Thai competition that falls for the duration of the entire moon of the 12th month of the Thai Lunar Calendar.

Although the spotlight of the Yi Peng pageant is the lanterns, there are different sports that appear as a part of the celebration. You can watch the legit Yi Peng Parade, conventional Thai dance shows, stay music, handicraft sessions, fireworks, and firecrackers. Additionally, you may additionally locate several meal companies at the pageant. Northern Thailand absolutely involves lifestyles at some point in Yi Peng. The cities are embellished with colorful lanterns, and the entrances of temples are packed with flowers. In addition, many humans beautify their homes with lit candles as a manner to make merit.

Location: Northern Thailand

Time: duration of the entire moon of the 12th month

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

Loy Krathong

“Loy ” means “drop” and “Krathong” is the call of a form of lantern withinside the form of a lotus flower, so the Loy Krathong pageant in Thailand is known as the pageant of liberating lanterns. Loy Krathong in Thailand originated from India, withinside the beyond in this excursion human beings frequently remembered 3 Hindu gods. Later, the pageant was imported to Thailand through King Rama IV and held annually. The colourful pageant takes place each year on the total moon day of the 12th lunar month in line with the Buddhist calendar and is well known throughout Thailand which includes Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya and a few provinces of Laos and Myanmar. Loy Krathong is one of the most famous festivals in Southeast Asia, especially in countries with many Buddhist followers.

Krathongs now no longer simplest specific thank you and apologies to the water god, however additionally assist deliver all of the dangers and sins of the beyond yr alongside the water and pray for the complete usa of Thailand to emerge as greater prosperous. prosperity in lifestyles in subsequent years. For Buddhists, taking part withinside the pageant of liberating lanterns is likewise the time while they could erase the evil matters of their everyday lifestyles inclusive of anger, mind and horrific actions. After lighting fixtures, every person closes their eyes and prays for his or her own circle of relatives and cherished ones to be secure and happy.

Loy Krathong pageant is well known at some stage in Thailand, however the most important withinside the 4 provinces of Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya and Bangkok. In those places, further to liberating Krathong lights, fireworks and parades also are held; boat races or races to drop lanterns, contests to complete lanterns; splendor contest Miss Nopphamat; experience conventional Thai delicacies and cultural performances.

Location: Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya and Bangkok

Time: 12th lunar month in line with the Buddhist calendar

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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Phi Ta Khon

The Story of Phi Ta Khon Festival, or extra typically called the Ghost Festival of Thailand dates back to a long time ago. It is stated Prince Vessantara (Buddha in his beyond life) went on a protracted adventure. It changed into an adventure see you later that maximum of his fans believed he changed into dead. Surprisingly, one day, he returned, alive and in true health. His fans rejoiced, and the celebrations that accompanied had been so strident that it resulted withinside the awakening of the dead.

Since then, the celebrations have continued. After lots of evolution, the pageant of Phi Ta Khon has turned out to be one of the most amusing celebrations to be a part of in Thailand, the land of smiles, and an extra sizable part of Bun Pawet, a Buddhist merit-making pageant.

The pageant is widely known withinside the agriculturally pushed Dan Sai district. It is located withinside the Loei Province of northeastern Thailand. This way of life is precise to Dan Sai in Thailand however inculcates factors from different gala’s which includes the ‘Rocket Festival’ from Isan. This festival is held in June every year

In this 3 day pageant, townspeople get dressed up in ghost mask – which is likewise the real translation of the pageant name – and make merry with the aid of taking part in events and parades at the Dan Sai district withinside the Loei province. This is likewise a time while people’s creativity comes into play. The colorful and colourful masks are a sight for sore eyes, and may even get quite horrifying at times. Skillfully hand made from dried sticky husks, those mask are commonly white and feature lengthy noses.

Location: Dan Sai district

Time: June every year

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Vegetarian Festival originated withinside the nineteenth century, while a Chinese artwork troupe got here to Phuket to carry out and by chance shriveled an incurable ailment, in order that they determined to rapid and pray to the gods. for helpers. Not lengthy after, the ailment became in excellent remission. Since then, the exercise of vegetarianism became born to commemorate the assist of the Supreme Beings who delivered fitness and well being to everyone. Vegetarian pageant generally takes vicinity in October each year, inside nine days in a row due to the fact Thai human beings accept as true with that for those nine days, there may be nine gods from under to bless a non violent lifestyles and bountiful harvest. Around the large temples in Phuket at this time, nine lanterns are regularly lit and the lanterns are positioned on pinnacle of Ko Teng to represent the presence of the gods.

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a colourful annual occasion hung on the first nine days of the ninth month in the Chinese Lunar calendar month of the Chinese calendar, generally in September or October. The pageant celebrates the Chinese community’s notion that abstinence from meat and numerous stimulants will assist them attain right fitness and peace of mind.

During the pageant, devotees need to strictly adhere to the guideline of thumb of abstaining from consuming meat, ingesting alcohol and having sex. On the sixth day of the pageant, after fasting for some days, the so-called “infantrymen of Buddha” carry out acts of self-mortification and assign themselves with excruciating pain. such as piercing knives, piercing massive piercings, gambling with firecrackers, piercing needles, and strolling on warm coals.

Location: the island of Phuket

Time: the first nine days of the ninth month in the Chinese Lunar calendar

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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The Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival

Lopburi Monkey Banquet is one in every one of the most important gala’s in Thailand, held yearly in Lopburi province. According to a few well-known newspapers withinside the world, Monkey Banquet isn’t the simplest and wonderful pageant however additionally the strangest pageant withinside the world. In Thailand, monkeys are taken into consideration as a sacred form of animal. Therefore, this pageant is held solely for them. If you propose to journey to Thailand on the stop of November, go to Lopburi province and revel in yourself at Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival!

On the final Sunday of November, the various ruins of the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi, Thailand, a bountiful ceremonial dinner awaits the visitors of honor, none of whom are human. This ceremonial dinner is held at the birthday party of Lopburi’s heaps of macaques, intended to properly convey good fortune to the location and its people.

The Monkey Buffet Festival kicks off with a gap rite that consists of performances through dancers in monkey costumes. When the monkeys arrive, hosts get rid of sheets from the ceremonial dinner tables, revealing ornamental spreads of vibrantly hued culmination and vegetables. The macaques soar throughout tables and climb towering pyramids of watermelon, durian, lettuce, pineapple, and more, indulging withinside the almost heaps of offerings.

Location: Lopburi province

Time: the final Sunday of November

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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Candle Festival

The conventional Candle Festival takes place throughout Asahna Bucha and Khao Phansa days, essential Buddhist activities that commemorate Buddha’s first sermon and the start of Khao Pansa or Buddhist Lent which lasts for 3 months. The activities are marked through ceremonies and processions withinside the shape of large-scale, colorful parades of staggering floats with huge, extravagant candle wax sculptures, Thai conventional dance and music.

Although that is a non secular, merit-making event, it does now no longer save you individuals from injecting a healthful dose of sanuk for which Thailand is well-known. The untranslatable idea of sanuk may be defined as a form of ethos in which amusing and pride are imperative elements in anything you are attempting to achieve.

During the Candle Wax Festival this doesn’t suggest alcohol-fuelled wild events like throughout Thailand’s well-known Songkran (Thai New Year) celebrations – in fact, alcohol income could be confined throughout the two Asahna Bucha and Khao Phansa days, as is common in Thailand throughout non secular celebrations. Don’t allow this idiot you into wondering that this may dampen the celebration atmosphere – plenty of dance, music, meals and different activities together with theatre and muay Thai or Thai boxing contests will upload to the festivities.

Location: Thung Si Mueang area of Ubon Ratchathani

Time: throughout Asahna Bucha and Khao Phansa days

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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Pattaya Firework Festival

Every year, pyrotechnic groups from round the sector converge on Pattaya to mild up the night time sky in a remarkable show of choreographed fireworks displays. First commenced in 2009 to rejoice the reign of the past due King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, the once a year opposition and pageant has grown each year; in 2019, groups from Thailand, Argentina, Canada, UAE, Germany, and the Philippines all placed on incredible fireworks shows.

Though fireworks are the primary draw to the event, the two-day pageant additionally gives lots of seashore a laugh for the complete family. Starting from the afternoon, leisure acts and laughter sports happen on Pattaya Beach Road, that’s closed to site visitors for the pageant. Visitors can revel in concerts, a parade with marching band and carnival acts, and are trying to find culinary delights on the meals stalls installation alongside the road. Pace yourself though, due to the fact the primary pageant spotlight doesn’t kick off till 8 p.m.

Fireworks spark off from barges withinside the center of Pattaya Bay, so there’s lots of vantage factors to look at the spectacle. Hotels dotted alongside the bay provide the benefit of watching the fireworks out of your sea-view inn room, however in case you need to get toward the action, simply comply with the crowds and head to the water’s edge. Each fireworks display lasts about 10 – 15 minutes, in which you could revel in the beachside leisure. There’s no front fee, so simply discover a spot and revel in the display!

Location: Pattaya Bay

Time: November each year

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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Colours of Doi Tung Festival

One of the Thai fairs that vacationers can go to less complicated than others is Colours of Doi Tung Festival in Chiang Rai as this pageant takes place withinside the months December and January and now no longer on a particular date. Colours of Doi Tung is a rather new pageant this is committed to the six ethnic tribes who’ve lived withinside the region’s hills for centuries. The six ethnic tribes are Lahu, Tai Yai, Akha, Lue, Lawa and Chinese. During this pageant, cultural sports which includes conventional dancing and different exciting activities are displayed on the best accelerated on foot avenue in Thailand, specifically withinside the mountains of Doi Tung in Chiang Rai. The on foot avenue is placed 1,000 meters above sea level wherein traffic can revel in masses of food, arts, crafts and shops. Colours of Doi Tung Festival is a completely unique Thai pageant that could be a tribute to the ethnic tribes held at an extremely good place.

Colours of Doi Tung Festival is held each weekend and public vacations withinside the months December and January. The Colours of Doi Tung Festival is held on the mountain top of Doi Tung close to the border of Myanmar, about one hour from Chiang Rai. Due to its place and comparatively newness, this Thai pageant has now no longer gone mainstream but offers you a completely unique cultural enjoyment that you won’t without problems locate elsewhere.

Location: Chiang Rai

Time: every weekend and public holidays in the months December and January

top most famous festivals in thailand


top most famous festivals in thailand

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River Kwai Bridge Week Festival

Kanchanaburi is understood for its records of the Second World War. It is the region of Death Railway, the Bridge over the River Kwai, Hellfire Pass, the Thai-Burma Railway museum and plenty more. This competition is a remembrance of that time, and makes it a mild occasion for you to study a lot. There is an honesty wherein you may revel in nearby meals and sweets, perform a little first-class buying and get to recognise Kanchanaburi. The spotlight of the competition is the mild-and-sound display that is on each evening. The River Kwai Bridge Week is held each year at the end of November and the beginning of December.

The occasion itself takes place on the Bridge Over The River Kwai and in recent years, there has been no front charge to await the occasion. Right at the back of the occasion, northeast from the bridge, there’s a big hall wherein you may revel in all the road meals you may probably believe in addition to stay track performances. A first-class little detail: at some point of the River Kwai Bridge Week, the town itself is absolutely lined up with all forms of mild creations that’s stunning to look at whilst using thru the town.

Place: Bridge Over The River Kwai

Time: at the end of November and the beginning of December

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

Boon Bang Fai – Thai Rocket Festival

To have a good time the start of the wet season, that’s rarely had to develop crops, a rocket pageant is being held withinside the Isaan place to awaken the sky god Phaya Taen that it’s time to unharness the rain. The birthday party of the moist season is not unusualplace in lots of cultures everywhere in the international and in Thailand, Boon Bang Fai advanced into a party with home made bamboo rockets, parades, conventional dancing and late-night time parties. Boon Bang Fai is being held in lots of villages everywhere in the Isaan place, every with barely exclusive celebrations. The maximum famous rocket pageant, however, is the Yasothon Rocket Festival. The Rocket Festival is being held all around the Isaan place on one-of-a-kind dates across the begin of the wet season, however, the Rocket Festival at Yasothon is being hung on the second one Saturday of May.

The pageant at Yasothon is being hung on the weekend and takes 3 days in total. On Sunday, the opposition begins offevolved wherein individuals attempt to release the missile as a ways and so long as possible. To show that this Rocket Festival at Yasothon is severe business: they use homemade rockets that weigh over 100 kilograms and it’s going to fly over 5 mins long. We don’t need to provide an explanation for to you that this pageant may be very dangerous. In the past, humans have died or were given critically injured at some point of this pageant. If you propose to wait for this loopy Thai pageant, ensure to take precautions.

Place: all around the Isaan place

Time: the second one Saturday of May

top most famous festivals in thailand


top most famous festivals in thailand

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Phimai Festival & Long-Boat Race

One of the older fairs in Thailand is the Phimai Festival, that is being held each 2d weekend of November. During this 5-day festival, homage is given to the greater than thousand-yr-antique historic metropolis with a every day mild and sound display at seven o’clock at night time on the ruins of Phimai Historical Park. The mild and sound display takes you on a ancient adventure of King Jayavarman VII. During the 5 days, there are numerous sports to do and to watch, consisting of traveling the year marketplace and attending cultural performances. But absolutely the spotlight is the conventional long-boat race, that is being hung on Sunday.

Every second weekend of November the Phimai Festival is held. There are some of sports such as the availability of neighborhood cuisine, the Korat cat competition, dragon boat races, and the light, dance and making a song overall performance offered at Brahmathat Court, Prasat Hin Phimai.

Place: Phimai Historical Park

Time: Every second weekend of November

top most famous festivals in thailand

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top most famous festivals in thailand

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